HUFFPOST: Republicans Are Taking Bike Lanes Hostage To Stop A Progressive Prosecutor

Republicans Are Taking Bike Lanes Hostage To Stop A Progressive Prosecutor
Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers likely can’t remove Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner from office — so they’re trying to strip him of his power instead.

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Bolsonaro’s Goons Block Roads In Lula’s Strongholds

Don’t be surprised that the right wing gang thugs don’t try to do this also.  And the republicans / police will look the other way.   Over the years the right has both politically and physically tried to stop the other side from voting.   Now they are trying to intimidate the voters trying to use drop boxes.   What makes you think they won’t just try it at the entrances to polling places in democratic areas?  The republican party has already called for right wing poll watchers with instructions to impede voting by minorities, what makes you think that some maga people won’t just block entrances or roadways.  Hugs


The Guardian reports:

The future of one of the world’s largest democracies and the Amazon rainforest was on a knife edge as Brazil held its most important election in decades and its far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, battled to cling to power amid claims that security forces were engaged in a pro-Bolsonaro voter suppression campaign.

As 156 million Brazilians went to the polls, there were alarming reports that members of the federal highway police – a notoriously pro-Bolsonaro security force – had set up roadblocks in Lula strongholds in the country’s north-east.

Brazil’s opposition denounced the unusual operations, which were reportedly planned during a meeting at Bolsonaro’s official presidential residence, as a deliberate attempt to prevent Lula voters reaching their polling stations.

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rednekokie Dark Qiviut • 17 hours ago

I’ll believe it when he is inaugurated. Until then == the goons still have the upper hand.

Halou J.Martindale • 19 hours ago

He got the most votes. We will see if that is enough for him to go so far as to be inaugurated.

licuado de platano • 19 hours ago

That’s some third world shit. Will it be coming to the USA soon?

Ross licuado de platano • 19 hours ago

It’s already here.

And growing.

Lefty Ross • 19 hours ago

The parallels are quite alarming. This will be us in a week (minus the roadblocks) but the stakes are just as high.

PhilBob13 Lefty • 16 hours ago

We don’t do roadblocks (yet), just armed poll “watchers”, ID requirements, etc.

Ščŏŧŧ Ċ – 🇺🇦 🕊 licuado de platano • 19 hours ago

It’s already here – you’ve seen what’s happening in Arizona.

Ščŏŧŧ Ċ – 🇺🇦 🕊 Lestat • 19 hours ago

Armed “poll watchers” intimidating voters who aren’t the right color.

Proud Boys Menace North Carolina Drag Event [VIDEO] – JMG

The Rant NC reports:

Organizers of a Halloween-themed drag show meant to raise funds for a local LGBTQ resource center are facing threats of violence and death after the event was featured by a right wing Twitter account with a nationwide reach.

Lindsey Knapp, an attorney and U.S. Army veteran who has works as an advocate for victims of sexual violence, said she’s started receiving threats of violence and death over the event from strangers after the event was featured this week by “Libs of TikTok.”

Libs of TikTok’s tweet indicates that one of the drag performers is “inspired by Satanism,” although Knapp says she doesn’t know that performer and they are not on Sunday’s bill.

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Give the tweets below a minute to fully load.


Notice these assholes are masked.  These are the same people that stormed school board meetings to stop mask wearing.  These are the same people that would not wear masks in stores or shops when we were having a public health emergency to protect against virus, but will cover their face to harass and intimidate people doing a legal activity.  This is so like the abortion clinic protest people, figuring their demands must be met and the facilities closed by force if necessary.  Well there is no right to abortion in the red states, and some of those same states have bills to make drag shows against the law also.  What is next outlawing gays, lesbians, definitely they will ban trans people.  Plus notice these are white supremacy white power groups.   This is the right wing now racist gang thug bigots.  Hugs

There is a war against LGBTQ folks happening.
Time for us to defend each other.


The police are helping THEM


That fact is terrifying.


Yes, it is. This means that in many places, LGBT people cannot count on the police. If this possibility doesn’t tereify us, I don’t know what will.


yes, and its the ‘standard’ in NC,and SC, SCs ancient gov loves anything that is anti LGBT, NC relig kooks in upper gov levels are the same….The weather is good in those states, and temps stay in the 1860s Year round……

By all means, let’s talk about grooming.


Agreed. We need to get the gym bunnies out there to intimidate them right back. Those boys can maybe use their muscles for something besides preening and posing in the mirror.


It should be obvious by now that the fascists don’t give two shits about grooming and pedophilia on their side, nor will that dissuade people from voting for them.

Don’t take this personally, but there’s a serious case of chronic “‘Daily Show’ brain” on our side, where people still seem to think that point out hypocrisy on the right, with a bit of snark added for good measure, is an effective political tactic.

Fascists don’t care about consistency or looking like the good guys. They care about power.


“….don’t give two shits about grooming and pedophilia…” That is too true. Whatever they hate about others is food for this behavior. Gay people and abortion are so hated in this country, that they can do this with impunity and they know it. It really is time for some payback.


All white xian males, undoubtedly republican

Domestic terrorism supported by the police. Horrifying.


Not, not at all unsurprising. Except for a few, many cops hate gays and racial/ethnic minorities. Now they feel empowered to put their hatred into action. Derek Chauvin’s conviction and imprisonment were a fluke. How many are still out there, killing with impunity?

If they’re so proud of what they’re doing, why do they cover their faces?


I thought they were all viciously anti-mask.


Maybe it’s because these guys–at least the unmasked ones–look like guys in pickup trucks hanging around the cruisey area of the local woods, a friend tells me.


Funny how they REFUSED to wear a mask during the pandemic……


So they can keep bullying and terrorizing is without repercussions. I thought it would be obvious by now that it’s useless to try and “well ackshually” them by pointing out hypocrisy and inconsistency.


To be called out on one’s hypocrisy, one would have to have some shame (at least for the calling out to have positive results). Most of this lot have no shame.


Sad to say but if we do violence, it will be spun as proof we’re the bad guys.
Don’t see how we’ll avoid that at some point though.



Drag show planned at Hugger Mugger draws threats of violence

This is not democracy.   Drag events are legal, and thugs, gang thugs are stopping them.   Where are the police to stop this?   Is the US a country of laws or a place run by gangs like in Hati?  Notice who is behind it and who is pushing it.  The damn Libs of TicTok, a rabid hate group run by a woman and her daughter.   They claimed gay kids shouldn’t be in the same classrooms as “normal” kids.  What is next that black kids shouldn’t be in the same classrooms as white kids?    They are the moral police of the right and the gang Proud Boys are the brownshirt enforcers.  This is how the republicans want to govern.  This is how the right wants to live, being able to cause fear and intimidate other people into living according to the gangs’ demands.  Hugs

Organizers of a Halloween-themed drag show meant to raise funds for a local LGBTQ resource center are facing threats of violence and death after the event was featured by a right wing Twitter account with a nationwide reach.

Sanford Yoga Community Center and Combat Sexual Assault will host Halloween Drag Brunch on Sunday at Hugger Mugger Brewing in downtown Sanford. A private, ticketed event, the show will feature a brunch at noon and performances from Drag Queens and Kings from Greenville-based Underground Presents. All funds raised will benefit SYCC’s LGBTQ+ Resource Center.

But organizer and SYCC owner Lindsey Knapp, an attorney and U.S. Army veteran who has works as an advocate for victims of sexual violence, said she’s started receiving threats of violence and death over the event from strangers after the event was featured this week by “Libs of TikTok,” a Twitter account with 1.4 million followers that “reposts a steady stream of TikTok videos and social media posts, primarily from LGBTQ+ people, often including incendiary framing designed to generate outrage,” according to a story from earlier this year in the Washington Post.

Libs of TikTok’s tweet indicates that one of the drag performers is “inspired by Satanism,” although Knapp says she doesn’t know that performer and they are not on Sunday’s bill.

“I’m not so concerned about the people who are just mad at me or who may show up to protest,” Knapp said Friday. “On the back end, there are people posting threats, saying to show up with guns and ‘shoot your local pedophile,’ and that’s what has me concerned.”

Knapp has reported three separate death threats to local authorities, and has hired private security for the event. She says accusations of “grooming” and pedophilia have nothing to do with the event.

“This is about showing the LGBTQ community that they are loved and supported, and that their freedom of expression is supported,” she said. “I’m the parent of a trans youth, and I want him to know that he can be himself. I wholeheartedly believe that children should be protected from sexual assault – I own an organization called Combat Sexual Violence and I’m an attorney, and I literally represent survivors every day.”

Knapp said she’s trying to stay positive by planning a sign making party at her yoga studio on Saturday and encouraging those who support the drag show and its cause to show up and make themselves heard.

“We’re just trying to send a message that love wins and we all have a right to exist,” she said.

Sanford Police Department Major Vinnie Frazer said law enforcement is aware of the threats and investigating them.

“We’re adding extra officers that day to be downtown monitoring and making sure nothing happens and nobody’s rights are violated,” he said. “We take any threats of violence seriously.”

This isn’t the first time controversy has surrounded a drag show hosted by SYCC and Hugger Mugger. In June, both the yoga center and the brewery faced calls to cancel the event and subsequent criticism when they declined. But that event didn’t draw any threats of violence, and although a handful of protesters showed up outside, no incidents were reported.

“(Threats of violence are) taking up a lot of my time,” Knapp said. “I’ve reported them, and I had to go sit in front of the magistrate, and all that takes away from what should be a really positive thing. If people want to protest, that’s fine. As a veteran, I swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and that includes freedom of speech. But you have to take threats seriously.”


Laboratories of Autocracy – David Pepper – It’s the States, Stupid!

This is one of the most important posts I have made in my life.  This audio (sorry to the hearing impaired but this is too important to ignore) shows how the republicans have seriously skewed the vote due to gerrymandered districts where democrats have to win over 75% or even more to get less than the republicans seats in states, shows how drastically skewed states are in all other aspects.   Yes All gives his normal comedian intro warm up, but bypass that to get to the real story.   It really is more important than I can describe.   Thanks and hugs

CNN’s Dana Bash Smacks Down Rick Scott Claim Democrats ‘Cut Medicare’ By Allowing Drug Negotiations

Republicans have learned by trump that they can lie with impunity.  Nothing they say really matters because their supporters will believe what they say and more importantly will vote for them no matter what lies they tell.  They can accuse the Democrats of what they are doing and their supporters will believe it.  They can flat out lie now with no care that they might be called out.  The republican supporters, the base don’t care what is true or real, they suck up the right wing media better than any vacuum.   It is all tribal for them, R great but D horrible bad that will destroy the country, god, and what the think as their god give right.    It has gotten ridiculous, and it is like we have two different countries in two different realities.   Hugs 

CNN anchor Dana Bash smacked down Florida Senator and NRSC Chairman Rick Scott’s claim that Democrats “cut Medicare” by allowing the agency to negotiate for lower drug prices.

President Joe Biden has been attacking Scott regularly over a proposal that would cause Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid to sunset every five years, requiring Congress to reauthorize them.

On Sunday morning’s edition of CNN’s State of the Union, Bash confronted Scott about the plan, which he insists is not intended to cut Medicare, but to “preserve” them through unspecified means.

When Scott tried to claim Democrats “cut $280 billion out of Medicare,” Bash stepped in to correct him, repeatedly, before finally giving up and moving on:

DANA BASH: Democrats say that one of your proposals that, which would sunset all federal legislation after five years jeopardizes Medicare and Social Security. You’ve previously said that those programs need to be preserved, reformed and protected. So just a simple yes or no, do Republicans want to cut Medicare and or Social Security?

RICK SCOTT: Absolutely not. And, you know, the Democrats just cut $280 billion. All Democrats in the Senate and House voted to cut $280 billion out of Medicare just two months ago. And then they want to say Republicans want to cut something. Democrats have done this.

DANA BASH: Senator,

RICK SCOTT: Joe Biden when he was senator said he wanted to cut Medicare and Social Security. I believe we got to preserve them and make sure we we we keep them. What I want to do is make sure we live within our means and make sure we preserve those programs. People have paid into them. They believe in them. I believe them. I’m going to fight like hell to make sure we preserve Medicare and Social Security.

DANA BASH: Just want to correct the record. The Democrats plan, which is now law, it didn’t cut social, excuse me. It didn’t cut Medicare benefits. It allowed for negotiation for prescription drug prices, which would ultimately bring down the price and the cost for Medicare consumers. But I want to ask the next question, which is about raising the eligibility…

RICK SCOTT: We just finished that, though. They cut 280, Dana. It cut$280 billion out of Medicare. That means we’re going to have fewer lifesaving drugs. It cut $280 billion out of Medicare. They can say what it did”’

DANA BASH: It did not cut benefits…

RICK SCOTT: It will reduce life saving drugs.

DANA BASH: It didn’t. It did not…

RICK SCOTT: You cut $280 billion out of Medicare, something’s gonna happen…

DANA BASH: Good. Okay. All right.

RICK SCOTT: Come on. All right. I mean.

DANA BASH: I want to, we can debate that and and, for a long time. But I want to focus on you and the Republicans and what you want to do right now.


Pfizer to JACK UP Price of COVID Shot by 10,000%

Pfizer is planning on raising the cost of a single COVID vaccine dose by 100 times what it costs to manufacture the drug. Brett Erlich and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

Read more HERE:…

“Vaccine equity campaigners on Friday condemned Pfizer for announcing that it will soon raise the price of its publicly funded Covid-19 shot to between $110 and $130 per dose in the U.S., a move that comes as the Biden administration is preparing to end the nation’s free coronavirus vaccine program as pandemic response funding runs dry.

Reuters reported late Thursday that Angela Lukin, an executive at Pfizer, said the New York-based pharmaceutical giant “expects” that the vaccine “will be made available at no cost to people who have private insurance or government-paid insurance.

” The outlet noted that Lukin did not say whether the company will make any accommodations for the tens of millions of people in the U.S. without any health insurance.”