Pizza Delivery Man Rescues 5 Kids From Burning Home

A pizza delivery man in Lafayette, Indiana, Nicholas Bostic, performed an incredible act of heroic selflessness when he was getting gas for his shift and noticed a house engulfed in flames, after which he bolted to the residence, covered his face from smoke inhalation, and saved five children from what would have been certain death. Cenk Uygur and Jessica Burbank discuss on The Young Turks.

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“When emergency workers responded to a call about a fire in Lafayette, Ind., last week, they witnessed a house engulfed in flames and a man leaping out of a window with a child in his arms.

The man was later identified as Nicholas Bostic, 25, a local pizza delivery man who is now being hailed as a hero for rescuing two children and three teenagers from the burning house.

Bostic was seriously injured during the rescue and had to be flown to nearby Indianapolis for treatment of severe smoke inhalation and a large gash on his right arm, according to a press release from the Lafayette Police Department.

A few days after his ordeal, Bostic had recovered enough to recount his story to police.”

3 thoughts on “Pizza Delivery Man Rescues 5 Kids From Burning Home

    1. Hello Ali. I think we all are. This is one of those good people that Jill posts about every week. If you don’t know of her blog let me know. This is a person who simply did not think of himself, but he was thinking of the children. A hero in all respects. I hope that someone steps up to pay his medical bills because in the US he has to pay that expense himself to save all those kids. We are a backwards country. And slipping more into disfunction all the time. Hugs

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