Sheriff: Kansas hunter dies after dog steps on rifle in backseat of pickup truck

It is a fact that owning a gun makes it more likely you or a member of your family will die from a gun accident or mistake made in the heat of the moment.    All gun owners are legal gun owners until the break the law so it is not a punishment of legal owners to have gun safety regulations.   In this case the man left a loaded gun with apparently no safety or the safety off unsecured where it could be discharged accidently.   Maybe the dog did not like hunting?  Hugs


The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office says a man died over the weekend after his dog stepped on a rifle, causing the firearm to discharge. 


The incident happened at around 9:40 a.m. Saturday in the 1600 block of 80th Street, north-northeast of Geuda Springs. The sheriff’s office said the man was sitting in the front passenger seat of his pickup and he had hunting gear and a rifle in the backseat. 


“A canine belonging to the owner of the pickup stepped on the rifle causing the weapon to discharge,” the sheriff’s office said. “The fired round struck the passenger who died of his injuries on scene.”


The man’s name has not been released. 

Randy sent me some thought provoking tweets.

You should go to the actual tweet and read the comments.   Hugs

Why do kids need guns made for them?   They seem to do well with adult guns at shooting people.  But seriously everyone understands that kids emotional control and reasoning ability are limited.   Some adults never grow out of those limitations.  Again the comments are all over the map.  Hugs

I just started to follow this guy above on YouTube.   He has a veery reasonable take on things and is easy to understand.   Hugs

The story below is amazing because it took kids to figure out something the adults should have seem a long time ago.   Grand kids.   Hugs

Indiana Toddler Filmed Wielding Loaded Gun [VIDEO]

Every gun owner is a legal gun owner until they are not.    The argument that gun safety laws only punishes the good gun owner trying to protect their home and family.   But the truth is every gun that was in some illegal used started out as a legally bought gun by someone.   Hugs

Yahoo News reports:

January is not even over, but this weekend’s On Patrol: Live aired what may end up being the most shocking TV moment of the year.

At the beginning of Saturday’s episode of Reelz’s law enforcement docuseries, police in Beech Grove, Ind. responded to reports of a diaper-clad child roaming the halls with a firearm at a local apartment complex.

When the officers arrived, they spoke to neighbors who had reported seeing the toddler with the gun, which he pointed at them, prompting them to retreat inside and call police immediately. The police then questioned the boy’s father, who denied having a gun in the home.

Read the full article.


Cackalaquiano4 hours ago

But let’s talk about how dangerous drag queens are for kids

Lestat3 hours ago

I’ve heard of the infantry but this is ridiculous.

Elagabalus4 hours ago

There’s your “Pro-life” at work.

thatotherjean4 hours ago

Of course Dad said he didn’t have a gun in the house. His toddler son was walking around outside with it in his hand. /s

Ragnar Lothbrok4 hours ago

Maybe he’s a good toddler with a gun?
Yes, that must be it

Fearsome Beard Ragnar Lothbrok4 hours ago

He was practicing to stop the mass shooter at the pre-school.

JackFknTwist4 hours ago

It’s all about the availability of guns.
There’s no other issue.
And for that availability I blame Scalia as much as the NRA.

marshlc4 hours ago

Shitty parenting all around. That kid is too little to be wandering around outside his apartment without an adult, but is also too big to be wearing diapers. Too lazy to toilet train their kid.

Bruno4 hours ago

How can anyone with half a brain call this a great country?

BartmanLA5 hours ago edited

I saw this on On Patrol Live on Saturday it was horrific to see this kid walking around pulling the trigger on the gun pointing it at random people, the father was totally responsible and LIED about his access to the weapon, he was arrested for child endangerment and also felon in possession of a gun. Thank god the gun while the clip was loaded there wasn’t a bullet in the chamber so the gun could not fire, if the kid had been able to figure out how to “rack” the gun to load a bullet it would have been much much worse.

BartmanLA TrollopeReader5 hours ago

He knew he shouldn’t have had the gun, initially when the police asked to search the apartment, he granted them access, but they found the gun inside a closed rolltop desk, which was obviously his attempt to hide it, he didn’t answer the door immediately so the police assumed he was secreting the weapon. He also claimed it belonged to his brother and he sometimes left it there when he didn’t think he should be carrying it around. The police knew it was suspect and kept searching and once they found it, that started the process of identifying him, contacting Child Services and eventually his arrest, the child was turned over to his grandmother who also happened to live in the same apartment complex, but was warned that DCS would be contacting her about the eventual disposition of the child’s welfare.

Dan BartmanLA4 hours ago

We were watching it live too and I was pissed off for the neighbors who told the cops what happened only for them to say, “Call us if it happens again since we don’t have proof” and they only stopped halfway out the door because another neighbor came out with their Ring doorbell footage.

Harveyrabbit 🐱6 hours ago

Not the only one.


Trying to catch up with news after spending most of the last four days in bed

Republicans Aren’t Even Willing to Admit There’s an Anti-LGBTQ+ Violence Problem

In a Congressional hearing, Club Q survivors pushed for action to curb anti-LGBTQ+ hate. Republicans focused on “violent crime” instead.
Michael Anderson  a survivor of Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs and Matthew Haynes a founding owner of the club in a...
Michael Anderson (left), a survivor of Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs, and Matthew Haynes, a founding owner of the club, in a Congressional hearing on anti-LGBTQ+ extremism Wednesday.Tom Williams/Getty Images

Two sides swiftly emerged at Wednesday’s Congressional hearing on anti-LGBTQ+ violence: one that was ready to talk about our community’s rights and protections, and another that just wanted to blame the woke left. 

The special hearing on “The Rise of Anti-LGBTQI+ Extremism and Violence in the United States” was assembled in direct response to the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs by a far-right extremist which left five dead. But while the witnesses and Democrats discussed the issue at hand, which outgoing committee chair Carolyn Maloney called “one of the most pressing issues that our nation will face in the years to come,” Republicans focused their efforts on turning anti-LGBTQ+ hate crimes into just a symptom of an alleged wave of violent crime, blaming everything from Black Lives Matter and efforts to defund the police to poor border security and fentanyl.

Witnesses at the hearing included Michael Anderson and James Slaugh, two Club Q survivors; Club Q owner Matthew Haynes; and Brandon Wolf, a survivor of the PULSE shooting, all of whom gave impassioned testimony about their experiences, trauma, and hope for the future. “Hate speech turns into hate action, and actions based on hate almost took my life from me at 25 years old,” Anderson told the committee. Wolf echoed the sentiment, calling out “cynical politicians and greedy grifters” like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who willfully “pour gasoline on anti-LGBTQ hysteria” to make money and accumulate political capital.


Haynes, who said attending the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act on Tuesday was “the first joy and pride I have felt since these horrific events at Club Q,” bluntly shared with the committee several examples of anti-LGBTQ+ hate speech he’d received since the shooting. The messages were filled with slurs, professing happiness that five people were dead and disappointment the killer hadn’t shot more. 

“I ask you today not simply what are you doing to safeguard LGBTQ Americans,” Haynes said, “but rather what are you and other leaders doing to make America unsafe for LGBTQ people.”


Witnesses also included Human Rights Campaign president Kelly Robinson, who called hate-motivated violence like the Club Q shooting “the tragic result of a society that devalues our lives, particularly the lives of Black and brown transgender and gender-nonconforming people.” Most of the witnesses stressed that Republicans’ fearmongering and misinformation around trans people and drag performers in particular directly emboldened open violence on hospitals, libraries, and on the street.

Lehman’s testimony was an obvious overture to what Republicans really wanted to talk about, the same talking point they’d stressed throughout this year’s midterm campaigns: that violent crime is allegedly on the rise, and it’s actually the Democrats’ fault any of this happened. Kentucky Rep. James Comer, the incoming committee chair who literally opened his remarks with the phrase “thoughts and prayers,” squarely blamed left-wing “defund the police and soft-on-crime policies” for a general rise in violence he denied is unique to LGBTQ+ communities. 

“We should be focused on the alarming rise of violent crime across our country, crimes that target all races and ethnicities,” Comer said, citing elevated homicide numbers in several large cities. Recent analyses from both the Bureau of Justice Statistics and FBI show that while homicide rates have increased during the pandemic, there was no national increase in overall violent crime over the last three years. 

Comer, of course, has a motive for obfuscating culpability: he’s one co-sponsor of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “Protect Children’s Innocence” bill, currently in committee, which would make providing a minor with any gender-affirming care a felony and prohibit federal funds from paying for such care.

article image
On Friday, Club Q family and supporters fundraised to reopen the nightlife haven at the center of the Colorado Springs shooting.

Other Republicans followed suit, like Pennsylvania Rep. Fred Keller, who said the committee should be “looking at this holistically as an American crime crisis.” Jody Hice of Georgia, in his last committee meeting as a representative, equated anti-LGBTQ+ hate speech to Maxine Waters’ 2018 comments encouraging people to make then-current Trump administration officials “not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Pat Fallon of Texas, aggressively questioning Wolf, invited comparison to James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter who shot Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and four others in 2017. “None of us blamed Bernie Sanders because he didn’t do it,” Fallon told Wolf, clearly agitated. In fact, some Republicans including then-President Trump did blame Sanders and other Democrats for allegedly inciting the shooting. 

David Cicilline, co-chair of the House Equality Caucus, said he was “disappointed, but not surprised” that almost no Republicans asked the witnesses about anti-LGBTQ+ extremism. “Republicans are happy to discuss our community when they’re attacking our rights, when they’re crying on the House floor because they oppose marriage equality,” Cicilline pointed out during the hearing. “But when it comes to actually discussing the violence against our community and its causes, just a quick condemnation of what happened at Club Q, and violence broadly, and nothing more. 

“In my view, this is shameful,” Cicilline added.

LGBTQ+ students get bomb threat after “Libs of TikTok” targeted them with doctored drag video

The right needs to keep the rage going against the people they have made the enemy and to do that they now need to make up even more wild accusations.  They have to feed the rage machine to keep them in power and attention.   So they made up a lie, doctored a video to back it up, and students got targeted by a right wing hater thug who feels entitled to force his views on others by violence.   Hugs

A bomb
Photo: Shutterstock

An LGBTQ+ student group in South Dakota received a bomb threat after they hosted a drag show on campus.

“I didn’t find out from [the University Police Department],” Lindsay Tull told The Daily Beast. She’s a member of the Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) at South Dakota State University (SDSU) that was threatened with a bomb. “I found out from the Discord that we have for our board members.”

“I was freaking out because I didn’t know how serious it was and if we were in danger. I was afraid for my friends and if something was going to happen to them.”

The show occurred on November 16 and was advertised as “kid-friendly,” drawing the ire of right-wing activists. The performers said that they made sure that the show was appropriate for all ages – they even bleeped out words from the pop songs they lip synced to – but that didn’t stop anti-LGBTQ+ activist Chaya Raichik from doctoring a video to make the event seem like performers were naked in front of children.

Raichik – who goes by “Libs of TikTok” online – posted video from last year’s event to Twitter on November 18. She used video of a drag queen last year dressed in a nude illusion – layers of clothing designed to look like a naked person – even though last year’s show wasn’t advertised as family-friendly. The drag queen she used in her video didn’t even perform at this year’s show.

“What they did was they spliced together some content from this year with last year’s drag show, which was not advertised in any way as family-friendly,” said another GSA member. “They tried to pass it off as it being part of the same show.”

Then she claimed that the video was from this year’s show to anger her anti-LGBTQ+ followers. Raichik is known for calling out targets on social media so that her followers can send death and bomb threats or call them slurs.

A week later, the school said on its website that it received an email that said, “An explosive device or devices were placed on the campus of South Dakota State University.”

“The email also threatened harm to potential survivors of the detonation,” the site said. “At the time of this warning, no devices have been located. The department will continue investigating the threat and pursing [sic] all leads.”

Faculty advisors for the GSA were told by university officials that their group was the target of the threat, but GSA members say that it took university police two weeks to say something to LGBTQ+ students about the threat.

The GSA had already been facing harassment since they announced the drag show in November. Several conservative Christian organizations – including the Concerned Women of America (CWA) and the Family Heritage Alliance (FHA) – drew attention to the drag event. The CWA called it an “outright assault on our children.”

“Children’s innocence is under attack like never before in our country,” the FHA’s website said. “They are constantly being bombarded with sexually explicit material and radical gender ideology, even through so-called ‘family-friendly’ events like an upcoming drag show in South Dakota.”

The controversy attracted the attention of conservative elected officials. State Rep. Scott Odenbach (R) called it “unbelievable and unacceptable.” State Rep. Chris Karr (R) wrote to SDSU asking them “not to allow children to attend this event.” State Rep. John Hansen (D) said, “Use of taxpayer funds or resources for this event is not appropriate.”

The drag show was not funded by the university.

This led to death threats against the performers in the show, and security was increased. One performer said that everyone just “wanted out” by the end of the show.

The GSA said that around 300 people attended the drag event, more than had ever attended in the past.

This isn’t the first time the right has used this tactic – manipulating images of drag shows to make them seem inappropriate for children. Earlier this year, another rightwing blogger posted a blurred picture of a drag queen’s groin to make it seem like she had exposed herself to children. The drag performer later sued.


Club Q Survivors Testify In Congress About Horrific Nightclub Shooting

Survivors of the Club Q nightclub shooting in Colorado Springs testified about LGBT violence before the House Oversight Committee. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.

Read more HERE:…

“It’s been less than a month since an armed attacker shot up an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, killing five people and wounding 17.

Two of the survivors of that mass shooting, as well as a co-owner of Club Q, testified on Capitol Hill on Wednesday about that night and the rise of hate aimed at their community.

Sitting behind an imposing oak desk, facing members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, 25-year-old Michael Anderson recalled working behind the bar at Club Q when he heard the sound of gunfire.

“I can still hear the rapid firing of bullets today,” he said. “It’s a sound I may never forget. It’s a sound I hope no one here or anywhere else in this country has to hear.”

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