I just got it done; we are ready to vote in the primary tomorrow.

On top of everything else early voting in Florida started on Saturday Aug 13th.  I got my sample ballot on that same day.   And it included a couple races I checked and don’t seem to be on the ballot I downloaded Monday from the county web site.    Since DeathSantis took over and started his republican maga cult kingdom the election system has taken an awfully bad hit.   I used to get my sample ballot with plenty of time to research each candidate and then Ron and I would talk about them and decide which ones we would support.  This time with Ron having doctors appointments more often than I do, and with all the things going on, getting the ballot late while the state cut the early voting to only one week from Aug 13 to Aug 20 along with my being ill, I have been scrambling to research the primary candidates while Ron and I have limited time to talk it over.    We have to go vote tomorrow morning, it is the only time we have, because James and Ron are leaving to go up to Ron’s brother’s 50th anniversary and Ron doesn’t want me to go to vote on voting day with the huge lines alone.   As it is last time, I did not take my walker and had a very hard time standing in line and voting even though it was a short time in line compared to other places in Florida and they really helped me getting me a sit-down voting spot.   I will say that the difference in treatment from voting in a majority white district is huge compared to voting in an oppressed minority district.  

With everything going on I worked to post some stuff and then researched the candidates.  WOW what a revelation for the local races, especially for school boards where most of the candidates were off the wall bizarre maga parents with the goal of first stopping the woke takeover of the teachers who are grooming the students which is making them trans / gay.    This is the primaries, not the general.   These lower races are not partisan, so the primaries are open to both parties to vote.   Looking these candidates up scared me their views and realizing they were likely to win.   

I also noted that the highest state offices had democrats that were to the right of center or center candidates.    Yes we have a few who are normal democratic liberal candidates which in Florida is about as progressive as we can get.   I like some of those.   I like the ones that were former public defenders, worked for equality issues, and other things that helped the lower income people / workers.    I will be voting for them.   But too many of them were republican lite in the democratic primary.  Again for those that keep saying the democrats must go to the center or even to the right to get that right leaning vote, the republicans don’t want to vote for republican lite when they can have the full republican candidate.   It is the losing position.   

Now to address my comments.    I was sick for a week.   I also get very tired after eating and so have to go to bed for a nap.   The doctor explained what was happening.   Because I am unable to move much, lowering my calorie intake is a good thing.   For me that means eating only twice a day with small portions.   But because my blood sugar is low before I eat, I take my insulin and eat, my blood sugar goes down further for a while causing me to get very tired before it bounces back up.  He said if I have the time and it is not interfering with my life just go sleep, it helps my pain levels also.   If I want it fixed, he will draw up a program for me next visit.  So for now, this means after eating lunch (which is my first meal) I go to take a nap and rest my back.   I get up and work, then after eating supper I go to bed for the night.  Remember If you took my life in a 24 hour period, I will spend more of it in bed than up most day.  That is not true all the time, sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and go to the computers because my pain won’t let me sleep.  

The point of my telling you the above is I have not answered comments or been to other blogs since I got sick last Thursday.    I thought throwing up on the car door and all over the parking lot was because I drank a lot of water and had stop and roll then stop again traffic for 30 minutes.  Seems I had a bug, and I really hope I did not give it to anyone else.   I will start on the comments next beginning with the oldest I can get to.   Tomorrow we are going to vote, then I will be going with Ron to help him do the shopping because remember he just had a large metal wire sliver that got into his heal removed first at home then the rest taken out in the walk-in convenient care, plus he had the three-day heavy metal tests on his back he just got removed this afternoon.     I just think he would love to have company in the great fight for food.   The point of all this is it is going to take a few days for me to catch up.    If I miss your comment because it disappeared before I could get to it or I somehow overlooked it in my rush to get caught up, comment again.  Thanks for understanding things are a bit rushed and overwhelming right now.   Hugs and lots of loves.   Scottie

11 thoughts on “I just got it done; we are ready to vote in the primary tomorrow.

    1. Hello Ali. Thank you. Yes things are really happening faster than I can keep up right now. But I have done good the last couple days at catching up. I would have gotten a lot more caught up except for the computer issue today. But I will be up to date in a day or two. Best wishes. Hugs

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  1. I’m gonna drop this here; I just ran across it. I’m wondering if this is truly how we want to treat girl athletes-any girl athletes. Because then it gets into the matter of why aren’t people going after trans men? Now I’m certain they are and we don’t hear about it, but I’m a little curious about how trans-wary people feel about trans men having to use the women’s restroom and showers. Meanwhile, here is this , which is outrageous to me: https://www.deseret.com/utah/2022/8/17/23310668/school-investigates-female-athlete-transgender-complaint

    Talk about witch hunts.

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    1. Hello Ali. Yes I posted on this one. It shows the problem with the anti-trans laws.

      The reason they don’t make a big deal out of trans men is it doesn’t generate the fear they need in the public. A girl, a daughter, seeing a penis is incredible terrifying to them. Oh the poor girl, she seen a penis and now she is traumatized for life. Be afraid trans women with penises are going to be in your daughter’s locker room staring at your wonderful little girl’s vagina. Trans boys will go into girl bathrooms and not be able to control themselves from having sex with all the daughter, the daughter will not be able to resist that penis, they will all get pregnant. It is about girls and sex. Fear.

      But trans boys in a boy’s locker room where the boys may see his vagina, they love that idea. Boys getting a look at that is wonderful to the right wing men. The idea of a trans boy being in a men’s bathroom doesn’t evoke fear because the right doesn’t think a person with a vagina is going to attack a room full of people with penises and force / entice them to have sex. All of them. But if they do hey great for the ones with penises right the men thing. But they do think one girl with a penis in a girl’s locker incite room will force all the other girls to have sex. Pregnant and embarrassed all due to a trans girl. Fear, be afraid.

      It is all about fear and daughters need protection, but boys will be boys. Fear for your daughter, she won’t ever win at her sport. Fear for your daughter, she is so weak she cannot train as well as a trans girl. But they don’t seem to mind how hard it can be for grown women in the working world.

      Trans boys simply don’t cause the fear in maga and bigots that trans girls do. And the worst of it is these people won’t use reason. They won’t listen to the medical experts. They won’t accept science. And they won’t even accept the data that shows they are wrong. Hugs

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      1. I guess it seems to me that if the existence of trans men ever occurred to the exclusionary people at all, they’d realize we’ve all already peed, showered, and changed clothes with men. We simply presumed they were women because they at least somewhat appeared to be, and they were in women’s spaces. I wish we could all just breathe before yet another dang thing.

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        1. I tend to agree with you, Ali. I personally think the topic has been blown out of proportion. Based on what he’s read (which is a WHOLE lot more than me since it’s not a topic I follow), Scottie may have a point. But I tend to think a lot of this male/female bathroom thing isn’t as big a deal as the press has made it.

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            1. Hello Nan and Ali. You both are correct; it is not a big deal and there have been trans people using bathrooms for a very long time with no outcry. The problems are caused by those who want to exclude the trans people, who want to use trans people to start outrage. As Ali has noted they only care about trans women in women’s bathrooms, not the over way round. That is because it is about causing fear to excite the base. I cannot tell you the many stories that I have read of biologically born females being challenged and assaulted trying to use the bathroom because someone doesn’t think they look feminine enough, that they don’t meet that person’s standard for what a woman should look like. Again it goes back to some people who think they have a right to not only tell other people how to live but that they are entitled to demand you prove yourself to them. Who gives them that right to question others trying to use a bathroom? Are they now the bathroom police? If everyone would pay attention to what they are doing and not try to control what other people do all the time the bathroom issue wouldn’t exist. Anyway for what it is worth I agree the issue is way over blown, just let people go to the bathroom and live their lives. Hugs

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