Furious NBA coach gives MUST-SEE response to shooting, STORMS OFF

He says 50 Senators more interested in holding on to their own power than they care about our children won’t even allow a vote on the background legislation (HR8 that 90% of US public wants approved) that has been sitting there for two years from the House.   Republicans have shown they can pass bills outlawing LGBTQ+ books and what they think is CRT when they want.   They could pass this if they wanted to save the kids.   Hugs

2 thoughts on “Furious NBA coach gives MUST-SEE response to shooting, STORMS OFF

    1. Hello Keith. I agree he is. He also is as angry as most of us are. But the problem we face is the money of the gun makers that are buying the elected officials to ensure they are preventing anything from being done to help.

      Here is what I don’t understand. Has the public lost so much control over the government that what 90% of the population want can so easily be dismissed and ignored? If so, do we still have a democracy? Are we a captive population under the control of entrenched politicians that cannot be dislodged? Are we already Russia as the Republicans and the wealthy / large corporations / religious theocrats want to make us? I think it is time for the people in the US to realize what the elected Republicans and their media arms want as they support Russia / Putin. To make us just like Russia, a hyper conservative authoritarian country that is socially conservative led by a Christian church and run by oligarchs taking all the money from the people to enrich themselves with the public having no power. Are we that country yet? Thanks Keith. Hugs


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