School Cop Brutalizes 12-YO Child Allegedly Causing A Traumatic Brain Injury

A school security officer lost his temper and choked out a 12-year-old girl, slamming her head to the ground, and kneeling on her neck for almost 30 seconds. The girl is now reportedly suffering from traumatic brain injuries since the incident while the office claims he blacked out during the incident and doesn’t remember it happening.

“The family of a 12-year-old who they say sustained a traumatic brain injury after she was restrained by a school security officer is suing the Kenosha police department and school district for damages. “On March 4, 2022, an adult man lost his temper and choked a child until she suffered a traumatic brain injury. Officer Shawn Guetschow violated Wisconsin criminal and civil law when he held his knee against the back of the neck of a twelve-year-old girl at Lincoln Middle School,” read documents shared with Insider by the family’s lawyer, Drew DeVinney. Guetschow is seen in a security video from the school cafeteria breaking up a fight between two students and then kneeling on the neck of a 12-year-old girl for nearly 25 seconds before handcuffing her and removing her from the room. “Officer Shawn Guetschow told investigating officers that he ‘blacked out’ and does not remember pulling Jane Doe to the floor, smashing her head into the hard tile surface, or getting on top of her and choking her with his knee,” the document shared with Insider added in a footnote.”

4 thoughts on “School Cop Brutalizes 12-YO Child Allegedly Causing A Traumatic Brain Injury

  1. It seems like I remember you sharing this incident right after it happened … and I wondered why the cops picked on just the one girl …?? Personally, I think the whole incident has holes in it — from both sides of the aisle.

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    1. Hello Nan. It is hard to see from the first video until they get to the still frame the girl slammed to the floor has darker skin. In the still frame notice the white officer’s hand next to the exposed skin of the 12 year old’s waist. She is of black or brown heritage. The other girl was white. What threw me off at first was the girl that was thrown to the floor seems to have silver / blonde hair, but when they are walking her away you can clearly see that is the hood of the sweatshirt she is wearing.

      I was skeptical that the short time the guy kneeled on the girl’s neck could cause all the damage that is claimed. But then I remembered it is not just the 28 seconds of slowed or stopped blood flow that can affect the brain but also it can compress the artery which will continue to restrict blood flow long after the knee is removed. The real point is the guy was a police officer who worked for a police department who had banned that practice, the very thing he did. That alone is going to be used to award the family money.

      I watched the actions of different people in the video. The adult woman who rushed over and took control of the white girl while the man slammed the black girl to the ground and knelt on her, still struggled the entire film with the white girl. She was going to get that black girl and she pushed, pulled, and fought to get around the adult white woman. But she was not thrown to the ground nor harmed. While some students seemed excited by the fight I noticed in the upper right hand screen one student is filming the actions (that must be where the still image comes from) and that student keeps backing up until they are out of the frame. What I do not understand is the clear editing cut at 1:02 in the clip. I want to know if the school did that, the lawyers did that, or TYT did that because it clearly cut out some of the actions. But yes I agree we do need more information / answers. Hugs

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. The US has a militarized police with the attitude of an occupying army feeling they must be obeyed instantly with complete submission. The police departments are taught by racist rabid right wing that use to be called extreme but now are the base of the party. Those police are glorified gang members and former school bullies, who now get to legally abuse people. I am tired of it, and I would think good police are tired of it also. There are good police but if they turn their head from the abuse of the bad cops they are just as bad as the abusers. IMO. I know good police and I knew corrupt cops I cut out of my life. Hugs


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