BREAKING: DOJ Files DEVASTATING Motion Against Former Top Trump Aide For PRIVATE SERVER emails

The DOJ filed a motion for summary judgment in its lawsuit for replevin (return of property) against former Top Trump aide Peter Navarro who use a private server to send government emails and refuses to return the emails to the government.

Let’s talk about a Cuban referendum and party and policy….

GOP Leader Nods As MAGA Mom Says ‘Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion’ Is Marxism

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy nods to parents calling “diversity, equity, and inclusion” Marxist programs The Majority Report crew discusses how there is no pushback to conservatives openly advocating to end anti-bullying programs after the critical race theory panic and passing of legislation such as the don’t say gay bill. The crew also talks about how parents are being activated to go to the polls by hateful right-wing rhetoric.

Gavin Newsom WIPES THE FLOOR with DeSantis in scathing takedown

At the Texas Tribune event in Austin, Texas on Saturday afternoon, California Governor Gavin Newsom took aim at far-right Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his anti-freedom stances, which span from his treatment of asylum seekers, the banning of books, the rollback of reproductive rights and beyond. Francis Maxwell reports.

Proud Boys And Nazis Menace TX Drag Event [VIDEO] – JMG

“We are out here to push back on things that society knows is wrong”.   Wrong society has said that drag dressing up is fine and has for decades.   It is only recently that the rabid republican elected office holders made it a sexual thing claiming it was orgies that kids were taken to.   The religious leaders have decried it as sin and against the word of god and they jumped on the republican hate language.  Dressing in drag has been done forever, from early theater to the advent of TV, to Flip Wilson in the 1970s to even Rudy Giuliani.   It is done on Halloween and has been done in drag shows for as long as I can remember.   It was done at schools.    It is only the last year that these assholes that want everyone to live, act, and be just like they demand that everyone be some kind of fictionalized 1950s.   But even in the 1950s you had drag.   This is a made up outrage to try to force the minority view that the LGBTQ+ must be removed from society, that anyone who doesn’t follow a traditional male / female role must be removed from society, and any religion not approved by this minority must be removed from society.   These groups at the US Taliban.   The Proud Boys and Patriot Front are the Nazi loving brownshirt enforcers of the curreent rabid republican party.    Hugs

Click2Houston reports:

A Drag Bingo night at a Katy Church stirred up controversy on Saturday evening. The event, meant to raise money for the church’s clothing boutique for trans-youth, sparked heated demonstrations.

KPRC 2′s cameras were rolling as demonstrators clashed outside the First Christian Church on Morton Ranch Road. A number of groups were there supporting the LGBTQ+ community and other groups against the event said they wanted to make sure their voices were heard.

“We are out here to push back on things that society knows is wrong. They are having an event, welcoming children to drag queen bingo hour. This is unacceptable,” Founder of Urban Conservatives of America Jonathan McCullough said.

Houston’s ABC affiliate reports:

“That is nonsense, because drag in itself is just a costume,” said one person supporting the event. “It’s no different than someone dressed up like a superhero at a comic convention or someone who puts on a Halloween costume.”

Heavily armed officers formed a line in the median in an effort to keep the two sides separate. As the crowds grew bigger and bigger, more officers arrived. Despite the chaos, a pastor told KHOU 11 the event was a sold-out success.

“We know that not everyone will agree with us, so we create a place for people to feel welcomed and understand there will always be people who don’t agree with us,” the pastor said.

Ščŏŧŧ Ċ – 🇺🇦 🕊 • 4 hours ago

I’m glad no one was hurt, and I’m glad they didn’t cancel the event, or back down.

Grown-ass men getting their undies bunched because they don’t like someone else’s wardrobe, and they think that entitles them to threaten violence. If there’s a better definition of toxic masculinity, I can’t think of it.

Mrs. Councillor Nugent Ščŏŧŧ Ċ – 🇺🇦 🕊 • 4 hours ago

Freedom of religion much?

Gigi • 4 hours ago

I’m very concerned about children being exposed to the hateful and toxic beliefs of men like this. Drag queens, not so much.


SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad Gigi • 4 hours ago

Won’t wear masks to reduce transmission of a deadly disease, but will wear masks to hide their “Proud” identify.

Chris Baker SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • 4 hours ago

How can they even breathe in those masks? I mean, haven’t they seen the studies that show that masks reduce oxygen in the body. I am really concerned for their health.

S_E_P • 4 hours ago

Must be some kind of really boring life when all one does is search the internet for drag queen events that can be harrassed.
I guess since all the abortion clinics were closed, there’s nothing else to entertain the nazis

Chris Baker S_E_P • 4 hours ago

I hope someone had a sign “Americans defeated Nazis once, we can do it again.” With some American flags on it. Why can’t liberals use the American flag too? We want America to be a great place to live for everyone. (Well, except Nazis)

Chris Baker Chris Baker • 4 hours ago

Didn’t some right wing nut write a book about how the Nazi were really all gay? Should make a sign promoting that book. (I was going to say to hand out copies of the book, but that would be supporting the author.)

Gustav2 S_E_P • 4 hours ago • edited

They are just trying to make their numbers much higher than those numbers are and pretend they are not just uneducated rural militia folks. I always ask crazy “conservatives” in central Ohio where their parents and/or grandparents were born.

Serene Pumpkin • 4 hours ago

And so much for freedom of religion.
This event was taking place at a church.

AyJayDee • 4 hours ago

“Sparked heated demonstrations … other groups against the event said they wanted to make sure their voices were heard“

One of the reasons we’re hurtling toward theocratic fascism in this country is because the media keep describing what’s happening with sanitizing, normalizing language like this.

David Walker AyJayDee • 4 hours ago

When the takeover happens, though, it will be interesting to see which brand of bible thumping will ‘win.’

S_E_P David Walker • 4 hours ago

And dont think it will be peaceful.

AyJayDee S_E_P • 4 hours ago

Violence is a key component of fascism, and we’re already seeing that

S_E_P AyJayDee • 4 hours ago

I understand that. Im talking about afterward, when/if they get their way. The christian factions will be killing each other for supremacy.

SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • 5 hours ago

We are out here to push back on things that society knows is wrong

1). Nazis

Thorn Spike • 5 hours ago

For big, proud Nazis they seem awfully scared.

Tawreos • 4 hours ago

Have they tried praying? They claim that prayer can solve any problem, but when they actually care about something they show up. Dead kids in school,? Nothing but prayer. Kids at a show? Threats and intimidation. They need to actually act like they believe their own religious bullshit on occasion.

Boreal • 4 hours ago

If you are going to events, probably a good idea to bring something like pepper spray to defend yourself if these knuckledraggers show up. They have been given permission to act like this by the GQP.

Steven in TX 🏳️‍🌈 ISOLATION Boreal • 4 hours ago

Wasp spay shoots 20 feet, and is flammable, can cause permanent eye damage if not treated quickly.
Very cost effective.

Boreal Steven in TX 🏳️‍🌈 ISOLATION • 4 hours ago

Good point. I thought I saw a wasp about to sting that incel. Good thing I brought some spray to help him.

David Walker • 5 hours ago

“That is nonsense, because drag in itself is just a costume,” said one person supporting the event. “It’s no different than someone dressed up like a superhero at a comic convention or someone who puts on a Halloween costume.”

One might also suggest proud boy and oath keepers drag as costumes.

olandp Atman SP • 3 minutes ago

As Ru Paul says, “We are born naked, all the rest is drag.”

1836 Project’s pamphlet to promote a “patriotic” version of Texas history airbrushes oppression and poverty, experts say

Several years ago religious bigots got into the highest levels of the school education system in the state of Texas.   I remember posting of Aron Ra and others going to testify against the rewriting of the textbooks to bring history, biology, and other subjects in line with the bible as much as possible.   Including the stressing that the US was established as a Christian nation under Christian policies and that the constitution was given to the founding fathers by Moses.   Then recently it was to get rid of any negative connotations of slavery and the horrors of that institution to calling slaves unwilling immigrants and unpaid workers.    The drive was fueled by that CRT which is a advanced degree course taught in law schools was being taught to little kids and that white kids were being made to feel bad about being white.    Then it became the drive to remove anything LGBTQ+ from schools.   Don’t say gay bills.    And now we are up to a total rewrite of history to prove how great and exceptionally honorable Texas is, just as god intended it to be.  Hugs

The Texas Tribune reviewed the 15-page document, which will be handed out to new drivers, and asked historians to comment on how accurately and thoroughly it chronicles the state’s history.

The Texas and U.S. flag wave in the wind outside of the John Reagan State Office building on Jan. 15, 2020.

Early settlements


Oil, not cotton


The Alamo





Texas Sheriff Opens Investigation Into Desantis Over Martha’s Vineyard Immigration Stunt

Bexar Sheriff Javier Salazar says there is an open investigation of Venezuelan migrants lured under false pretenses and displaced from San Antonio to Florida and then Martha’s Vineyard. The Majority Report crew discusses how the Venezuelan migrants were in the United States legally with court dates and promised expedited work papers. The MR crew questions the funding behind this political stunt and if it could possibly be Right-wing money as Florida Governor DeSantis’ office staff is involved.

Ron DeSantis Says He Has An ‘Ultimate Solution’

Governor Ron DeSantis is confronted by a journalist about the state of Florida’s plans to spend tax money to displace migrants from Texas to Delaware. The Majority Report crew discusses how DeSantis wants to address people “trickling in” from border states to Florida by displacing them at the source. The MR crew talks about how asylum seekers are here legally though not citizens, and questions the usage of the word ‘legal’ when referring to people. The crew also mentions how DeSantis may be burning out quickly as campaigning for the 2024 election is still far out and questions DeSantis’ use of the ‘ultimate solution’ with regard to immigration.

Anti-LGBTQ Activist Explains How COVID Vaccines Will Connect You To The Internet For Mind Control [VIDEO] – JMG

“So this is how it works. You’re injected with graphene oxide. Once injected with the so-called vaccine, you become connected to the internet of things and you can be mind-controlled by artificial intelligence.

“And maybe 5G. Why are they putting 5G everywhere? It’s like the Tower of Babel. And how did God deal with the Tower of Babel? How much longer do you think he’s going to tolerate this satanic plan?

“This is trans-humanism. The internet of things. How would you like to be connected so that your thinking would no longer be your thinking, but it would be non-biological?

“The real question is who will control the computer that give you the messages? It won’t be your pastor.” – Anti-LGBTQ activist and supplements peddler Steven Hotze, speaking to a group calling themselves “Liberty Pastors.”

Hotze last appeared on JMG in August 2022 when he won a Texas ruling that may imperil insurance coverage for PrEP medications nationwide.

In April 2022, Hotze was charged with two felonies related to a bizarre 2020 “voter fraud search” incident. That case remains pending.

Hotze also appeared on JMG in 2020 when he left a voice mail for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, telling him to “shoot to kill” Black Lives Matter activists.

You may recall that Steven Hotze has compared gays to “communist termites” eating away at America’s moral fabric. He is also fond of declaring that it’s now a hate crime to denounce homosexuality.

It was Hotze who bankrolled the successful campaign to repeal Houston’s “wicked, evil, Satanic” LGBT rights ordinance, during which he compared gays to rapists and murderers.

According to Hotze, same-sex marriage will result in children “practicing sodomy” in kindergarten.

In 2017, he appeared here when he “prophesied” that God will deliver “just retribution” to lawmakers who vote for LGBTQ rights.

When he’s not calling on God to kill politicians or for the governor to kill Black Lives Matter activists, Hotze sells “miracle” supplements because high cholesterol doesn’t really cause heart disease.

Hotze regularly quotes QAnon slogans.

Watch the clip. There are slides!


ANd here I thought my cell reception was better becasue AT&T built a new tower a few blocks away. Noow we know that it is all part of the plan to control people, and we’re [aying for it through our cell phone bills.

The easiest solution for conservatives would be to turn off their cell phones, and disconnect their home internet completely.


Darreth • 18 minutes ago

Now their conspiracy theory is about graphene oxide? It’s endless. They literally have not a single anchor in our collective reality.

Lizard • 18 minutes ago

If Elon Musk suggested this as the next Tesla product, these same people would be slobbering over how genius it is.

Adam Schmidt • 27 minutes ago

As a person who actually works on this stuff, he’s so appallingly stupid that it boggles the mind. 5G is a problem but 4G wasn’t? And you know what the “Internet of Things” is? Any device that connects to the Internet and sends or receives data over it. The reason why they call it that is because those things might not be what we typically think of as “computers”. Your oven could be an ioT device because you could start it preheating while you’re on the way home. Your clothes dryer might be able to send performance data over the net and notify you if it needs service.

Just wait until he discovers what a “personal cloud” is… and no, it’s not a fart or BO. It’s when the various IoT devices on your body work in conjunction with each other to assist you. Your phone working with your watch and wireless headphones is a personal cloud. And as we move forward, more things that are on or in you will become part of your personal cloud. Hearing aids, contact lenses, implants in your body that monitor blood chemistry, etc… You think they’ve lost their shit now, just wait til they decide this is the “mark of the beast” they ramble on about.

Chucktech • 41 minutes ago

Honest to sweet dead jesus, why isn’t this guy laughed right off whatever goddam soap box he’s on?

DJ • 38 minutes ago

Can it fix my awful backache I have today?

TennesseeEscapee • 38 minutes ago

He’s presenting to a group of White males who couldn’t define quantum if it were beamed into their brains via 5G.

Chucktech • 41 minutes ago

And how did God deal with the Tower of Babel?

Well, let’s see, according to your laughably puerile book of fairy tales, god made everybody speak a different language so that they couldn’t talk to each other to build the tower to heaven.

Then, humans developed new universal languages called “mathematics” and “science,” which allowed them to build the tower, where we discovered there’s no such dumbass thing as heaven.

Posthumously • 43 minutes ago

Republicans are crazy, yet polls show them pulling ahead in key states like Georgia, Wisconsin, and Nevada.

A conversation* with Governor DeSantis on his trafficking-immigrants-to-Martha’s Vineyard strategy

Nan sent this to me and it is a grand breakdown of how DeathSantis not only broke the law but was trying to use human suffering as a political hate tool.   This is a clear case of racism and bigotry.  Thank you, Nan, for the link.   Hugs

I’m against trafficking of migrants.

But luring unsuspecting people onto planes with lies about jobs, housing, and education awaiting them, and then depositing them onto an island off the coast of Massachusetts that’s totally unprepared to receive them, is a form of human trafficking.


The people you’re talking about aren’t American citizens. They have no rights.

Even if they’re not Americans, U.S. law prohibits kidnapping people and moving them across state lines.

I didn’t kidnap them. They’re here illegally!

You don’t know that. Under our laws, these people are entitled to a hearing on whether they’re here legally — just like all the Cuban asylum seekers who for years have arrived in South Florida fleeing communism.

What I’m doing is appropriate and legal! I’m paying for part of it with funds from last year’s American Rescue Plan.

That money was for the COVID-19 health crisis. It isn’t a slush fund for whatever political stunt you dream up.

I’m also using every penny of the $12 million Florida budgeted to relocate migrants. I have a responsibility to the people of Florida to send migrants out of the state!

If you’re responsible for Floridians, why are you picking up people in Texas and transporting them to Massachusetts?

Many of the people who cross the southern border into Texas end up in Florida.

But the law gives federal officials the responsibility for handling immigration, not you.

You don’t know the Constitution. Article 10 gives powers not delegated to the federal government to the States.

No Governor, you don’t know the Constitution. Article 1 gives Congress the power to regulate commerce among the states. Neither you nor the state of Florida has the authority to off-load people you don’t want onto other states.

I’m not the only governor doing this!

I know. On Thursday Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent two surprise buses of migrants to Washington, D.C., where they were dropped off near the residence of Vice President Harris carrying all they have in clear plastic trash bags.

And we red-state governors are going to do a lot more!

So Republican governors can’t be bothered with pesky things like laws or the Constitution?

The U.S. immigration and asylum systems are totally broken!

Then why don’t you support fixing them instead of using immigrants as political fodder? Ask Republicans in Congress to stop blocking federal legislation creating paths to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants and to expedite asylum seekers and other legal immigrants.

You don’t understand politics. You have to play hardball.

You don’t understand morality or decency. You’re treating immigrants as if they’re political pawns rather than people. They’re no less people than was your maternal great-great-grandfather Salvatore Storti, who immigrated to the United States from Italy in 1904, or your great-great-grandmother Luigia Colucci, who joined Salvatore in the United States in 1917.

Keep them out of this.

And you’re treating the citizens of blue states as political hostages rather than fellow Americans. But they are no less American than the millions of retirees from blue states who have migrated to Florida, and their children and grandchildren who still live in blue states. We’re all in this together.

No we’re not.

And you’re acting as if governing is a child’s game rather than a pursuit of the common good. But it’s not a game. Our common good has depended on the sacrifices of generations of American service men and women, first responders, teachers, social workers, and public leaders who dedicated their lives to this nation.

I don’t have to listen to your speeches.

Look, I get it: Coping with immigration is difficult. It requires hard thought and hard work.

You betcha.

But you’re giving it neither.

Interview over!

I’m told you have presidential ambitions, Governor. If so, you might start acting like a statesman rather than doing stunts that make you a cynical clown.