Let’s talk about Biden’s student debt relief policy….

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Biden’s student debt relief policy….

  1. Scottie, just to be a little bit of a contrarian here, far more people are burdened with medical debt than student debt. Helping people with that debt would hit more pocket books in a positive manner would be more impactful. I recognize fully that it would be easier for the government to forgive debt owed to them, but to me those with medical debt have a legitimate complaint. I am not saying the students do not have a beef, but we need to look more at who needs to be helped and why. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. No doubt medical debt is crushing most of the people in the US. I know firsthand the issues with not being able to afford medication / procedures needed. I had to wait 3 years with no head oat the top of my left leg because I couldn’t afford the co-pay for the surgery needed to replace my hip. I recently had to stop getting epidurals in my spine that helps with my pain due to the extra $300 dollars for the shots a month. So yes the US needs a universal healthcare system. I have fought for a Medicare for all system for a long time. That said I don’t think reducing the medical costs or debt of a person will have the same benefit to society as reducing school debt and lowering the cost of higher education has the potential to do.

      The idea behind free education including higher education is the benefit to the country as well as the individual. Right now the US has a shortage of people trained / educated to do very highly technical jobs and fill research positions that require highly educated people to fill. We are actually importing people to do those jobs. The education system in the US in the past was very low cost or free for in state education or state college. That was something that was looked at as a government responsibility. Then greed and profit got into the mix, with states cutting funding for public schooling at all levels. By forgiving student debt the government is helping the economy and saving future costs because these people with the costly school loans can use that money to buy other things, to get homes, to have children (which is something I keep hearing the country needs more of) to even start saving money for the future. I see it as a win for everyone. It will lead to more people with higher educations which has been shown to make people more civically active and more open to critical thinking, it will lead to higher education leading to more doctors and innovators. Had I been able to afford college I would have gotten a nursing degree rather than joining the military. Yes this first step is only with a small amount and on certain loan programs, but there is a hope this shows a way forward to fixing the education system to do what other countries do make it something the government funds, along with fully funding medical care. Let’s do both Keith, we have wealth in this country, all we need is the will. Hugs


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