What an incredible gift.

I have been getting more and more upset over the unstable power in our area.   Our power would go out for a few seconds then come back on or go on and off several times.   It seemed every time I was writing a long reply to a comment or doing a post that took a lot of research or thought, the power would go out.     I would lose everything.    I would scream.  I would have gnashing of teeth.   More important in our home lately it has been causing me to cry.    Keep that in mind.

Ron told me to go on Amazon and order battery backups for the computers.    I can take a computer apart and rebuild it, but math is something due to my upbringing I have very little ability to do.   I struggled with the math to know what I needed.   I was going from 1,500 systems to 2,500 systems to 5,000 systems.    As you can understand the prices were going up each time / system I looked at.   The last system I looked at was about 6 grand.   I just couldn’t even think of spending that to keep the computer systems running.   So I went back and forth on what I needed trying to keep it at a price we could afford.   

A couple days ago I was having a bad day and the power went out for 10 seconds making me lose what I was doing.  I was really frustrated but I did not yell or scream, I simply called out to Ron that everything I was doing was gone, and yes I was near to tears.   James was up getting ready for work and asked why we did not just get a battery system for my desk set up.  

I told him I wanted one and Ron said to get one, but it would cost too much money and Ron told him we were trying to figure out what to get or do.   James said he had a couple of days off in the morning and he would fix this.   The next morning James read all the power draws, used Ron’s expensive meter that can tell what power draw was coming through an electrical line, and figured out what was needed.   Then Ron and James looked at the equipment in my office and even went to look at the circuit breaker for the main power line that powers my set up.  Yes my computer set up is on its own line.   Then him and Ron went on to the computer on our Amazon account.    James figured out the amount of power I needed to run my system for what I was wanting and that to get two identical systems was cheaper than buying one bigger unit.   So we bought what he told us we needed.   Now I was trying to run the systems for a few minutes to keep from losing anything.   Like I said math and I are not friends.   But James found that we need a lot less a system than I thought, and he figured out we could get one for each computer set up and a third smaller one for the modem and router.   So they ordered it.   About $500 dollars of equipment.   Far less than I was figuring it would cost.    

This morning Ron came to me saying he needed me to check his foot.   He felt there was something like a splinter in it.   Oh yes, there was a black spot on his heel.  When I touched he yelped.   Shit.   He thought it was a splinter.   He wanted me to dig it out.   In the old days I did.   But I don’t see as well as I used to, and my hands are shakier due to diabetes so we asked James if he would look at it.  Two hours later after foot soaks and cutting Ron’s heel and trying to pull that metal sliver out James said he got as much as he could, but he was worried there was more there.  We all agreed that Ron should go to the convenient / urgent care that is in our area.  

So while James, who had been up since yesterday, took Ron to the doctor I got on my computer to answer comments which were now about three days old.  I did some and because of what they were took a lot of time.  

When the left they noticed the boxes carrying the new battery system on the steps.   James carried them in, yelling at Ron when he tried to carry one himself.  Hey Ron has a sliver in his foot and is an old diabetic while James is a 30 year old man.   

The guys came home.   The doctors there took x-rays, and James had gotten most of the metal out.   He did an excellent job.   They got the rest.   So the guys came home.   

Rather than go to bed James then took apart my entire desk system.   See when Ron and I set this desk up the desk we bought had a “tray” under neither to run the wires in.   I thought that was great and did not think it through, so I ran all the wires / power cords in these trays and looped them around back and forth so that they were short and intertwined with each other.   Several times when I needed to get to a cable from a piece of equipment it caused a big problem.   

So remember James had been up for almost 24 hours, but that is something he does often, and no we don’t understand how he does it.  So when he and Ron got home James asked me if I wanted him to set up the battery backup system.  I asked him if he wanted to sleep first, and he said no.  The answer was no.  He was ready to go.   So I shut down all of my systems.  

I thought he was just going to unhook the power cords and plug them into these new wonderful machines.   Nope.   He took apart the entire system.   He reconnected everything, and all that mess I had made of the wiring he redid with new Velcro straps.   He sorted and separated wires and nearly 6 hours later he asked me to come back and test the system.   

Understand what I am saying.   James disconnected all my two computer systems, all the speakers, all the video, microphone systems, my sound board, the two separate USB charging / computer input systems, and the other interconnected systems I have.  He took all the wiring I had run under the desk out; he undid the wrapping around itself I did to shorten the cables.  I had three multiple breaker bars to supply the needed power and the sound systems.  He took my entire system apart.   All without sleep.  

Then he started putting it all back together with the new back-up systems.  My dogs that love gravy, the new systems he had us buy wouldn’t just run everything plugged into it for the few minutes I had figured out but for several hours.  Plus, he got a smaller secondary unit that would run the modem and router for hours.  But more importantly he redid the wires on my desk making everything look so much better and so much cleaner.       It gave me more desk space. Odie was so upset he ran down and hid in my bathroom.  

So that is where today is.  It is now 9:30 PM.   Ron is making me my supper.  I am tired and want to go to bed.   But I wanted you all to know why I had not replied to the comments you left.   Hugs.   


11 thoughts on “What an incredible gift.

    1. Hello Ali. Yes it is wonderful. James is a great guy. Gives 100% to those he cares about. He was with us for years, and after being on his own for 5 years (long story) was so happy when we told him he could come home. He is going up with Ron to New Hampshire for Ron’s brother’s 50th anniversary. Ron did not want to go alone and I am not able to do such a long trip in such a short time. So James took vacation and will go up with him. I love it. Ron’s experience and James youthful vigor will help keep both of them safe. Hugs

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  1. Whew! You lost me way back there, for while I used to be able to take apart and re-construct the old 386 computers, technology surpassed my level of knowledge years ago! Maybe decades ago! And it doesn’t help that my memory is about 10% of what it once was. Anyway, I’m glad you got it all taken care of and 👍👍 to James for all his hard work and expertise! I hope he’s sleeping now! Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. I understand. I was a computer tech for over 20 years, and I find myself unsure and looking things up on the newer systems. I recently had to take a laptop apart to replace the fan assembly and was surprised I had a lot of anxiety about it. I had not had that before.

      James is a grand young man. We met him in 2004 when he was a kid and over the years brought him into our family. His home life was not good, his stepfather hated him from when he was a toddler, and I understood what it was like to be in a dysfunctional home. Our house became his safe space when he was a young teen. When his parents abandoned him and he had nowhere to go he called us asking what to do. Our answer was we are coming to get you and bring you home. We are and have been a family for most of his life. We are proud of the man he has become. Hugs

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      1. Wow, Scottie! I didn’t know you were a computer tech! Heck, these days I struggle to even make my laptop find my bluetooth headphones!!!

        James is the sort of person the world needs more of!!! It’s so sad that he had such an unhappy childhood, but at the end of the day, it may have had a positive effect. I know that I determined at a very young age that I would NOT be like my own mother, and I’ve worked all these years to be a kind, caring, and compassionate person, unlike my own mother. Perhaps the same will be true of James … it certainly seems like it, at any rate. Hugs

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    1. Hello Nan. Yup. He had a rough home situation, something I can understand. I wrote of all the things that happened on the first Scottiestoybox I had. He turned out a good man despite what his early years were. James is going with Ron up to New Hampshire for Ron’s brother’s 50th anniversary. I cannot go and Ron doesn’t feel safe going alone at his age. James stepped up and volunteered. He is taking vacation time to do it. I love it. In a way they are his family also. He is part of us. They are part of Ron. He is part of them. Hugs


  2. Could’ve been the router trouble you were having a couple of months ago.

    As I’ve said before … chill. You’re not going to be doing anyone any good if you let this shit get to you.

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. I agree. Thank you. I have really had trouble getting back on my feet. Feel like I am swimming against the current with all my strength and still being pushed back. But even though it feels that way I really have made great health strides, but it comes at a cost in pain which means more irritability and less time on my computers. I will get through this, I will get stronger, I will keep doing what I love which is being on my blog and reading other’s blogs. Hugs


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