Herschel Walker Can’t Defend Or Explain His Own Policies

Herschel Walker cannot be compelled to clarify where he stands on basic political issues. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.

Read More HERE: https://newsone.com/4282620/herschel-…

“And while it’s not a stretch of the imagination to associate limited intelligence with football players, Walker more than fumbled during an interview with a right-wing conservative news outlet that tried to gently hand off a question to him with which he should have been able to run straight to the proverbial end zone for an undeniable touchdown of an answer.”

4 thoughts on “Herschel Walker Can’t Defend Or Explain His Own Policies

    1. Hello Nan. Even those that think trump is a grand speaker can see the problems with Walker. The thoughts, even the words next to each other don’t like up or go together in anything Walker says. It is rather tragic that he is being used that way. But this is not the first time the republicans have used and abused black people. Hugs

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  1. I believe Mr. Walker’s “bike is bent.” I love that, and I guess we can thank Mr. Walker (and Spitballer Buttermilk Sky!) for that phrase, even though it seems to now mean something it didn’t when Mr. Walker said it. 😉

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    1. Hello Ali. I agree. His bike is bent badly. He clearly has mental health issues. Well he has admitted that he has multiple personalities and other diagnosis. He has anger issues, and is violent to women and anyone who pisses him off. He is useless for representing the people of his state. He simply has no place being in the US senate. Hugs

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