BUSTED: Florida Utility Company Allegedly Paid “Journalist” For Hatchet Job on Candidate

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“A freelance producer for ABC News allegedly put pressure on politicians who opposed the interests of clients of a powerful political consulting firm, which some say was an unethical use of her influence with the network, NPR reports.

According to NPR’s report, Kristen Hentschel used her ties with the network “at least three times to trip up Florida politicians whose stances on environmental regulations cut against the interests” of clients of Matrix LLC, a political consulting firm that was accused of spying on environmentalists and journalists for the benefit of its corporate clients.

“At the time, a political consulting firm called Matrix LLC had paid Hentschel at least $7,000, the firm’s internal ledgers show. And Matrix billed two major companies for Hentschel’s work, labeling the payments ‘for Florida Crystals, FPL.’ (Florida Crystals is a huge sugar conglomerate. FPL is shorthand for the giant utility Florida Power & Light.),” NPR’s report states.”