About The Hearings

Thank you for a grand point by point breakdown and sharing this information, and as always the comments are right on the mark. Well worth sharing as widely as possible. Hugs

Mock Paper Scissors

Armed and Dangerous!

Trump knowingly rallied an armed, violent crowd and sent them to attack the Capitol as Congress certified the electoral votes that would remove him from office and replace him with Joe Biden. Game, set, and match.

Trump knew they were armed, he demanded that the Secret Service take away the magnetometers (metal detectors) from the entrances to his speech because his mob couldn’t get in unless they disarmed. “I don’t care if they have weapons, they aren’t here to hurt me. Take the effing mags away… Let them in. Let my people in. They can march to the Capitol after the rally is over.” He wanted the optics of a packed rally and was upset that the crowd wouldn’t look big.

Pat Cippollone told her to limit Trump’s movements: “We’re going to get charged with every crime imaginable if we go up to the Capitol.” – this…

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4 thoughts on “About The Hearings

  1. He evidentially learned one thing at the military academy that he was sent to, leaders don’t lead their troops at the front into battle.

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    1. Hello muttpupdad. tRump’s cowardice is second only to his ego. He did want to go to the Capital with his security and surrounded by this gang thugs to have them break in to clear the way for him to ceremoniously take over the House of Representatives and not only stop the counting of the votes but declare himself president again. That really is what it seems he wanted, his brown shirt style thugs to chase out the Democrats and non-supporting republicans, hopefully get Pence for him, and that way he could waltz in and play the king restoring order. That is why he was desperate to get to the Capital. IMO. Hugs


    1. Hello Tengrain. Anytime. One of the reasons I went back to WordPress was for that reblog button. I find so many well written and informative posts that say things far better than I ever could, and I enjoy reblogging them so other people can enjoy them also. Best Wishes and Hugs


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