17 thoughts on “SLATE: The Mar-a-Lago Raid Has Led to a Full-On GOP Meltdown

    1. Hello Jeff. The reason for the raid is that trump had secret government documents that the current government were afraid wouldn’t be staying safe or secret any longer. But the maga(t)s don’t want to hear that. Yes from what I have read the smart people say that the DOJ / FBI wouldn’t have acted to do a raid when trump was not there, when they were in talks with his team to return these documents or what documents he still has, unless they were worried about those documents’ security. The government was afraid they would disappear or be shared. After all why did trump want them in the first place. He took them over objections from his staff. Manafort just admitted he was a working with Russia and sharing all the campaign information with them. So what else may have been shared with Russia or did Russia need. Or China or the Saudis that gave 2 billion to Kushner? Hugs


  1. The average tRumpster (who essentially knows nothing about or understands the TRUE goal of the party) will immediately rise up in defense of their HERO. Further, because of their mindset, they will cling to every word uttered against the raid and truly believe it is a “weaponized” attack against law-abiding, country-loving Americans.

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    1. Hello Nan. How correct you are. My dogs that love gravy, the calls for violence, civil war, asking when the shooting starts, and promises to protect Mar-a-Lago. Plus here in Florida there are calls for DeathSantis to send the state law enforcement to stop the federal agents / FBI. Yes the maga creeps want the local police to go to war with the FBI to stop them getting to the holy house of trump. Also the republicans in congress are trying to get the DOJ to back off trump by threating Garland with hearings and investigations against him if he doesn’t stop investigating trump. I cannot believe after Bill Barr people like Rubio are claiming Biden is weaponizing the DOJ. Hugs

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  2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2022/08/09/fbi-search-trump-whining/
    I enjoyed this op ed by Paul Waldman
    “Now that the FBI has executed a search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club, the former president can indulge what has become his most important impulse, his driving motivation, his very reason for being: to whine and complain. The gleeful enthusiasm with which his party has rallied to his defense shows how invested Republicans have become in Trump’s personal narrative of oppression — one that is notable for its distance from anything that might affect the lives of the Americans whose votes Trump might soon be seeking again.”
    “His defenders see no higher purpose than shouting that Donald Trump is the greatest victim we have ever known, and nothing could be more important than freeing him from his oppression,” Waldman writes. “Some seem positively elated at the possibility that this will help Trump’s 2024 bid to win the White House. But to believe that, you’d have to think the American electorate will rise up to defend poor, persecuted Trump, no matter what crimes he might have committed, and sweep him back into office for no reason other than his personal victimization. Let’s hope that isn’t true.”

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    1. Thank you. That’s the thing-this was the legal, non-violent execution of a search warrant. Trump had notice through his lawyers, and nobody’s rights were violated in any fashion.
      Breonna Taylor’s death was a raid. The search of Trump’s quarters was not that.
      I know everybody here knows that, but I had to rant because it’s difficult to find news about it with the word “raid” figuring topmost.

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      1. Hello Ali. You are correct. Love your rants. The thing is the right wing keeps acting as if a few people at the Justice Department decided to illegally go into trumps home, search it, plant evidence, find evidence and then leave. Their real fear that they won’t admit is they know trump did the crimes and they have been covering for him. They went from mocking the BLM for defend the police to defund the FBI!

        Breonna Taylor was murdered. Yet she was not mourned by republicans, and I think we all know why. Yet now those with white privilege feel entitled to outrage because their cult lord got caught in his crimes. Hugs

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    2. Hello undergroundcartoonist . Thanks for the link it was an interesting read. Yes he does act like the world’s biggest victim, yet at the same time they cult thinks he is the supreme alpha male. He just said at CPAC that Ronnie Johnson, his White House doctor, loved looking at his body because it was so strong and powerful. The cognitive dissonance of the trump cult is stunning. Hugs

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      1. I have tried to give cult45 the benefit of the doubt but no more. I disregard anything they have to say … I have heard all their mindless babbling and willful ignorance and can tolerate no more. Nothing they say or do is a surprise and it is always contrary to decency, common sense, true patriotism and integrity. They all need to move to Russia where they belong with their authoritarian aspirations but even the Russians know they are too stupid to learn a second language or to assimilate outside their McDonald’s meal team 6 safe zone .

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        1. Hello undergroundcartoonist. I agree. I use to try to reason with them. I spent a couple years on right wing cartoon sites trying to just have conversations with the maga cult. They are so toxic and they simply won’t acknowledge reality nor even try to think through things. It is all rote whatever is said on right wing media and pure vile insulting. Not even decent smart insults, but just crude accusations. Finally, I admitted nothing could puncture the bubble they were in and I gave up. One interesting thing did happen. I have long hair and the avatar I used was a picture of me clean shaven. One cult maga was especially vile and crude towards anything I said. No matter what I wrote he jumped on it and was nasty. Then I changed my avatar showing me with my beard plus my long hair. He responded right away. I thought you were a woman he gushed. Shit you are a man he wrote. After that he argued against everything I wrote, but his demeaner changed entirely. He was no longer nasty, no longer vile. He still was in the maga bubble, but he communicated decently with me with almost none of the old insults. That told me everything about his mindset and how a lot of them see women. Hugs

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