Shell accused of ‘profiteering bonanza’ after record first-quarter profits of $9.6bn

Just hear a republican say it was not record profits and price gouging causing inflation, but the government spending.  When asked about raising taxes on these record-breaking profits being made by corporations and the upper wealthy, the republican lied about how that was going to crash the economy and wouldn’t help the budget shortfalls.   The host never bushed back on the republicans lies, instead framing her questions in how unreasonable the democrats were being for not being willing to entertain all the cuts and economic hardships the republicans are demanding.   The republicans know what their cuts will do to the people, the harm to the poor, and wipe out every advance in policy that Biden managed to do.   They want this to happen, so they can campaign on that harm, hurt, and economic collapse, blaming Biden for it and saying he has not managed to pass anything to help the people.   It has nothing to do with the debt, it has to do with politics and trying to regain the Senate and White House, and keep the house.    Hugs

Figure easily beats predictions and comes despite fall in oil and gas price

Shell sing and stock graph in the backgroundShell will now offer shareholders $4bn in share buybacks after its record quarterly profit. Photograph: Dado Ruvić/Reuters


Shell has been accused of a “profiteering bonanza” after it made record first-quarter profits of more than $9.6bn (£7.6bn) and showered shareholders with more than $6bn, even as oil and gas prices tumbled from last year’s highs.

The better than expected profits in the first three months of this year were well above the $7.96bn predicted by industry analysts, and topped Shell’s previous first-quarter record set last year at $9.1bn for the same period.


Europe’s biggest oil and gas company handed shareholders $2bn in dividend payments and bought back shares worth $4.3bn over the last quarter, and plans to offer its investors another $4bn in share buybacks over the next three months.

BP logo of BP is seen at a petrol station
BP’s profits labelled ‘heinous’ as calls grow for tougher windfall tax
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The FTSE 100 company said profits increased despite higher taxes and lower sums paid on the market for the oil and gas it produces, thanks in part to its energy trading teams managing to mitigate against falling prices.

Global oil prices averaged $81.7 a barrel in the first quarter of this year, according to Shell, down from $102.2 a barrel in the same period a year earlier, when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ignited a surge in oil and gas markets.

Shell has also had to pay higher taxes, reaching over $3bn globally for the last quarter. Its UK tax bill hit $134m last year after the government’s windfall energy profits levy was introduced in May. Shell expects to pay more than $500m to the Treasury this year after the levy was increased from January.

Shell’s bumper profits emerged two days after its smaller rival BP reported a profit of $4.96bn for the first quarter, down from $6.2bn in the same period last year, but well above the $4.3bn expected by analysts.

Sharon Graham, the general secretary of the Unite union, said both firms were “continuing the profiteering bonanza”, adding: “The scale of profiteering displayed today by Shell and earlier this week BP is one of the corporate scandals of our times. And this is practically untouched by Rishi Sunak’s so-called windfall tax.

“Not taking any action against ‘Big Oil’ means the profiteering plundering will continue without end.”

Charlie Kronick, of Greenpeace UK, said: “As temperatures soar from Madrid to Mogadishu, Shell is once again posting bumper profits while promising to keep extracting fossil fuels for years to come. Millions around the world are already feeling the effects of the climate crisis and it’s those who did the least to cause it who are paying the heaviest price.

“The UK government should stop issuing new oil and gas licences and force Shell and the rest of the industry to start using their obscene profits to pay for the damage that their fossil fuel habit is causing to lives and livelihoods around the world.”

Shell’s new chief executive, Wael Sawan, said the company had delivered “strong results and robust operational performance, against a backdrop of ongoing volatility”.

The company reported a record annual profit of $40bn for 2022 after posting better than expected profits in the final quarter of last year. The full-year profits were more than double what it reported in 2021 owing to rocketing oil and gas market prices last year, leading to calls for a windfall tax on the earnings.

A survey commissioned by Christian Aid, an international development charity, found nearly four in five UK adults agreed it was wrong for oil and gas companies to make record profits without taking responsibility for their role in causing the climate crisis. More than six in 10 of those surveyed said the government should tax fossil fuel profits to help pay compensation to communities that faced the impacts of the climate crisis.

Sawan succeeded Shell’s previous chief executive Ben van Beurden in January after the company moved its headquarters to London from the Hague and abolished its dual listing in the Netherlands.

He is now preparing to lead a capital markets day next month where he is expected to set out an updated strategy for the oil company. It is expected to include an exit from the UK’s home energy supply market after a little over five years by selling off Shell Energy.

Sawan told journalists the home energy business had been “very, very challenging” owing to significant government intervention to support the market.

“On balance, what we have found is that it’s not the sort of area where we can potentially outcompete others,” he said. “We’re looking at all options, everything is being considered, and I hope to have an update in the coming weeks.”


Teacher Under Investigation For Showing Disney Movie in Class

A point repeatedly made is that the parent / school board member that is on a rampage about the gay kids in the movie who did not even kiss had no problem with all the kissing done by the straight couple in the beginning of the movie.  The parent / school board member is entirely about removing all representation of gays in schools at any level.  She finds them abhorrent and wants them out of society.   Notice this is not about trans which is where this started, it is about pushing a religious message about being gay is shameful and bad, so don’t admit to being gay.   They must not be allowed to make another generation of gay kids targets of that hate.   Replace gay with Jewish or black and it wouldn’t be accepted, yet.  But that is where these haters are going, back to the 1950s with only Christian white straight males being in charge and gender roles strictly enforced.    Hugs

Florida teacher probed after showing Disney film in class. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

Read more HERE:… “A Florida teacher is under investigation by the state Department of Education after what she believes is a targeted attack by a school board member who took issue with a Disney movie shown in her classroom.

At a Hernando County School Board meeting Tuesday, fifth-grade teacher Jenna Barbee alleges school board member Shannon Rodriguez reported her to DOE for showing her students Disney’s 2022 movie “Strange World.”

It’s the first Disney movie with an out, gay character.”*

They Voted to Eat their Young

Why it Matters,  They Voted to Eat their Young.  By Randy

  Picture1  Jakuniku-kyoushoku.  “It’s the year 2022, and the population has risen to a third of a billion for the United States.  Pollution, catastrophic climate change and blind greed-based taxation has caused severe shortages of food, water and housing nationwide while the military budget grows beyond the ability of the nation.  Only the wealthy can afford health care.  The environment is oppressively hot and humid thanks to the out-of-control greenhouse effect.  Corporate America has taken on the role of feeding most of the nation’s population with tasteless processed foods, over-preserved and under scrutinized, while nutritional and safety factors are the new cost of repeatedly underfunded government overwatch programs and an overworked populace repeatedly asked to sacrifice more and more so the wealthiest may receive favorable tax breaks.  The Soylent Corporation produces their wonder food called Soylent Green…” (edited quote of Soylent Green film summary, 1973).

   I am quite fascinated by movies, books and articles detailing the expected world of my current life, like the above movie synopsis.  I read 1984 and thought it was Oracular. Picture2 My father kept Popular Mechanics magazines from the 1950’s and 1960’s that tell me I should be flying my car by now.  Shortly after I was born American men were walking on the moon, stepping out of the nation’s boundaries as explorers and architects of a new future.  During that time, a generation fought against itself – one side imagining the heights we could go if we only dreamed, if we only loved one-another, if we only gave more than lip service to the idea of freedom, while others suffered a nightmare of bullets in jungles they didn’t know existed but a short time before.  Men of Peace, men of hope, men like John Lennon died to bullets, and it seemed like the generation had made its choice.  The fall of Jimmy Carter, the rise of Trickle-Down politics and Glory of Greed, Iran/Contra-gate, a new war in the land of sand and oil, and a new rising NRA became the Siren’s Song spelling the end to the hope of Lennon and King. 

  In ‘Men in Black’, Tommy Lee Jones asked Will Smith ‘They are beautiful, aren’t they…Picture3the stars…I never look at them anymore’.  Have we lost the hope that seemed to infect America when I was young, when cars were shaped after rocket ships and kids would look to the stars and dream of following in Buzz Aldren’s steps?  It is no wonder to me why people long for the world to be like it was in the ‘60’s.  Life was simpler back then, provided you weren’t drafted, a woman, a minority or poor.  Marjory Taylor Greene has called for a new America, a new Civil War, a new Hitlerian dystopia where we must declare our votes.  She wants to void criminal charges for a national secrets leak because it was originated by someone who was white, Christian and anti-war.  Lauren Bobert says that babies are being murdered after birth for the convenience of a late abortionist.  Our most recent president is in court for Rape, Tax Fraud, and his followers are going to Jail for Sedition and Violence in efforts to Overthrow the Government, but that’s all “fake news”.  Fox News pays $787,500,000 to avoid justice, Governor DeSantis kidnaps destitute families and declares gay people to no longer exist in Florida, and “Good Guys with Guns” stood by and watched babies be shot.  Across The Land of the Free, men are being accused of horrible crimes for telling stories to children and their parents in public libraries.  The religious right has declared the liar, the glutton, adulterer, the jealous, the proud, the lazy and the wrath filled to be saintly.

   I don’t think anyone really cares what Marjory Taylor Greene really believes since the idea that she would be called upon to seriously debate a moral standard in anyPicture4 capacity beyond a cautionary one is surely pure comedy.  She is surely not the cause of our troubles, only the parasite that feeds on our weakened flesh.  She is a result of a country that gains their beliefs from news anchors and pundits, like rags flapping in a breeze that the ill-considered salute unquestioningly.  I understand; I’m a Chicago Cubs fan, and I could respond to any challenge with “We’ll get them next year”.  Then one year they somehow kept winning and the joke became real. 

  The ’Trump in Politics’ era, which coincided quite conveniently with the ”No” era of the republicans brought about a fracture in what was respectable public speech. Picture5 I was raised that it is the obligation of every man to those who follow behind to make a world better than he found it so that his children may live their life without war, famine, disease, poverty.  But suddenly there was a black man in the White House and the era of fear and denial was upon us.  Now we are strangled by guns, anger, lies and false reality.  The preeminent focus is not what is best for our youth, our country, but what will regain the lost power of the ’50’s for those longing for a world gone by.

  What happened to love? Picture6 What happened to my neighbor?  What happened to those Sunday School lessons?  Have we lost already the promise of our fathers, the charge of those who came before?  We are meant to be a country of builders.   I feel anger and despair in those around me as they are denied their reality, denied their choice, denied their identity. 

  I would propose a new law, a new rule:  When finally that long line in the cold of November on that blustery Tuesday, alongside the ballot of new candidates and propositions, tax law and millages, sets a screen.  On that screen flip pictures of the voter’s family, his friends, his loved ones.  And, then, maybe his vote isn’t one designed to enact vengeance and fear but hope for those who come after.  Maybe then the vote is for the ones who truly matter in all that we do:  Those who will inherit the decision about to be made.


DeSantis: My Prayers Turned Away A Major Hurricane

This is such a play for the Christian Nationalist, it is scary how blatant it is.  I wish DeathSantis had prayed to his god when Hurricane Ian ripped a third of my home away and caused so much damage to our neighbors homes they moved away.  That hurricane we took 8 hours of storm wall hurricane force, the worst part of the hurricane.  We have lost not only a third of our home for nearly a year, but we took damage to the underneath along with all our floors needing to be replaced along with appliances.   Of course our first priority is the roof which we have a contract for over $15,000 and the under the home repairs are estimated to be over 8 grand.   Yet this super Christian right wing governor who seems to have the power of the Christian god decided to use it on a hurricane that moved off the coast as was predicted by the European models of storm tracking.  Of course, he only uses that power for his big money donors and on hurricanes that already were projected to turn.  Long after it did turn and not hit the state hard.   Hindsight is a great help to the religious.    Hugs

DeSantis: My Prayers Turned Away A Major Hurricane


“We brought the delegation for prayer at the Western Wall. The only thing I can tell you is my prayer in 2019 is that we would be spared the upcoming hurricane season in the state of Florida. And we were in a situation as we got in the height of hurricane season, you had a monstrous hurricane barreling east – or barreling west towards the Florida peninsula, Hurricane Dorian.

“It was a category 5, a very strong category 5, and it was headed – basically gonna ram right into our state. And at that time, when it was on that track, people were saying, ‘Well, God must not be listening to the governor because we may be getting rammed here’

“Well, the storm was heading our way, it slowed down, it turned all the way, 90 degrees, it went north and never impacted our coast. And so, I’m chalking it up to the prayer I put in the Western Wall.” – Ron DeSantis


So why didn’t he pray away Hurricane Ian that hit Sanibel and Fort Myers last September? Hundreds were killed.

Yes, and pretty arrogant to think that is was -his- prayer that changed the course of the hurricane. What about the thousands of others that were praying, and have prayed each time a hurricane comes to the area?

So the next time there’s a hurricane, we all know it’s DeSantis’s fault. Oh, but let me guess, he’ll tell us God is displeased with people opposing him and sent the hurricane to show his displeasure.
A man who thinks his special connection to God controls the weather should not have access to any levers of power.

While this here is just the usual GOPer false-piety pandering, his gleeful legal advice as a Navy junior JAG at Gitmo resulted in torture and war crimes.

During an event at Israel’s Museum of Tolerance, DeSantis was asked about allegations that he was present on at least one occasion when a former Guantánamo detainee was force-fed by guards to quash a hunger strike. The United Nations has deemed force-feeding a form of torture.

Before the reporter could finish his question, DeSantis, who is believed to be preparing a bid for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, snapped, “No, no… all that’s BS, totally BS.”

After the journalist completed his question, DeSantis angrily responded: “Who said that? How would they know me? Okay, think about that. Do you honestly believe that’s credible?… This is 2006, I’m a junior officer, do you honestly think that they would have remembered me from Adam? Of course not!”

In response, Mansoor Adayfi, a Yemeni citizen who was incarcerated without charges at Guantánamo for 14 years, tweeted, “I will never forget his face, he was laughing and smiling watching me being tortured on the force-feeding chair.”

Jeezuz, then why the hell didn’t his prayers work last September when hurricane 🌀 Ian slammed ashore near Ft.Myers. Why didn’t they work when a storm dropped 2 1/2 feet of rain on Ft. Lauderdale in 24 hours. Do Ronda’s prayers not work unless he sticks them in The Western Wall? I’m gonna email him and tell him where he can STICK his prayers. What a sorry, pathetic phony

Pssst: I think he was off somewhere [not] campaigning for the presidency.…/*

Prayers huh? Nice to know that a guy with 12th Century believes is running for president in 2023


Well, the buybull is true because it says to right in the buybull!!11!!

I hate that claim of theirs. The Bible, as a whole, never makes that claim for itself. The doctrine of Biblical inerrancy, even Biblical inspiration, is not Biblical.

But the Bible isn’t actually a whole anything. It’s 60-odd manuscripts chosen by the Council of Nicaea (I think), although some religious groups have added/subtracted from that group, covering a wide range of subjects, with various purposes, in different literary styles.

Only the Revelation to John makes a claim of inerrancy, but it almost didn’t make the final cut. Just because that claim (and magical threat) is the last thing in the last book, some have (tried) to apply it to the entire collection.



Turtles Around the World Are Basking in Moonlight

Thanks to Ali for sending me the link.   In case it has not been clear to most people, I love wild life, learning about nature, and trying to be a good steward to the planet Earth.   I want to care for and keep well the environment I need to live, and that includes keeping all the diverse species alive as possible.  Perhaps the one thing I took from my years of being in the SDA religion was the idea that mankind was given dominion over the planet and its life forms but demanded to care for and nurture it.  That is why the current idea from right wing religious groups that humans can trash the environment with impunity because god will fix it seems so strange to me.   Maybe our friends of the blog who are of different religious faiths will weigh in and give us their opinions, as I am serious, I don’t understand the idea of destroying the place you need to live.   Last I knew this was the only place within our reach that can support us, maybe we should do everything we can to keep it healthy?     Hugs

A new study is the first of its kind to document the widespread basking of freshwater turtles at night.

Freshwater turtle basking at night
Freshwater turtle basking at night. Image captured for study on nocturnal basking habits.

Dr Donald McKnight / La Trobe University

While the rest of us are sleeping, freshwater turtles from Central America to Asia are slinking out of the water and basking at night. There have been occasional anecdotal reports of this behavior before, but now a new study is the first to document the widespread occurrence. The findings suggest that nocturnal basking “may be a common and almost entirely overlooked aspect of many species’ ecology,” write the authors.


The study was led by La Trobe University and published in Global Ecology and Conservation. In it, the authors document nocturnal basking in six families of freshwater turtle species, occurring in Central America, Trinidad and Tobago, Seychelles, Africa, Asia, and Australia.


Postdoctoral Researcher at La Trobe University Dr. Donald McKnight said he and a colleague, Dr. Eric Nordberg from the University of New England, first observed freshwater turtles nocturnal basking at the Ross River in Townsville, Australia.


“We think it’s related to temperature. The water is staying so warm at night that it’s actually warmer than the turtles like to be and they can cool down by coming out of the water,” says McKnight.


“It’s widespread across the turtle family tree, with the caveat that it is only in the tropics and the subtropics where it occurs,” he added. “They were coming up at night and sitting on logs exhibiting very much the same behavior they do during the day; when we looked into it, it wasn’t something that turtles reportedly did.”


For the study, researchers from around the world did what anyone would do when wondering what turtles do at night: They put cameras on basking logs to monitor the nocturnal activity of as many freshwater turtle species as possible.


The cameras were set up in 25 locations across Australia, Belize, Germany, India, Seychelles, Senegal, Trinidad and Tobago, the United States, and South Africa. They were programmed to take a photo every two minutes; they captured data on 29 species from seven of the freshwater turtle families.

Freshwater crocodile and turtles daytime basking in Townsville Queensland
Freshwater crocodile and turtles daytime basking in Townsville Queensland. Image taken as part of the study on nocturnal basking.

Dr. Eric Nordberg / The University of New England

It would be lovely to think the turtles are just enjoying some leisure time when things are quiet and the diurnal world is asleep. But the researchers note that in most cases, the turtles emerged from the water when the water was too warm and the air was cooler. Given the warming planet, that’s admittedly a bit depressing. However, not all of the nighttime baskers were escaping too-warm water. From the study:


“… [T]urtles in India exhibited more nocturnal basking on cooler nights, rather than warmer nights, and P. adansonii in Africa spent more time basking nocturnally in winter than in summer. The reasons for these differences are unclear. It may be that at some sites or seasons, turtles are escaping unfavourably warm water temperatures, while at others, they are taking advantage of the warm tropical air to increase their body temperature and escape unfavourably cold water.”


“Alternatively,” the authors add, “at some locations, nocturnal basking may not be directly for the purpose of thermoregulation, but the higher night-time temperatures in the tropics may allow turtles to emerge for other purposes, such as predator avoidance.”


Regardless of the “why” behind different species’ reasons for midnight basking, it’s a fascinating look at behavior not previously documented by scientists. And it is at least heartening to know that turtles are figuring out important behaviors tied to thermoregulation. As the study concludes, this “could have implications for turtles’ persistence and behavioural changes under climate change.”


The study “Nocturnal basking in freshwater turtles: a global assessment,” was published in Global Ecology and Conservation.

Some TYT clips I watched. Sorry wish I could do more, but it is what it is. The last one shows how out of touch with the country the maga republicans are.

BUSTED: Florida Utility Company Allegedly Paid “Journalist” For Hatchet Job on Candidate

Read more HERE:…

“A freelance producer for ABC News allegedly put pressure on politicians who opposed the interests of clients of a powerful political consulting firm, which some say was an unethical use of her influence with the network, NPR reports.

According to NPR’s report, Kristen Hentschel used her ties with the network “at least three times to trip up Florida politicians whose stances on environmental regulations cut against the interests” of clients of Matrix LLC, a political consulting firm that was accused of spying on environmentalists and journalists for the benefit of its corporate clients.

“At the time, a political consulting firm called Matrix LLC had paid Hentschel at least $7,000, the firm’s internal ledgers show. And Matrix billed two major companies for Hentschel’s work, labeling the payments ‘for Florida Crystals, FPL.’ (Florida Crystals is a huge sugar conglomerate. FPL is shorthand for the giant utility Florida Power & Light.),” NPR’s report states.”