Sheriff: Kansas hunter dies after dog steps on rifle in backseat of pickup truck

It is a fact that owning a gun makes it more likely you or a member of your family will die from a gun accident or mistake made in the heat of the moment.    All gun owners are legal gun owners until the break the law so it is not a punishment of legal owners to have gun safety regulations.   In this case the man left a loaded gun with apparently no safety or the safety off unsecured where it could be discharged accidently.   Maybe the dog did not like hunting?  Hugs


The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office says a man died over the weekend after his dog stepped on a rifle, causing the firearm to discharge. 


The incident happened at around 9:40 a.m. Saturday in the 1600 block of 80th Street, north-northeast of Geuda Springs. The sheriff’s office said the man was sitting in the front passenger seat of his pickup and he had hunting gear and a rifle in the backseat. 


“A canine belonging to the owner of the pickup stepped on the rifle causing the weapon to discharge,” the sheriff’s office said. “The fired round struck the passenger who died of his injuries on scene.”


The man’s name has not been released. 

I can hardly breathe but I have taken more medications and it is getting easier.

An update and a photo.   The update from last week is the testing seriously poisoned me and I was very sick.  When I told that she was cruel and even told the doctor I should report him to the Geneva Convention both were stunned until they looked at my back.   Then they kept saying I should have called in.   But I reminded them I was reacting so badly during the midweek visit they already claimed it was a serious problem and gave me a list of things to avoid in products.   On Thursday Ron started using every medication we could get including the ones given me from the allergy office.   By Friday afternoon I was a raw mass on my back and so sick I was throwing up.   Ron wanted to take me to the emergency room.   I decided to take a bunch of Benadryl as that was what they would do in the ER.   It was a long weekend.  

Today I was starting to feel better, but still so very tired.  But ready to seriously get back to my blog rather than just read / watch stuff and post it.   But the universe is not done messing with me yet.  

Ron has not been feeling well either this last week he has been in a lot of pain in his back and hip.   But today he decided to put up the shelves I have been asking for … a long time.   Due to the small space and James being at work I needed to help Ron.   That was a mistake that couldn’t be avoided.   

The effort involved with putting up the shelves aggravated and caused serious spasms in my back.  Due to that I started having trouble walking and couldn’t stand without support.   Lucky for me I have lots of great canes.   The pain caused my heart at one point to peak at about 168 and go out of rhythm for a bit.  I took my medication and it settled at about 115.  Then slowly slowed to 95, 85, and then down to 83.   Right now it is 80.   But the good news is my disk has a lot less stuff on it and will have even more stuff tomorrow when I feel like moving more of the wired stuff.   Odie is happy he has more room to spread out.   I did not get back to the comments and other blogs like I planned today but I sure have that as my goal.  Anyway here is a picture of the new shelves long after the sun went down and I could stand again.  I was able to move a lot of stuff off the desk which was over crowed and yet the other set of speakers the cord is too short.   I have to look in my many boxes of extra cords for an extensions of the right wires / jacks … (What I want is a new set of much better sounding surround sound speakers …)   Hugs and lots of love.  Scottie   Oh Yes that is Odie on my desk, now that Tupac is a house permanent person Odie is making sure he gets as much desk time as possible.    Hugs

My new shelves

Tupac, the newest addition to our home

We have a new addition to our home, Ron named him Tupac.   We know almost nothing about him.   He was a stray that attached to a neighbor’s wife, and when they moved here he came with them.  The wife then died and the man said the cat stopped even returning to the house.   The man said he did not even know the gender of the cat nor if he had any of his shots, not even his age.  The cat is so thin, hardly anything to him, Ron has been feeding him lots and lots of food.   Ron made an appointment for Tupac with our vet for 4 PM today.   We will have him chipped with us as he human parents, and make sure he gets his shots and all the tests needed to insure he is healthy.   I tried hard to avoid this situation, But Ron couldn’t stand the idea of the cat being in bad weather, hurricanes, and the freezing cold.   He has another companion that is feral or we would have been adopting that one also.     I hope Tupac is healthy or it will break Ron’s heart, he has gotten really attached to that cat.   Hugs


BUSTED: Florida Utility Company Allegedly Paid “Journalist” For Hatchet Job on Candidate

Read more HERE:…

“A freelance producer for ABC News allegedly put pressure on politicians who opposed the interests of clients of a powerful political consulting firm, which some say was an unethical use of her influence with the network, NPR reports.

According to NPR’s report, Kristen Hentschel used her ties with the network “at least three times to trip up Florida politicians whose stances on environmental regulations cut against the interests” of clients of Matrix LLC, a political consulting firm that was accused of spying on environmentalists and journalists for the benefit of its corporate clients.

“At the time, a political consulting firm called Matrix LLC had paid Hentschel at least $7,000, the firm’s internal ledgers show. And Matrix billed two major companies for Hentschel’s work, labeling the payments ‘for Florida Crystals, FPL.’ (Florida Crystals is a huge sugar conglomerate. FPL is shorthand for the giant utility Florida Power & Light.),” NPR’s report states.”

LGBTQ+ students get bomb threat after “Libs of TikTok” targeted them with doctored drag video

The right needs to keep the rage going against the people they have made the enemy and to do that they now need to make up even more wild accusations.  They have to feed the rage machine to keep them in power and attention.   So they made up a lie, doctored a video to back it up, and students got targeted by a right wing hater thug who feels entitled to force his views on others by violence.   Hugs

A bomb
Photo: Shutterstock

An LGBTQ+ student group in South Dakota received a bomb threat after they hosted a drag show on campus.

“I didn’t find out from [the University Police Department],” Lindsay Tull told The Daily Beast. She’s a member of the Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) at South Dakota State University (SDSU) that was threatened with a bomb. “I found out from the Discord that we have for our board members.”

“I was freaking out because I didn’t know how serious it was and if we were in danger. I was afraid for my friends and if something was going to happen to them.”

The show occurred on November 16 and was advertised as “kid-friendly,” drawing the ire of right-wing activists. The performers said that they made sure that the show was appropriate for all ages – they even bleeped out words from the pop songs they lip synced to – but that didn’t stop anti-LGBTQ+ activist Chaya Raichik from doctoring a video to make the event seem like performers were naked in front of children.

Raichik – who goes by “Libs of TikTok” online – posted video from last year’s event to Twitter on November 18. She used video of a drag queen last year dressed in a nude illusion – layers of clothing designed to look like a naked person – even though last year’s show wasn’t advertised as family-friendly. The drag queen she used in her video didn’t even perform at this year’s show.

“What they did was they spliced together some content from this year with last year’s drag show, which was not advertised in any way as family-friendly,” said another GSA member. “They tried to pass it off as it being part of the same show.”

Then she claimed that the video was from this year’s show to anger her anti-LGBTQ+ followers. Raichik is known for calling out targets on social media so that her followers can send death and bomb threats or call them slurs.

A week later, the school said on its website that it received an email that said, “An explosive device or devices were placed on the campus of South Dakota State University.”

“The email also threatened harm to potential survivors of the detonation,” the site said. “At the time of this warning, no devices have been located. The department will continue investigating the threat and pursing [sic] all leads.”

Faculty advisors for the GSA were told by university officials that their group was the target of the threat, but GSA members say that it took university police two weeks to say something to LGBTQ+ students about the threat.

The GSA had already been facing harassment since they announced the drag show in November. Several conservative Christian organizations – including the Concerned Women of America (CWA) and the Family Heritage Alliance (FHA) – drew attention to the drag event. The CWA called it an “outright assault on our children.”

“Children’s innocence is under attack like never before in our country,” the FHA’s website said. “They are constantly being bombarded with sexually explicit material and radical gender ideology, even through so-called ‘family-friendly’ events like an upcoming drag show in South Dakota.”

The controversy attracted the attention of conservative elected officials. State Rep. Scott Odenbach (R) called it “unbelievable and unacceptable.” State Rep. Chris Karr (R) wrote to SDSU asking them “not to allow children to attend this event.” State Rep. John Hansen (D) said, “Use of taxpayer funds or resources for this event is not appropriate.”

The drag show was not funded by the university.

This led to death threats against the performers in the show, and security was increased. One performer said that everyone just “wanted out” by the end of the show.

The GSA said that around 300 people attended the drag event, more than had ever attended in the past.

This isn’t the first time the right has used this tactic – manipulating images of drag shows to make them seem inappropriate for children. Earlier this year, another rightwing blogger posted a blurred picture of a drag queen’s groin to make it seem like she had exposed herself to children. The drag performer later sued.


GOP lawmaker praises pastor whose church ignored child sex abuse

Congressman Louie Gohmert said Pastor Tommy Nelson was full of “profound truth.” He didn’t mention the victims.
GOP lawmaker honors pastor who ignored a child sex abuse scandal at his church | Louie Gohmert speakers on the floor of the House
Louie Gohmert speakers on the floor of the House (screenshot via YouTube)

On Monday, Congressman Louie Gohmert, one of the most conservative members of the Republican Party, gave a general speech on the floor of the House and recited a sermon written for him by Pastor Tommy Nelson.

Gohmert explained that Nelson, a friend who runs Denton Bible Church in Texas, sometimes joked about how he would one day give a sermon “when I get to speak to Congress.” Since Tommy Nelson wouldn’t actually get that opportunity, Gohmert decided to serve as the middleman by asking Nelson what he’d want to say to Congress and delivering a nearly-25-minute Christian address on his behalf.

A lot of the speech was what we’ve come to expect from Gohmert: Full-throated Christian Nationalismbigotry, and a belief that converting everyone to Christianity would solve all of society’s problems. Gohmert explained that, “Without God and His word to guide man, his fallen nature is unleashed, and unlike nature, man has become more and more immoral, violent, ignorant, and cruel.”

That sort of sermon has no business on the floor of the House. But that’s not even the biggest problem with it. Gohmert neglected to mention that his buddy Tommy Nelson and Denton Bible Church have been in the news quite a bit this year for reasons that shouldn’t be ignored.

Gohmert didn’t mention that Rob Shiflet, a former youth pastor at Denton Bible Church, had been repeatedly accused of sexual abuse and was sentenced to 33 months in prison in 2021 for sexually assaulting two girls on church trips.

Gohmert didn’t mention that his buddy Tommy Nelson commissioned a third-party investigation into that matter, which found that Shiflet had actually abused 14 girls, including 11 at Denton Bible. The report also found that church leaders knew about the allegations but never took them seriously. (In one instance, they asked him to write an apology letter to a child… which he didn’t do.)

Gohmert didn’t mention that Tommy Nelson’s church refused to give Shiflet a job as high school pastor in 2001 “because of his pattern of being alone with girls”… yet never made that public or shared that information with other churches.

Gohmert didn’t mention that Shiflet later got a job as a youth pastor in Arkansas, thanks in part to a recommendation made by Tommy Nelson. Shiflet’s abuse of children continued after that.

Gohmert did say, however, that Tommy Nelson was full of “profound truth” that comes from a higher power.

Which means a sitting Republican member of Congress praised a Christian pastor for being a paragon of moral excellence… while completely ignoring the fact that the same pastor allowed a sexual predator at his church to abuse children.

If there’s any silver lining here, it’s that Gohmert will no longer be in Congress come January. He announced his retirement last year in order to run for Attorney General of Texas, only to get crushed in the GOP primary.

After School Satan Club delayed after VA school board cites safety concerns

This is the traditionalist, the maybe not really deeply religious but just seeped into it, trying hard to promote / give into the people pushing Christianity over reason.   “Dang it has always been the way for the local church to have ways into the school, why do these others have to interfere with our god given right to preach / push / tell the children in the public schools all about the good lord their god so they will come to our church and tithe … oh save their souls”.   Read that back in your idea of a southern Christian voice and I tell you I have heard it in Florida.   Normally around Christmas when the signs saying put Christ back into Christmas, when I explain how all of the traditions came from other pagan beliefs and older established religions. 

Plus as Nan told me the name Satan is triggering to Christians because in their misunderstood understanding of their holy book Satan was the bad guy.   But if you read the book especially the book of Job, you see Satan asking God for permission to do everything that was done.  In most of the bible Satan / lucifer worked for god as one of his top people.    Of course if you are serious about the history of bible there is history shows the Christian god is one of many gods and the angels under his command (that he created told in the later parts of the bible) were other gods with powers.   Maybe the fight in heaven was not between a god and his created but between one power among many that managed to prevail over the rest.  Think US politics or think of it talking of how a warlord would demand a scribe in that distant past would demand that his preferred god / religion be described.   But that doesn’t matter last I looked the US is not a theocracy and public schools are by definition not sacred but secular so all of the public feels comfortable and equal.    I did not color this one because the format Mehta used has things I want noticed and when I changed the colors / format that was lost.    Hugs

The Chesapeake School Board postponed approval of an After School Satan Club after Christians complained about it
After School Satan Club delayed after VA school board cites safety concerns | The website for the After School Satan Club
The website for the After School Satan Club
Reading Time: 4 MINUTES

Aproposed After School Satan Club at B M Williams Primary (part of Virginia’s Chesapeake Public Schools) has had its first meeting delayed through January after the school board cited safety concerns.

As I’ve written about before, ASS Clubs do not promote Satan, Satanic beliefs, Satanism, or anything else like it. The Satanic Temple, which sponsors these groups, doesn’t even believe in a literal Satan. After School Satan clubs aren’t about indoctrination. Rather, the Satanists “focus on free inquiry and rationalism, the scientific basis for which we know what we know about the world around us.” It’s like a science club with a devilish twist.

After an evangelical “Good News Club” launched at the same school earlier this year, The Satanic Temple, with the help of a parent whose child attended the school, began the paperwork to begin their own group. They received a green light from administrators since they did everything by the book; the district sent out a letter making it clear that they legally could not discriminate against the club. Once they opened their doors to religious clubs, they couldn’t say no to one just because they don’t like what’s being taught. They also issued a disclaimer: “ASSC is not a School District-approved club, and no District employee is acting as a club sponsor.”

All of that was true. There were bound to be complaints, but the District had the law on its side.

Last week, there was a slight snag after the parent who agreed to sponsor the club backed out, but June Everett, the Campaign Director for ASSC, told me they had another parent agree to do it, and they were resubmitting paperwork. It was merely a formality. Everett added that 13 kids had already signed up to attend the first meeting, scheduled for today (December 15).

Not all parents were happy with the decision to allow the club though. News outlets quoted a string of ignorant Christian parents who believe they’re above the law and a Satanic group has no right to meet the same way Christian groups can.

“I think there’s a lot of controversy with that, just because you don’t really want that kind of stuff pushed on your child,” said parent Tyler Hambleton. “I have a 3-month-old daughter and I can tell you now that when she grows up, she will not be in any Satan club.”

“I could not believe that our schools would allow something like this,”  said Elaine Garrett, another Chesapeake resident. “Satan. I just don’t think that’s the word kids need to hear.”

I guess Elaine Garrett is going to stop attending church, then. And what “stuff” is Tyler Hambleton afraid of? Is it the “crafts” or the “compassion”? It’s amazing how many conservative Christians with no understanding of the situation have no problem sharing their misguided opinions with the media. Just baring their entire ass for the world to see.

On Monday, during a regularly scheduled board meeting, the existence of the club became a major topic of discussion. A lot of that came from more ignorant Christian parents—one resident said using Satan as a symbol was basically “hate speech”—but there were plenty of sensible people, too.

“My religion does not need your approval to exist. My beliefs are not subject to your approval,” said Rose Bastet, a Satanic Temple volunteer. 

Bastet voiced the teachings she values in her religion.

 “Empathy, reason, compassion for your fellow human beings. Satan is a rebel against tyranny and the ultimate questioner of authority,” she said.

At the end of the day, the school board didn’t reject the After School Satan Club (which could provoke a lawsuit), but said it would conduct a “safety assessment.”

Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS) Superintendent Dr. Jared Cotton indicated that further review and a safety assessment are needed before making a decision on whether to approve the ASSC’s resubmitted application

What exactly are they worried about? The Satanists are coming in peace and they’re bringing art supplies. The Christians who claim this is evil, and may choose to take measures into their own hands, are far more of a threat to this community than the Satanists trying to teach compassion without Christ.

One answer to that question came up during the public comments at the school board meeting. Last month, in Chesapeake, a man working at a Walmart store shot and killed six people. In a note that was found on his phone, he said “I promise things just fell in place like I was led by the Satan.” While he referenced God multiple times, and his religious delusions may have played a role in his actions, some speakers at the board meeting suggested he was Satanic in the same way as the people behind the ASSC.

That’s obviously a lie. The shooter apparently believed in a literal Satan, as many Christians do. The Satanic Temple does not. There’s literally no connection between what the shooter referenced and what the ASSC plans to teach students.

But because Christian ignorance has run amok in this community, the board referenced the shooting before saying they wanted to evaluate safety concerns, both for the people running the group (since at least one openly feared retaliation) and Chesapeake community members (who wrongly think the After School Satan Club is promoting evil).


Lucien Greaves, The Satanic Temple’s spokesperson, told me the board’s response was self-inflicted, suggesting, “We’re not denying you equal access to a public forum. We are protecting you from what we’ll do to you if you if you use the public forum by preventing you from using it.”

If that’s an exaggeration, it’s not by much. The board hasn’t taken that step of preventing the Satanists from using the facilities, even telling the public the group appeared to meet all the legal criteria and that they had no right to reject the application. But it’s not hard to believe they could create an “out” for themselves by saying the Satanic group cannot meet because there are safety concerns, not because of the beliefs themselves. The board could also say the ASSC group needs to hire security officers at their own expense, possibly pricing them out of the rental.

If they take any of those drastic steps, though, it would be a victory for Christian extremists who treat neutrality as oppression.

As it stands, though, after a safety assessment is completed, the After School Satan Club should get the go-ahead in Chesapeake. If and when they do, the club’s first meeting would be scheduled for January 26.

Incidentally, at the 3:44:15 mark of the meeting, after some members of the school board suggested the Satanists were in the wrong, Everett questioned the so-called security concerns. Another ally said the threat wasn’t coming from Satanists; it was coming from “Christian Nationalists.” (She had a point.) But because they didn’t have the floor to speak, a board member asked for them to be removed from the building.

Florida schools roll back LGBTQ+ policies to comply with Don’t Say Gay law

So the law accomplished what they wanted, the LGBTQI+ students are not protected, they are free to be targeted for being preyed on, and they will now be afraid to be out or themselves but instead will stay in the closet hidden from the rest of the kids.   Is this the society of an entire state in 2022, the default position of 1950?   How did we in Florida regress so far so fast.   The entire LGBTQI+ population of Florida just lost legal standing in schools.  The students with two same sex parents are the same as bastard child had out of wedlock in the 1950.  They are not allowed to mention their families or do family events.   How is this protecting the children?   I am worried that this drive my sweep the country in the red states.   DeathSantis is so driven to become president he will hurt anyone and everyone to get there.  Ron and I disagree if DeathSantis is a true Christian Nationalist of just pandering to them, but either way the result is the same.   Hugs

OT:  Tomorrow I will write a post about what happened this week starting with Wednesday.   But today my pain levels will barely let me sit at my desk.  I have spent most of my day on the bed trying to get my spine to stop sending pain signals to my brain that something is tearring my body apart.   Hugs

An empty classroom
Photo: Shutterstock

On Wednesday, Florida’s State Board of Education got an update on progress among school district’s flagged for noncompliance with the state’s Don’t Say Gay law.

Ten county school districts were put on notice last month that some of their policies and procedures “may not comport with Florida law” and were directed to bring their districts into compliance.

The board learned several districts among the ten pulled LGBTQ+ support guides, two passed new regulations banning trans kids from using the restrooms and locker rooms of their gender, and one threw out half of its equity statement addressing racism.

With those rollbacks, board members — all appointed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis — were satisfied.

“Ultimately we found that these districts are in compliance with the law,” said board chair Tom Grady.

The Parental Rights in Education Act, passed in March, went into effect in September. The law prohibits instruction and discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade and restricts those discussions in higher grades.

It’s had a chilling effect on LGBTQ+ teachers, students, and speech of all kinds.

The school districts flagged for non-compliance were Alachua, Broward, Brevard, Duval, Hillsborough, Indian River, Leon, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach, plus the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind.

In the hearing, Grady warned superintendents they could still be subject to lawsuits by parents as they instituted changes. Broward County reported it would take until March 31, 2023 to roll back policies to bring the district into compliance.

“I think it’s clear to me that not only Broward, but other districts have a pretty significant incentive to move as quickly as possible, certainly prior to March 31, in order to revise those procedures to avoid that type of a challenge,” Grady said.

Chairman Grady also took the opportunity at Wednesday’s meeting to congratulate the DeSantis-appointed board for an award by the right-leaning Center for Education Reform, which endorsed and lobbied for the Don’t Say Gay legislation at the center of their agenda.

“I think this is a good time to just very quickly note, Florida has ranked Number 1 in the nation for parents’ involvement in education,” Grady said, “and that’s really what this item is about.”

Last week, the author of the Don’t Say Gay law, Republican state Rep. Joseph Harding, was indicted on charges of wire fraud, money laundering, and making false statements, and resigned his seat in the Florida legislature.

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