Why it matters 2

This is the second in which I hope will be many future posts by Randy.   Please give him some love and support as he starts to feel more comfortable doing posts.   Hugs from Scottie.  

In the very proclamation of dissent and foundation of a new creation, AmericaPicture 1 demanded that laws be emplaced for the fair governance of the people.  In fact, it was the failure of the British Monarchy to govern with fair laws, to allow representation and fair justice, to abide by a set of laws even, that brought about these ringing words of courage and relative insanity when considering the scope of the argument: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.”

How bold a statement is that!  And yet it is the very foundational argument upon Picture 2which this country called America was founded, and ironic in that the very people of the argument and their following generations have striven mightily to disprove.  From the institutions of slavery to Indian Affairs, Rockefellers to Swaggerts, people have sought ways to remove this idea that each of us is created equal and beholden to the laws of the country.

The Rule of Law has been bandied about in one phrase or another since the musings of Plato, if not before.  It was Henry de Bracton, a medieval jurist, who is credited with the famous phrase “no man is above the law”.  It is quite literally the defining characteristic of a civil society, one which is not governed by the arbitrary ruthlessness of a corrupt power simply doing as it pleases, and the initial downfall of any society as those who would subject others to the law fly in the face of the very same.

America, for all its unwillingness to abide by its own creation, has managed to somewhat self-correct over time, if such things can be considered as correctable.   There will always be injustices in the world, but “men of good conscious…” do sooner or later find ways to bring us back from the edge even as generations are squandered and sullied in the process and allow us to muddle down this road.  In truth, it is the mark of a healthy governance and populace to ensure the shortest of time between abuse and correction.

As we look upon the actions of Donald Trump, he is in some ways a scape goat. Picture 3 Given far more power than he was built to manage and surrounded by sycophants, coat-tail riders and sociopathic anarchists all seeking to rape and pillage their way to the top, he is asked now to answer for grievances he never should have been given the opportunity to incur.  I find myself feeling somehow sorry for this spoiledPicture 4

tantrum throwing delinquent, but even more sorry for a country that must force an acknowledgement that, truly, no man should be above the law.  What I fear the most is the generations that will be squandered and sacrificed should we fail.  Make no mistake, those who willingly placed a man so ill-prepared and incapable of the job into the highest position of trust and power in the land are perfectly willing to pick over the carcass as this asshole attempts to burn it all to the ground.

13 thoughts on “Why it matters 2

    1. Hello Jill. Randy doesn’t have a blog. He used to have more time and wrote a lot and that is how we first met, I enjoyed reading the stories he wrote, they were so strikingly real. He has little free time these days, but he still has so much to say and I hope he will use the blog here to say it. Hugs

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  1. Scottie, well done. I would tend to not call him a scapegoat and blame both the actor and his producers for this mess he and they made. We should not forget that Trump used to be a Democrat and saw a future where he could win as a Republican. We should not forget how he used the Birther issue to stake a claim to future opportunity. It is all about The Donald, always has been and always will be.

    As for his criminal activities, it would be political if he is not charged for his crimes. We must not forget that his company was found guilty of tax fraud last summer and, while president, his settling a Foundation lawsuit repaying the Foundation money he used for personal uses before it was disbanded – in other words he defrauded his donors and taxpayers.

    As for the others that put him there and looked the other way when they could have acted, they are guilty of not upholding their oath to the constitution. This person acted seditiously to our country on multiple occasions and has divided us further. They had a chance to convict this person for impeachable offenses and gave him a hall pass. Instead, his own party punished the truth tellers while protecting this deceitful and illicit acting person. Lying was rewarded while truth telling was punished.


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    1. Hi Keith;
      Thank you for your well thought out comment.
      It is my firm belief that, like you said, the very people emplaced to help keep the president inside the lines completely abdicated their responsibilities. My question is what they were doing instead of doing their jobs? How much was trump a distraction, a useful idiot (see def. of term on this one).

      Letting loose a rabid dog does not release one from the responsibility of the consequences just because it was the dog that did the damage.

      Again, thank you.


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