GLOVES OFF: Fed up Biden finally DEMOLISHES Republicans in viral takedown on stage

5 thoughts on “GLOVES OFF: Fed up Biden finally DEMOLISHES Republicans in viral takedown on stage

  1. Hearing this really helped me. It’s amazing that a US president has to get on TV and tell us this, but it struck me as FDR-ish that he did it. It also helped to realize that there are so many people who are recognizing the trouble, not just old woman former Girl Scouts. 🙂

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    1. Hello Ali. Yes I agree. It is nice to see a democratic president standing up to the rabid right republican party and clearly with no crude language describe the difference between what they are doing and what he has done for the people. It is great and what the democrats need to do far more often. Yet the right went into max outrage accusing Biden / the left of everything the right / republicans were doing. They had the talking points ready about how Biden was a Nazi, how Biden was calling for the harming of republicans, that Biden / the left were authoritarian and trying to be dictators, that Biden was using the government to attack those not in lock step with the left. Notice something. They were ready with talking points claiming everything they were doing was being done by the left. And it worked. There was such an outcry on the right that Biden walked back calling some of them fascist. But they are Fascist. There is no doubt. But while the republicans throw bombs and call the democrats pedophiles, child rapist, groomers, authoritarian, dictators, they claim outrage of anything “mean” said about them by democrats. I am tired of the democrats retreating. Biden was correct in everything he said. Hillary was correct in calling trump supporters “deplorables”. Yet the democrats always back up and give in. Is there any reason for the republicans to stop their attacks, they know it works making the democrats retreat and energizing their own people who are just gangs of cult thugs. Hugs

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes! Nice to see the democrats standing up and being strong for once. Sadly after what Biden spoke the attacks by the republicans, which they had ready to go, Biden walked back calling the trump voters fascist and the other strong stuff he said. Please look at what I replied to Ali. Hugs

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