MAGA Priest Exposes Himself As Major Hypocrite

The Good Liars highlight the hypocrisy of one particular MAGA priest. Alonzo Bodden breaks it down on Rebel HQ. Leave a comment with your thoughts below!

3 thoughts on “MAGA Priest Exposes Himself As Major Hypocrite

  1. Lyin’ for Jesus is a double-whammy: lying is a sin, a thou shalt not, and if Jesus is God it follows Lyin’ for God is a big strike two; all of which is in fact yet pales significantly to the claim to “know the mind of God.”

    They’re all going to Hell …

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    1. By watching the Muslims, we can see exactly where Christianity is going. In the past, papists and Calvinists competed to see which can be the most oppressive. Now they seem to be joining forces.

      From The Guardian:

      “An eight-year-old Hindu boy is being held in protective police custody in east Pakistan after becoming the youngest person ever to be charged with blasphemy in the country.

      The boy’s family is in hiding and many of the Hindu community in the conservative district of Rahim Yar Khan, in Punjab, have fled their homes after a Muslim crowd attacked a Hindu temple after the boy’s release on bail last week. Troops were deployed to the area to quell any further unrest.”

      An eight-year-old is charged with the same degree of responsibility as an adult. And we have Christians calling for public education to be replaced by religious indoctrination. Huh.

      Murder is the ultimate weapon for religious compliance.

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      1. Hello Ten Bears and Cagjr. I have had it explained to me that anything you do to further the cause of gods dominance in the world is morally justifiable. Everything done to make their god the governing force is OKed and forgive by that god. Lying to murder to the abuse of a little boy and his family for insulting that god. The people behind wanting a theocratic government and forced obeying their church doctrines no decency or bounds in pushing their gods. Hugs


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