I regret I am so far behind.   It is too hard to sit at my desk, every 15 minutes or so I have to get up and walk around, but then after a few minutes have to sit.   If I have a task I need to do standing for more than 15 minutes I have to take more medication to stop my back from giving out.  I managed to get my MRI I needed this morning, came home ate and went right to bed.   I got up at 2:30 as my back was not getting better.  I see my pain doctor on the 6th of Feb.    Hopefully I can quickly schedule some shots to my spine.  I was getting them regularly to keep the pain down but I got hit with a couple very expensive bills from the spine shots and decided to see if I could handle the pain with muscle shots and pills.  Turns out that won’t work.   I have already had to take more medication than I like to take.   If this doesn’t work I will go to the next level of pain medications.   In the state of Florida it is hard now to get the drugs that caused such problems which can be managed but they want to force everyone to fentanyl even as the republicans scream about how deadly it is.     The clips below are pure republican hate, making it so poor people on snap cannot buy any affordable foods not even can soup.  No meats no matter the kind, no canned vegetables and so much more.  And the continued attacks by republicans and DeathSantis on the idea of inclusion and anything LGBTQ+.    I again today wont be able to catch up but there is always tomorrow I guess.    Hugs

A GOP-backed bill in Oklahoma would fine drag performers up to $20,000 and have them face up to 2 years in jail for performing in front of a minor


The right is so desperate to have a white straight homogenous country that they claim reading to children with parents present while dressed in costume is porn and “adult” entertainment.    WTF.  I wonder if the people ever wonder if they can openly lie and make one group illegal will they next make your group illegal using lies?   Hugs

A drag queen who goes by the name Flame reads stories to children and their caretakers during a Drag Story Hour at a public library in New York, Friday, June 17, 2022.
A drag queen who goes by the name Flame reads stories to children and their caretakers during a Drag Story Hour at a public library in New York, Friday, June 17, 2022. 

Seth Wenig/AP
  • An Oklahoma bill would make it a felony punishable by a $20,000 fine for drag artists to perform in front of minors.
  • The bill by GOP Rep. Kevin West would also make it a misdemeanor for one to organize drag performances in public.
  • At least ten states have proposed legislation that targets drag performances, including drag queen story hours.

An Oklahoma bill would make it a felony punishable by up to a $20,000 fine for drag artists to perform in front of minors.

The bill would make it “unlawful for a person to engage in an adult cabaret performance” in public before a minor. The fine may fall in the range of $500 to $20,000, and it may also incur a prison sentence from 30 days to two years, according to the bill’s text. 

State GOP Rep. Kevin West, who filed House Bill 2186 on January 19, told Insider that the bill is intended to limit performances “in a public place.” 

“But if you have a private venue and parents want to take their children there, then that would not be affected by this bill,” West told Insider. “It wouldn’t be allowed where just the general public would be able to see the performance. So like a library or a school or something like that would fall into being under the jurisdiction of this bill.”

West’s bill specifically named drag queen story hours as events that would be considered unlawful, as well as other forms of “adult cabaret” performances. It would also create a misdemeanor for anyone who organizes or authorizes such performances in public or in view of minors, threatening a fine of $500 to $1,000 and a maximum of a year in county jail. 

The bill compared drag performers to strippers and topless dancers, defining “drag queen” as a “male or female performer who adopts a flamboyant or parodic feminine persona with glamorous or exaggerated costumes and makeup.”

One activist on Twitter also suggested that the wording may criminalize a woman displaying a “feminine persona” with heavy makeup around children, per Newsweek

But West, in a statement to Insider, disagreed. 

“I’ve gotten emails and seen stuff online where I’m trying to ban the drag queen shows. Well, clearly nothing in the bill says that those are being banned. It’s just making sure that they’re done in the location where it’s intended,” West told Insider.

“I think that it really just comes to some of those boundaries. We have a lot of laws on the books that prohibit certain activities in public spaces and with everything that we’ve been seeing for the last few years on this subject, I think that’s why you’re seeing a lot of bills like this.”

The bill is scheduled to have its first reading in the Oklahoma House on February 6, per the Oklahoma legislature’s website. 

It follows a trend of similar legislation gaining traction nationwide to limit drag performances, such as in Arizona, Texas, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Missouri, Tennessee, Nebraska, South Carolina, and West Virginia, according to reporting by Newsweek and the ACLU. Drag story hours in California and North Carolina, and other states, have also been targeted by the Proud Boys, a far-right extremist group, over the past year. 

In October, a coalition of Republicans in the US House introduced a bill to “Stop the Sexualization of Children,” specifically targeting drag queen story hours as “sexually-oriented events,” Insider previously reported. The bill would give parents grounds to sue public entities that use federal tax dollars, such as public libraries, for “sexually explicit materials or programs.”

Furious Texas Paul EXPOSES Texas Governor’s SECRET Border CORRUPTION and FAILURES

After President Biden visited the southern border as well as U.S. Border Control agents, Right Wing Media and Elected Leaders wasted no time smearing Biden. Meidas Contributor Texas Paul exposes these attempts to smear the Biden administration and explains why it is all projection.

Texas Paul Exposes MASSIVE Republican CORRUPTION in Very First Bill

Republicans continue to spread lies regarding the funding of the IRS, and have now announced that their very first bill in the newly Republican-controlled House will make it more difficult for working class families to get tax refunds while providing cover for their billionaire friends to cheat on their taxes. Texas Paul explains.

Texas Paul DEBUNKS Right Wing NUT Rand Paul’s LATEST LIES

Radical Right Republican Senator Rand Paul gave a speech before the Omnibus Spending Bill vote complaining about Government spending while misrepresenting examples. Meidas Contributor Texas Paul reacts in an epic takedown.

15 Things The Average American Family Can’t Afford Anymore

By now, we can all tell that our dollars don’t stretch as far as they used to. The purchasing power of the average American family has declined by over 35% since 2010, and as we enter a new year, more price increases, inflation, and financial hardships are on the horizon.

It’s never been so expensive to live in the United States. While the cost of basic necessities continues to reach new highs, our incomes stay the same, and the threat of job losses reemerges due to the ongoing recession.

2023 will be a very challenging year for many households, and in today’s video, we listed a series of things that are either going up in price in the months ahead or becoming more unaffordable and out of the reach of hard-working Americans.

For example, We’re still in the middle of one of the greatest housing bubbles in history, and even though prices are crashing in some pandemic hotspots, soaring interest rates are keeping the cost of a home and monthly mortgage payments over 40% higher than a year ago.

The trend is expected to continue throughout 2023 as the Fed announced that it will continue its monetary tightening policy until inflation is tamed down.

New research released by ATTOM Data Solutions revealed that Americans can’t afford to purchase a home in more than 75 percent of the country. Out of 473 U.S. counties analyzed in the report, 355 listed median home prices more than what average wage earners could afford, the firm found.

“New York City claimed the largest share of a person’s income to purchase a home,” researchers noted, adding that “while average earners nationwide need to spend only about one-third of their income on a home, residents in Brooklyn and Manhattan must shell out more than 115 percent of their income.

In San Francisco, residents must spend 103 percent, and in Hawaii’s Maui County, it takes 101 percent”. Similarly, renters seem to be struggling just as much, but their uncertain situation is even worse. With unemployment rates steadily rising, and a recession at our door, a wave of evictions is expected to occur in 2023.

Affordable housing problems will, unfortunately, stay with us for quite some time, and many hard-working people out there are at risk of becoming homeless.

Already, roughly 51 million households don’t earn enough to afford rent according to a study released Thursday by the United Way ALICE Project. That represents 43% of households in the entire country.

The figure includes the 16.1 million households living in poverty, as well as the 34.7 million families that the United Way has dubbed as ALICE — Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.

This group makes less than what’s needed “to survive in the modern economy,” the organization noted. Unfortunately, financial stability will not be in the cards for millions of families out there in 2023.

This will be a year marked by the burst of financial bubbles, business shutdowns, layoffs, and an economic downturn that is set to be the greatest since the 2008 meltdown. The recession has only just begun, and we should all brace for a bumpy ride in the coming months.

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