Jen Psaki crushes reporter with comeback of the year

10 thoughts on “Jen Psaki crushes reporter with comeback of the year

  1. Scottie, this something that too few people do – be prepared for what might come your way. We tried to do this in business presentations, we tried to do this in non-profit funding request presentations, etc. Kudos to her for being prepared and her matter-of -fact manner of delivery of her response. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. She has been an amazing Press Secretary. She has kept her calm and even temperament in the face of hostile attempts to trick her. In all the years I have been watching politics I have never seen anyone as good as she is. I will miss her but wish her the best. Hugs


      1. I worry for her replacement. I’m afraid she is going to get SLAMMED by the Repuke reporters every chance they get. Now -IF- she can match Jen’s abilities, she may have a reasonable chance. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

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        1. Hello Nan. You have every right to. She has already been viciously attacked on the right wing media with many of them repeating the line she only got the job because she is a black lesbian. As if being a black or a lesbian much less both somehow makes you stupid and unqualified yet ensures the liberals give you the position. Because the narrative they want to push is that black people are totally token hires only and are stupid and unqualified and the LGBTQ+ are the same but a must hire for the status of having them on your team. That is the totality of the mindset the right wing media is desperately trying to get their viewers to agree with and to be indoctrinated with. The right wing media is constantly pushing the idea that black people just are not smart, and gays get hired first because we are privileged. The true victims in the US are males, whites, and Christians not necessarily in that order.

          Yes I hope she is on her toes because they are coming at her with full knives to prove their point. Sadly the right wing media and their stooges like Peter Doocy and the Fox news media will use selective framing and editing to make her look as bad as possible. even if she is brilliant. Hugs

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