Homework at Christian Academy of Louisville: Persuade your friend to stop being gay


Is this indoctrination?   Compare this to the don’t say gay bills Republicans are pushing in public schools and the public school religious staff that push their religion on the kids despite the laws against it.   People need to understand this is a concentrated push to rewind the culture war on LGBTQ+ that the right lost and make the LGBTQ+ go away so they can pretend the right way to live and the way everyone does is heteronormative and in accordance with church doctrines.   I went to a private church boarding school.   Yes most were straight horny kids, but there was a bunch of gay kids, just very much in the closet.  We had to pretend we agreed with the anti-homo language to survive and graduate but for those raised in the church it ate deep into them.   It agonized them about the thing they were that their god despised along with everyone they knew and loved.   It is a horrible thing to try to pray away part of yourself and think you are going to hell because of something you cannot change.  I know, I lived it.  Thankfully for me it was only for only 2 years and it got me out of a worse hell.   I know boys raised in the faith who are gay who never got over it.  One boy was so terrified of being found out he was gay he wouldn’t even shower nude, he wore his underwear.  We had large communal shower rooms.  To me doing that to a kid, installing that much fear over a normal thing they are born with is child abuse.  Yet there are people still doing it to their kids and there are others doing everything they can to push us back to those days.   By the way the comments I found were very interesting as well.   Hugs

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A homework assignment given to several middle-schoolers at Christian Academy of Louisville encourages students to persuade an imaginary friend to reject homosexuality.

And parents, members of the LGBTQ community and others aren’t pleased.

The assignment, which was due Thursday, came to the light Friday, when JP Davis, a Kentucky-based business owner, posted screenshots of the assignment on social media.

CAL officials confirmed the assignment late Friday afternoon.

Davis told The Courier Journal he was shown the homework by a close friend with a child who attends CAL who was “visibly and understandably upset about the assignment.”

“Her kid is in the class that was given the assignment, and he and her are both uncomfortable with it,” Davis, owner of the JP Davis Partners consulting agency, said. “She doesn’t know how to handle it. … And her kid’s upset.”

Screenshots show the assignment required students to write a letter to a hypothetical friend “struggling with homosexuality” and persuade them “God’s design for them is good,” “homosexuality will not bring them satisfaction” and “you love them even though you don’t approve of their lifestyle.”

“Assume that you have known this friend since kindergarten, that you go to the same church and that you have been pretty good friends over the years until now,” the screenshot of the assignment read. “… The aim of your letter should be to lovingly and compassionately speak truth to the person you’re talking to in a way that does not approve of any sin. Instead, TRY TO PERSUADE THEM OF THE GOODNESS OF GOD’S DESIGN for them.”

In an email Friday afternoon, Christian Academy of Louisville School System Superintendent Darin Long said the assignment had been given to students in a middle school Bible elective class.

The homework was “part of a unit of study which discusses ‘What are humans and where is their identity?'” Long wrote, and “in context, was how a person could discuss homosexuality with a friend from a biblical perspective with compassion and love.”

“This hypothetical friend conversation was for our students to review the class discussions and their perspectives on the subject,” his statement said. “Moving forward, we will review this assignment to ensure there is clarity in its purpose and language.”

The Christian Academy School System is a private school system in the region with a Christianity-based curriculum. It has four campuses in Louisville and Southern Indiana. More than 3,000 children are in the school system.

Davis said the issue is personal to him. He spent the first 23 years of his life hiding his homosexuality, he said, before coming out as a gay man.

It took him a long time to gather the courage to go public, he said, and as he gets closer to 40, Davis said he doesn’t want the next generation to face the same struggles.

“The statistics speak for themselves on suicide among LGBTQ+ people, and these are seventh-graders that are being subjected to hate and division, and it’s not necessary,” Davis said. “I know it’s a Christian school, but that’s not my Christianity. That’s not my values. And that’s not what Jesus, if they want to make that argument, represented. Jesus didn’t go around asking people to judge and tell other people how they’re wrong and shame.”

A screenshot of a homework assigment given to a number of students at Christian Academy of Louisville. May 13, 2022
A screenshot of a homework assigment given to a number of students at Christian Academy of Louisville. May 13, 2022

A 2002 CAL graduate with ties to the school, Kylee Marcy told The Courier Journal she was also outraged when she heard about the assignment Friday morning through a social media post. She said she immediately reached out to other alumni, as well as parents who have kids at CAL.

She was angry, she said. But she wasn’t surprised.

“I would not call this out of character in any way,” she said. “But I was still really disappointed because I’ve been gone 20 years, and I would’ve hoped that in 20 years maybe they would have learned that love is the way to go, as opposed to the fire-and-brimstone hate. But it doesn’t seem like it to me.”

Marcy said the text and contents of the assignment indicate it was homework issued in the school’s Christian Worldview class. She questioned why CAL would focus an assignment targeting one sin — “if you do believe homosexuality is a sin, which I personally do not” – and called on the school to make some changes moving forward.

“I would like them to issue an apology and change the Christian Worldview class curriculum, and I would like that this specific teacher issue an apology to at least the parents and the students,” Marcy said.

In Long’s statement, he said CAL teaches content “with a biblical worldview” and said the school believes marriage should be between a man and a woman and that it also encourages tolerance.

“We believe that God created the marriage covenant to be between one man and one woman (Gen. 1:27, Gen. 2:24). We believe that sex is a good gift of God, to be celebrated within the confines of the marriage covenant, agreeing that all other sexual expressions go against God’s design. (1 Cor. 6:18, Gal. 5:19),” Long’s statement said.

“We believe that all individuals are created in the image of God, and therefore should be treated with compassion, respect, dignity and love at all times even in disagreement.”


Max_1 • an hour ago

Can I write one back telling them to stop being Christian?
Which one is innate, which one was groomed?

Doug105 • an hour ago


April Smith • an hour ago • edited

If I had a dollar for every time they used that term “gay lifestyle” I’d have enough money for my surgery.

Unbordered American • a few seconds ago

Dear Father O’Reilly,

It makes me uncomfortable when you make me touch your pee pee during confession. I specially don’t like the sticky mess that it causes. Could you please stop doing that? My teacher said it is wrong and that I should write you a letter.



FancyThat /$3 Bill Wordle • 5 minutes ago

This whole story sounds a little preposterous. Kentucky has schools? C’mon!

CB • 5 minutes ago

By the time I was in Middle School, I was clearly aware that I was gay. My first thought on reading this is what happens to the kid in this school who is struggling with all of this? It’s that particular brand of cruelty and manipulation that goes by the name christian.

Gigi • 9 minutes ago

Turn The Table: Public school assignment from atheist teacher requires students to write a letter to a hypothetical friend “struggling with Christianity” and persuade them “God isn’t real,” “fairy tale beliefs will not bring them satisfaction” and “you love them even though you don’t approve of their chosen religious lifestyle.”

Talibangelists would FREAK OUT!!!

Robert Conner • 11 minutes ago

“The school was one of ten private schools established in the wake of a court ordered busing to desegregate public school in Jefferson county in 1975. Farmer claimed that the school was not an escape from integration, but that busing “caused people to take a closer look at the school system.”


Houndentenor • 38 minutes ago

Because I’m so far removed from first coming out and from being in this kind of Christian environment, I laughed at this. I realize that for many it’s not funny, and I’ll address that in a minute. But these assholes actually think that we’re all sitting around waiting for them to come to our doors and tell us what they think about how we ought to live our lives. We aren’t. As the 70s song said, “You can’t even run your own life. I’ll be damned if you run mine!” So it’s just funny to me that they think this “letter” will contain something about how parts of society view homosexuality that an actual homosexual has never heard or thought about. I mean really. But that’s how those people think.

Of course this isn’t funny that young people are being taught that being a buttinsky isn’t going to get them smacked in the face (literally or figuratively) because it is. Of course they’ll just play martyr when that happens. But it’s what they deserve. It’s the same thing you’d deserve if you walked up to someone and commented on their weight or how they are dressed. That’s on you if you want to do shit like that. I don’t recommend it and when they smack you one, I’m going to cheer and by them a hot beverage of their choice.

Anyway, this just typical of how this crowd thinks. I wonder what sexual harassment that school is covering up at the moment while they worry that some people are off being gay somewhere. Yeah. Fucking pile of hypocrites, the lot of them.

Gustav2 Houndentenor • 33 minutes ago

young people are being taught that being a buttinsky

It is training for later in life so they will demand the public schools and public libraries must only contain the books they approve.

jeffg166 Houndentenor • 17 minutes ago

Christians and other religious cults have to recruit members to the cult because no one‘s born believing in a religious cult. They have to be recruited, indoctrinated and brainwashed into them, peferably from birth.

Ann Kah • an hour ago

Middle schoolers. Twelve-year-olds. What do you want to bet that factual sex education isn’t on their curriculum in a Christian school.

mythictom • an hour ago

Oh, and let’s pull this apart a bit!

Middle school is usuall 11-, 12-, maybe 13-yo kids.

In what academic world do they have the capacity to properly compkete zuch an asignment???

Unless they are GROOMED to say certain things. Which is the real assignment.

coram nobis RRebel • an hour ago

The premise is that you can talk someone out of being gay. Say the right words and abracadabra! No longer gay!

Also, the essay gets extra points if it cites Bible stuff, which means nasty stuff like Leviticus or Romans or Sodom and Gomorrah.

William coram nobis • 38 minutes ago

The school is saying that being gay is like smoking or drinking alcohol.

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