USA TODAY: Missouri school district reinstates spanking as punishment: ‘We’ve had people actually thank us’

What the hell is wrong with the US that we are regressing at such a fast rate. Every study and medical data shows spanking is not only harmful with life long problems but counterproductive in dealing with childrens problems. These are the same people that demand teachers are grooming kids now want those same teachers to hit them? This is again a drive to return to draconian religious views. Hugs

Missouri school district reinstates spanking as punishment: ‘We’ve had people actually thank us’
The Cassville school board approved a policy this summer to once again use corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure for K-12 students.

Read in USA TODAY:

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4 thoughts on “USA TODAY: Missouri school district reinstates spanking as punishment: ‘We’ve had people actually thank us’

  1. I was spanked as a child and I feel I turned out OK. HOWEVER!!! This does NOT mean that I endorse spanking … ESPECIALLLY not in a school!! The line between spanking and beating is FAR too thin — even within families, but MORE SO when done by strangers.

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    1. I come from a family that hasn’t spanked or smacked for several generations. I can see no reason why violence can ever be justified against children. It’s assault, plain and simple.

      Spanking/smacking as a form of reprimand or punishment is illegal in Aotearoa New Zealand no matter the relationship between spanker and spankee. So it would be impossible for any school to introduce such a policy here.

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      1. Hello Barry. I agree. I wish it were that way in the US also. I think spanking sends the wrong message to a kid. You want a child to understand the correct behavior and why it is important to do the right thing, you don’t want to have to scare them into doing what they are told. You want to teach a child empathy not fear. To allow strangers to do this to a kid in schools or elsewhere teaches a kid that adults have the authority to manhandle their bodies and cause them harm. No way I want that message taught to kids. Best wishes.


    2. Hello Nan. I understand. I like science, and the studies done on spanking show it is counterproductive and only teaches kids that violence is the answer. Spanking also installs fear and instead of teaching correct behavior for the sake of correct behavior, it puts the emphasis on the physical punishment / pain rather than on why you should have done things differently. As for that thin line you mentioned, my experience was on the very wrong side of that line. Hugs

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