Martin County School District investigating alleged photo of students spelling out racial slur

The Martin County School District is investigating after a photo showing six middle school students spelling out a racial slur was posted on social media.

Tuesday afternoon, district officials confirmed the photo was authentic.


They said it was taken by students at Hidden Oaks Middle School in Palm City.

Each student in the photo is holding a letter spelling out a common racial slur aimed at the Black community.

Officials said the students made the letters in an art class.

“It’s disgusting,” said district spokesperson Jennifer Deshazo. “And it’s against everything that the Martin County School District stands for.”

Coincidentally, the school board was scheduled to hold its regular meeting Tuesday, just hours after the photo was posted.

Discussion of the photo was not on the agenda, but people still packed the room to voice their opinions to the board.

“It’s racism,” one woman said.

“I am appalled,” said another woman.

“What is happening is not OK,” said a third person stepping to the podium.

Outside the meeting, the president of the Martin County chapter of the NAACP expressed his concern.

“I was very heartbroken,” said Jimmy Smith.

Smith said he wanted people to know this is not just kids being kids.

He said it’s about so much more than just a photo.

“We all have made mistakes,” Smith said. “But when you get to that degree and that depth to come up with an idea like that, there’s something else going on.”

Many people at the board meeting took it even further, saying it’s just a small step from a photo to the racially motivated shooting that killed 10 people in Buffalo over the weekend.

“We better take this very, very seriously or we will have Buffalo blood here in Martin County,” said local attorney Marwan Porter.

District officials said there is no question the students in the photo will be punished.

They said the exact punishment would be determined by the outcome of their investigation.

Florida bill to shield people from feeling ‘discomfort’ over historic actions by their race, nationality or gender approved by Senate committee

A bill backed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis that would prohibit Florida’s public schools and private businesses from making people feel “discomfort” or “guilt” based on their race, sex or national origin received first approval Tuesday by the state’s Senate Education Committee.

The Republican-controlled committee approved the bill with six Republican senators in favor of the bill and three Democratic senators opposed to it.
Although the bill, named “Individual Freedom,” does not mention Critical Race Theory, the term is used in the attached bill analysis that was given to senators.
DeSantis also referred to CRT when he announced the proposed legislation at a media event in December, saying the proposed law would help keep CRT out of the schools and out of the workplace, calling it “state-sanctioned racism” that creates a “hostile work environment.”
Under Florida Department of Education rules that took effect last June, CRT cannot be taught in schools.
Critical Race Theory is a concept that seeks to understand and address inequality and racism in the US. The term also has become politicized and been attacked by its critics as a Marxist ideology that’s a threat to the American way of life.
The legislation would prohibit individuals from making people “feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race, color, sex, or national origin.”
It would also prohibit employers from providing training or instruction that “espouses, promotes, advances, inculcates, or compels” individuals to believe “that an individual bears responsibility for, or should be discriminated against or receive adverse treatment because of actions committed in the past by other members of the same race, color, sex or national origin.”
Instructors would be able to address topics of sexism, slavery, racial oppression, racial segregation, racial discrimination in an age-appropriate manner. However, the bill states that “classroom instruction and curriculum may not be used to indoctrinate or persuade students to a particular point of view inconsistent with the principles of this subsection or state academic standards.”
Democratic State Senator Shevrin Jones, the committee’s vice chair and its only Black member, told CNN by phone that the bill is an attempt to revise history and keep White people from feeling uncomfortable.
“This isn’t even a ban on Critical Race Theory, this is a ban on Black history,” he said. “They are talking about not wanting White people to feel uncomfortable? Let’s talk about being uncomfortable. My ancestors were uncomfortable when they were stripped away from their children.”
In a statement emailed to CNN, DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw said the governor’s position was that “discrimination based on race, color, sex, and national origin” had no place in Florida.
The bill “makes clear that no Floridian — student, worker, or anyone else — should be subjected to discriminatory content and rhetoric,” she wrote.
“Every Floridian deserves an equal shot at success, regardless of skin color. This means considering each person as an individual with unique attributes, experiences, and aspirations, rather than stereotyping them as a member of this or that identity group,” she said.
Pushaw added: “It is frankly disturbing that anyone would find these ideas controversial in the year 2022.”

6 thoughts on “Martin County School District investigating alleged photo of students spelling out racial slur

    1. Hello Jill. I agree. What I worry about more is what do their parents teach them at home that makes them think this was OK? The flood gates have been open with regards to these people thinking they can be out and open with their hate. They take pride in it. For a long time in the US this was being driven under the rocks, but tRump changed that breathing new life in these people. So they are openly pushing the envelope to see how far they can go by using their kids. The kids that posted the signs over the water fountains were not alive back then, so how did they know to do that? Someone gave them the idea that blacks shouldn’t get to use the same facilites that whites do. So it goes back to their parents. IMO. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly! As I said in my snarky snippets this afternoon, they weren’t born racist, they learned it somewhere — most likely from their parents. This incident, as it happens, is only one of many around the nation of late. Frankly, I think the students should be sent to reform school and the parents imprisoned for about 10 years. Yeah, yeah, I know … the punishment exceeds the crime. Or does it? Last weekend’s mass shooting in Buffalo … that young monster got his indoctrination into racism somewhere … most likely from his parents. And today, 10 people are dead because of it. Sigh. Hugs

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes, we have, Scottie! But our politicans had experiences this only since some years. But its an immanent problem, as Germany has never had real migration. Maybe you remember for Germany the so called Guest Workers, and the goal sending they back after Germany was rebuilt again. xx Michael

        Liked by 1 person

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