Herschel Walker Compares Himself To Jesus, Who Also Has Multiple Personalities: “Father, Son, And Holy Spirit”

“I tell them all the time. I say, dude, I tell them. Do our lord Jesus Christ have a mental illness because he said he’s the father, the son and the Holy Spirit?

“To me, those are three different personalities. So we’re not so much different than he is.

“But what we gotta do is quit putting others down and try building them up.” – Trump-backed Republican US Senate nominee Herschel Walker, in a newly unearthed video.

In his 2008 memoir, Breaking Free, Walker disclosed that he suffers from multiple personality disorder.


13 thoughts on “Herschel Walker Compares Himself To Jesus, Who Also Has Multiple Personalities: “Father, Son, And Holy Spirit”

  1. If it isn’t already, it should be illegal to take advantage of a person in Walker’s condition. If he has caretakers, they’re negligent, or they are along for the paid ride.

    Warnock shouldn’t take advantage of him either. The God thing, though, is another problem. Every thug making threats against public servants invoke the word God. The only plank in the Republican policy platform is that everyone seeking to serve the Republic must be a Christian. They seem to have worked this out with visits to Russia, Hungry, and Turkey. The GOP and Christian Nationalists Evangelicals have reduced the religion to the point that everyone can make their own characterizations as to dogma, and nobody is wrong. Saying Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Ghost) is like saying fuck, fuck, and fuck. A word that when I was a youth, would at least bring a blush, but today is just common.

    It doesn’t mean that society has lowered its standards, but that deists, by their own conduct, have destroyed what credibility they ever had.

    “Man is the religious animal. He is the only animal that has the true religion __ several of them. He is the only animal who loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight. He has made a graveyard of the globe in trying his honest best to Smooth his brother’s path to happiness and heaven. ”
    Mark Twain

    The GOP has no policy for governing. They will use Walker in the same way they used Trump. I wonder who gave his name to Trump?

    If someone gave Trump the name Paul of Macedonia, he would endorse him without a question.

    Christianity is destroying itself and democracy in the process.

    Hugs, in the name of Scottie.

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    1. Hello Columbus Goss. I agree with you except I think it is not taking advantage of Walker by Warnock to point Walkers issues and short comings. I also think Warnock trouncing him in a debate if Walker will have one is important to show their respective mental abilities. So far Walker has refused to debate any of his primary opponents instead preferring to do one on one shows with very friendly hosts. Here is the thing about the religious angle that confuses me. Warnock is a Reverend. Walker talks constantly about faith and religious talking points, yet he clearly doesn’t walk the talk where Warnock clearly does. So if these voters think religion is important, why wouldn’t they go with the person who walks the talk of his faith which is the Democrat. Hugs

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      1. You didn’t ask me, Scottie, but I have a reply. 😉

        Talk is what keeps them going … after all, consider what takes place at their routine Sunday visit. Moreover, their good book tells them … “He who has ears, let him hear.” (Matthew 11:15) IOW, living the faith is far less persuasive than HEARING about it.

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        1. Hello Roger. McConnell clearly said on the Senate floor that when he slammed the SCOTUS hard to the right with his bullshit with holding Obama from getting his nomination and then one week before an election slamming Barrett on the court that control of congress could change but the Democrats couldn’t undo what he did to the court and their rabid right rulings. McConnell is a well known complete racist who did not like the equality gains by blacks, women, and other groups. But as long as the courts rule on ideology instead of law they can keep the ruling from changing. Even though the ruling says the people should decide via their elected officials if the federal congress passed a bill that was signed into law giving women back the right of abortion this SCOTUS would simply claim it is unconstitutional. Because this was not a legal ruling based on the constitution or laws but driven entirely by the Catholic dictates of the court’s religious majority. This was a religious opinion and you can tell by what Alito based it on, going back to the 1600’s to quote a Catholic church lawyer who also wrote that married men had a right to rape their wife. Tells you how Alito and the rest feel about women. Hugs

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          1. Their prejudices and unjustifiable narrow thinking is obvious for all to see. They had even dropped the facade of being concerned about ‘constitutional rights’ and ‘freedom’.
            They will be consumed in the fire they started. For they will lose control. The construct of The USA does not lend itself to authoritarianism. There has always been a brittleness within its structure. People of vision and realpolitik navigated this; true, this was accomplished with a share of injustices and inequalities, the system held though. These small folk of no perception of reality or dedication to a Nation will, if left to their own devices, bring the system down; they will fall with it.

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            1. Hello Roger. I am listening to a lawyer talk about the gun rights ruling stopping states / the federal government from implementing gun control regulations. Thomas went back to the middle ages and tried to compare today’s guns to knives worn by all the people and just so many other crazy things. The current justices are no longer even pretending it is based on US laws or the US constitution trying to build their cases in what was allowed in old time laws before the US even existed. just now the news says that the SCOTUS just over turned the separation of church and state laws that lets teachers / schools have forced prayers by ruling a coach can force his players to join him in a public display of worship for the Christian god. These assholes are on a mission to return their god to the center of public life and the entire country back to the times they think their god loves. I am sick to my heart because it will take 30 to 50 years to overturn these religious laws if they ever can be. Hugs

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              1. Their hypocrisy is in plain sight. Talking about the right to carry weapons of death, while potentially curtailing the right of women to travel, apparently in the defence of unborn children. These children once they are born, it’s a case of ‘You’re on your own kiddo’
                Historically, going back into European Middle Ages it would have been easier to gain access to abortion.
                The Taliban would approve.

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