GOP Maryland AG Nominee: 9/11 Was An “Inside Job”

This is what the republican party is now.   Conspiracy nuts, Qanon followers, religious fanatics, white supremacist racist bigots, and maga cult members.   These used to be fringe candidates if they were not simply ignored outright.   Now they are supported, funded, and put on ballots.    And in a lot of places they are winning.    Scary that if elected these people will be making our laws.   Hugs

CNN reports:

The Republican Party’s nominee for Maryland attorney general hosted a series of five radio shows in 2006 devoted to arguing in support of 9/11 conspiracy theories questioning if the terror attack was the work of an “elite bureaucrat” who had demolition charges in every building in New York City.

Michael Peroutka, a candidate best known for his ties to neo-Confederate organizations, made the remarks on The American View, a radio show he co-hosted, in October 2006 while discussing the fifth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack, even suggesting if those who died after a hijacked plane hit the Pentagon were killed elsewhere.

Read the full article.

In the above-linked piece, you can hear audio of Peroutka claiming, “You can’t have an explosion in the basement that’s done by the hijacker on the airplane,” which, he claims, proves that the attack was an “inside job.”

Peroutka, a former board member of the neo-Confederate League of the South, has appeared a JMG over a dozen times in the last decade for anti-gay and racist stunts, most recently when he headlined a rally for anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis.

The League of the South is best known for burning the Israeli flag, making Hitler salutes, and calling the Holocaust the “Holohoax.”

You may also recall that the League Of The South recently celebrated the 150th anniversary of the assassination of “tyrant” Abraham Lincoln and provided the signage for anti-gay rallies in Alabama.

Peroutka was the largest financial backer of now-former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore’s successful campaign to be returned to the bench.


Ščŏŧŧ Ċ – 🇺🇦 🕊 • 43 minutes ago

The Republican party has become the party of drunk Uncle Ernie, who doesn’t get invited to family reunions anymore, because he scares the kids and breaks things.

zhera • 38 minutes ago

I’m surprised he didn’t say that it was a Jewish conspiracy. Why did he hold back?

The one I’ve heard is that all the Jewish people working in the towers had ‘called in sick’ that day. Ridiculous and enraging, but people do believe this.

clay zhera • 4 minutes ago

I’m guessing he thought “bureaucrat” was enough of a dog whistle.

Dave B • 41 minutes ago

Is a person required to be insane to run on the Republican ticket?

Ore Carmi Dave B • 32 minutes ago

I mean, when you consider that they already need to be heartless, hypocritical, gaslighting sadists, it’s really not asking for much more!

Bob’s Your Uncle – BYU • 35 minutes ago

Michael Peroutka, a candidate best known for his ties to neo-Confederate organizations

He sounds like a QAnon. There’s very little daylight between their beliefs and the beliefs of today’s Nazis and neo-Confederates. Frankly it’s a white supremacist spectrum that encompasses a lot of people in this country. The ability to attract new believers among uneducated whites is becoming greater and greater due to the Internet and disinformation spread by organized secret societies.

Dark Qiviut • 43 minutes ago

9/11 trutherism has no basis of reality whatsoever. Michael Peroutka is living in la-la land by believing this trash.

DreadPikathulhu • an hour ago

We have a collapsing system where the worst among us are awarded with riches, which just accelerates our downward spiral.

9 thoughts on “GOP Maryland AG Nominee: 9/11 Was An “Inside Job”

  1. Not 9/11 again.
    In the name of Humanity.
    Well if it was an ‘inside’ job that means it happened on a ‘Republican Watch’ which means those folk are still out there in the ‘Republican Party’, which makes it a terrorist organisation and folk from Trump downwards need to be packed off to Guantanamo, or to third party contractors like Polish Military Intelligence.
    It’s the same logic as this crew are using.

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    1. Hello Roger. I can understand conspiracies about things vaguely understood. But I totally am lost when someone believes a made up tale about something well researched and understood. There is nothing about 9/11 that is not known and understood. The only reason to not accept what is documented is a desire to be deliberately ignorant and wrong. Why would someone want to be willfully wrong? I just don’t understand. Hugs

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      1. Yeah. It takes some swallowing Scottie.
        The now passed on Vincent Bugliosi in his book ‘Reclaiming History’ in which he takes to task and disproves the JFK conspiracy theory warns at the end that the popularisation of such is destroying faith in the structure of government and will leads to popularists achieving power- this book was written in 2007.
        The as with JFK, the 9/11 conspiracies had their roots in branches of radical left-of centre, anti-war movements which go back into the 1950s. In Europe these had a layer of what was effectively racist anti-Americanism.
        The idea being that such an event could only have been conducted by The State was a standard trope of parts of the radical movement in this case the size and the audacity of the action fed into their views. It also served as a mirror image comfort for folk scared at the idea that just a bunch of guys with knives and cell phones could outsmart the ranks of the security services. (Whereas this was a classic terrorist action, such as the sort the IRA and INLA had been inflicting on the UK).
        Of course this was a great opportunity for heck writers and snake oil merchants to write volumes for the credulous to buy.
        Another facet is that there are folk who always like to appear that ‘they know better than the rest’ – they use the term ‘sheeple’ for non-believers.
        This frenetic and fevered mix slipped over into The Right and you know the rest.
        Thus the Radical Left of the USA have played their part in the Rise of Trump and 6th January 2021.

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        1. Hello Roger. I am a bit confused. You mentioned the left played a part in this. I was born in 1964. So most of the Vietnam stuff passed me by without me understanding or noticing. What conspiracies were there with the war? I know the US did some nasty shit that was hidden and came out later but that is not a conspiracy. It is hard for me to understand the left being involved in conspiracy bull as it has always been a right wing thing. Well other than UFOs which seem to hit all political groups. Hugs

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          1. I was born in 1951 and for our generation it was the Left who were the ones who saw conspiracies on every corner.
            The only ones which came from The Right, were from the few Nazis and the fellow-travellers; most folk not giving them a second thought.
            Going back to The Left and another irony, it was a general article of faith that all bad things were done by the West (The USA in particular) and it was never the USSR or China.
            During the Tet Offensive era of the Vietnam War and the massacres at the city of Hue came to light anti-war folk would not accept for years that this was conducted by the Communist forces but had to have been the CIA and US Army to discredit them.
            It is a fact that a highly driven movement will believe anything as long as it suits its agenda. Objectivity is essential in trying to make sense of the World.
            (And sadly a world-weary sort too)


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