3 thoughts on “Report: Trump phone records show 7-hour gap on Jan. 6

  1. Does this surprise ANYONE?? As to whether it comes to pass that he was attempting to fly under the radar … will ANYTHING be done? So far there are scores of accusations related to tRump’s actions (financial as well as the election), but so far nothing has come to pass. And even some attorneys that seemed to “have the goods” took themselves out of the pictures. And of course this, once again, brings up the question … WHY?

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    1. Hello Nan. That is the question, isn’t it. One attorneys in the New York case leaked his resignation letter to one of the newspapers. In it he said that the old DA had agreed that they had the evidence that tRump committed fraud and that they were ready to charge him. The New DA did not want to charge tRump. He is looking to a future higher office and for him this is a no win situation. There are powerful people leaning on him to make this go away. The new DA was looking for an off ramp, maybe a deal with the tRump people for a minor civil thing on the organization rather than a charge against tRump. Again separate rules for the wealthy / powerful.

      As for the Jan 6th stuff the big question is what AG Garland is doing about it. He seems to be dragging his feet to even charge the insurrection rioters and he has made no public effort to go after any higher up figures no matter how clear the evidence. So reports say that Garland is an institutionalist who believes in protecting the institutions of government and that may mean not charging politicians with crimes as that would look like retribution. It would look like stuff done in banana republics and by tRump maga people. That high moral stance my look good to nearly 70 year old Garland (yes another person in our government that is over retirement age) but it doesn’t do much for the rule of law or saving democracy. The moral high ground won’t feel so great when we lose our Democracy.

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