Police Officer ATTACKS Witnesses During Arrest (Video)

Newport, RI police officers are caught on camera going all-out with unnecessary brutality during a late-night arrest. David Shuster breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

History repeats

The Not-So-Supreme Court

Texas Paul gives DIRE WARNING about GOP fascist theocracy

Pro-democracy champion Texas Paul gives red alert plea that if we don’t stop the GOP they will turn the United States into a fascist theocratic state as they have already begun.

Mom who sought abortion dies. See her chilling texts hours before her death

This happened in Poland but it will be happening in the US now.  Women will die due to these anti- abortion laws and bans.    

Following the US Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, CNN’s Melissa Bell takes a closer look at life in Poland – where abortion has been restricted for 30 years

See what investigators found at attack site after Putin’s denial

I hate to use CNN.   I am sorry for those who use CC as it really is horrible on CNN.   But they do the most reporting on the horrible crimes Russia is doing to Ukrainian people.   Hugs

At least 18 people are dead, dozens wounded and several missing after a Russian missile attack on a mall in the central Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk. CNN’s Salma Abdelaziz was at the site of the strike where Ukrainian prosecutors and investigators are collecting evidence to prove what they say is another Russian war crime.

Jan. 6 Filmmaker Under Protection After Cultist Threats


The Daily Beast reports:

The documentary filmmaker who filmed with Donald Trump and his family in the months before and after the attack on the Capitol says he now needs armed protection.

Alex Holder, who testified to the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection last week, spoke candidly about the risks his disclosures have put him in during a BBC TV interview Wednesday.

When asked if he felt threatened because of the evidence he’s given to the panel, Holder said: “Well, my life changed about a week ago and I now literally have two armed guards outside this studio right now that follow me around everywhere.”

Read the full article.


Todd20036 • 12 minutes ago

A hero gets treated like a terrorist in a criminal case while actual terrorists are treated like heroes

This country is fucked, and when you think about this, trump is really just a figurehead

If This Goes On …

Hello Ten Bears. Thank you. The more we know of the attempts to make this country a theocracy the better able to fend them off we will be. Hugs

Homeless on the High Desert

Republicans are absolutely going for the dark, theocratic future

America First Legal (AFL), a right-wing group whose team includes several former Trump administration officials, is urging theSupreme Courtto do even more to shatter what’s left of the wall between church and state.

On Tuesday, June 28, the group issued astatementessentially calling for a total overhaul of theFirst Amendment’s establishment clause, a key provision separating church and state.The statement arrived one day after the Supreme Court cracked part of the clause’s foundation with itsruling in Kennedy v. Bremerton. In that case, the court’s far-right majority ruled that public school officials in Bremerton, Washington, violated the First Amendment rights of high school football coach Joseph Kennedy when they fired him following a controversy stemming from his ritual of praying at the 50-yard line during football games. The 6-3 decision effectively overruled a 1971…

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Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis did not agree with Dr. Lisa Gwynn and removed her from the Florida Healthy Kids Board.

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis is pushing out a pediatrician from a board in charge of running the state’s Healthy Kids program because of her viewpoints on vaccines for children under five.

Patronis’ office notified Dr. Lisa Gwynnwho is also serving as the president of the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, in an email sent on Wednesday.

The brief email did not go into great detail, but said that Patronis — a Republican running for re-election this year — was removing Gwynn from the Florida Healthy Kids Board because she had made “some very political statements that do not reflect the CFO’s point of view, even going so far as to as to say that the state is ‘obstruct(ing)’ access to vaccines.”

“The CFO does not share your opinion and believes the state has gone to great lengths to protect lives in the face of the Coronavirus,” reads the email sent to Gwynn by Susan Miller, who is Deputy Chief of Staff for Patronis.

In an interview with Florida Politics, Gwynn said the Healthy Kids Board of Directors has only met once since her appointment in March.


But Gwynn has appeared in approximately ten interviews with television, radio and print media since Gov. Ron DeSantis and Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo announced the state won’t make COVID-19 vaccines available for children under five years of age at local county health departments.

The local health departments play a key role, Gwynn said, in childhood vaccination efforts. Some of the state’s poorest children in the state go to the county health departments to get vaccinated.

But health departments also play a key role in helping distribute vaccines to pediatricians who work in rural areas or in small group practices.

Pediatricians who don’t have access to large amounts of cold storage capacity rely on the local county health departments to supply COVID-19 vaccines for their patients. Additionally, pediatricians who don’t meet the minimum number of doses required to order through the state system also rely on the health departments to provide them vaccines for their patients.

“Pediatricians can still do that to this day for kids over five,” Gwynn said of relying on the health departments to provide them with COVID 19 vaccines. “They, the Governor and the state Surgeon General, just chose to not allow the under 5 to be carried (by the health departments). This is about health equity and children that live in poverty. That’s what this is about.”


The Healthy Kids Corporation provides subsidized health insurance to children throughout the state with funding that comes from both the federal government and the state.

Gwynn, a South Florida pediatrician who cares for poor children, told Florida Politics she never identified herself as a member of the Florida Health Kids Board in any of the interviews.

“I don’t like to play this game. That’s not my intent to engage in this political war,” she said.

Sen. Tina Polsky, a Boca Raton Democrat who has been talking to Gwynn about the impact of the DeSantis administration’s decision on vaccines for small children, criticized Patronis’ actions.

“I am appalled at the decision of the CFO to oust Dr. Lisa Gwynn, the President of the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, an expert in pediatric care and vaccines, from the Florida Healthy Kids Board because she spoke out against the administration in an effort to get her youngest, most vulnerable patients a life-saving vaccine,” Polsky wrote in a text. “The tyranny of this administration continues to smother any dissenting opinions (e.g. Dr. Scott Rivkees). All Floridians should know how an acclaimed doctor has been treated by the DeSantis regime.”

Gwynn says the board has only met once since her appointment in March. Florida’s surgeon general, mentioned below, is associated with the anti-vax extremist group America’s Frontline Doctors.

Rex • a few seconds ago

This is what some people want for the entire country. Despite what it tells you, it’s a death cult.

David Snyder • a minute ago

DeSantis is going to do whatever it takes to hold onto what he thinks is a majority voting base.

Dwight Williamson • 6 minutes ago

Ron DeSantis doesn’t realize this shit won’t work on a national level where he doesn’t have absolute power. He’s dumb like that!

Host of Twinkies • 10 minutes ago

Working as designed. The terror and suffering is intentional. Sociopaths are in charge.

margaretpoa • a few seconds from now

Sooooo, move heaven and Earth to protect the unborn zygote but if it’s an actual, live, miniature human being it “Die motherfuckers”.
Republican “logic”….

Friday’s_cat • a few seconds from now

Eisenhower activated the Arkansas NG to protect Black school students.
Biden should do the same, use NG medics to set up vaccination centers in FL.