Far Right Pastor MELTS DOWN in unhinged tirade against Democrats

Warning.  This is the hate pastor that threated to kick the teeth in of a Dunkin Donut worker who asked him to wear a mask.   He is accused of violence against his ex-wife.  He is horribly bigoted anti-LGBTQ+ and even banded from several countries.  Be careful, but this is the type of preacher that is rising in the US.   I love the commentary of the hosts of the show.   Hugs

2 thoughts on “Far Right Pastor MELTS DOWN in unhinged tirade against Democrats

  1. Scottie, thank you for what you do. Respectfully, please stop calling these people “far right”. They are by no means the fringe of the party, their rhetoric may sound alarming to thoughtful, empathetic people, but they are saying the things that mainstream Republicans support – as evidenced by their voting.

    To use their own logic, just as they constantly said of Muslims after 9/11; “if these were really not the explicit goals of the religion, then they should speak out against the extremists”. The difference of course, is that the mainstream Muslims have no voice in American media, whereas every variation of political Christian dominates the media.

    This may be extremely scarey, but it is not fringe.

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    1. Hello Czippie l`Shimpe. You are correct. I have been thinking the same thing about the phrase alt right. It is the main part of the party now. In my defense I did not create the title for this one, just used the title of the YouTube post itself. I will in the future make sure to point out that these groups are not the fringe as you say, and they are the ones the party leaders appeal to. Hugs

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