Christian Influencer Condemns “Satanic” Yoga Barbie

No respect for other faiths or beliefs.   Only her Christian religion should be tolerated in her idea of a Christian nation.   That others have their own religion, or no religion doesn’t matter to her at all.   I cannot tell if these people are clueless or just don’t care about what other people feel.   Hugs

Christian “influencer” Yasmeen Suri writes on Facebook:

“Yoga Barbie” is at Target on the shelf. Satan always comes as appearing innocent. He will never come with horns and a pitchfork. This Barbie has 5 guided meditations.

Remember, Yoga IS Hinduism. You cannot separate the poses from the religion. Each pose is designed to invoke a hindu deity in the spirit realm.

I have seen children get possessed by demons. This Barbie also teaches you deep breathing(pranayama). Her pet is also involved. Satan is after the children.

He wants to use them and indoctrinate them for his glory. Then, when he is done, he will destroy them. As your kids grow, they will get rebellious, depressed and many will be suicidal.

You won’t understand what’s happening as a parent. God forbids all practices of eastern religion as a Christian. You must remove all toys and clean your children’s room of all demonic attachments. Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

The comments at Facebook are an utter riot. Suri’s post includes a link to buy her books and DVDs from her outfit, Praise From The Nations Int’l Ministries.

UiscePreston • 3 hours ago

This bitch has more plastic in her than ALL of Mattel®. Shut the fuck up.

Sarcastic Misanthropic Dov UiscePreston • 2 hours ago

Honey she is silicone from the knees up.

Ginger Snap Sarcastic Misanthropic Dov • an hour ago

I love how mainstream society has totally taken over drag queen makeup. I’m not one to knock people for wearing lots of makeup just my insight from the perspective of a former drag queen.

What, me worry? • 3 hours ago

I’m an atheist and have tried yoga, which is basically a series of stretching exercises. There’s nothing religious about it unless you make it so. I also meditate and have been for years. Again, nothing religious about it unless you make it religious. And so what if it was religious? I’m offended EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY as an atheist and a gay person by CHRISTIANS shoving their religion where it does not belong.

MartyP • 3 hours ago



Chris Baker weshlovrcm • an hour ago

Her look reads less “Christian” and more “Kardashian.” I could take the message a little more seriously if she looked like a frumpy Midwest housewife. (Not that I heard her message, I had to stop after the 6th time she said “I’m shook” in the first minute of the video).

2 thoughts on “Christian Influencer Condemns “Satanic” Yoga Barbie

    1. Hello Nan. We know there are these clueless people out there who feel entitled. What I wonder is what they were told / taught to make them think that way. Do they not understand there are other people that have rights also? At this point I think the only way to combat this ugliness is to combat what creates it. While these media people spout it, the ones I really worry about are the violent loud belligerent ones that will try to act on this garbage. Hugs


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