Archbishop: COVID Is Fake, It’s Time For A Revolution

People wonder why so many religious people were so willingly misinformed.   Now we have a good idea why.   The stupidity is a the highest levels of these religions.  There was a time when the Catholic church was proud of their scientific knowledge.  That time seems to have passes.  Hugs

Far-right Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has done an interview with Steve Bannon’s War Room website and it’s a doozy. An excerpt:

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is nothing but a seasonal flu that could have been cured with existing treatments and effective prevention based on strengthening immune defenses. The prohibition of treatment, the discrediting of the effectiveness of drugs that have been in use for decades and the imposition of an experimental gene treatment that has been demonstrated not only to be ineffective but also harmful and often fatal – all this confirms for us that the pandemic has been planned and managed with the purpose of creating the greatest damage possible.

This is a fact that has been established and confirmed by the official data, despite the systematic falsification of that same data. In short, we are governed by a high command of usurers and speculators, from Bill Gates who invests in large farms right on the eve of the food emergency or in vaccines just before the outbreak of the pandemic, to George Soros, who speculates on the fluctuations of currencies and government bonds and along with Hunter Biden finances a bio-laboratory in Ukraine.

Disobedience sins by falling short, not wanting to submit to a good order of a legitimate authority; servility on the other hand sins by excess, submitting to unfair orders or orders given by an illegitimate authority. The good citizen should know how to disobey civil authority, and the good Catholic how to do the same with ecclesiastical authority, disobeying whenever the authority demands obedience to an iniquitous order.

Vigano goes on to attack the usual far-right targets such as the World Economic Forum, NATO, the Davos Forum, the European Union, etc.

He also approvingly cites the racist “Great Reset” claim about immigrants diluting the populations of white-majority countries.

Vigano last appeared on JMG when he denounced the West for opposing Putin’s attack on the “Nazis” in Ukraine.

In May 2021, he appeared here when he claimed that COVID vaccines are designed to “contact-trace” humans with a “quantum link of pulsed frequencies.”

Before that, we heard from him when he accused the Vatican of being in the clutches of a “gay lobby” that seeks to create a “global dictatorship” within the church.

Vigano, you may recall, was shitcanned as Vatican envoy to the United States in 2016 after he sprung anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis on Pope Francis for a photo op during a visit to Washington DC.

Vigano and the Liberty Counsel, who helped engineer the stunt, laughably claimed that the Pope had requested an audience with Davis.

His Wikipedia entry goes on for several thousand words about his long history of batshittery.


Sister_Bertrille • a day ago • edited

When I want medical information, I go right to a religion that treats mental illness and epilepsy with exorcisms.

Call me Ishmael Sister_Bertrille • a day ago

No one ever got into an ambulance and said, “Take me to church!”.

zhera • a day ago

But he’s still an arch-bishop. What does it take to get the boot from the Vatican? Stealing from the church?

Joe in NM • a day ago

This is a fact that has been established and confirmed by the official data


They ALWAYS say shit like this. So authoritative. Can’t back it up, but it sounds good to the rubes.

9 thoughts on “Archbishop: COVID Is Fake, It’s Time For A Revolution

    1. Hello Keith. Not you or I, or other people that put science above faith, but to many people everything this guy says is gospel. If this guy said the moon is a hologram projected by the light of god they would believe it or at least say it is true. And that is what is so frustrating. I don’t know if you followed the discussion but a week or so ago an anti-vaccine right wing Covid denier started arguing right wing talking points with me. It quickly became clear he trusted right wing YouTube hosts more than any scientist, the government, or other source. And those opinion hosts were just hard rabid right people. So I talked and talked and talked and I got them to agree sometimes but in the end I think they really thought I must be lying. That is the same with people believing this Archbishop over everything else. Hugs

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  1. Speaking of this “fake” disease, both my other-half and me are “faking” the symptoms at this very moment. We keep trying to wish them away without success.

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      1. It hit him harder than me but he’s slowly but surely improving. One thing we’re both noticing is how much it takes out of you. No wonder the unvaxxed suffer so badly.

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        1. Hello Nan. That is what I have heard from everyone that has had it even if they are vaccinated. What is scary is the news released about the new variant going around. From what I have understood is people have not been getting the same strain of Covid they had the last time, but the variant seems to be able to reinfect those that have it. Seems in the war between viruses and hosts the viruses have seriously up their game. I am very glad you are both doing better and improving. Best wishes. Hugs

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          1. I’ve been doing considerable reading on re-infection and yes, the Omicron variant is the big culprit now. I’m also read that a person can get re-infected 2 … 3… 4 times. Not encouraging. This virus is definitely not one to be trifled with! And for all intents and purposes, it does not appear it will be fading into the sunset anytime soon. Stay safe!!

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