School Baptized 100+ Kids Without Parents’ Permission – JMG

My dogs that love gravy !!!   Think of the parents’ rights stomped on of the parents not wanting their kids Christian baptized, think of the parents who have kids of other religions or atheist parents?   Clearly they have no rights.    The entire parent’s rights campaigned by the maga right is to push the Christian doctrines and bigotry along white supremacy racism.  WTF!   Hugs

The Insider reports:

A North Carolina school baptized more than 100 students without asking permission from their parents, The Fayetteville Observer reported on Friday. When parents learned that their children had been baptized at the Northwood Temple Academy, they were upset.

“My daughter calls me from the school and says, ‘Mama, can you bring me some dry clothes? I got baptized today,’” one parent told the Observer. “I said, ‘WHAT?’”

A few students had actually been scheduled to be baptized, Northwood Principal Renee McLamb told the Observer. “But the Spirit of the Lord moved and the invitation to accept the Lord and be baptized was given and the students just began to respond to the presence of the Lord.”

Read the full article. The original report is behind a paywall.


Gregory In Seattle • 3 minutes ago

Christo-fascist terrorism. How many of those students “voluntarily agreed” due to the implied threat that they would fail if they refused?

Skipper Andrea • 5 minutes ago

My mom did the same thing to my son, it took a long time to get over that one.

4 thoughts on “School Baptized 100+ Kids Without Parents’ Permission – JMG

    1. Hello Nan. I understand, what is there that could be said to justify this. The go to is always what if a Muslim did this? Or a one of the fringe Christian sects? I just wonder if these parents’ rights bills that lets a parent sue if they think a teacher mentioned slavery or gender or the dreaded gay if the atheist parents could sue over this? Hugs


    1. Hello taurusingemini. That is because it is being done by the majority Christian sect in the area. If it was a minority sect doing this the outrage would reach to the very heaven of their god. I wonder if the local non-Christians that have kids in the school can sue the school and teacher under the new parents’ rights bills? Hugs


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