MUST-WATCH: Fed up Pastor BURIES Herschel Walker with sermon of the DECADE 🔥

3 thoughts on “MUST-WATCH: Fed up Pastor BURIES Herschel Walker with sermon of the DECADE 🔥

  1. OH MY! This is funny! And I don’t mean what he’s preaching about because he’s spot-on, but that it’s coming from a super-super religious sect! Of course, I agree with all he said … but in truth, this is not what should be coming from a church pulpit. Mixing religion and politics SHOULD be a no-no.

    HOWEVER, having said that, I hope the people of his church spread his words far and wide among their friends and relatives!!

    And of course, I LOVE Brian. ❤

    P.S. Just posted this on my blog … it’s THAT good!!

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    1. Hello Nan. We all have our favorite podcasters. I agree with you it was fun to see him blast Walker and fire up the church to vote. Yes I agree no church should be promoting candidates and keep their for profit status. I mean let’s be fair if a church can violate that prohibition than why can’t every non-profit? If the atheist non-profit has to follow the rules than churches should have to also. I doubt those Christian churches pushing candidates would be as happy with other faiths pushing candidates they favor. Hugs

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