Florida School Bans Poem Read At Biden’s Inauguration

When these racist people show you who they are, believe them.  Florida is becoming a fundamentalist Christian white supremacist nationalist maga paradise.    Think of this:  DeathSantis says he is running for president to make the entire country like Florida.  He wants to take the Nazi Christian racist hateful anti-LGBTQ+ anti-civil right strict 1950s society gender roles.   Notice it was all books about racism and overcoming racism this single parent complained about, and it was one parent complaining that got the material banned so no student could access it.  Notice the woman is the wife of a Proud Boy maga gang thug.   Hugs

The Miami Herald reports:

A K-8 school in Miami-Dade County last month issued restrictions for elementary-aged students on three books and one poem after a parent objected to five titles, claiming they included topics that were inappropriate for students and should be removed “from the total environment.”

In March, Daily Salinas, a parent of two students at at Bob Graham Education Center in Miami Lakes, challenged The ABCs of Black HistoryCuban KidsCountries in the News Cuba, the poem The Hills We Climb, which was recited by poet Amanda Gorman at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, and Love to Langston for what she said included references of critical race theory, “indirect hate messages,” gender ideology and indoctrination, according to records obtained by the Florida Freedom to Read Project and shared with the Miami Herald.

In an interview with the Herald on Monday, Salinas said she “is not for eliminating or censoring any books.” Instead, she wants materials to be appropriate and for students “to know the truth” about Cuba, she said in Spanish.

Read the full article.

Love To Langston is Tony Medina’s book of poems in tribute to civil rights activist and poet Langston Hughes.


One bigoted parent wants poem written by young Black girl banned from school, and gets their way. Florida is truly The Shithole State.


Yup. Fascism. A coworker who was going to Florida to visit family had no idea of the NAACP travel advisory until I mentioned it

Not everyone is as politically literate as this forum is

At this point, there should be a group of parents pushing to remove every book with heterosexual-presenting characters. Then sue under the fascist laws that forbid ‘sexual identity’ being presented to students.

That’s a clever idea, but it will be ignored and dismissed. Cleverness is not getting us out of this. We have to show up and outvote them in every election from now on.

I’m so over these insufferable people. I’d like to wake up one day and realize that the whole sorry Trump era was just a bad dream, like Bobby Ewing emerging from the shower, very much alive, in “Dallas.” Alas, that is not to be. We’re stuck with these assholes forever.

Let’s just gut the libraries and make them into red hat manufacturing rooms. The kids can learn to work at minimum wage at an early age.

Thanks, DeSantis, for proving that the NAACP got this right. Banning a poet? Seriously? I can’t think of anyone who has done this since Franco.

Who cares? It was written by a young Black woman, so it must be bad. /s

…after a parent objected to five titles, claiming they included topics that were inappropriate for students and should be removed “from the total environment.


The only way to fix this one-parent veto of library offerings is for sensible people to begin filing similar complaints and force the issue into the courts with claims of unequal enforcement of these silly new laws. Surely ALL mentions of gender, sexuality, and violence should be restricted equitably or not restricted at all.

I know many people are busy with work and life….but we’re watching real time the rolling out of fascism.

Happened in Germany. People are just living their lives until one day there’s a knock at the door…


One parent objected. Just one.

Why not impose a minimum number of parents protesting, and specifying which part of the book is “offensive”?


One thought on “Florida School Bans Poem Read At Biden’s Inauguration

  1. The parent/s ought to have to prove they have a child/children in a school when they lodge these complaints, too. I’m not saying this woman didn’t, but we’ve read so many stories of people showing up at meetings lobbying in favor of these policies, and doing these things, when they don’t even live there, much less have a child being “harmed.” It all just costs everybody more money that ought to be going to actual education.


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