‘It boggles the mind’: Acosta on RFK Jr.’s offensive anti-vaccine speech

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    1. Hello ragnarsbhut. I would need to see your verification and what you call many cases. There is a rare issue of heart inflammation that is much less than the same heart inflammation caused by getting Covid. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is now restricted to 18 and older who wouldn’t be getting the other ones anyway. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have no major issues or side effects of note that I am aware of. Thanks. Hugs


        1. Hello ragnarsbhut. Yes very true and that I think is a good thing. But it has nothing to do with what we are talking about. You made a statement I don’t think is true. So I ask you to tell me what you are talking about, what are the numbers, and the adverse events, and please cite the source so I can check it out. There is a lot of misinformation about the safety of the vaccines drive by right wing media with the idea of keeping people mistrusting the very vaccines that are saving lives. Thanks.


            1. Hello Nan. Yes it could be. I was waiting to see the creditable source. But as I have said before I like to correct misinformation. If it gets bad I can cut it off. I see he left a video by senator Ron Johnson which is a joke. Hugs

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            2. Nan, unless and until Scottie tells me to go away, it is on him to decide if my comments are approved or disallowed. You really don’t have a say-so in the matter.


                1. Nan, you got rather aggressive with me related to a comment I left on a blog post you had about book worms. In that instance, the initial inquiry was used as a segue to the greater purpose.


              1. Hello Ragnarsbhut. What a time warp we are having. Yes it is up to me who can comment and what comments cross the line. But the fact is part of the reason to have the blog is for conversation and dialog, and in the case of those who believe in fringe conspiracy theories to help them see they are wrong and why. Nan and you can have a conversation here, talk things out. But I do ask that it stay civil. Nan was commenting on the fact that a year ago or even more so many off the wall conspiracy and fringe things were being spread as truth that she felt I would be overwhelmed. If you read my reply to her I agreed I had opened the Pandora’s box but back then I was willing to talk to Covid deniers / vaccine mythists. As you recently found out, I no longer feel the same way. The science is in and it is definitive. Any more denial is not rational. Best wishes. Hugs


                1. Scottie, I understand. I would like to see in a neutral setting a conversation between Robert W. Malone, the MRNA inventor and Anthony Fauci. That would be interesting.


                2. Hello Ragnarsbhut. I looked up Robert W. Malone. He is discredited by major medical orginzations and credible newspapers. His science understanding is out of date. Here is the headline from the New York Times: A vaccine scientist’s discredited claims have bolstered a movement of misinformation Or from The Scientist: Robert Malone Targets Physician Who Alerted Medical Board to Misinformation This is from his own wikapedia page: During the COVID-19 pandemic, Malone promoted misinformation about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. A simple google search and these were all from the top down. Other than articles describing how he helped invent the technology in its early stages that has moved far from those days, everything is about how wrong he is. This is what I say about willful ignorance. Unlike others Dr. Anthony Fauci is not making any money off the vaccine or the spreading of its use. He worked for the government and has for over 30 years doing his best to help the public. Think on it, he has no gain from lying. He has no reason to do so. His goal was to save lives, and he managed to do that while being vilified and attacked by all the power of the right wing media who needed a scapegoat because of trump’s polices and attempts to suggest things that had no medical benefit against Covid. Plus really you and I wouldn’t understand much of what either man said nor could we evaluate it. We don’t have the skill or medical education / training to do so. It would only confuse us, that is why we listen to the majority of experts who don’t have a gain to delude us. Hugs


                3. Hello Ragnarsbhut. Says who? You? Based on your vast years of medical study and government service? Same for those right wing media hosts who vilified Dr. Fauci. They had neither the training nor experience to challenge him or his work. Even self approved eye doctor Rand Paul. His education and training pales in comparison to Dr. Fauci’s, and peer reviews show that Sen Paul was wrong in his accusations. Ever wonder why Sen Paul kept accusing Dr. Fauci of misconduct and wrong doing even after being proven wrong about it. Every time he attacked him he got air time on right wing media (mislabeled Fox News)and that helped him fund raise massive amounts of campaign money.

                  Do you think Dr. Fauci worked in a vacuum? He had other scientists that worked with him, for him, and other peer reviewed groups that evaluated the programs the government used and funded. The idea that Dr. Fauci sat in a huge windowed tower office creating decrees to be enforced on the public at whim is so stupid it hurt to even type it out.

                  You should read Dr. Fauci’s wiki page. It might open your eyes to how very well-trained and experienced this man is. Hugs



                4. Scottie, Anthony Fauci was accused of funding Gain-Of-Function research in Wuhan, China and a Dr. Li Meng-Yan also confirmed as much that Covid as a virus was the end result of that problem. That should make people suspicious. Here are videos of respective exchanges in which Anthony Fauci was involved: 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAXKQmVrf0k, 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AcwcdSVvVc, 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIiTl_0ZfGU, 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixFow0YEn7c, 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZdAejDHnAs, 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh7_bKweDVk Regarding Wikipedia.org, that is probably slanted to make Anthony Fauci seem reliable. All of the videos I have shared I hope you will look into.


                5. Hello Ragnarsbhut. Did you read the reply I sent? I did not ask for videos did I. Also I explained how Sen. Rand Paul is not only unqualified to evaluate this claim, he was proven wrong by medical scientists that were qualified. But before I get to your question and the facts I want to again point out you sent videos of right wing republicans known for saying anything that would generate a sound bite for right wing media regardless of the truth of it, especially Jim Jordan. I asked you for written accusations and the peer reviewed work that backs that up. You sent me sound bites that these republican politicians were not only unqualified to make, what they said was to rally their base. Notice that while Dr. Fauci is under oath to tell the truth most times, the republican politicians are not. That is also important. Here is the short facts in a long reply.

                  In 2014, the NIH awarded a grant to the U.S.-based EcoHealth Alliance to study the risk of the future emergence of coronaviruses from bats. In 2019, the project was renewed for another five years, but it was canceled in April 2020 — three months after the first case of the coronavirus was confirmed in the U.S. EcoHealth ultimately received $3.7 million over six years from the NIH and distributed nearly $600,000 of that total to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, a collaborator on the project, pre-approved by NIH.

                  Sen. Paul was trying to push a theory that it was a lab leak that caused the start of the pandemic, something every credible group who has investigated this has said is very unlikely. Angry that the US government wouldn’t blame China and attack the lab, he focused his anger on Dr. Fauci and made the claim that Fauci directed the NIH to fund the gain of function research causing the virus to get out of the lab. Notice Sen. hedging on Fox. In a subsequent interview on “Fox & Friends” on May 13, Paul said he didn’t know whether SARS-CoV-2 came from a lab. “Nobody knows,” he said. But he posited that if it did, Fauci, among others, “could be culpable for the entire pandemic,” adding, “I’m not saying that happened. I don’t know.” Paul pushed the idea it did not matter who the US gave the money to originally, and asserted that NIH funding furthered risky gain-of-function research. The answer to whether it did or didn’t depends on whom you ask and their definition of gain-of-function.

                  Hours after his May 11 exchange with Paul, Fauci said at a fact-checking conference hosted by PolitiFact.com that it would “almost be irresponsible” to not collaborate with Chinese scientists given that the 2003 SARS outbreak originated in China. “So we really had to learn a lot more about the viruses that were there, about whether or not people were getting infected with bad viruses.”

                  He called the EcoHealth collaboration “a very minor collaboration as part of a subcontract of a grant,” and said Paul conflated that with the claim that “therefore we were involved in creating the virus, which is the most ridiculous, majestic leap I’ve ever heard of.”

                  Fauci said he wasn’t convinced that the coronavirus developed naturally. “I think that we should continue to investigate what went on in China until we find out to the best of our ability exactly what happened.”

                  OK that is the condensed version. Here is the rest.

                  Even research groups concerned about this don’t agree with Sen. Paul. One of them I quote here. Paul cited the Cambridge Working Group in his May 11 and 13 remarks. But the group has not made “any statement … about work in Wuhan,” Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and one of the founder members of the group, said on Twitter.

                  Lipsitch further said that some members of the working group “may categorically oppose all GOF studies that enhance virulence, transmission, or immune escape. My personal view is that some such studies can be justified on risk-benefit grounds, while those on flu to date cannot.” There is much more on the grant money and more about politics at https://www.factcheck.org/2021/05/the-wuhan-lab-and-the-gain-of-function-disagreement/

                  Here is more information for you. From https://www.bbc.com/news/57932699

                  Dr Fauci told the Senate hearing the research in question “has been evaluated multiple times by qualified people to not fall under the gain-of-function definition”.

                  He also said it was “molecularly impossible” for these viruses to have resulted in the coronavirus, although he did not elaborate.

                  The NIH and EcoHealth Alliance have also rejected suggestions they supported or funded “gain-of-function” research in China.

                  They say they funded a project to examine “at the molecular level” newly-discovered bat viruses and their spike proteins (which help the virus bind to living cells) “without affecting the environment or development or physiological state of the organism”.

                  One of the US scientists who collaborated on the 2015 research on bat viruses with the Wuhan institute, Dr Ralph Baric from the University of North Carolina, gave a detailed statement to the Washington Post.

                  He said the work they did was reviewed by both the NIH and the university’s own biosafety committee “for potential of gain-of-function research and were deemed not to be gain-of-function”.

                  He also says that none of the viruses which were the subject of the 2015 study are related to Sars-Cov-2, which caused the pandemic in 2020. He does acknowledge that the work they carried out showed the viruses had “intrinsic properties” giving them the ability to infect humans.

                  But he adds: “We never introduced mutations into [the virus] spike to enhance growth in human cells.”

                  No, Dr. Anthony Fauci did not fund research tied to COVID-19 ‘creation’
                  IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT
                  • There is no evidence that the coronavirus was made in a lab. The overwhelming consensus among public health experts is that the virus evolved naturally.
                  “New evidence ties COVID-19 creation to research funded by Fauci,” reads the headline.

                  Despite its promise of “new evidence,” the WorldNetDaily article largely resembled other conspiracy theories that we have fact-checked in the past. It was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook.)

                  As evidence of its claims, the article cited an investigation by Fox News commentator Steve Hilton, who claims that the coronavirus was created at the Wuhan lab with NIH grant money.

                  Although the NIH did fund a project at the Wuhan lab, there’s no proof that the coronavirus was bioengineered. Both the WorldNetDaily article and Hilton’s segment rely on a series of unsubstantiated allegations to spin a conspiracy theory about the virus being a lab creation.

                  WorldNetDaily has since dialed back on many of its claims, issuing three separate corrections, all of which cite scientists pushing back on the notion that SARS-CoV-2 was manmade. It has also placed a question mark at the end of the original headline. However, the bulk of the article text has not been updated.

                  Notice the right wing media making the claims have backed off them now that the clickbait titles no longer bring in the big views. You got played. Why do you think the Fox corporation made all the workers at Fox News get the vaccines? Even Hannity and Carlson. Why because they are safe and they are effective. Just as the Fox hosts did not believe in the election being stolen lies that they promoted on video / their shows, they also don’t believe the vaccines are dangerous because they took them. Hugs

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            1. Hello ragnarsbhut . I won’t be watching the video. It is a hearing lead by someone labeled as one of the most stupid people in the Senate. This is a man that thinks Biden did not win the presidency. I will get back to him in a minute. Did you notice the name of the YouTube channel? RAINAS MURKA. One video only since Nov 14 2021. It is clearly a misinformation attempt. Not a creditable source. By the way murka is often an insulting term for America.

              Here is a creditable source for you on Ron Johnson and his misinformation campaigns on the public. It is from the New York Times, a well known newspaper. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/21/us/politics/ron-johnson-wisconsin-misinformation.html

              Assaulting the Truth, Ron Johnson Helps Erode Confidence in Government
              Pushing false theories on the virus, the vaccine and the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, Mr. Johnson, the Republican senator from Wisconsin, has absorbed his party’s transformation under Donald Trump.
              He has become the Republican Party’s foremost amplifier of conspiracy theories and disinformation now that Donald Trump himself is banned from social media and largely avoiding appearances on cable television.

              Mr. Johnson is an all-access purveyor of misinformation on serious issues such as the pandemic and the legitimacy of American democracy, as well as invoking the etymology of Greenland as a way to downplay the effects of climate change.

              ragnarsbhut let us look at this with reason. Do you go to a doctor when you have a medical issue? Why? The same reason you take your car to a car mechanic when it needs to be fixed, because they are the trained professionals that know what to do. You don’t take your car to a politician, and you don’t take a broken arm to a Senator to fix it either.

              Now the majority of medical professional organizations and practitioners say the vaccines are safe and effective. Those groups say there is an amazingly minuscule chance of an adverse medical complication from the vaccines. Not impossible as anything is possible but not likely or normal to happen. Very very rare if at all. Now compare that to what we know the Covid virus and its variants can do, which is kill and leave lifelong disabilities. Over 1 million people in the US have died from Covid. The number of deaths and cases fell drastically when the vaccines were introduced. These are documented easy to find facts.

              I do not have a medical degree, nor am I a scientist / researcher. So I depend on the education and skill of the people giving medical advice. The CDC is staffed by people such as Dr Fauci that not only has many degrees and over 36 years of working in the field of medicine we are talking about, but dedicated his life to helping the US public in a nonpartisan way. He is trustworthy. He recommends the vaccines. The AMA is one of the largest medical organizations and they recommend the vaccines. Isn’t that more important than the misinformation from a Senator who has no education in the subject and is well known for spreading such disinformation for political purposes? Hugs

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                1. Hello ragnarsbhut . I can do better for you. We are interested in the truth, right? Well I put your question into the old google machine and got a reply from a source filled with trained medical people, scientists, and people who understand medical data.
                  So here is what I googled “severe, even fatal reactions to covid vaccines”. Here is what I found.

                  Anaphylaxis after COVID-19 vaccination is rare and has occurred at a rate of approximately 5 cases per one million vaccine doses administered. Anaphylaxis, a severe type of allergic reaction, can occur after any kind of vaccination. If it happens, healthcare providers can effectively and immediately treat the reaction.


                  From the other side of the world, we get this to the same question.

                  Monitoring of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine has found 10 cases of anaphylaxis after the administration of 4,041,396 first doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. In 9 out of these 10 cases of anaphylaxis, the recipient of the vaccine had onset of symptoms within 30 min of administration. In addition, 9 of the 10 anaphylaxis patients also have a history of allergic reactions, some even with a past case of anaphylaxis. All 10 of the reported anaphylaxis cases occurred in women.

                  In both cases it was out of millions of doses. The rate is extremely low. ragnarsbhut if you really want facts turn away from people trying to make a political gain out of a medical issue. The medical science is in, the issue is settled. The vaccines are safe, and Covid can be very deadly along with really easy to catch. Here is something for you to think about.

                  As of June 13, 2022, 8:09 PM EDT

                  Over a year into the biggest vaccination campaign in history, more than 11.9 billion doses have been administered across 184 countries, according to data collected by Bloomberg. The latest rate was roughly 10.9 million doses a day.

                  In the US, 591 million doses have been given so far. During the last week, shots were administered at an average rate of 80,410 doses a day.

                  World Map of Vaccinations
                  More than 11.9 billion doses have been administered—152 shots for every 100 people worldwide

                  If the vaccines were really as dangerous as the misinformation claims then out of nearly 12 billion vaccine shots the rates of death would be staggering, far more than the number who died of Covid. But science shows it is not so.

                  Have a great night, I am going to bed now. Best wishes. Hugs


                2. Hello ragnarsbhut. What is your point. I did what you asked, I got a lot of articles, everything from her Wikipedia page to articles she wrote to articles calling out her hypocrisy. Nothing out of the ordinary.

                  There are hundreds of search engines. If you don’t like the results of one, try another. Hugs

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                3. Scottie, the point was that if you Googled favorable things about Ann Coulter that it would show negatives and if you Google searched the idea that Ann Coulter is a liar, that means that it would show things to suggest that she is.


                4. Hello ragnarsbhut. I explained to you both how a search engine works and also that I did the search on her. The search results do not decide what is positive (favorable) or negative, it returns result based on how many key words it finds that match and then the pages most visited.

                  For example, I write 10 articles about Ann Coulter. Those are the only ones on the web about her. If I search for Ann Coulter, just those words, the search engine will look for the words Ann Coulter and then display those pages in order of the most visited. If one of the pages I wrote about her said she was green with purple dots and they were the most read pages, then they would be at the top of the list. As the list goes down the search gets less accurate. So yes if you searched for Ann Coulter is a liar, the search engine would look for pages that have those words and display them. It is what you asked it to do, right? The thing you should have searched would be “how often has Ann Coulter lied” or “lies told by Ann Coulter” that would let you decide if the things she said were lies.

                  See the right or wrong judgements are not made by the machine but by the humans doing the media and the people who consume them. Your computer screen makes no judgement on what you display on it no matter what it is but different people looking at it do.

                  I hope this clears up any confusion over this. You are seeing a conspiracy where none exists. Hugs

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                5. Hello ragnarsbhut. That is not how the google search engine works. It doesn’t display only one side of a story. It displays a list of web pages indexed by key words which you put in as the search. In this case the key words it searched for was “severe, even fatal reactions to covid vaccines”. I did not tell it to search only certain media or not to show political party information. I suggest you do the search yourself.

                  Now I gave you the information you asked for. This is verified data from both the CDC and the NIH. Did you even read what I wrote, in the case of the CDC it was 5 events in over 1 million shots, and in England it was 10 events in over 5 million shots.

                  There have been nearly 12 billion shots given out. There is only 7.9 billion people on the planet. If the vaccines were as dangerous as your implying, wouldn’t you expect a lot more verified deaths. Yes

                  One last thing ragnarsbhut for you to think about. What is the goal of the vaccines and the drive by the governments all over the world to get them for their people? The goal is to save lives, right? Yes or no, the goal is to save lives. The answer is yes. So that being the case why would all these governments pay so much money and work so hard to get the shots to the people if these vaccines were so dangerous and harmful. That idea makes no sense. Think it through friend.

                  Also think about this why would the major medical organizations all say the vaccines are safe if they weren’t? Not just the US medical organizations like our AMA and the American Academy of Pediatrics but all over the world renowned medical groups verified the testing the vaccines went through and that they are safe? Heck the Florida chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the vaccine. Why would all of them lie? What is the gain?

                  ragnarsbhut I want you to talk to me, to tell me your thoughts and ideas. Tell me why you think what you do. Read what I wrote, think on what I am saying, and ask yourself does Scottie make sense? If you think I don’t make sense, tell me what you do think makes sense. Hugs


                6. Hello ragnarsbhut. Thank you. I try to educate and dispel misinformation. But it is like whack a mole with right wing sources trying so hard to misinform people. When you hear something ask yourself what the gain is. Fauci had no gain in telling lies, he had every reason to tell the truth and help people. Rand Paul who attacked Fauci bought over 15 thousand dollars of stock in a company that makes Covid treatment medications, so his gain is to keep people getting sick so he makes more money. He makes money from stopping prevention efforts and then fund raises from the right wing so his gain is to make Dr. Fauci the enemy. Hugs

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                7. Scottie, on Youtube.com, there are videos where Anthony Fauci got into a verbal sparring match with Rand Paul and Jim Jordan respectively. Here are videos for you: 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpNp0EVak4w, 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=We862AGx9gg, 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AcwcdSVvVc, 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9JT_PLjlmE, 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFCtn-7teXk, 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi2yd_VY2TM, 7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh7_bKweDVk If Anthony Fauci was so concerned about ending this pandemic, he should have encouraged the use of therapeutics. Heck, he should have encouraged closing off travel to and from China.


                8. Hello ragnarsbhut. I approved the comment and the videos because they are not deceptively edited that I can see with just a quick skipping through them, and the story of the exchanges is well known. Please do not add anymore video links to your comments. They are not helpful and they spread misinformation.

                  Did you watch the responses from Dr. Fauci? I told you about Rand Paul, his lack of qualifications to understand the data and make the assertions he is. The assertions were all checked and rejected by the people qualified to judge them. Rand Paul and Jim Jordan are wrong. Jordan is not even any kind of doctor, he is a wrestling coach, so he is not qualified to give his opinion on this either. But both men raised serious amounts of money off slamming Dr. Fauci. Ask what is the gain to lie? Dr. Fauci has none, both Rand Paul and Jim Jordan have made a lot of money attacking Dr. Fauci.

                  ragnarsbhut are you trying to insult me or be a jerk? Because if so we can stop talking. You cannot be serious with the question you asked! Have you bothered to listen to Dr. Fauci at all, to anything but right wing media? Dr Fauci’s job was not only to advise the public but to also to help expand research into ways to treat whatever the medical issue is. Dr. Fauci did advice both preventive measures such as masks, staying a distance from others, and to take the vaccines. What he did not push was stuff that was not appropriate at all.

                  I know where you are going with this. Your real question is why didn’t doctor Fauci recommend Ivermectin dewormer and hydroxychloroquine treatments? Is that your question and if so, you are so badly misinformed.

                  The reason that Dr. Fauci did not advise them and even fought the use of them is they not only did not work but made the situation worse. It was worse for seriously ill Covid patients to take the chemicals that were not for the treatment of a virus. Ivermectin is for the treatment of parasites. If you get bugs in you then take it, a doctor will prescribe it or something similar. But it won’t do any good against a virus. Not what it is for. And all verified peer reviewed medical studies showed that. But right wing media did not tell that part and kept pushing it at first because trump loved the idea and then after because they did not want people to take the vaccine.

                  Same with hydroxychloroquine, it depresses the breathing. Covid patients struggle to breath, Covid attacks the lungs, it is what it does. Using hydroxychloroquine makes the situation a lot worse. Again every verified peer reviewed medical study showed this.

                  Before you try to send me a video don’t! But if you quote from a written article please add the link and first check to see if it is peer reviewed and a credited study. 8 guys rubbing dewormer paste on themselves and saying they are cured is not a peer reviewed study. But that is what Carlson and Hannity claimed were proof that it worked, but the studies were laughed at junk.

                  This is why I worry about you, you are so badly misinformed by watching all these YouTube videos by people who are not medically qualified and are wrong. You need to start checking things for yourself. Just the idea that Dr. Fauci did not recommend treatments for Covid is stupid really, it was his job and he did it on mainstream media all the time. But if you just watched right wing media you never seen that. Help yourself out, stop watching right wing media and search YouTube for normal channels, mainstream broadcast channels.

                  Last thing as this is already too long. As for discouraging travel to and from China. That not only was locking the barn door after the animals got out, when tRump did it that made things worse. The Covid virus was already in the US and Canada by the time tRump wanted to stop traffic from China. It was already here and spreading fast. But when tRump announced he was closing off traffic from China there was a flood of infected people trying to get back to the US before the doors closed. It was like throwing a can of gas on a fire. But I bet the right wing media forgot to tell you that part. Hugs

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                9. Scottie, if you notice how QUICKLY this guy responds to comments, you will be able to answer for yourself the question you asked him … “Did you even read what I wrote.”

                  P.S. You love discussion. Trust me. Now that you’ve been “graced” with this guy’s “remarkable” knowledge, you will have your prayers answered.

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                10. Hello Nan. As long as someone is willing to listen, I am willing to keep the conversation going. If it is fruitful, it is worth it. If minds are closed, then they are not. Hugs


    1. Hello ragnarsbhut. This makes me angry. First I asked for your opinion not a list of videos to watch. I asked you to use reason. I did not ask you to be a movie usher. If you cannot tell me what you think and believe, then why are we talking?

      Second I watched just a few seconds of your first video from your sources. Right from the start the person starts touting Stella Immanuel. It turns out Stella Immanuel has a history of making particularly outlandish statements — including that the uterine disorder endometriosis is caused by sex with demons that takes place in dreams. She also has asserted that many gynecological issues are the result of having sex with witches and demons (“succubi” and “incubi”) in dreams, a myth that dates back at least to the “Epic of Gilgamesh,” a Sumerian poem written more than 4,000 years ago. She falsely claims that issues such as endometriosis, infertility, miscarriages and STIs are “evil deposits from the spirit husband.” This is someone who is not even in the correct medical field to understand the situation with pandemics. She is a complete and verified grifter. A medical quack.

      This really pisses me off. I try to have an intelligent conversation with you and you send me this crap!

      So no ragnarsbhut I won’t be watching endless stupid videos that have no value by people who think demon sex is real and gives us diseases. That shit went out about 300 years ago or longer with thinking people. Seriously is that your level of reason?

      Anyway if you want to talk about real medicine, real current understanding of biology, if you want to talk about the state of medical science in 2022 we can talk. If you want to talk conspiracy theories and 1600 dark ages hocus pocus, then no I am not interested in it as you are not serious. Hugs

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        1. Hello ragnarsbhut. Really? How do you determine credible? Do you take your car to a massage therapist to be fixed after an accident? Do you take your dog to a mechanic to get their yearly shots and checks? The people with the best credentials to understand the medical data are in the CDC and not opinion hosts on any media including the YouTube clips you sent. Tell me those people have PHDs in medical science and experience in doing medical research? Think about this carefully. Below is some of Dr Fauci’s qualifications.

          Fauci has made important scientific observations that contributed to the understanding of the regulation of the human immune response and is recognized for delineating the mechanisms whereby immunosuppressive agents adapt to that response. He developed therapies for formerly fatal diseases such as polyarteritis nodosa, granulomatosis with polyangiitis, and lymphomatoid granulomatosis. In a 1985 Stanford University Arthritis Center Survey, members of the American Rheumatism Association ranked Fauci’s work on the treatment of polyarteritis nodosa and granulomatosis with polyangiitis as one of the most important advances in patient management in rheumatology over the previous 20 years.

          Fauci has contributed to the understanding of how HIV destroys the body’s natural defense system, progressing to AIDS. He has outlined the mechanisms of induction of HIV expression by endogenous cytokines.[23] Fauci has worked to develop strategies for the therapy and immune reconstitution of patients with the disease, as well as for a vaccine to prevent HIV infection. His current research is concentrated on identifying the nature of the immunopathogenic mechanisms of HIV infection and the scope of the body’s immune responses to HIV.

          In 2003, the Institute for Scientific Information stated that from 1983 to 2002, “Fauci was the 13th most-cited scientist among the 2.5 to 3.0 million authors in all disciplines throughout the world who published articles in scientific journals.”[2] As a government scientist under seven presidents, Fauci has been described as “a consistent spokesperson for science, a person who more than any other figure has brokered a generational peace” between the two worlds of science and politics.[14]

          As a physician with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Fauci has served the American public health sector in various capacities for more than fifty years and has acted as an advisor to every U.S. president since Ronald Reagan.[1] He has been director of the NIAID since 1984 and has made contributions to HIV/AIDS research and other immunodeficiency diseases, both as a research scientist and as the head of the NIAID.[2] From 1983 to 2002, Fauci was one of the world’s most frequently cited scientists across all scientific journals.[2][3] In 2008, President George W. Bush awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States, for his work on the AIDS relief program PEPFAR

          Dr Fauci graduated at the top of his medical class, number 1. Compare that to the person your first video touted.

          is a Cameroonian-American physician and pastor. In mid-2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a video went viral on social media platforms in which Immanuel said hydroxychloroquine can cure COVID-19, and that public health measures such as social distancing and the wearing of face masks are ineffective and unnecessary. The platforms removed Immanuel’s videos and posts, which they said promote misinformation related to the pandemic.[1]

          Immanuel is also the founder of a charismatic religious organization called Fire Power Ministries; in her role as its founder, she has made fringe claims about other medical conditions, especially in relation to human sexuality. She has said endometriosis, infertility, miscarriage, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are caused by spirit spouses, and has also endorsed a number of conspiracy theories that include the involvement of space aliens and the Illuminati in manipulating society and government.[2]

          Immanuel emigrated to the United States after completing her medical education in Nigeria.[3][4] As of 2021, she practices at a private clinic in a strip mall in Texas.[1]

          Stella Gwandiku-Ambe Immanuel was born in 1965 in Cameroon.[3][5] She recalled an interest in becoming a doctor from the age of four.[6] Immanuel attended Cameroon Protestant College, a secondary school in Bali, Cameroon. In 1990, she graduated from medical school at the University of Calabar in Nigeria, and in 1992, she moved to the United States.[6][4] Immanuel completed a pediatric residency at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center in New York City.[6]

          Dr Fauci is an immunologist, someone who studies and deals with the immune system which includes how the body reacts to viruses and vaccines. Pastor Dr Stella Immanuel is a pediatrician. She has spent more time in the pulpit preaching than she has as a doctor. So ragnarsbhut you tell me who is better qualified to say what medications work to treat covid, what people should do during an outbreak and to assess the vaccines. Your answer will tell me if you are a reasonable thinking human or some deluded religious conspiracy nut. Show me you can reason is what I am asking and what I want to know.

          The science is in on both the virus and the vaccines. The data is proven. The vaccines are safe, they are saving lives, and the majority of deaths now from Covid are the unvaccinated. It is like arguing still that seatbelts don’t work, that smoking doesn’t cause cancer, that climate change / global warming is not real. I care about people, so I hope you are vaccinated. Best wishes. Hugs


            1. ragnarsbhut that is simply not true. But it does tell me you get your information not from credible sources but right-wing media designed to misinform. That rumor was started by Rand Paul, an eye doctor who created a board to certify himself and is not qualified to analyze the data (remember what I said about working in the correct medical fields) and repeatedly hyped by Fox, Breitbart, and the other far right media all without showing how the majority of scientist who looked at the data said it was not true and a lie.

              Here is the truth. The US government gave money to a grant agency who gave $600,000 to the lab in Wuhan.

              But let’s start with what we do know: In 2014, the NIH awarded a grant to the U.S.-based EcoHealth Alliance to study the risk of the future emergence of coronaviruses from bats. In 2019, the project was renewed for another five years, but it was canceled in April 2020 — three months after the first case of the coronavirus was confirmed in the U.S.

              EcoHealth ultimately received $3.7 million over six years from the NIH and distributed nearly $600,000 of that total to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, a collaborator on the project, pre-approved by NIH.

              The letter from the NIH, and an accompanying analysis, stipulated that the virus EcoHealth Alliance was researching could not have sparked the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, given the sizable genetic differences between the two. In a statement issued Wednesday, NIH director Dr. Francis Collins said that his agency “wants to set the record straight” on EcoHealth Alliance’s research, but added that any claims that it could have caused the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic are “demonstrably false.”

              EcoHealth Alliance said in a statement that the science clearly proved that its research could not have led to the pandemic, and that it was “working with the NIH to promptly address what we believe to be a misconception about the grant’s reporting requirements and what the data from our research showed.”

              As you can see, the misinformation is driven to discredit the work to save lives of the public in the US. Ask yourself who gains from that. Those that want chaos in the US, those that want to overturn the current political system.

              This doesn’t even address the fact that it is not known that the lab leaked the virus. The same virus has been found in the wild, the best research still says it is animal to human transmission. Hugs

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              1. You nailed it, Scottie! His comments, not only on this topic but on MANY others, have shown time again and again where he gets his information. Essentially, he’s nothing more than a troll.

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                1. Hello Nan. Where they get their comments is clear because of the misinformation in what he writes, but I am not sure I agree with the troll part. They have commented on my blogs before, even got their feelings hurt once. They have their own website that they post on. I hope they’re honest in that they do not look skeptically at what they read / view / hear and that most of their media consumption is right wing. We know that right wing media is designed to trigger and activate emotion rather than reason. That is its draw for people. Emotions are much more rewarding than thinking for the human body. Time will tell. Hugs


                2. I’m a bit confused as to why you’re using “they” as I’m quite sure it’s only one person that is commenting … ??? And the website is called Ragnar’s Pepper and Sauce … no political stuff that I could see … ???

                  In any event, he does comment on several blogs and tends to return to the same “talking points” over and over again, which is why I used the term I did.

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                3. Hello Nan. Pronoun issue. They and them can be singular and are used when the gender of the person is unknown. I don’t know if they are male or female or nonbinary.

                  I seem to have missed most of the other comments. I am sure I have seen them but never paid attention. Did they give their pronouns? Sorry Nan I answered this yesterday, but the WordPress system doesn’t show it. Hugs


                4. Hello Nan. Pronoun issue. They and them can be singular and are used when the gender of the person is unknown. I don’t know if they are male or female or nonbinary. Hugs


              2. Scottie, a hypothetical scenario: 2 people are afflicted with a bad case of Malaria, 1 person’s immune system is in perfect health and can cope with it better than the other, a person whose health is not so great, As is the case with Covid, would it surprise you if the person with the stronger immune system has a greater chance of survival than the other?

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                1. Hello ragnarsbhut. First thank you for not adding links to videos in your comments. You have a comment stuck in moderation because of that and I am not sure I will approve it. The videos you link to spread debunked misinformation and I don’t want my blog associated with disinformation. Please do not post any more links to videos, I want to have a conversation with you not a movie night.

                  I see you are about to push Tucker Carlson’s claim that only the old, fat, and unhealthy people got very ill or died from Covid. Again that is simply not true. Yes, it is a lie. Again ask yourself what is the gain of countries around the world shutting down their entire economy, all businesses, making people stay in their homes, and then spending a huge sum of money many nations simply did not have and will have to borrow to cover to create and buy vaccines if only the old and fat people will get really sick? It doesn’t make sense. Also again look to your source. I could tell you of the young healthy athletic people that my friends in the healthcare field tell me have died from Covid but that won’t mean much to you as it is not verified. So lets go to verified sources. Below is only one I found. Simply google “number of young healthy people who died from covid” or a variation of that.

                  Washington, D.C. May 5, 2021 (PAHO) – Hospitalizations and deaths of younger people are surging as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates across the Americas, said Carissa F. Etienne, Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

                  “Adults of all ages – including young people – are becoming seriously ill. Many of them are dying,” Dr. Etienne said during her weekly media briefing.

                  “In Brazil, mortality rates have doubled among those younger than 39, quadrupled among those in their 40s and tripled for those in their 50s between December 2020 and March 2021,” she continued. “This is tragic, and the consequences are dire for our families, our societies and our future.”

                  She said that hospitalization rates of people under 39 rose by more than 70 percent in Chile during the past few months. In Brazil hospitalizations have been highest among people in their 40s. “In some areas of the U.S., more people in their 20s are now being hospitalized for COVID-19 than people in their 70s,” Dr. Etienne said.


                  I hope this answered the question you were going to ask. I would ask you to google the misinformation the right wing media has told you, then see if the majority of creditable sources agree or disagree with the video you watched. Also remember that I have no reason to lie to you, but you should still check the sources and information from me as well as everyone. Hugs


                2. Scottie, you are entitled to your opinion. Having said that, you are way off-base. Watch a few of the videos and try to broafen your horizon.


                3. Hello ragnarsbhut. Why would I need to watch videos? I can think and reason. So can you! These videos have narrowed your horizons. Really, I have no reason to deceive or lie to you. I make no money off this.

                  So let’s try this. You need to start a new comment thread because this one is too constricted, but use one issue, ask one question you think is important and is in dispute. Don’t use a video, you don’t need it. Ask or state what you believe. Give your proof (again not a video as you don’t need them, and they are not you but other people) and link where you got the information from and why you believe it.

                  ragnarsbhut I am not interested in arguing with Tucker Carlson or Hannity, or Ben Shapiro, or Prager U, I want to talk with you.

                  So in your own words you need to tell me why I am off base. In your own words you need to explain why. If you can’t then you really don’t understand what you are trying to talk about, and we have no need to continue. If you cannot explain why you believe the falsehoods, then you are just parroting other people without even thinking about what is said. I really am trying to help you. Hugs

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                4. Scottie, if someone says that he or she was not there to see potential adverse effects post-vaccine that they did not happen, that is narrow-minded thinking. If an MD said that significant adverse events happened after a vaccine and the media said it was misinformation or disinformation, they would both be lying and only concerned about their ratings and not objective truth.

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                5. Hello ragnarsbhut. You clearly have not given medical shots. The first sentence doesn’t make sense to me, sorry. But the second part we can address. See an MD doesn’t just say a significant adverse event happened. If a medical provider gives you a shot, they require you to stay there for at least 20 minutes. That is standard. If you have a reaction the paperwork is immense. Seriously. Because anaphylactic shock is deadly. It could mean an ambulance to the ER. All individuals from the lowest levels to the doctors are now on the hook. Medical licenses are at stake, things that cost $250,000 or more to get, the lower-level people have their own licenses or state certificates to protect.

                  Dude anyone who tells you that shots are given out Willy Nilly is lying to you. I gave out shots. It is not that way!

                  Now what about that paperwork I mentioned? That goes up through state and federal levels, it is not ignored. That is why I get so pissed off at the misinformation from right wing media like Fox using Hannity or Carlson. They lie about this.

                  First these reports are federal and state, and so no media is involved. How can the media dispute the report? It doesn’t go to the media, it goes to state and federal regulators. So if they claim to know these reports before the state or federal government releases them, they are lying. If they are talking about them after they are released, why don’t they give the viewers the link to the places they can see the facts themselves?

                  Think on this.

                  Which is what right-wing media does. They lie and obfuscate. But if they report on true facts, the true reports you could look that up as the government would have had to release that, except no, they never give you that link. They never cite that source. They only say this is what we heard, or this is what was reported, but never do they give you a place for you to see it for yourself. Do they!

                  ragnarsbhut do you see how you have been lied to? Do you think every doctor that has a patient` with a bad reaction runs to the local TV station to hopefully get on Fox to claim his patient had an adverse reaction?

                  That is beyond silly.

                  What is true is that those right wing media hosts want to keep you anti anything helping yourself and want to keep you mad at the government. And in your case, they succeeded. Hugs

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                6. Scottie, if someone got a Covid shot, say from Pfizer and tolerated it quite well but had an adverse reaction to the booster, could an already taxed immune system explain that problem in this hypothetical scenario?

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                7. Hello ragnarsbhut. I see we are talking two different adverse reactions. I was talking about life threatening reactions that put a person in the hospital. But there are adverse side effects like sore shot sites, swellings, fever, not feeling well that may happen for a day or more. Those happen but as they are not life threatening, they are not on the same level as the first adverse reactions I talked about.

                  Now that we have cleaned that up it may be easier for us to communicate.

                  The answer to your question is a general no and here is why. Why do you get those adverse reactions that cause swelling or fever, aches and pains or other symptoms? It is because your immune system sees the threat and rushes to war with it that threat. That is what vaccines are to do, show the body a possible threat so the body systems can rally quickly to fight it. Those symptoms you get are the body fighting the threat off.

                  Do you know why they space out the shots and boosters. Because if given too soon the body would ignore the threat. The immune systems thinks it already took care of that problem so doesn’t rise up in defense. It doesn’t learn to take that virus as a threat. So the adverse reaction is not from an over stressed immune system, it is the result of what the body is supposed to do.

                  I took a few minutes to google the idea of overloading the immune system. The issue was in connection with infants. But a peer reviewed study showed it was not an issue. Simply put the number of things your immune system can remember to protect you against is unlimited. Interesting subject but rather hard reading due to all the large numbers and scientific terms. But if your interested google the subject. Read up on it. Hugs

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                8. Hello ragnarsbhut. My spouse and I were offered the Moderna vaccine, which will be marketed as Spikevax. We took all the recommended vaccines and boosters. I recommend everyone get their vaccines and boosters. Hugs

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                9. Hello ragnarsbhut. I am not sure what you are saying. All the current approved vaccines are equally good. The J&J one has been restricted to those that are over 18 years old and wouldn’t be able to get the others.

                  I have no idea what you are saying about genetic testing, it has nothing to do with the vaccines. Again ragnarsbhut you have been given misinformation and misdirection on this issue.

                  ragnarsbhut understand the vaccines and boosters have gone through some of the most rigorous testing that any vaccine has gone through and they have been found safe and their protection against Covid great.

                  If you think you have found an issue then tell me what you think or believe,. No videos, what you think. And we will talk about it. But again, these vaccines have been given worldwide and your issues are not a thing. Hugs

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                10. Hello ragnarsbhut. You heard from people? Where? What did they say? Please tell me it was not from the same people touting Stella Immanuel. If it was you need to stay away from those places and check out everything you think they said.

                  OK so you heard there was heart issues with the vaccines, and you googled it correct? No, why not?

                  I addressed this in an earlier comment, but I did not use the big scary medical terms. I used the words “heart inflammation”, inflammation meaning swellings.

                  So to start here are two verified factual websites you need to read, look them over, it answers your question fully.



                  So lets start by asking what inflammation is.

                  Inflammation is a broad term that describes complex processes in which the body defends itself against what it perceives as foreign invaders, most commonly due to injury or infection. It is a critical part of the body’s healing process. However, this normal bodily response can go awry and become dangerous for certain individuals.

                  Here is the information you need, again verified.

                  Young Men Are at Highest Risk — But the Overall Risk Is Very Low

                  The group that is most likely to develop myocarditis or pericarditis after getting the COVID-19 vaccine is young men aged 12 to 39. These side effects have only occurred in people who received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine or Moderna vaccine. They usually showed up after the second dose and within a week of vaccination.

                  However, the risk for anyone who gets vaccinated is very low.

                  “Myocarditis or pericarditis after a COVID-19 vaccine is extremely rare after a primary vaccination,” says Dr. Johnson. “It is even more rare after a booster dose.”

                  There were 1,626 cases of myocarditis among more than 354 million primary doses given between December 2020 and August 2021.

                  This research was published in the journal JAMA on January 25, 2022.
                  There were 37 cases of myocarditis among more than 81 million booster doses given between September 22, 2021, and February 6, 2022. This research was published by the CDC on February 11, 2022.
                  Young men ages 12 to 39 can wait longer between their first and second dose (of their primary vaccine series) to reduce their risk of myocarditis or pericarditis. They should wait 8 weeks between shots.

                  Again there were only 1,626 cases of myocarditis among more than 354 million primary doses …

                  You have a much greater risk of myocarditis by getting Covid!

                  COVID-19 Is More Dangerous to the Heart Than Side Effects From the Vaccine
                  In young people, heart problems are often caused by viral infections such as COVID-19, says Dr. Johnson.

                  “A young person is much more likely to get myocarditis or pericarditis from COVID-19 itself than they would from a COVID-19 vaccine,” she says.

                  The COVID-19 vaccines provide strong protection against severe disease, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19. Severe side effects — including myocarditis, pericarditis, anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction), and thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (blood clots with low platelets) — are very rare. The CDC continues to monitor these and all potential safety problems.

                  “We know that the benefits of the vaccine strongly outweigh the risks,” Dr. Johnson says. “I strongly recommend — and the CDC recommends — that everyone who is eligible get vaccinated and get their booster shots.”

                  ragnarsbhut this tread is already getting crowded. If you have any more valid issues about the vaccines to discuss, please do so in a new comment thread. But I really think I have shown that whoever was giving you your vaccine information was lying to you. Period. I am not going to address why, but they did and are lying to you. All of these things are so easy to find the truth of. In one google search this Sunday morning I found the two pages you needed right at the top of the search returns. All you have to do is realize that the people misinforming you have something to gain by your not getting the vaccine and making things worse. The people wanting you to get them have no gain other than your well being and the wellbeing of the country. Hugs

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                11. Hello ragnarsbhut. Remember how we talked about qualifications and expertise in the right medical fields? If I am listening / reading virologists, immunologists, experts in public health measures and you listen to opinion hosts with no medical training who quote people not in the correct medical fields in question who don’t have the expertise to understand the medical data, which one of is more likely misinformed?

                  Think about it.

                  Ben Shapiro, Hannity, Carlson, the staff writers at Breitbart, the hosts at OANN and Newsmax and the rest along, with demon seed pediatrician Stella Immanuel and money grubbing Rand Paul do not have the expertise to understand the medical data nor the experience in research and public medicine to understand how to put it into practice.

                  Again do you take your dog to the veterinarian for his medical needs or an engine mechanic? Do you call a plumber for a broken pipe in your home or the lawn care people?

                  Use reason ragnarsbhut, think about it.

                  I research the information I use by reading the papers and evaluating the credentials of the writers of the information, you listen to right wing misleading videos accepting the nonsense conspiracy theories without question. I have shown you how misleading the ideas pushed by these people are and how easy it is to debunk.

                  Think about it, use your ability to reason.

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                12. Hello Ragnarsbhut. I have tried to be nice. But at this point any attempt to deny the benefit of a vaccine that saved millions of lives all over the world is the same as saying the earth is flat, the moon landing is fake / never happened, and that evolution is a myth because the world is only 6000 years old. I simply feel sorry for people so willing to be ignorant. The vaccines are not as dangerous as getting Covid can be and all the reputable peer reviewed science has shown this. I am done with willful ignorance. This pandemic was world wide. It was not a conspiracy any more than the Black Death which was a devastating global epidemic of bubonic plague that struck Europe and Asia in the mid-1300s was a conspiracy. If you listen to people like Tucker and Hannity know they admitted in court they are not news but entertainment and they do so for the ratings. If you listen to fringe elements then know their aim is not your health but your money. The facts are facts and the fact is the vaccine is safe and effective and it saved millions of lives. Hugs

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                13. Scottie, with all due respect, the sources you get your information from are probably all funded by major pharmaceutical companies. Major pharmaceutical companies that create these jabs and yet want to be immune from legal liability if things go bad should cause any rational and sane thinking person to be suspicious.


                14. Hello Ragnarsbhut. Nope. The majority of the funding for Covid vaccine was from either the US government or other ones like Germany. Stop and think of one thing. All the major medical associations recommend and vouch for the vaccines. Full stop! If you have a medial issue do you go to a hospital / doctor or a right wing media host? Next time you have a broken leg do you contract Fox news / right wing media or do you go to the local hospital? It is that simple. You are choosing to believe that the things you need from the medical community are OK but the things that you have been led to believe are “evil” by social media / right wing media you claim are harmful. You say that any rational sane thinking person would be suspicious, yet you neglect to acknowledge that medical organizations worldwide support the vaccine and affirm the vaccine is safe / effective. You seem to think the world is only the US. The vaccines have saved 100s of thousands of lives in the US and millions worldwide. Sorry but this issue has been decided, and you are not correct. Your issues have been addressed by the scientific and medical community and found to not be true nor hold merit! That is the facts!

                  Stop and think! The world is a global conspiracy to do something to you on vaccines. It doesn’t do the pharmaceutical companies any benefit to harm the people they want to sell the vaccine to. Stop and think about it, world wide these companies want to make a profit so the vaccines have to be safe and work.

                  I assume you are old enough as I am to understand how much of a health improvement vaccines were. Parents were terrified their kids would get the childhood diseases such as measles or polio. I had relatives scared for life, died from these diseases, or had to live crippled from things that vaccines have saved us from. I remember how relieved our parents were to line us up as grade school kids for the vaccines that wiped out childhood diseases. Now because of conspiracy lovers that have no medical studies to refute the majority of medical information that shows vaccines safe and effective those same diseases are coming back.

                  Ragnarsbhut you are buying into sound bites and conspiracies that are not based in reality while allowing the very diseases that were wiped out to return. Vaccines are safe. The Covid vaccines are safe and effective. The fact is the technology behind them is forty years old. It is not something suddenly new as the right wing media wants to push.

                  Fact is that the majority of all world wide medical associations approve and support the Covid vaccines! Period. That is all you need to know! Hugs

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                15. Scottie, if you need a history lesson, a nurse named Radonda Vaught had given a patient a wrong medication in error, which resulted in the death of the patient and also the loss of her jobs. Nurses have reported cases of people who took the jabs who suffered post-Covid jab injuries as a result. Unless there are paid actors or actresses who report false stories to make the vaccine manufacturers look bad, something I doubt, I have a hard time with the idea that they are either all lying or all wrong. A hypothetical for you: 2 people take all recommended doses of the Pfizer vaccine, the first person only experiencing a headache that lasted for a few days that was readily treated with an aspirin and the other person had absolutely no side-effects. If the person reported to his or her MDs the issue and the MDs reported to the manufacturer the adverse events, should there be charges of negligence against the manufacturers for not disclosing those risks to the public from that standpoint? I am not trying to sound like I am disinformed, just seeking clarification here.


                16. Hello Ragnarsbhut. That nurse was long before Covid, so your point is way off base. Look up your facts before you try to use them. The RaDonda Vaught homicide case was an American legal trial in which former Vanderbilt University Medical Center nurse RaDonda Vaught was convicted of criminally negligent homicide and impaired adult abuse after she mistakenly administered the wrong medication that killed a patient in 2017.

                  Give me the verified stats of injuries from taking the vaccine! Stop and think about it, all the verified peer reviewed studies disprove your ideas and right wing talking points.

                  You are misinformed, but that is beside the point. Your hypotheticals are nonsense! There are side effects to everything. Did you know drinking too much water can cause death or symptoms of being intoxicated? Read the papers that come with any medication and it would seem taking it is worse than what you are taking it for. That is because they list every possible side effect, no matter how small or unlikely. But again it doesn’t matter. For example, I know the Florida state surgeon general Joseph A. Ladapo, put out a paper saying that people who took the vaccine had a slightly higher risk of inflammation of the heart. He was torn apart by the real doctors because the studies show the risk of much greater heart inflammation was from getting Covid. Understand the slight of hand the hack was using. Oh if you take the vaccine you could get a slight heart inflammation that will go away with no harm, but hey if you did not take the vaccine and got Covid the heart inflammation from that was much greater which could lead to death. This is the bullshit I am tired of!

                  Ron, I, all our families, and all our friends got all the vaccines and boosters. Some had mild side effects and some even had a few days of them, most of us had none. What we do know is we are safer and able to go out in a public that is still passing Covid around without worrying about it causing us to end up in a hospital dying if we do manage to catch it from those not vaccinated. That is the situation. You can be safe or take your chances. In case you are wondering, look up how many people are still dying from Covid. The virus is still killing people. According to the CDC nearly 1600 people are dying a day, and 1,125,366 have died in the US so far. Hugs


                17. Scottie, the point of that reference is that as with the wrong medication being given that if a certain vaccine is given in error, something that could be fatal, risks and choices should be weighed equally. Errors that cost lives is also a problem.


                18. ragnarsbhut. You are being silly and I hope you know that.

                  On December 24, 2017, 75-year-old Charlene Murphey was admitted to the hospital for a subdural hematoma.[8] Two days later, Vaught, a registered nurse, was instructed to administer Versed (midazolam, a sedating drug) to Murphey, but instead administered vecuronium (a paralyzing drug).[9][10]

                  Vaught had tried to withdraw Versed from an automated dispensing cabinet, and when that did not work, she used an override which allowed her access to a larger array of medications.[9] Murphey was to be given Versed prior to an MRI scan, a procedure requiring patients to remain very still for 15 minutes or longer. After receiving the vecuronium, Murphey went into cardiac arrest but was resuscitated. However, she had sustained permanent brain damage and was determined to be brain dead. Murphey died the next day after being taken off life support.[8][11]

                  Vaught immediately admitted the error and was fired from the hospital after an internal investigation in January 2018.[8] She was arrested and charged in Murphey’s death in 2019.[9]

                  This has nothing to do with vaccines and was pure human error. Vaccines are not given in error and they are not fatal. Remember, I worked in a major hospital system’s ICU, mostly surgical ICUs. I know both of those drugs. These days we don’t even use vecuronium, a muscle relaxant.
                  These days, there are checks that a nurse has to do to verify a drug when removed from the automated medication holding machines, and before given to the patients that would prevent such a mistake. Plus these are very strong drugs, one a sedative that has to be monitored and the other a paralytic which requires even stricter monitoring in a hospital setting. A vaccine shot they send you home after you get it. The reason they send you home is because if you develop serious symptoms that are very rare then you have plenty of time to get treated. Vaccines are strictly tested in the western medical system and are safe and effective. Anything you hear different from that is voodoo hoodoo said to rally you for a political result and often push on social media by enemy foreign government that want chaos in the US or a right wing media pushing conspiracies again for about the same political reasons. It is time you fact facts and enter reality! Anti-vaccine rhetoric is wrong and has been proven so with the strict medical peer reviewed studies. Hugs


                19. Scottie, you missed the point with the equivalence. Medical errors, be it due to giving a wrong medication or just being distracted because of other patients needing your attention, can have unintended and unanticipated end results that could be disastorous to everyone.


                20. Hello Ragnarsbhut. And you missed the entire reply it seems. The drug the nurse administered was a seriously dangerous drug if wrongly administered and it caused a death. It was a paralytic that stopped the muscles controlling the patient’s lungs from working. Did you not even read / understand that part? That is not a covid vaccine! Covid vaccines are safe enough you could double it and not cause death. You could give them more often than prescribed and not cause a death. Do you really not understand how the vaccines work? See that really is what the issue is. You have been indoctrinated to fear something that is safe and effective. You have been lied to. Covid is still killing thousands of people in the US and hundreds of thousands worldwide, but that is way down from before the vaccines, plus we are not taking the precautions we were. It is a very serious virus. And the covid vaccine was super well funded and tested to the maximum worldwide before being used. Those are the facts! Think about it, worldwide the companies behind the vaccine want to make money, if the vaccines were dangerous not only wouldn’t the companies make money they would be sued out of business. The governments funding it demanded all the peer reviewed testing be done. Plus the massive number of deaths dropped when the vaccines went into use. Look at the facts, the numbers, the timelines, and stop listening to the right wing media hosts who make money lying to you. Hugs

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                21. Scottie, Pfizer paid the biggest criminal fine in history and their Covid jabs, as well as many otf the rest, have caused significant issues for a lot of people.


  1. Scottie, the issue is multifold. On the one hand, I have no doubt that the vaccines have helped a lot of people and saved many lives. On the other, regardless of the number of people who have adverse events that they can speak of for themselves or the family members of said people, it should be taken seriously either way.


    1. Hello ragnarsbhut. No it is not multifold at all. Have you not learned anything yet about the news sources you’re listening to on the vaccines? They are flat out lying to you. Period. 5 deaths out of a million in the US, 10 out of five million in the UK. And so on all over the world. The amount of adverse life-threatening events from the Covid vaccines is minuscule. Vey very very small. There is not a large number or a number of any consequence. Period. You don’t take lies and conspiracy theories seriously. There are no large number of people who have adverse events. Period. As I said these Covid vaccines are someone of the most well studied and documented vaccines ever and they have great safety and effective rates.

      At this point these are some things we know. There is not and never going to be herd immunity with Covid. The vaccines offer better protection against getting covid and its variants than just catching Covid can. And the vaccines help the body keep from catching Covid and keep the severity of the Covid symptoms you do get down. The more people vaccinated the less Covid cases in the general public means less mutations.

      This is all well known now. To argue against all this is the same as saying the sun rotates around the Earth and the Earth is flat. Hugs

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        1. Hello ragnarsbhut. Not necessarily. Conformation bias is reading or watching only what you agree with to simply confirm what you already believe. That is greatly different from reading information to form an opinion. I explained how search engines work. The sources of information I use are not filtered due to if they agree with my political views and I prefer my science data without a political spin, however right wing media does filter the information supplied by them through the lens of a political narrative.

          The information on Covid is settled to all but those who want to believe a political narrative driven by two of the most popular opinion hosts on Fox who admit they are not journalists and each of them have admitted on air that they lie. The data and science about the vaccines has been vetted by the world’s governments, by the world’s best scientists. If you believe the opinion of talk show hosts over the CDC / NIH / all the developed nations worldwide then you are running on confirmation bias. Because you are falling off a cliff claiming gravity is a lie and doesn’t exist. Hugs

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          1. Scottie, I have no doubt that the vaccines have helped many people. I have no doubt that the therapeutics have helped many people. The issue boils down to freedom of choice in either regard and taking into consideration potentially complicated medical factors.


              1. Nan, in one comment I offered in response to you on your blog about viruses and abortion, I implied that it is nobody’s business if someone wanted the vaccine or not. While you are correct that it is nobody’s business if a woman wants an abortion, many people on both sides display hypocrisy in this matter. I personally oppose abortion, however, it is really none of my business. Regarding vaccinations, I am for them being available to whoever wants them.

                Pfizer, Novavax, Astrazeneca, the Johnson&Johnson and the Moderna vaccines respectively I am sure helped a lot of people. I had some skepticism of them because I have heard and read many conflicting stories on the matter.

                Unless and until the police beat down my door and try to force a needle into me, I am not going to bow to draconian and Unconstitutional mandates. Here is a video for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdEGgg_qg4g I don’t have a Constitutional right to refuse vaccines? This guy clearly never read the U.S. Constitution or just cherry picks the parts that he likes or he would realize that there is nothing in the Constitution that expressly permits vaccine mandates.


                1. Hello ragnarsbhut . Actually you don’t have the legal right to refuse a vaccination if the state or federal government makes it mandatory. I know that stuns you but in Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11, was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. The Court’s decision articulated the view that individual liberty is not absolute and is subject to the police power of the state. Wikipedia. Date decided: 1905

                  Now having said that the current SCOTUS could easily overturn that and I suspect they would. Hugs


                2. Hello ragnarsbhut. Yes that is true.

                  On February 20, 1905, the Supreme Court rejected Jacobson’s arguments. Justice John Marshall Harlan wrote about the police power of states to regulate for the protection of public health: “The good and welfare of the Commonwealth, of which the legislature is primarily the judge, is the basis on which the police power rests in Massachusetts,” Harlan said “upon the principle of self-defense, of paramount necessity, a community has the right to protect itself against an epidemic of disease which threatens the safety of its members.”

                  Jacobson had argued that the Massachusetts law requiring mandatory vaccination was a violation of due process under the 14th Amendment, particularly the right “to live and work where he will” under the precedent of Allgeyer v. Louisiana (1897), a case that found that a state law preventing certain out-of-state insurance corporations from conducting business in the state was unconstitutional restriction of freedom of contract under the 14th Amendment. Harlan answered that while the Court had protected such liberty, a citizen:

                  [M]ay be compelled, by force if need be, against his will and without regard to his personal wishes or his pecuniary interests, or even his religious or political convictions, to take his place in the ranks of the army of his country and risk the chance of being shot down in its defense. It is not, therefore, true that the power of the public to guard itself against imminent danger depends in every case involving the control of one’s body upon his willingness to submit to reasonable regulations established by the constituted authorities, under the sanction of the State, for the purpose of protecting the public collectively against such danger.”

                  Now that ruling has not been overturned yet. They put a stay on Biden’s having OSHA test or vaccinate mandate. But no ruling says it was unconsitutional. Hugs


                3. Hello ragnarsbhut. You missed my point. You said requiring a vaccine is unconstitutional, and I just showed you that it is constitutional. SCOTUS said so. It may be overturned in the future, but for right now the government can require you to get vaccinated. Hugs


                4. Hey ragnarsbhut. It doesn’t matter what your right to free speech says! You may feel it does but follow the reasoning to what you already agreed to.

                  Who decides what is constitutional? The SCOTUS! What did they decide about government forcing people to be vaccinated, it was legal! This is why having a discussion with you is so hard. After agreeing to all of these things you still decide it is not so.

                  Now you could say I do not agree with that decision and hope the court will change it with the new hard right religious majority. OK that is possible.

                  But to just deny the facts is not acceptable. Reality is what it is! Hugs

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                5. ragnarsbhut this shows again why you are always misinformed. Stop listening to these videos, they are wrong. The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Biden administration’s vaccine-or-test rule Thursday, declaring that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration had exceeded its authority. It was an ruling that left intact the 1908 ruling saying the government had the authority to force vaccines, but simply said OSHA was not the legal way to have it mandated.

                  But at the same time, the court upheld a regulation issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that mandates vaccines for almost all employees at hospitals, nursing homes and other health care providers that receive federal funds. Notice again they left intact the rule saying you must be vaccinated if they right government agency requires.

                  I hate these right wing videos. They deliberately mislead and misinform. Stop watching them. Hugs


                6. ragnarsbhut, what is clear is I know how to read and reason. I get the entire truth, not just bits and pieces that the right wing media wants to use to form a narrative. Saying things like “You drank the Kool-Aid” shows you don’t even know where that phrase comes from. Google Jim Jones Jonestown. It seems you like conspiracies more than facts. Hugs

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                7. Hello ragnarsbhut. And I am saying you’re not getting the full information and so are misinformed. That is because the right wing media wants to form / shape the narrative that vaccines are bad and cannot be mandated. So to do that they leave out part of the ruling and make a false claim that is simply accepted by their viewers. If you had googled it, you would have seen that that claim was false. All other media reported the entire ruling because they are not trying to shape the story, just report it. If you bothered to watch or listen to any of the mainstream media you dislike or if you used any other source like the American bar association you would have quickly seen that the way it was portrayed on the right wing media was false.

                  That is why I said you don’t understand the reference you made to drinking the Kool-Aid. You really had it backwards. Hugs


                8. Scottie, nurses, MDs, people who report bad reactions to vaccines in their own words or speak on behalf of family members are those who I choose to believe. If someone reported a favorable reaction to the Astrazeneca, the Pfizer, Novavax, the Johnson&Johnson or the Moderna vaccine, even a favorable response to a mix and match, I would be willing to take that seriously. What I have a hard time with is people who try to discredit legitimate and licensed medical professionals when they themselves have no medical degrees. A news anchor without a medical degree claiming a position of superior knowledge about medicine than an actual medical expert is laughable.


                9. ragnarsbhut your comment is conflicting everything you said before, and it makes no sense based on your following right wing video hosts. But let’s talk about some of it.

                  Do you understand the difference between verified data and anecdotal data? Do you understand peer reviewed studies compared to what someone claims? Here is the thing you seem to miss. Say 30 people claim to have seen little green men, does that make little green men real? What about a 100 people seeing little green men. What if the person with an aeronautics degree or a pilot claims to have seen little green men, does that make them real?

                  My point is you have to judge what people say and who the person saying it is. You know that. And your comment makes no sense as you yourself tried to discredit Dr. Fauci. I have explained to you that some medical people are not in the right fields of study to understand the medical data or to even evaluate the evidence. We talked about how Rand Paul made a claim that the majority of medical scientists disagreed with, but Fox news pushed his claim and then other right wing media took up to the point you even tried to say it. The claim that Dr. Fauci funded gain of function research on the Covid virus is wrong and proven wrong. It is false, but right wing media pushed and so did you.

                  We have talked about how the vaccines have been proven safe and effective, that they have undergone rigorous testing, some of the strictest testing of any vaccine. We have talked about the real data vs what some people said on VAERS and how it is misleadingly used by right wing media.

                  If you have a specific question or misunderstandings then we can talk about them, but right now understand that some people have qualifications to understand and evaluate medical science and data, and some don’t. Some people have expertise in public health fields and administration and some don’t. Dr. Fauci does, and the demon seed doctor Stella Immanuel doesn’t. Frontline doctors have been shown to be a scam outfit raking in money. The CDC has no reason to lie about the vaccine or about what precautions you should take.

                  Right wing media is lying to you. Believe them if you want because the person being hurt is you and those around you. If you want the real information and the truth about the vaccines stop listening to the propaganda of the right wing media. Hugs

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                10. Scottie, some people report sore spots at the injection sites. Some people report headaches and some people report that no ill-effects took place. What vaccine did you get and did you have any significant reactions?


                11. Hello ragnarsbhut. Those are incredibly minor side effects compared to the short and long term effects of getting Covid that has already killed over 1 million people in the US alone. The long term damage from Covid can include organ damage / failure including such organs as the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and others. Covid can cause brain damage even if your symptoms are light. Covid has serious effects on the body. A sore arm or a day of a slight fever is not even in the running of what Covid can do to a person. This is why it is important to get the facts from reputable sources. Here is what you need to know. Deaths from Covid vaccines in the US are 5 in over a million shots. In the UK 10 in 5 million shots. Deaths from Covid in the US are over 1 million! Worldwide deaths 6,344,234. The US has more deaths from Covid than any other reporting country. That is due to misinformation driven by the right wing media against protective public health measures spread by right wing media for political reasons. The UK had only 179,783. Think on that. So many needless deaths due to Fox hosts like Hannity and Tucker, and all the other right wing media like the videos you keep asking me to watch. Hugs

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                12. Scottie, if you will indulge these curiosities, here are 3 questions for you: 1: While it may be true that getting the inital dose of one vaccine and subsequent doses of the same may be advisable, do you personally think that it may likely be detrimental to get an initial shot of Moderna’s vaccine and a subsequent from Astrazeneca, to pick a specific scenario? 2: Assuming the possibility of over stressing the body is the cause of death, not the vaccines themselves, how long should a person be inactive for after getting a vaccine until any form of physical exertion of energy takes place? 3: Even though vaccines can reinforce an already healthy immune system, is it not just as valid to assume that giving the immune system the stuff it needs to do its job would be more protective long-term than all of these vaccines?


                13. Hello ragnarsbhut. Originally I know that people got two shots of the same vaccine because people went to the same place and that was what that place had. I know the CDC said it did not matter if you got the same version of the booster that you got for original vaccine. I googled it and the very first result was

                  Booster shots have now been approved for all three of the COVID-19 vaccines available in the U.S. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) new guidelines say that people who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus can now mix and match their immunizations when seeking a booster shot. Nov 2, 2021

                  I have never heard any advice to not do anything after a vaccine. As I said you were required to stay for 15 or 20 minutes depending on the place you got the shot at to make sure you did not have an allergic reaction. For the boosters they did not require us to stay any time at all. Again I googled it.

                  It is generally safe to exercise after getting a COVID-19 vaccine. But pay attention to how you feel, and don’t push yourself if you’re unwell. Mild side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine usually subside in 2-3 days. You can increase the length and intensity of your workouts as you feel better. Feb 8, 2022

                  But I have never heard of over stressing the body from a vaccine. The last time I googled that for you the only thing I got was in relation to infants getting multiple vaccines. As I told you then the idea was found without merit.

                  Your last question is wrong because of how the immune system works. You really need to read up on the history of the smallpox vaccine and the way it was found, also the horrid first ways of inoculating people.

                  But to answer your question, the reason that people get sick and die or have horrible consequences from a virus / disease is that the body has no idea it is a bad thing, gets hit hard, has to fight to ramp up the defenses to the new threat. The way vaccines work is to give a sample of the threat might be, either a bit of the dead virus, or in the case of these vaccines a sample of the type of vector it uses to infect people so they body can see that it is a threat, build up the defenses before it gets hit by a full case. Once the body understands it is a threat it will act faster and stronger to the real threat when it sees it. The vaccines / boosters give you far more protection than a blank immune system or even for getting covid itself. Yes the vaccines and boosters give your immune system better protection against covid than catching covid can.

                  To be clear a healthy immune system can be overwhelmed and the body die from a virus that the body system has not been exposed to before. Why do you think so many other wise healthy adults died when they first were exposed to Covid, the body did not see it as a threat and was too slow to build up a defense to it.

                  Google how vaccines work and also google how the immune system works. Hugs


                14. Hello ragnarsbhut. Do you know the story of the smallpox inoculation with cow pox? Really fascinating way the inoculation / vaccination was discovered. The method of proving it worked was brutal by our standards but no one had tried this before. Hugs


                15. Hello Nan. Could be the case. Right wing media works so hard to shape the narrative and they walk in lockstep hammering the same theme into the viewers. It is like pulling teeth with rubber bands to get those viewers to google things for themselves. But what gets me is they think entire mainstream seem to be in on the conspiracy or everyone but them is part of it. It makes getting them to see the facts / truth very hard. Hugs

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            1. Hello ragnarsbhut . Yes everyone should have the choice of what medical procedures they should undergo with the advice of their doctor, unfortunately the right only believes that on the issue of vaccines and doesn’t want to give that right of body autonomy to women who are pregnant. Freedom of choice seems very selective on the part of the right. But here is why it is a concern when dealing with vaccines. The potential complications are mostly made up by right wing media hosts. That is a fact. Those complications are minor such as a sore are at the injection site, and serious complications such as death or heart inflammation are very rare. Documented fact! But the right wing media doesn’t care about facts, so they create a huge scare around vaccines. But what does it matter you ask, if those of us that want the vaccines can get them why do we care about the ones who don’t get them?

              Because there are some people who cannot get the vaccines for medical reasons. You seem to feel you are one due to epilepsy. Everyone who doesn’t get a vaccine makes it more dangerous for you and increases your risk of catching the virus. It is a social responsibility. You talked about freedom, well with freedom comes responsibility also. Hugs

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                1. Hello ragnarsbhut. How so, if you have something to say, say it? Cryptic comments don’t enlighten a conversation.

                  If you are talking being required to take a vaccine to attend events, you are adding apples and oranges because my body my choice doesn’t apply to that. No one is requiring you to get the vaccine, but you just don’t have a right to go to events or into places that require it. If you want to do so you will get the vaccine. See the thing with pregnancy is you cannot catch it from being in enclosed space with a pregnant person. You can catch covid from an infected person in an enclosed space. See the difference. Hugs

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                2. Scottie, if someone uses a right to bodily autonomy to justify the legality of abortion, that same logic should apply to all other medical matters, period. The same people bashing on “anti-vaxxers” are the same people saying “my body my choice.” Not only that, they are arguing that bans on abortion are Unconstitutional and vaccine mandates, which violate bodily autonomy equally, are not. The risks of the virus and the vaccine are the same.


                3. Hello ragnarsbhut. No the risks from the virus and the vaccine are not the same! The vaccine has a nearly nonexistent chance of death as I have repeated shown you and over 1 million people in the US alone have died from Covid. If that is your argument, we really have nothing to talk about! That is incredibly stupid!

                  You seem confused, it is not the vaccine side that is hypocritical when they say my body my choice, it is the anti-vaccine anti-abortion crowd.

                  But if this is the hill you want to make a stand on. Can you catch getting pregnant? If you are near a pregnant person, can you get it also? See how it is not the same? Really??

                  If you are asking if the right to abortion is in the constitution that comes down to if you feel the right to personal liberty and privacy along with body autonomy is part of that.

                  I have already shown you the SCOTUS said you could be forced to be vaccinated.

                  I never said I agreed with it.

                  But what I will say is if you think no one can force you to be vaccinated Ok sure, but it still doesn’t give you the right to go to anywhere that requires it. You can miss out on all the events of the season, sports events, movie events, restaurants, and everything else because the rest of us to not want to catch the virus that without the vaccine you have more of than we do! It is the free market, you either get vaccinated or stay home. Hugs

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  2. Scottie, I get my information from a wide variety of sources, excluding Infowars, CNN, CNBC, CBS, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post. My information comes from Bryan Ardis, Michael Yeadon, Simone Gold, Joseph Mercola, Rashid Buttar, Peter A. McCullough, Stella Immanuel, Sherri Tenpenny. the CDC, VAERS and from people in their own words. Assuming that cardiac issues post-vaccine were very rare, not unheard of unless aggravated by a preexisting condition but rare otherwise, I might be willing to risk it. Otherwise, due to the reported risks from the vaccine, I see no benefit to playing the equivalent of Russian Roulette with my health or very life.

    Nan, due to my having Epilepsy, I am not interested in risking exposure to a virus that if it made its way to my brain could reslt is a seizure event that could be fatal or cause long-term neurological complications otherwise. The same is true for the vaccines. A virus-related cerebral hemmorhage or a vaccine-induced cerebral hemmorhage seems like Russian Roulette without me having any bullets. The Pfizer vaccine or the Johnson&Johnson I had been open to. As is the case with the Astrazeneca and the Moderna vaccine, a lot of bad stories have been reported about the other 2.


    1. Hello ragnarsbhut. Sorry but the minute you put Info Wars / Alex Jones in a sentence with the word news you need to add an “is not” between them. You don’t get news from Info Wars and Alex Jones is not the same CNN, CNBC, CBS, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post. No rational thinking person puts the ranting of a show man lunatic like Jones with the other organizations mentioned. If that is your level of discernment no wonder you are so badly misinformed. The people you listed are a joke, and a waste of time. More importantly they have been debunked and the stuff they are pushing debunked. But you mentioned one source I know you don’t use, the CDC, because I have repeated use the information from there and you either did not know it or had claimed something that the information from there contradicts.

      People in their own words, who are unverified or vetted? Did they even have Covid? Were they also abducted by little green men? Were they really what they say? You know anecdotal evidence is not evidence at all.

      You say you use VAERS. What is it and is it a good source of information?

      What you are saying is you watch right wing videos. You don’t check what is spouted, you simply say it sounds good or correct. You don’t care what the motive is behind the stuff being said. Using Alex Jones shows that.

      I have posted verified studies in our conversation that show that heart inflammation is much worse and happens much more often to people who contract Covid than with people who get the vaccine. That is a fact, yet you repeat the misinformation again like we have not gone over that information. Again ragnarsbhut you spout stuff easy to check and find out it is incorrect. It is getting irritating.

      As for you getting the vaccine with epilepsy as always talk to your own doctor. But I looked into it. The majority of websites I read encouraged it saying there was no more risk to an epileptic than anyone else. In fact I did not find one web site that said epileptics shouldn’t get the vaccine.

      Yes, based on information currently available, the COVID-19 vaccine is safe for people with epilepsy, says Husari. Although the data are limited, he explains, so far there is no evidence that patients with epilepsy are at a higher risk of adverse complications after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.


      At https://www.epilepsy.com/complications-risks/covid-19/vaccination is the information you need about a fever seizure.

      Are Those with Epilepsy at Higher Risk of Side Effects?
      There is no evidence that persons with epilepsy are at higher risk of side effects after vaccination. As with any vaccine, some persons may develop a fever which could lower their seizure threshold for the short term, and rarely could result in a break-through seizure. There is no evidence that this vaccination results in worsening of the epilepsy, or brain injury.

      Should Those with Seizures Triggered by Fever Avoid Getting the COVID Vaccine?
      A rise in temperature (fever) is a common side effect after getting a vaccine. Fevers have been reported as a side effect after getting the COVID vaccine because the immune system is reacting to create immunity in the body. Some people with epilepsy have seizures that are triggered by fever. However, the available data about the risks of COVID and the safety of the COVID vaccines still support vaccination. If you or your loved one have seizures triggered by fever, please talk to your health care provider about:

      Ways to reduce the chance of fever from a vaccine causing a seizure
      Recommendations about where you or your loved one receive the vaccine, such as a location where medical staff are available
      A Seizure Action Plan that includes consideration of rescue therapies

      Here is the situation in a nutshell ragnarsbhut. There will be people who cannot get the vaccines due to their personal health. Vaccination is saving lives and those that can be vaccinated should do so both for themselves and for the rest of society. Vaccines and boosters reduce the amount of Covid cases by making it less likely a vaccinated person will catch Covid, and by reducing the severity of the symptoms of those vaccinated that do catch it. The vast majority of the hospitalized people due to Covid have not been vaccinated. So it has become a situation that if someone doesn’t want to get vaccinated, they are hurting only themselves and others that cannot get vaccinated, but the ones who are vaccinated will not be as badly affected by those people. Hugs


        1. Hello ragnarsbhut. I assumed that was a typo on your part. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Because CNN, CNBC, CBS, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post are valid news sources as long as you understand they are owned by large corporations and those corporations want to protect their profits. Which means on subjects dealing with taxes and government assisting the public they are going to bias the story. Is bias in the news a thing, OH YES! Not only the corporate bias of the major stockholders but the reporters as well may have a bias on the story. But as it is not an attempt to change the story or shape the narrative it is not an issue. You will hear both sides of an issue, the good and the bad of a subject.

          However the other people you listed are a joke and are not news sources, they are opinion hosts who give you their view of what they want you to believe about an issue. These people are pushing a narrative not reporting the news. You won’t hear both sides from them. Bryan Ardis, Michael Yeadon, Simone Gold, Joseph Mercola, Rashid Buttar, Peter A. McCullough, Stella Immanuel, Sherri Tenpenny are not news providers and I have already shown how they have lied to you. But at this point I have tried my best to show you how to determine if something is accurately reported. Don’t be afraid to google something. I could tell you the earth was made of aluminum. You should say that doesn’t sound right and google it. And stop getting medical advice from frontline doctors and Immanuel. They are grifters. Seriously, remember I told you to ask what the gain is, for these “medical providers” it is money, pure sweet profit.

          You mention VAERS as a news source. I asked you if you knew what it was and if it was a good source of information. Still waiting for an answer. Hugs

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                1. VAERS reports may contain information that is incompleteVAERS is a passive reporting system, meaning it relies on individuals to send in reports of their experiencesVAERS accepts and analyzes reports of possible health problems

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                2. Hello ragnarsbhut. And this is why you believe so much misinformation. As Nan says it is a self-reporting non-verified platform. The VAERS system is an unverified reporting system that does not determine if a vaccine caused the events that are reported. For example I could write that my brother got the vaccine and died three days later and to people reading it would seem the vaccine killed him, because I left out the part where he was hit by a bus. I could report that I got the vaccine and my left leg swelled up and my right toes fell off. That could be a total lie. No one corrects it.

                  I googled the accuracy of it, and recommend you do also. Out of the hundreds of hits saying the same basic things I was looking for a web page that had the facts that were not on your list of news sites you don’t like. This is from PolitiFact which is a well trusted neutral web site.

                  IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT

                  VAERS is designed as an open system, where anyone can submit a report, and the reports are widely accessible. The reports are not verified, and incomplete VAERS data is often used in conjunction with false claims about vaccine safety.

                  The CDC cautions that VAERS results are not enough to determine whether a vaccine causes a particular adverse event.

                  For the COVID-19 vaccines, VAERS has received a flood of reports, and it has become especially potent fuel for misinformation.

                  An Instagram post says: “6,000% Increase in Reported Vaccine Deaths 1st Quarter 2021 Compared to 1st Quarter 2020.”

                  An article from a media outlet called The Daily Expose carried the headline: “Number of women to lose their unborn child after having the COVID vaccine increases by 366% in just six weeks.”

                  The headline on an article from former GOP congressman Ron Paul’s website, shared widely on Facebook, reads: “Coronavirus Vaccinations Seem to be Causing 50 Times the Adverse Events of Flu Vaccinations after Just the First of Two Shots.”

                  We’ve fact-checked these claims and several others about the purported effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, and we found them to be false.

                   You can read the rest at the link above.    Here is the most important part.   

                  It’s designed so that anyone — parents, patients and health care professionals — can freely report any health effects that occur after a vaccination, according to the CDC, whether or not those effects are believed to be caused by the vaccine. The reports are not verified before they’re entered into the database. But anyone with a computer can search the data, download it, sort through the numbers and interpret them as they wish.

                  That makes VAERS fertile ground for vaccine misinformation that spreads widely on social media and elsewhere. Even though VAERS warns its users that reports should not be used on their own to determine whether a vaccine caused or contributed to a particular illness, many who tap into the system do that anyway, citing these government statistics to justify broader conclusions about what they consider the dangers of vaccines.


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                3. Hello ragnarsbhut. Friend google is used as a verb now. There are so many different search engines to choose from. If you don’t want to be tracked there is duckduckgo, https://duckduckgo.com/. But when people tell you to google something it is being used as a verb not a name brand. Hugs


                4. I understand. My personal inclinations are Google and DuckDuckGo for nonpolitical stuff. Other than that, I use the Brave Web Browser search engine or the Gibiru search engine.


    1. Hello Ragnarsbhut. I am not sure what brought that observation on. I admit I had to look up Babylon Bee. First let me say the thread in this old post has gotten to long for me to be able to clearly deal with it, so it might be time for you to comment on a newer post. I am really not sure what your comment means, why do you enjoy the Babylon Bee? I am watching a Beau of the Fifth Column video about Fox News and the Dominion trial. As he says, facts are facts. Hugs


        1. Hello Ragnarsbhut. There is often a kernel of truth in the best humor and the longest lasting most believable lies. However, that is neither here nor there in the topic of vaccines safety and effectiveness. Seriously the data and statistics are proven by now. Anything said against the safe effective use of vaccine is conspiracy / political bullshit spread first by people who want to stir up trouble and second by people who can not understand the medical science behind the studies so accept what the conspiracy peddling liars are pushing. Think on this, the majority of major medical associations are telling you the vaccines are safe and effective. If you trust them on everything else medical you need, then trust them on this. Hugs


  3. Scottie, I would not mind an open discussion consisting of Rochelle Walensky, Anthony Fauci, Janet Woodcock, the heads of the Covid vaccine manufacturing companies, MDs, both pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine and also all people who report adverse events post-Covid jabs. Are you familiar with Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Stella Immanuel, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Dr. Peter A. McCullough, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Dr. Judy Mikovits or Dr. Joseph Mercola to any extent?


    1. ragnarsbhut, I am sorry, but the fact is the majority of creditable medical organizations worldwide promote and agree that the studies show the vaccines are saving lives, are safe, and are something that is including in good medical healthcare for everyone. Period! There is not a debate about that. Yes there are fringe doctors and a bunch of misunderstood studies pushed by conspiracy theorists. Take the Frontline doctors that push not taking the vaccine but instead they would provide ivermectin, a parasite medication to cure a virus. Yes and what did they charge for that? $90 dollars a person they talked to and more for repeat consults when the Ivermectin did not cure the virus. It was a for-profit scam! I am done entertaining any more talk on this. As I said it is now to the point where the anti-Covid vaccine people are the same as flat earthers and those that claim the moon landings are fake. Dr. Joseph Ladapo is a total fraud! He has been shown to be a fraud and written stuff that has been refuted and denied by all the major medical groups. He was part of the frontline medical group run by a woman, Stella Immanuel, who claimed often claimed that gynecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are in fact caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches. If that is who you want as your doctor, I feel sorry for you! But as far as I can concern the issue is settled and done. Vaccine companies wouldn’t make money by harming their patients, wake up to reality! Think on that. There is no profit for real companies that are worldwide to kill their clients. Every creditable study shows that multiple millions of peoples lives were saved due to the vaccines. That is all that needs to be said! Hugs

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      1. That is all that needs to be said! ___ But trust me, he will find more to say. For some reason, he can’t seem to let go of this issue and carries it over into multiple blog discussions.

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        1. Hello Nan. Yes, you are correct and he is doing so. I hope I am helping him. He seems to have stopped with most of the inaccuracies and false statements. There is always hope. If not, those reading along might get some benefit out of it. Hugs


        1. Hello RagnarsBhut. We are in a normal situation. Other than it was a worldwide pandemic, it was your standard medical crisis. This is what you need to understand, the problems and conspiracies were ginned up to create political chaos and upheaval. It was not done to help the public at all. Right now Fox News hosts have written statements saying they never believed any of the stolen election stuff that they reported and pushed on air. It is their own emails at the time that were discovered during discovery and entered into evidence during the defamation lawsuit by Dominion. They lied and they did so getting many people to agree with them and act on their lies. It is the same thing with the vaccines. They lied to the public and got a lot of people killed that did not need to die because of the fear of the vaccine that was medically proven safe. Hugs


            1. Hello Ragnarsbhut. YES! Yup it is. Viruses happen, and sometimes become a nation epidemic. Also the US has faced unfounded fears of a virus from other places before that were easily handled by the federal and state governments but made a sensational boogieman by the right wing media. Have you heard of Ebola? How old are you Ragnarsbhut? Do you know the history of childhood diseases in the US? Do you understand the devastation of how many children died and were crippled by these diseases that vaccines had in some cases been eradicated in the population, until anti-vaccine hysteria driven by misinformation and religious ideology allowed to again harm people? I am old enough to remember when our mothers were so relieved and thankful to have the schools giving us the vaccines. I remember the Polio sugar cube given to us as we stood in line as 1st graders. It was celebrated and it was right to celebrate the end to that horrible plague on childhood. Now Polio is running rampant through areas of NY due to minority religious groups demanding to not vaccinate their children to go to school. Hugs

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              1. Scottie, I am 31 y/o. I know about all of these different viruses, both natural and those cooked up in a laboratory. Anthony Fauci testified that the spinoff from the lab-created version was a naturally occurring situation. Really?


                1. Hey Ragnarsbhut. Are you talking to the gain of function debate, which Dr. Fauci’s testimony was proven correct and Sen. Paul roundly mocked as false by the medical community? Please find Dr. Fauci’s testimony in writing not something that was paraphrased by the Daily Wire or Tucker Carlson / some other right wing media host and post it in the comments for me to look at. If you think that Dr. Fauci was wrong, please send me the link to the peer reviewed science group showing that. Remember Dr. Fauci has been working to help the public of this country longer than you have been alive. This tread is getting very long and hard to follow, so if you want you can add it off-topic to a more recent post. Hugs


                2. Ragnarsbhut. Republicans in office should stop lying and making things up to get their base voters angry and start working on issues that affect the people of the country instead of creating culture wars based on misinformation / myths, so they can distract their voters from the way they are enriching themselves and donors at the expense of the people. If you want perfection from the everyday workers in the government, start with the lawmakers who whine about working less than half a year at a salary plus perks that is more than 80% of what the public in the country makes. Hugs


                3. Hello Ragnarsbhut. Nope / not / never! Don’t pull that shit without some examples. If that is a fight you want to have we can, but remember I am back with my heart rate under control and my memory / reasoning ability almost restored. That is a right wing talking point and I demand you back it up with facts! While there are corporate democrats and I call them out, there is no way the parties are anyway the same.

                  So friend, either list your examples and back up your statement or withdraw it as false! Hugs

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                4. The democrats and the media lied about the safe and effective nature of the Covid vaccines, as indicated by the fact that they are unwilling to fairly report adverse events. Republicans seemingly lied about the WMDs in Iraq in the eyes of some people.


                5. Hello Ragnarsbhut. “The democrats and the media lied about the safe and effective nature of the Covid vaccines…” This statement by you as a blanket statement is a lie. No other way to put it. You may not like the facts but the vaccines in all their versions are safe, and they have different but very effect rates. Again these are not used in just the US, they are being used worldwide. Nations begged to get them. Think of it poor nations were screaming furiously that the wealthy nations were hoarding the vaccines as millions of their people were dying. Every developed nation on earth wanted these original vaccines along with the boosters when they came available.

                  What unwilling to report adverse events are you talking about. If you bring up Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) I will embarrass the shit out of you on it. Before you use it as a source you should look it up and understand what it really is, not what the right wing media misinformed people it was.

                  Ragnarbhut, step outside the right wing media bubble and realize that the world is not just the US. The US anti-vaccine movement was shocking to the rest of the world because it made no sense, until we learned it was driven on social media by foreign governments to create chaos and discontent. As for other times politicians have lied is that how you want to direct attention from the fact that the republican attention getters are not qualified to challenge Dr. Fauci or those that work in his department, I will agree politicians lie. They lie about a lot of things hoping it will help them get a good sound bite for the media of their choice. That is why I keep going back to peer reviewed panels and creditable news sources. Don’t get your news from media hosts whose only goal is to enrage the view to disparage others. Stop and think what differences there was in coverage. The main stream media talked about studies, rates of infection, effectiveness, the companies developing the vaccines, basically all the information that was available in an understandable way. What did the right wing media talk about instead, chips in the vaccine to make you a zombie and track you, Jewish George Soros and bad Bill Gates., along with totally misinforming their viewers as to what Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was. One side was trying to educate the public and the other was trying to confuse them with misinformation for political gain. Hugs

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                6. Scottie, I woulf be inclined to agree with you if the facts were in your favor. 2 videos with a panel hosted by Ron Johnson had people who spoke for themselves or their family members related to adverse events, even those resulting in death of one person’s 16 y/o son 5 days after the Pfizer vaccine and also with a number of MDs who talked in depth about dealing with this problem.


                7. Hey Ragnarsbhut. What facts do you think are not in my favor. Ron Johnson holds the title of the second most stupid person in the US Senate. Seriously, if you watch him on interviews where he is asked unscripted questions he falls apart stumbling for answers. He is credibly reported to have received a bunch of money from Russian oligarchs on the orders of Putin. That alone explains his campaign against covid vaccines. However I am feeling happy and generous with my time this morning so I looked into your claims. I found them with out merit and refuted them with the information below. As I took the time to research this for you, please take the time to read the information I provide. Hugs


                  “Regarding reports that I received an FBI briefing warning me that I was a target of Russian disinformation, I can confirm I received such a briefing in August of 2020,” Johnson told the Post in a written statement.



                  Now lets talk about Sen. Johnson’s covid panel. None of the people testifying were under oath. So were they telling the truth, the whole truth, and just the truth?. Second before I get to to the death of a 16 year old I want to let you know I looked up the reports on that panel and doctors, yes medical professionals said it was very misleading and promoted misinformation.


                  David Rapp, a professor of psychology and education at Northwestern University, said Johnson’s COVID-19 panel provides “a good case where someone is trying to offer inaccurate information to a constituency that already would be prone to believe it.”

                  In addition, advocating inaccurate ideas makes it difficult to have productive debates about what is true or false within the information people receive.

                  “The way that (the issue is) framed might suggest that the medical community writ large is … less interested in care,” Rapp said. “Framing viewpoints in this way is a really clever and strategic method of getting people to think about who they should rely upon.”

                  Michael Wagner, a professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UW-Madison, noted that midterm elections are coming up in November. Johnson recently announced he will run for a third Senate term, and Wagner said he may be trying to make inroads among the most ideologically extreme of his supporters.

                  “It seems to be more of a way to generate support from the very far right,” Wagner said. “It might be a way to try to generate some kind of grassroots social media support for his untested and unproven theories about the pandemic.”

                  Below I will show the claims made and how they were false.

                  Sen. Ron Johnson on Monday convened a group of doctors and scientists who have been criticized for spreading COVID-19 misinformation to “get a second opinion” on the health issues facing Americans because of the pandemic.
                  “Senator Johnson has done this before. This isn’t new,” said Bob Freedland, an ophthalmologist in La Crosse. “Senator Johnson continues to give a megaphone to notorious COVID-19 misinformation doctors.”

                  Dr. Ann Helms, a critical care neurologist in Milwaukee, said she believes that Johnson is trying to look tough.
                  … although the event was not an official Senate hearing. The Medill News Service fact-checked several dubious statements from the panel. LIMITING SPREAD
                  CLAIM: “The (COVID) virus is not spread from an asymptomatic person to another asymptomatic person,” said Dr. Peter McCullough, former vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center, who was sued for illegitimately representing himself as a Baylor employee while promoting misinformation about COVID-19.

                  FACT: “More than half of transmissions that occur in our communities are occurring by people who have no symptoms,” said Ajay Sethi, associate professor of population health sciences and faculty director of the Public Health master’s program at UW-Madison. “This is a virus in which people become infectious before the symptoms begin, and for some of those people, the symptoms may never begin, and yet they’re infectious while they’re asymptomatic.”

                  CLAIM: Dr. Aaron Kheriarty, a former professor in the University of California-Irvine School of Medicine who was fired over his refusal to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and other reasons, said people with “natural immunity,” meaning people who have developed antibodies after contracting a virus, cannot be reinfected with COVID-19 or transmit the virus to others.

                  FACT: While it is true that people may develop antibodies to a virus like COVID-19, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study released in September found that 36% of those with prior COVID infection did not produce any antibodies.

                  “You have to survive COVID in order to walk away with some immunity that can be protective for the future, and how long that protection lasts varies from person to person,” Sethi said. He noted the emergence of new variants continues to threaten prior immunity. As stated by the CDC, “reinfections do occur after COVID-19.”

                  CLAIM: Johnson claimed the National Institutes of Health has told those who test positive for COVID-19 to “go home and do nothing.”

                  FACT: “Patients are told to monitor their symptoms, that (if) they progress to a point where they need medical attention, that people should seek medical attention,” Sethi said. The CDC lists certain warning signs of when to seek emergency medical care.

                  CLAIM: Dr. Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine, said when hydroxychloroquine is used as an early treatment for COVID-19, it can produce a 50% reduced risk of hospitalization and 75% reduced risk of mortality.

                  FACT: “I’m not sure where that data’s coming from,” Sethi said. “The scientific consensus is that hydroxychloroquine is not a valid treatment for COVID.” Hydroxychloroquine, typically used to treat malaria, was first approved under Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA for treating COVID in March 2020. On June 15, 2020, the FDA canceled its recommendation after finding the medication was unlikely to be effective at treating COVID and resulted in some serious side effects, such as irregular heartbeat, according to the National Library of Medicine.

                  CLAIM: Dr. Pierre Kory, a vocal advocate for the off-label use of ivermectin, said the drug has been shown to help treat COVID in other parts of the world, claiming it could help “solve” the pandemic.

                  FACT: When tested in a lab, there was evidence that “the (COVID) virus can be killed by ivermectin, but at such high, toxic levels that they can’t be given to people,” Sethi said. “That just became a myth that ivermectin is something that could be used to treat COVID. It’s not.”

                  CLAIM: In a press release put out the day after the panel discussion, Johnson said COVID-19 is “an entirely treatable disease. Probably hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives that didn’t have to.”

                  FACT: Patients have various treatment options for COVID-19. The FDA has approved the antiviral drug remdevisir for use in adults and some pediatric patients and has issued emergency use authorizations for several monoclonal antibody treatments. For those who are hospitalized with COVID-19, the NIH has a set of guidelines for when to administer various treatments.

                  CLAIM: Parks, the vaccine critic, said Black people may need lower doses of the COVID vaccine because of a sensitivity to mRNA vaccines.

                  FACT: “I’m sad that such a claim would even be made, because that kind of misinformation is what leads to health disparities in our society,” Sethi said. The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID vaccines are mRNA vaccines.

                  CLAIM: Many panelists said COVID vaccine development was rushed and they are not safe.

                  FACT: “I don’t think the process was rushed,” Sethi said. “The only thing that was cut from the process was red tape, but the science that was carried out was the same science that would be carried out with the approval process for any new biologic vaccine or treatment.”

                  This is short and to the point, you should read it!


                  A group of Wisconsin doctors are criticizing a panel hosted Monday by Sen. Ron Johnson, (R) Wisconsin, which largely focused on skepticism for the COVID-19 vaccine.

                  “Nobody can tell you the long-term safety profile of these vaccines. Nobody. It’s unknowable, because we haven’t taken the time,” Johnson said.

                  Johnson brought together a panel of doctors and other medical experts for the panel, most of whom promoted the use of unproven medication for early treatment of the virus.

                  “I will embrace anything,” Johnson said during the panel. “I am completely agnostic when it comes to whatever drug will end this pandemic: vaccine, I don’t care. I want this pandemic over. I want people to live.”

                  Wisconsin doctors with the Committee to Protect Health Care said Johnson is spreading COVID “misinformation,” and said the vaccine is safe and effective.

                  “There have been over 4 billion doses given on this planet and there are very low incidents of adverse reactions on the order of one to two per 10,000 to 100,000,” said Dr. William Reed, a cardiothoracic surgeon in La Crosse.

                  Datafrom the Wisconsin Hospital Association shows there are more than 200 COVID-19 patients in hospitals with nearly 95% of ICU beds currently full.

                  “The overwhelming majority of ICU patients in our hospitals are unvaccinated,” Reed said. “We’ve been watching – painfully, I might add – what happens to unvaccinated people in our hospitals: How they die more frequently, and how their hospital course is more likely to result in long-haul or multiple morbidities associated.”

                  Current reports from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services show unvaccinated people are 10 times as likely to be hospitalized by COVID-19 than people who are fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated people are also 14 times more likely to die from the virus.

                  I searched for a “death of one person’s 16 y/o son 5 days after the Pfizer vaccine” and only got one link back. I did get a few really off the wall ones that you and Sen. Johnson missed. But if you are talking about Ernest Ramirez says his 16-year-old son died five days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine then there are somethings about the story you should know. The father is fundrasing off his son’s death. Second he claims the death was from enlarged heart or comonly callled heart inflammation. He says the atopsy shows his son had an enlarged heart. But he has nothing to tie that into the vaccine. His son never had the size of his heart messured before so there is no way to compare the heart size after death. Here is the facts. At the time this story was written September 24, 2021, new CDC data show nearly half of all US adolescents are now vaccinated. A recent CNN analysis of government data shows roughly 46 percent of children ages 12-17 have received the vaccine, while some 14 million adolescents have had at least one shot. No massive amounts of deaths. That was just US kids, think of the kids worldwide that got the vaccines and did not show massive kids deaths.

                  Here is another fact you might want to know about the heart inflammation from the covid vaccine. It is mild and slight in almost all cases that were reported and examined. However you know what really caused heart inflammation that killed a lot of people and was documented by medical profesions? Covid !!! Yes the vaccine could cause a mild heart inflammation that went away within three days (look it up it is well reported on), also heavy workouts or stressful activites can case heart inflammation, again it goes away in days. But covid cause heart inflammation that is serious and deadly.

                  There could be some severe reactions to the vaccine. They are rare in the studies and never verified in the population of people getting the vaccine. These are the facts that have been reported, tesitifed under oath, and peer reviewed. Hugs


                8. Scottie, I have no reason to not believe them. Robert W. Malone was one of the people who was part of a panel in the second video. Robert W. Malone got the Moderna vaccine and suffered heart inflammation as a result.


                9. Rag, what is it about “the odds” that you can’t seem to understand? Sure, there were people who reacted badly to the vaccine, but when you consider the overall statistics, you’re focusing on a VERY small percentage. And even more puzzling is … what do you gain by doing this?

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                10. Nan, fair enough. However, due to my having epilepsy and having gone into status epilepticus once in 2015, I really don’t see the advantage of exposure to a virus or a vaccine that could screw around with my brain.

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                11. OK … that’s understandable. You shouldn’t take it. But why slam it as an overall preventative for other people? Besides, the biggest push to get the vaccine is over now so isn’t it time to move on?

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                12. Nan, I am not slamming its overall effectiveness. I just want honest reporting from all sides on the issue. Like I asked you related to my example with the Astrazeneca vaccine, you said you would take at face value the claims either way what someone told you.

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                13. Hey … we ALL want honesty! In ALL issues! But it’s never going to happen when politics and people are involved. 🥺


                14. Hello Ragnarsbhut. Is this the vaccine you are referencing? The one that has only mild side effects? Hugs

                  What has happened to the AstraZeneca vaccine?
                  While the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is no longer being offered in the UK, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) still monitors potential side effects from this vaccine. The vast majority of side effects that have been reported for the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine are mild and short-term.Jan 25, 2023


                15. Scottie, that is one example of many, however, to further elaborate, if a person took the Astrazeneca Covid jab and had an altered sense of taste or a headache for a couple of days but nothing more, I would be less worried about that than a case of heart inflammation.


                16. Hello Ragnarsbhut. I want to add more to the question you asked.

                  Is the AstraZeneca vaccine safe?
                  AstraZeneca was a very safe vaccine. It was given to millions of people around the world. As with any vaccine, you may have had some temporary side effects after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. This showed that your immune system was working.

                  Is the AstraZeneca vaccine in the US?
                  AstraZeneca withdraws US COVID vaccine application, shifts focus to antibody treatments. After missing the boat for emergency use of COVID-19 vaccines, AstraZeneca has finally pulled the plug on efforts to sell its shot in the U.S.Nov 10, 2022

                  The vaccine was not withdrawn due to safety issues but due to the fact there was no profit in it due to the other vaccines already on the market. Welcome to capitalism. Hugs


                17. Scottie, I know the difference between the 2, however, from your standpoint, would you be able to tell the difference between Astrazeneca, to pick an example, wanting to just make money off of its products and wanting to produce top quality products for the consumers?


                18. Ragnarbhut. You can push your one person had a heart inflammation yet lived all you want, but the fact is he lived. He lived! But without the vaccine billions of people would have died. You really don’t read or remember what we talk about, do you? I have already shown you that a Google search of Robert W. Malone shows that he is totally discredited. You can argue that if you want, but the fact is the majority of the world says he is not creditable. Period! I already explained heart inflammation. You want to know who else has had it? I have! Yes, and it passed with in days. No it was not due to covid nor to the vaccine. It was due to a very high and rapid heart rate. I have had to wear a heart monitor twice due to heart problems, and you know I have had all the covid vaccine with boosters and no problems at all! Ragnarsbhut educate yourself before you try to argue these things, as you really don’t know what you are talking about. As I explained, people can get inflammation of the heart from a sudden exertion of activity such as hard sports play. More importantly, the amount of heart inflammation from the vaccine is far less than from getting covid itself! That was the point. Malone may have gotten heart inflammation from the vaccine, he survived, and it was less than if he had gotten Covid! Gods man how many times do people have to tell you the same thing? Heart inflammation itself is not a scary boogieman, it happens all the time and most of the time people don’t even know it if they are not having a doctor watch their heart. Like most things, it depends on the severity and how the rest of your health is.

                  Hey did you hear about that football player who got the vaccine and then had his heart stop on the field in front of all the cameras? Yes that is true it happened. I saw it in the replay videos. Only the vaccine had nothing to do with it! The player was stuck at the exact point of his heart when it was in the right cycle to cause his heart to stop. Every cardiologist agrees, as does the team doctor. But hey he had recently had the vaccine.

                  Do you get the point? I don’t care if 10 people or maybe even 100 people died from the vaccine something which has not been proven. Hundreds of millions of people have been saved, have lived due to them. Get the point. Maybe billions of people worldwide have been saved by these vaccines. Get your head out of the US right wing media and understand that this was a worldwide pandemic with millions of people dying and over a billion saved by the vaccines. Then maybe a few people on right wing media complaining of a heart inflammation they got over won’t seem so big a deal. As far as I am concern this conversation is over, there is not much more to say. The facts say you are wrong about the vaccines. Hugs


                19. Scottie, the facts will prove you wrong actually. Peter A. McCullough, a cardiologist, has reported cases of myocarditis and pericarditis that he has seen in his own words post-Covid jabs, so I will take his word over people who parrot the safe and effective talking points spouted by mainstream media outlets.


                20. Hello Ragnarsbhut. The facts have proved me right already friend! Yes please take the anecdotal evidence of one doctor over the verified data such as:

                  Report: COVID-19 vaccines saved US $1.15 trillion, 3 million lives
                  A Commonwealth Fund study estimates that, through November 2022, COVID-19 vaccines prevented more than 18.5 million US hospitalizations and 3.2 million deaths and saved the country $1.15 trillion.

                  The modeling study estimated hospitalizations and deaths averted through the end of November 2022, at a time when 80% of the US population had received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

                  Approved COVID-19 vaccines have been available in the United States since December of 2020. Since Dec 12, 2020, 82 million infections, 4.8 million hospitalizations, and 798,000 deaths have been reported in the United States.

                  “Without vaccination the U.S. would have experienced 1.5 times more infections, 3.8 times more hospitalizations, and 4.1 times more deaths,” the authors wrote. “These losses would have been accompanied by more than $1 trillion in additional medical costs that were averted because of fewer infections, hospitalizations, and deaths.”

                  Without vaccination the U.S. would have experienced 1.5 times more infections, 3.8 times more hospitalizations, and 4.1 times more deaths.
                  The model used in the study took into account the transition patterns seen with five variants, each with cumulative prevalence of at least 3% in the United States, including Iota, Alpha, Gamma, Delta, and Omicron, in addition to the original Wuhan-I SARS-CoV-2 strain. The model also used aged demographics to account for disease severity.

                  How many lives are saved by vaccines each year?
                  Immunization Prevents Death Worldwide

                  4 million deaths worldwide are prevented by childhood vaccination every year. 51 million deaths can be prevented through immunization between 2021 and 2030. By 2030, it is estimated that: Measles vaccination can save nearly 19 million lives.Sep 22, 2022

                  Covid-19 vaccines saved an estimated 20m lives during their first year

                  All you need to do is a simple google search and you will see the vast number of lives saved due to the covid vaccines. Is one random report of an inflamed heart worth stopping these vaccines that are saving these lives? Use reason ragnarsbhut! Millions maybe even billions of lives saved, yet you want to take a few random not even proven people who had issues or may have died? Hugs


                21. Scottie, I will conced that point. I just wish that genetic testing could be done to get the right vaccine for the right person or assuming a preexisting medical situation is a factor, something that could at the very least not complicate it further.


                22. Ragnarsbhut. If you think the Republican Party / its members and the Democratic Party / their members are the same, you are uneducated and ignorant of even basic politics. Even if you only watched one bias source, you would see a big difference in what the parties push for. Look at all the things that the democrats tried to pass that would have made life better for the public vrs what the republicans try to do which is push more money to their top donors by cutting programs that help the public. Do both parties want higher minimum wage of $15 or more? Do both parties want universal healthcare? Do both parties want more railroad / business regulations to protect the public from corporate accidents? Are both parties trying to ban gay and trans people from the public, especially from schools? Are both parties trying to ban books about things they don’t like such as racism, slavery, and LGBTQ+ topics? Are both parties trying to deny or limit free lunches in schools? Are both parties trying to block gun reform or pass it? See Ragnarsbhut people who say both parties are the same show they really don’t know what either party is up to or trying to do. Hugs

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                23. Hello Ragnarsbhut. We were not talking war, but again I think while both parties support increasing the DOD budget which has the effect of increasing the wealth of defense contractors, I think there is a great difference on the subject of acts of aggression on both parties. For example, do you think the parties are the same on support for Ukraine or their stances against Russia / Putin? Again, it has been widely reported in all news outlets how the parties differ on these issues. Hugs

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                24. Scottie, you said that both Parties are not the same. They have different labels politically in order to dupe the masses, however, they are all the same.


                25. Hello Ragnarsbhut. As I said before, this thread is far too long for others to follow. Please move all further comments / replies to the covid vaccine to here.

                  Also this is one of the quotes from the post I am working on. Hugs

                  “The risk associated with COVID-19 infection clearly outweighs any potential risks associated with mRNA vaccination,” one version states.

                  “The small risk associated with mRNA vaccination should be balanced against the much larger risk associated with COVID-19 infection,” another version says. A similar sentence appeared in the published conclusion but the “much larger” modifier had been removed.


    1. Hello Ragnarsbhut. I would love to do that for you, really. But I can not find the comment to fix. As I keep saying the thread, the length of comments has gotten too long and unwieldy in that post. That is why I asked you to move it to a new post even if it was off-topic. I can not find the comment to fix. I am sorry. Please if you want or need to keep talking vaccines do it in the comments on a new post so I can sort them. When comments get into the 60s to 100s on a single post is impossible to deal with them except as I am doing now individually. If you really need it fixed, try linking it to me and see if that way I can find it. Hugs


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