Texas Paul DEBUNKS Right Wing NUT Rand Paul’s LATEST LIES

Radical Right Republican Senator Rand Paul gave a speech before the Omnibus Spending Bill vote complaining about Government spending while misrepresenting examples. Meidas Contributor Texas Paul reacts in an epic takedown.

Let’s talk about Elvis helping us see the future….

Quick update on me before the video that has information that everyone should hear.   I hurt so bad right now I can only stand a few minutes before the pain is so bad I either have to sit or fall.   Of course it is better earlier when I first get up by noon or 1 PM I can barely get up and go to the bathroom before the pain is so severe I am in danger of falling down.    But if I sit the pain builds up in the upper part of my back instead of the lower part so again I have to move.   Mostly right now it seems I get about 3 hours up at most and then 2 hours laying down.   When I take enough medication to help cover the pain which lately has been the maximum of my medications, the next day I am sick to my stomach and have nausea issues.  Think of it like being on a drunken night out at the bars, and how you would feel the next day.   That lasts until I get enough medication back in my system again, and then if I take the maximum again I am sick the next day.    It is a cycle I cannot stand.   Be pain controlled in the afternoon and rest of the day while befuddled with confusion of the medications and the next morning wake up sick with a rolling stomach and nausea that either makes me vomit (three times yesterday) or just feel like I am going to vomit such as today when I did not vomit but felt I could until about 1 PM.   I have an MRI on the 25th.   I am losing the good from the last set of spine shots in the bottom of my spine, so tomorrow I need to call the pain clinic and see if they can adjust my appointment to get another set of spine epidurals for all three sections.   Right now I am spending as much time laying down as I am upright.   However this morning and yesterday morning Ron and I did take a short walk as we used to before the hurricane.   It is much shorter than the other walks were because my back gives out and his hip starts to bother him too much to do a longer one.    If the new spine shots don’t fix this, then I need to change medications to fentanyl or something as strong.   The doctor tells me that fentanyl is much stronger than the medications I am currently taking.  One last thing.   Randy my wonderful brother has tried to get me to look at getting an over the bedside table like hospitals use and using a couple of the old laptops we have or at least the bedroom TV and a laptop to read and answer comments which I bitch constantly I am missing.    Today Ron and I have started talking about it.   It will depend on what the doctors can do.   Hugs

Republicans Lift Ban On Smoking In Capitol Offices

Republicans cannot seem to care how their smoking hurts others around them who don’t smoke.   Sad that in 2023 with all the information around about how bad tobacco both smoked or chewed is for both those that do it and those around them.   But again republicans have a real issue trying to care about anyone other than themselves.   Hugs

Mediaite reports:

“Smoke ’em if you got ’em.” That’s not just the name of a 2004 Cypress Hill EP but also apparently the new rule in the GOP-controlled House. Republican members are lighting up their cigars in Congressional offices — and driving members of the press corps “insane in the brain” with the smell.

An executive order signed by President Bill Clinton in 1997 banned smoking in many federal buildings, but only those under the control of the Executive Branch. The laws in Washington, D.C. similarly ban smoking in indoor spaces, but again, that does not apply to congressional offices.

Read the full article.



Chris G.6 minutes ago

Welcome back to the 1950s, courtesy of the Republican Party.

peter garaytan hour ago

The pettiness has just begun.

Flora DeMannan hour ago


(Okay, I know Boss Tweed wasn’t a congressman.)

amy cuscuriae2 hours ago

Yuck, cigarette and cigar smoke stinks. Inside buildings it spreads through the HVAC system and permeates everything, everyone’s clothing. It becomes in escapable. People who smoke reek of it; you can smell the stench when they walk into a room.

Republicans have been making life worse for everyone since 1968.

m.d.Blakely2 hours ago

This is just one of many many samples of stupidity that the GQP will do with their new power.

alguien2 hours ago

small dick energy

Tomcat3 hours ago

What ever became if the national law banning smoking inside public buildings?

Joann Prinzivalli Tomcatan hour ago

It literally does not apply to Congress – perhaps we need a constitutional amendment requiring members of Congress to be held to the same legal standards as other Americans – and perhaps their salaries should be tied to median incomes in their districts, and they should not have any better medical coverage or retirement benefits than ordinary Americans.

Randy5033 hours ago

Next up: It will be legal, and even encouraged, to grope your female secretaries.

worstcultever Randy5033 hours ago

pshaw, groping is so yesterday – impregnation and forced childbirth is the new hot thing

Brooklyn Joe3 hours ago

why don’t we totally go back to the 1950s – old white guys smoking cigars in the back offices making deals. how progressive. i’m surprised if they do not allow drinking on the House floor – it’ll be just like bowling!

Uncle Mark Brooklyn Joe3 hours ago

The GOP oft reminisce about the “good old days” of the 50s…a white man’s world, where the US dominated the world economy, while much of the world was still recovering from WWII.

They do conveniently forget the 90% tax rate on the wealthy & corporations…which helped the middle class to grow & prosper.

rednekokie3 hours ago

Why be surprised? They don’t care for anyone’s good health — not even their own.
Absolute idiocy!!!

RexDaddy4 hours ago

I keep reminding myself that these people are getting elected, and am trying to wrap my head around how to stop that at the source.

Nic Peterson4 hours ago

This is what the GOP calls adulting.

Halou4 hours ago

Can the Democrats retaliate by “hotboxing” one of their offices with weed? Since it is apparently legal for recreational use.

See how much the Republicans throw a fit about that smell.

worstcultever4 hours ago

Everything with these totally-secure, super-heterosexual, manly-man pukes is about needing to wave their dicks in other people’s faces all day

If such phallic “power” displays (cheroots, guns) can harm others’s health too, so much the better

mikeinftl4 hours ago

How does this fix the border? Inflation? They are acting like little kids.

Rick Jackson4 hours ago

It seems republicans are intent on exerting their right to be rude assholes no matter the cost to themselves or others. Please keep it up until you have turned public opinion solidly against your party.

Sarah5 hours ago

Because why should they just destroy their health when they can destroy others’ as well?

Rex5 hours ago

It’s all fun and games until one of their toupees catches on file.

Puck5 hours ago

Sadly there are staff that don’t smoke or for health reason avoids smokers. Now they will be forced to work in a toxic environment.

jec Puck5 hours ago

And think of any pregnant staffers. Not good.

Makoto jec5 hours ago

The only thing the GOP think of pregnant staffers is “you’d better have that baby or you’ll be going to jail for murder. And don’t expect any handouts or time off”

Jenna Hope ❤(●’◡’●) 20235 hours ago edited

When the new Resucklicans said they need to tear down the establishment, that’s the establishment they’re talking about: considering other’s welfare. They want to be obnoxious assholes again! Make me King of Assholes again! Trump is our Assholiness!

Dreaming Vertebrate5 hours ago

I would refuse to work in a smoke-filled office.
Hopefully many of the junior staff will quit (or sue) rather than elect to get cancer form secondhand smoke.


Deacon Phreque4 hours ago

Assholery is the entire point now.

Jenna Hope ❤(●’◡’●) 20234 hours ago edited

OT. Lawyer said we need to prosecute Donald Trump immediately. Sitting next to his Passport? Sounds like he’s going to turn them into big $$$fortune by selling us to Putin when he needs to escape justice to Putin his protector.

A simple solution for the press: Stop covering them. Deprive them of all attention and let them know why. Smoking policy reversed.

Nothing screams progress like firing up stogies in the US Capitol. I wonder if they’ll allow smoking in all Federal buildings. It’s only fair!!


Bungee5 hours ago

Gross. I’d be pissed if I was a staffer who had to go home every day with my clothes reeking of smoke. Dry cleaning ain’t free. That’s minuscule to the effects that kind of enclosed environment can have on people with asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Plus, that nasty, greasy residue will be settling all over inside the Capitol. I guess lathering the place with that residue isn’t too unexpected from the party that smeared their own feces around the building.

*shakes head* If Biden was really as awful as the Republicans say he is, they sure have some bizarre priorities now that they control the House.

Paul5 hours ago

I don’t care what people do with their own lives, and it gives me some comfort knowing these assholes are opening themselves up to an old age of sickness and likely a miserable death (both my parents died of smoking-related illnesses, not pretty) but I feel sorry for the reporters and staffers who are subjected to their secondhand smoke

Is the Right to Contraception About To End in America?

My dogs that love gravy please make no mistake in thinking what these people are driving hard for.  It is not the 1950s as most of us assume, but for these die hard Christian white male power nationalists the goal is the 1850s.    Hugs

As of last week, Republican efforts to ban birth control in America have officially started, and teenagers in Texas are its first victims


Image by Thomas Breher from Pixabay

To paraphrase Pastor Niemöller, first they came for our abortion rights. Now they’re coming for our birth control.

Psychologist Dr. Marty Klein notes at Psychology Today that there are typically only a few reasons why people oppose birth control. They are:

— Fundamentalist religions fear sexual pleasure, which birth control facilitates
— Contraception effectively limits family size, empowering women
— Contraception promotes personal autonomy [making women more likely to challenge male authority]
— Birth control may make abortion more acceptable to society

As of last week, Republican efforts to ban birth control in America have officially started, and teenagers in Texas are its first victims.

When Clarence Thomas wrote in his Dobbs concurring opinion that the Supreme Court should next overturn the right to birth control in the United States, a lawyer and a judge in Texas were apparently listening.

Most Americans have no idea this high-stakes drama — heading toward the Supreme Court but already now law in Texas — is even going on.

Lost in the Christmas holiday chatter, a Trump-appointed federal district judge in Texas just a week ago put a stop to teenagers getting confidential access to federally-funded birth control pills and devices in that state.

He did it based on a lawsuit filed by attorney Jonathan Mitchell, the same man who co-authored the Texas “abortion vigilante” law. Everybody ridiculed that effort at first, you’ll recall, but the Supreme Court upheld it and today it’s Texas law and spreading across Red states like a fungus.

Mitchell is also known as the guy who supported the Mississippi abortion ban before the Supreme Court that led to the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v Wade.

Perhaps anticipating Clarence Thomas’ later call to overturn Supreme Court decisions legalizing birth control,  homosexual behavior, and gay marriage (Griswold v Connecticut, Lawrence v Texas, Obergefell v Hodges), Mitchell even wrote in his amicus brief for the Dobbs case an originalist reference similar to the argument the Texas judge would later make against birth control:

“The right to marry an opposite-sex spouse is ‘deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition’; the right to marry a same-sex spouse obviously is not.”

In the Texas federal lawsuit Mitchell brought, Deanda v. Becerra, Trump-appointed Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk ruled that teens between 15 and 18 shouldn’t be able to make birth control decisions independent of their parents because, he ruled, that had always been the law in the early years of America:

“For centuries, the common law held minors were incapable of giving consent to make important life decisions.”

Somehow, he managed to overlook the fact that the age of sexual consent “for centuries” was, in every American state from the founding of this nation in 1789, 10 to 12 years old. It wasn’t raised to 14, 15, or 16 in any US state until the 1930s.

But don’t try to argue facts with people running on religious or male-power arguments.

Although the fight for women’s bodily autonomy is as old as time, this part of the story begins in 1970.

Richard Nixon had a reputation as an awkward, bumbling prude when it came to sex, but even he knew that teenagers should be able to get birth control without their parents’ consent.

A teenage pregnancy could destroy a young woman’s life, and, at that time, over one-in-ten girls became pregnant between 15 and 19 years old. Fully 92 percent of those teenage pregnancies, according to research published in the following decade, were unintended and could have been prevented with access to birth control.

So, in 1970, President Nixon signed into law Title X, a federal grant program that included funds for confidential access to birth control for people across the nation regardless of their age.

Nonprofit agencies were formed in each state to receive the federal money and provide birth control (among other services): in Texas “Every Body Texas” is the group that administers Title X statewide through 32 agencies and 156 clinics.

The week of Christmas, because of Kacsmaryk’s Deanda v. Becerraruling, Texas agencies affiliated with Every Body Texas learned they had to start turning away teenagers, virtually all of them girls and women, who were seeking confidential birth control.

This is now the law in Texas.

Picking up the beat, Republican legislators in Missouri, Idaho, and Louisiana have introduced or are proposing birth control bans in those states, according to the Pew Trust. Expect Republicans in your state to soon try the same.

Lest you think that hyperbolic, consider how Republicans in the US House and Senate voted when Democrats introduced the Right to Contraception Actimmediatelyafter Clarence Thomas suggested the Court should overturn that right.

Fully 195 Republicans voted against the legislation in the House; only 8 supported it. And when it reached the Senate, it was killed by a Republican filibuster.

The Deanda v. Becerradecision in Texas banning confidential dispensing of contraception to teenagers will be appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, known across the nation as the place most likely to uphold crackpot rightwing rulings. From there it goes to the six crackpot rightwingers on the Supreme Court.

Republicans appear quite fixated on banning both abortion and birth control nationwide.

Authoritarian societies have a long history of trying to regulate women’s bodies.

The first books the Nazis burned in May of 1933 were birth control guides by Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, shortly before Hitler banned birth control in that nation (soldiers were allowed to possess condoms “to maintain their good health”).

Birth control was similarly banned in Romania by Nicolae Ceaușescu, bringing that nation Europe’s highest infant mortality rate and lowest life expectancy (particularly for women), a legacy which continues to this day even though Ceaușescu was overthrown and killed in 1989.

And now the GOP wants to ban birth control in the United States, starting with the youngest and most vulnerable among us. Authoritarians, after all, always first attack those least able to defend themselves before they climb the ladder of the society they intend to conquer.

This opening shot — coming out of Texas, just like the first ban on abortion (and from the same lawyer) — should make all Americans sit up and take notice.

DeSantis HUMILIATED by Dr. Fauci with EPIC fact-check on LIVE TV

Dr. Fauci humiliated Radical Right Wing Florida Governor Ron Desantis on Live TV a day after Desantis announced a grand jury to investigate COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturers. Meidas Contributor Francis Maxwell reacts to this epic takedown.