Republican Monsters Value Guns MORE Than Protecting Children’s Lives

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick made an appearance on Fox News advocating for all schools to have only one entrance and exit, in addition to the armed guards and teachers and metal detectors. Not only is this an incredibly unsafe environment to learn in, but it is also a fire hazard, only encourages more gun ownership, and plays into the right wing’s strategy of dismantling public schools.

Read more HERE:… “Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick on “hardening” schools: “There should be one entrance in and one entrance out in all of our elementary and all of our middle schools. They’re small enough to do that. There should be only one way in, and that should be a well protected entrance.””

16 thoughts on “Republican Monsters Value Guns MORE Than Protecting Children’s Lives

  1. I didn’t watch the video, but based on the “quote” — There should be only one way in, and that should be a well protected entrance. — I have to ask. What does “well-protected” mean? An armed person always at the entrance? And then what happens when the gunman shoots this person and manages to bypass whatever “protection” has been established at the entrance?

    These guys are so brainwashed into believing GUNS are not the problem that they have lost their ability to THINK!

    You don’t find ways to prevent a problem … you eliminate the problem.

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  2. And this hardening schools is a vicious circle, as is their “mental health” strawman (I do believe a person who can kill or try to kill someone else is ill, but that’s beside the point.) Republicans are the ones who cut health and mental health service funds and facilities to states-recall Reagan’s “community health centers?” They also are who’ve been (not) funding education, so them calling for better mental health care and hardened schools is rich. Buttheads. Why, I bet an audit of the federal dollars TX received for building public school security will show those dollars went somewhere for something, but not for schools. At least not Uvalde’s school.

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    1. Hello Ali. Great points. What it comes down to is making the US schools a prison to send the kids to for 8 to 10 hours not for education, but so their parents can go to work to make profit for businesses. The kids will suffer in a stifling environment so the one problem that can be ignored is the love of easy access of guns in the US. And why is that easy access fought for and pushed, because it makes the gun industry a lot of profit. Thats the ask why three times answer. In the US it comes down to profit. People’s health doesn’t matter. Scared to go out in public, buy another gun to give the gun industry more profit because the politicians know we have to go out no matter how bad it is, we need supplies. We have to go to work. Kids have to go to school. But it doesn’t matter if some die. The profit must continue. We don’t have healthcare because it cuts into profits. We don’t have decent safety nets because it cuts into profits, we don’t have food or housing security in the US because it cuts into profit. The politicians and greedy wealthy owners of stock and companies don’t care because they know they won’t be shot, their kids won’t be shot, they won’t ever be hungry, homeless, in need. So they are humans in their minds, we are not, we are just to make them profit and disappear when we cannot function to make that profit anymore. And yes I am angry. Vote blue and vote progressives. Hugs

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        1. Hello Nan. OK I will. I had to take a couple days off. I felt the despair coming on Friday night. Saturday morning it was getting really bad, everything was the shot children, the news shows were putting the parents on to show their grief. That is horribly wrong, that is grief porn. Don’t get me wrong, the parents are torn up, they are grieving, it is normal and natural and they need to talk. I would listen to them. But the news people act like it is a cry on command show, asking parents so your kid was shot to hell and lost their face and how does that make you feel, or CNN so you found out your daughter was dead by a blood smeared classmate, how do you feel about that. WTF. Let these people grieve, don’t make them spectacles.

          Sorry I just got too upset, started having emotional troubles, went to bad places in my head so I closed it down. I watched 4 wheeling stuff, watched quiz shows, watched comedy specials. Anything to stay away from the news. I tired to answer comments, but it kept bringing my mind to the bad spots, so I stopped even trying that.

          I get so angry that it happens again, and again, and again, and yet the money a politician gets from gun profits is worth more than the lives of kids, your child, you, everyone and anyone.

          I just realized it is the same with abortion. These people do not see the woman as person with hopes, dreams, desires, wants, wishes, everything. Instead they see the potential baby without those things and just put the idea they have it also because they want it to. They don’t see the worth of the
          dead kids or dead adults over the worth of the money that keeps their position. Their priority is keeping their position, that is done by taking the money, and they get the money to allow kids and adults to die. From guns, lack of food, lack of housing, bad environment … just anything that makes someone profit because money is what keeps them in power, so money is worth more than people. Hugs


          1. I’m so sorry things hit you … but I’m glad you were able to walk away for awhile and simply “chill.”

            I agree about the reporters. I started to watch one yesterday and the guy just kept asking questions and kept asking questions. The individual had expressed their grief but the guy wouldn’t let it go. I dunno. Maybe there’s more in play here than we realize. Maybe the affected person needs to talk and the reporter senses these “subtle” clues. In any case, there’s absolutely NO DOUBT these incidents are played for all their worth. And that’s sad.

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            1. Hello Nan. Yes I had no choice but to walk away. It took longer than I thought to get my head back to a safe space. I was getting into very bad and for me dangerous territory.

              I have heard the term tragedy porn in connection to this type of reporting. The more tragedy they can get the person they are interviewing to express the more likes or clicks they get. But for decent people the rubbing salt into the wound over and over is too much torture to do to someone who just lost a loved one. At least it is for me. Hugs

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          2. Hi Scottie;
            I think anyone who could read of this event and not have problems needs help. There are some real differences between reactions: Some hear of the horrors and cry for the families, the children’s terrible experience and even final moments. Others cry for the idea that they may lose their guns.
            A sane person hears of the pain and such of others and hurts for them in sympathy. The other is ….?

            I send hugs my brother. I hurt with you and rail at the injustice of it all, wondering when enough will ever be enough. I feel helpless to change something so evident of wrong and despair that this psychosis of gun love will go on and on.

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            1. Hello Randy. My brother, I think you have said it perfectly again. I hurt for the kids, I hurt for the parents, and the constant prompting of the news reporters of trying to make the parents hurt more so the viewers could see them break down … that broke me. It was the Anderson Cooper interview where he kept asking the man who was helping the escaping children, one of whom he was helping was covered in blood. When he asked where she was hurt she said she had wiped the blood of her dead classmate over herself to pretend to be shot also. The girl gave the name of the dead classmate. Yes it was the man’s daughter. Every step of the story Cooper prodded and poked, leading the man to the point where Cooper triumphantly “And that is when you learned your own daughter was dead, correct”. The man lost it, he couldn’t talk, he couldn’t get his composure and the damn camera never cut away, it drank it all in, all the suffer and the shattering of that man’s being. Cooper kept asking questions, never suggesting they give the man a moment to grieve and get himself together. Pour more salt and rub it in for the best sobs. I lost it. After that I just couldn’t face it for about five days. Talking with you helped a lot. But what has happened in this country that we as a society get something out of the pain of others? What happened to taking the man off camera and hugging him, giving him what dignity possible. Damn it, I am still upset because it is everything wrong with us as a people. Thanks for being there for me when I needed you, as you always are. You are a grand brother. Hugs

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