CNN’s HORRIBLE Rail Worker Coverage

The Recount’s Steve Morris compiled the reactions from multiple CNN correspondents and anchors covering the impending rail workers strike. The coverage focused almost entirely on how expensive it might be for consumers and businesses if the rail workers end up striking, how disruptive it’ll be for the economy, and how it could upend Christmas shopping just a month before the holidays.

Russian journalist responds to lawmakers passing strict anti-LGBTQ+ law

Russian journalist Mikhail Zygar speaks with CNN’s Bianna Golodryga about lawmakers passing a strict anti-LGBTQ law that would ban all Russians from promoting or “praising” homosexual relationships or publicly suggesting that they are “normal.”

Unhinged Kari Lake Supporters Throw Tantrums Over the Certification of the 2022 Election

During the public comment period for Maricopa County, Arizona’s certification of the 2022 election results, Kari Lake’s conspiratorial supporters showed up to voice outrage because the county’s Republican officials won’t break the law and refuse to certify the results.

Republicans Want To Destroy LGBTQ+ Communities

Matt Walsh Blames Victims For Colorado Club Q Shooting

As Sam and Emma say the Matt Walsh types do not want gays and trans to be accepted and act like high priests to tell everyone it not only is wrong but to remove it from society.  Their goal with their hate is to return to a time when the LGBTQ+ and other minorities were not in the public square, were not seen.   Hugs 

Why Is Dennis Prager OBSESSED With Incest?

Trumper: His Balls Are Bigger Than Any Other President’s

With almost every supporter it came back to religion and god.  tRump loves god, Biden worships the devil.   No one knew what woke was, but they were sure there was a woke agenda.  These are the cult maga republicans And they vote.   Hugs

Retired general says this move would be a win for Putin

This is inhumane and deliberate terrorism.   The children’s hospitals running in the dark the only lights flashlights or the occasional desk top light.   They are trying to hurt the people, make them so scared they will give up, force them to choice to either freeze to death or give into Putin.  The west needs to stop this.   We have the air systems to stop these missiles, but we wont use them because we want them only operated by us, OK so send the Nato forces in to run them.  This is about people, look around you, this is about your neighbors, the little kids, the old people, the workers, those struggling now to find food, water, and stay warm enough to live.   Hugs

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Wesley Clark (ret.) tells CNN’s John Berman what Russia may be hoping to achieve in their latest attacks against Ukraine.