4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about questions on Russia’s failure….

  1. As per usual, this is well done. He is a voice of reason, even if you may not agree with everything he says, he makes you want to listen to his thoughts. His first statement is huge.

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    1. Hello Keith. I agree with you on that. He is my favorite YouTuber information provider. Some judge him on his looks and don’t hear what he is saying. He has the education, training, and experience to talk about the things he does. I learn a lot from him.


  2. Scottie, I misread Keith’s comment and thought he said Beau’s LAST statement was huge, so I fast-forwarded to the end to see if I could tell what he was referencing. What I did find is a bunch of remarks about Russia having already “lost” the war. Maybe “geopolitically,” as he says, but somehow I don’t think this matters to the Ukrainian people who have lost their homes and lives and must rebuild a VERY damaged country if and when Russia ever decides to pull out.

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes the information Beau was delivering was not really for the Ukrainian audience. Right now about the only thing the Ukrainians want to hear is that NATO has entered the fray on their side. Which I admit I want to hear also. (let the comments about worldwide destruction come in now and I will say up front I don’t think that will occur.) I think what Beau had to say was important information in its context of what he was addressing. But I think you are correct about the damage and loss of life and everything else the people of Ukraine are facing. I simply cannot imagine fully what they are going through. The decades and lifelong hardships and medical / emotional problems. The ones responsible in the Russian leadership must pay a cost for this, but I don’t know how we get to that point. But I think every nation that is not involved in pushing Russia out of Ukraine right now is in some way complicit in the harm done to the country and the people.

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