DeSantis Pushes Right Wing School Board Candidates

No dissent will be allowed in the authoritarian kingdom of DeathSantis Florida, ruled by the Feudal lord gang thug republican DeathSantis.  We have a chance this midterm to stop him now.   We must.   Hugs

Florida Politics reports:

It appears Gov. Ron DeSantis isn’t just endorsing School Board candidates, he’s actively supporting them. Mailers paid for by his political committee have started showing up promoting his preferred choices for local boards.

The paid political advertisements came weeks after DeSantis started issuing rounds of School Board endorsements around the state. Additionally, Facebook digital ads started running this weekend targeted to voters in particular counties supporting endorsed School Board candidates.

The flexing of DeSantis’ muscles seems especially notable considering School Board races across the state are nonpartisan and will appear on the Aug. 23 ballot, with many decided there.

Read the full article.


Dayglo • 2 hours ago

Now there are only two textbooks approved for Florida schools.


Dramphooey • 2 hours ago

Parents who give a damn about their kids had better be paying attention to this shit.

jk105 • 2 hours ago

I am unaware of any school district that is threatening to close or force students to wear masks this September. Why is that even an issue?

Todd20036 jk105 • 2 hours ago

Because they want the MAGAts angry

Karl Dubhe IV • 3 hours ago

Kids will hate school even more with these kind of people in power over them. That is the goal, of course, make every person hate education. That’s what the fascists like.

DevilDog • 3 hours ago • edited

“… especially notable considering School Board races across the state are used to be nonpartisan.”


Karl Dubhe IV DevilDog • 3 hours ago

They haven’t been for quite some time really. The Creationists have been getting their people elected to school boards for years now, just to push that nonsense. Now the fascists are emulating them, but they’re a bit smarter than those walking rocks.

5 thoughts on “DeSantis Pushes Right Wing School Board Candidates

  1. Our school boards have followed the same pattern as the comment of Karl Dubhe IV DevilDog . Holy cow, what BS people put up with/allow in their kids’s schools, but let someone say they have to wear a mask to stay healthy and keep others healthy, and hear people yell, even when they don’t have or know kids in the school..

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    1. Hello Ali. You are very correct. As a school employee please protect yourself. While I love all your comments, and I thank you for your comments on schools and things happening in schools because you are a person that has the truthful information about what is happening. I love your comments but if you ever feel threatened let me know, I will do what I can to solve that. Best wishes. Hugs from Scottie.

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      1. Nope, I’m fine. I didn’t apply to the new contractor, so I’m officially out of the schools. I thought I had set up a volunteer gig a couple of days a week or so, but we’ve lost almost all our building principals, along with so many teachers, and I’m just not going back at all because none of us know each other; I’m just some old woman. 🧓 DH and I need to take a road trip somewhere soon, once the weather cools down a bit.

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        1. Hello Ali. No you are not just some old lady! You are a caring thinking individual that gave a lot of your time and effort to helping student / kids. People like you are important. Plus you are an advocate for diversity which these kids need so very much. Hugs

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