Ted Cruz humiliates himself with STUNNING “solution” to Texas shooting

5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz humiliates himself with STUNNING “solution” to Texas shooting

    1. Hello Nan. The very secure doors schools installed worked against the police getting to the shooter this time. Looking at the death toll this will not be the last time a mass shooter is going to get into a classroom and lock the door so the kids cannot get out. I should point out this 18 year old shooter went after 10 year olds, not high school kids that were his same size. But one thing that drives these shooters is the number that gets put after their name. So now every mass shooter will realize to increase the number get between the exit and the victims. So Republicans want to help by making the entry / exit points to only one spot. Idiots, create a choke point for the shooters to use. Hugs


      1. Speaking of the door to the classroom … WHY did they wait for a “staff member” to come and open the door??? The fact that there was a person in the classroom –who had already shot at a security office with an AR-15 (!)– should have told them to shoot the damn door handle off and enter the classroom!!

        I realize there are all sorts of extenuating factors that were in play … and people in stress situations don’t always think straight … but geez! IMO, this one action would have been a no-brainer.

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        1. Hello Nan. I am hearing a lot of ass covering from the police. The truth is what Beau said, the cops needed to press the shooter to keep his focus on them. Bang on the door, bust in the door, yell at him, anything to keep him from turning on those kids. He had nearly an hour to pick them off. I have heard at one press conference the person talking said the police ” …then busted down the door”, and I have heard other stories. The truth is we have seen cops blow the doors off the homes of black people who committed no crime, I have posted it. We have seen cops break down doors doing no knock warrants. Yet here the fact was the police did not enter because they were afraid of being shot, they did not want to die. Yet one off duty cop did go in with a friend and got a bunch of kids out. A parent I posted about got out of cuffs and ran in and got her kids out.

          People need to understand that there was a school full of other kids the police could have been getting out, but they stood around making a military plan (the press conference was full of tactical words like formed a stack to move in) that would protect themselves. They acted like it was a video game.

          Remember that store where the cops went in to get a suspect and the one young cop kept trying to be the lead, wanted to be the front guy acting like it was a video game and as soon as he rounded a corner and seen the guy he unloaded his firearm on him. To him it was a video game, and an unarmed person died. But the cop felt really cool.

          Sorry Nan, I am so angry over the way all this is going down. The police in that area had four different agencies involved and they are all scrambling to cover their ass. So much for the good guy with a gun idea. The right never lets the facts get in the way of their narrative. Hugs

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          1. Yet here the fact was the police did not enter because they were afraid of being shot, they did not want to die. — NOBODY wants to die!!! But this is the job they signed up for! And because of THEIR fear of dying — a roomful of CHILDREN died in their place.

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