Soulless Ted Cruz Runs Away In Fear From The Truth About Gun Violence

Texas Senator Ted Cuz refused to ask reporters tough questions about gun violence in the country, calling them “propagandists” for suggesting mass shootings are a problem in the U.S. Cruz is set to speak at an NRA convention in Houston this weekend and has been bankrolled by the lobbying group for years, raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes since.

Read more HERE:… “Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) abruptly walked off from a British journalist’s questions about gun violence in America two days after an elementary school massacre in his state left 19 children and two adults dead. Cruz, who is due to appear at a National Rifle Association convention this weekend, became incensed when pressed on gun laws and why mass shootings “only happen in America.” Cruz was attending a vigil for the victims of the Robb Elementary School shooting when he was grilled by Sky News reporter Mark Stone about overhauling gun laws in the U.S. The senator began by dismissing calls for reform by saying “It’s easy to go to politics.” He added: “The proposals the Democrats have? None of them would have stopped this.” (Cruz had earlier called to “harden schools” by fitting in new bulletproof glass and only having “one door into and out of the school” during a Fox News interview.) But when Stone asked why there was an “American exceptionalism” when it comes to mass shootings, Cruz decided to wrap things up in a hurry. “I’m sorry you think American exceptionalism is awful,” he said, patting the reporter on the chest, adding: “You know what? You’ve got your political agenda, God love you,” before walking away from the TV crew.”

3 thoughts on “Soulless Ted Cruz Runs Away In Fear From The Truth About Gun Violence

  1. Of course! The ideal solution is to “harden schools” by fitting in new bulletproof glass and only having “one door into and out of the school.” Now why in the world didn’t other people think of this?? Gosh. Cruz needs to be recognized the world over for his innovative thinking! 😣

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    1. Hello Nan. One off duty policeman did not ask for permission, he and a friend simply went to they school and broke a window, went in and started getting kids out. There were a lot of other kids in that school. If you couldn’t break the window, they couldn’t have done that. What about fire or other reason to flee the school quickly?

      Ted Cruz is like every other politician that takes money from the gun lobby, deflect all talk from guns. Period. Change the narrative, don’t let the idea get started that restrictions on guns would save lives. Cruz claimed that nothing the Democrats proposed would have stopped this, but he never said what was proposed or why it wouldn’t work.

      The right wing / gun lobby has a simple strategy, simply state a talking point with confidence as if it was written in stone and everyone knew it no matter how wrong it is, to deflect from the real causes and possible solutions which is gun restrictions. AR-15 weapons are near military grade guns, why are 18 year old kids who cannot buy beer are allowed to by these weapons to kill people? Hugs

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