Texas Paul REACTS to Civil War Calls by Republicans after Trump Raid

After it was reported that the FBI executed a search warrant on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, right wing pundits and influencers immediately began to make threats against the United States. Texas Paul reacts to their extremist rhetoric.

4 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to Civil War Calls by Republicans after Trump Raid

  1. Yes, I listened to part of this … and yes, it’s scary. BUT … he doesn’t make it any better by pointing out the various and sundry threats and warnings by the Repukes. He (and others) may feel that all he’s doing is cautioning folk, but for some, it can be a trigger for all sorts of actions. And Democrats aren’t immune.

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    1. Hello Nan. I disagree. I am glad he mentioned what is being said and claimed by the republicans and the rabid right. They are confessing to what they believe and want done. They constantly claim that the democrats and left want to do these things but now we have them on video record that can be used against them. I feel that the better informed we are the better we can fight back and stop them. Plus look at what they are inspiring, a man tried to attack a branch FBI office and kill FBI personnel. For some reason these people really do want a violent uprising, yet they claim it is the left / antifa who are violent and calling for the defunding of police. Hugs


      1. Sure! Everything he says is spot-on. But you’re missing my point. There are personalities that will dwell on some of the actions he talks about and at some point may very well put them into action. THAT’s my point. The good thing is that there are probably few Repukes who watch his video since he slams them so hard. 🙂

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        1. Hello Nan. It is possible, but do you really think these violent thugs need anyone to give them suggestions? They live to disrupt and attack the left. Look at what Abbott supporters did a Beto campaign event, they played loud music and used serins to try to drown out what he was saying so people couldn’t hear Beto. Compare that to DeathSantis who had his new election police detain and remove left wing protestors that were legally at a campaign event of his. People don’t realize how bad it has gotten in Florida that is now being run by pretty laws maga thugs who believe they are above any other laws and the federal government has no control over them. You have maga thugs attacking the FBI because they dared to anger the maga cult god. THe republican strategists have been planning a takeover of the country long before trump. Hugs

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