Tony Perkins: “Don’t Say Gay” Will Help Prevent STDs

Because we know that straight people do not get sexually transmitted diseases.    We know that denying kids / young adults with sexual educations including the use of condoms means kids won’t sexually transmitted diseases.  We know keeping sexual information about their body and how to ease their desires themselves with masturbation won’t prevent STDs.   It is all those gays’ fault because of the icky stuff they do with each other.   Just think of everything wrong in the world and put it on the LGBTQ+ especially them gays with same sex marriage.   Boy does that make their god angry.  

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

If the CDC took COVID seriously, they’re doing the opposite for STDs. America’s public health agencies responded to COVID by quickly identifying how the disease was transmitted and recommending countermeasures. Oh, it’s an airborne virus? Let’s everybody cover their nose and mouth and stand a bit further apart.

If only we could figure out how sexually transmitted diseases were spread! Maybe we could use such information to ground our public health response. “If everybody did monogamous sex only,” Dr. Scott Field of the American College of Pediatricians said, “there would not be any STDs.”

STDs require much closer human contact than an airborne virus, but we’re still waiting for the CDC to recommend “social distancing” as a countermeasure to limit the spread of STDs.

As alarming as the rise in STDs may be, it isn’t the least bit surprising, especially among young people. Field attributed it to “policies, and the emphasis away from sexual fidelity.”

This is the natural outgrowth of the Left’s attempts to sexualize children and encourage sexual promiscuity throughout the education system.

To prevent this sexualized indoctrination, states have resorted to legislation. Earlier this year, Florida passed into law the Parental Rights in Education Act, which protects children in kindergarten through third grade from sexual indoctrination.

The bill attempted to give children at least a few years to learn — to read, write, add, tie their shoes — before dousing their imaginations in moral filth.

Instead, the Left wants to subject children to a radically opposite worldview, teaching them that only they can determine their identity, that they must do so according to their internal sexual feelings of the moment, and that, in fact, those sexual desires are their identity. How deceptive! How demonic!

As you may recall, the American College of Pediatricians is a tiny, far-right Christianist group that chose its name so that the public will confuse their pronouncements as coming from the highly regarded and pro-LGBTQ American Academy of Pediatrics.

7 thoughts on “Tony Perkins: “Don’t Say Gay” Will Help Prevent STDs

    1. Hello Polly. Could be. With Perkins I cannot tell if he is a true believer or just a grifter? He is a white supremacist Christian nationalist. For a while he was very open about being part of the KKK groups. He was one of tRump’s go to religious leaders who advised tRump and pushed him to hire / install Christian ideologs into government positions and to removed anything positive about LGBTQ+ from government policies and websites. One funny thing was a decade ago or so he was raving how god would use natural disasters to push the people in the US for gay people having acceptance and rights. He mentioned storms, floods, fires, and so on. Then there was a big storm and his own sprawling estate was flooded out. Under water. God must have been angry at old Tony.

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  1. This comment — we’re still waiting for the CDC to recommend “social distancing” as a countermeasure to limit the spread of STDs — has to be a joke! Can you imagine people in the throes of sexual excitement suddenly practicing “social distancing”? Yeah, right.

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    1. Hello Nan. Well that is what the right has been telling teenagers for years? I was reminded by Randy this morning that a few years ago there was an outbreak of STDs, but it was by senior citizens. Those in their retirement age were busy getting jiggly with each other and figured they were beyond the need for protection. 😁🤣😊


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