I regret I am so far behind.   It is too hard to sit at my desk, every 15 minutes or so I have to get up and walk around, but then after a few minutes have to sit.   If I have a task I need to do standing for more than 15 minutes I have to take more medication to stop my back from giving out.  I managed to get my MRI I needed this morning, came home ate and went right to bed.   I got up at 2:30 as my back was not getting better.  I see my pain doctor on the 6th of Feb.    Hopefully I can quickly schedule some shots to my spine.  I was getting them regularly to keep the pain down but I got hit with a couple very expensive bills from the spine shots and decided to see if I could handle the pain with muscle shots and pills.  Turns out that won’t work.   I have already had to take more medication than I like to take.   If this doesn’t work I will go to the next level of pain medications.   In the state of Florida it is hard now to get the drugs that caused such problems which can be managed but they want to force everyone to fentanyl even as the republicans scream about how deadly it is.     The clips below are pure republican hate, making it so poor people on snap cannot buy any affordable foods not even can soup.  No meats no matter the kind, no canned vegetables and so much more.  And the continued attacks by republicans and DeathSantis on the idea of inclusion and anything LGBTQ+.    I again today wont be able to catch up but there is always tomorrow I guess.    Hugs

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      1. I’m so glad you liked it, Jill! Scottie posts some science/animal science stuff now and then, so when I run across something that could be of interest, I try to put the link here. You made my morning with this! 💖

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  1. I have a bit of an antidote to the DeS stuff; it was linked on Burr Demings’s weekend post. The antidote link: http://maxdad.blogspot.com/2023/01/desantis.html .

    And, because it’s Sunday, or something, here it is, so this’ll be a long reply.

    Thursday, January 26, 2023

    I spent years in school, I mean I really did, 12 years of Catholic indoctrination which I spent 10 of it fighting the obvious bullshit, and 4 years of “liberal indoctrination” in college (in Nebraska liberal right?) . Now this guy, a Florida wannabe mob boss pointing out how many rats he wants whacked today wants to do what all mob bosses wanna do. Complete loyalty to the family.
    The family is him, basically. Appealing to that same Florida base of Villages ancients with STD’s and 1950s views (except for the banging each other part), Ron DeSantis is putting the kibosh on any sort of AP Black History courses as not being history. White history, often referred to as “History”, ya know the type of whitewashed bullshit most of us learned for 12 years.

    1) Columbus discovered America

    2) The colonists and Indians were great buddies one day in November

    3) The Revolution where the Founding Fathers took orders from an almighty gawd and wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

    4) George Washington never lied

    5) Abe Lincoln freed the slaves

    6) The Civil War was really about states rights

    7) Custer was massacred by savages

    8) Gunfight at the OK Corral took hours

    9) We won World War I you’re welcome France

    10) The Depression was bad but everybody was happy

    11) World War II you’re welcome again France and the Japanese were savages

    12) 1950s were the greatest time of American history when gays were still in closet and blacks knew their place

    13) 1960s were a time of riots and looting by black criminals and long haired whites but MLK was ok I guess

    14) Ronald Reagan was a saint

    15) Barack Obama was elected twice so racism is over

    16) Make America Great Again cuz all this “woke” shit is out of control. 1950’s! 1950’s!

    That’s Ron DeSantis’ Florida by law. By law that’s also what Ron Desantis’ America will look like.

    Look, a thug like DeSantis on a national level is iffy at best. He’s an asshole. He comes across as a robot invented in some asshole lab somewhere, probably the same lab that created Elon Musk. He’s wooden, dark, frowning, iron fisted, surrounded by sycophants at all times, with a wife that dresses like she’s performing in Frozen later that night. He rants at his opponents, fights with the press any time he gets a question he doesn’t like, he curls his lip like a bad Elvis impersonator and constantly says “woke” like a code word to unleash the crazed badgers at the Villages.

    DeSantis is a Luddite. He is a 40 something year old man going on 90. He doesnt want to hear anything that makes him think. He doesnt want to hear about Rosewood, Florida and the lynchings of black folk in 1923. That’s fine if a hear no evil primate like DeSantis and the Villages fossils don’t want to learn anything but the bad part is he wants NOBODY to hear about it. He doesn’t want anybody to know about Tulsa (amazing most white people heard about that from a superhero series on HBO). NObody be teaching about 1917 Houston as history in Florida neither. Not EVEN in a Black history course cuz we all know, to Ron DeSantis, black history is “woke” history and “woke” history tears the whitewashed wall paper off the walls to reveal the real America and Ron DeSantis and his clan of “real Americans” cannot be brainwashed into believing anything other than lies that make even the poorest white American scream U S A U S A!

    Ron DeSantis is not only a wannabe strongman, he’s also a liar. Maybe even more so than his most famous constituent , the lying Orange toxic waste he may just have to go to war with.

    I cannot wait!

    Posted by Max’s Dad at 9:48 AM

    (If you click through to the page, there are some hyperlinks within for citation, as well.)

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