Comatose Anti-Vax Man Flown To Texas Hospital After Minnesota Hospital Decided To Pull The Plug

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports:

Scott Quiner, 55, of Buffalo, was flown from the Twin Cities to Texas over the weekend, an attorney representing the family said. Scott Quiner’s case drew widespread attention last week after Mercy Hospital said it would disconnect the ventilator on Thursday. Quiner, who was unvaccinated, had been in the hospital’s ICU since Nov. 6 with critically low oxygen levels and had shown little signs of improvement since his arrival.

Quiner’s wife, Anne, went to Anoka County court seeking an emergency restraining order to prevent Mercy from disconnecting the ventilator. Without a judge’s decision, “my husband will die,” Anne wrote in her petition seeking the court’s action. A GoFundMe has pulled in more than $28,600 as of Monday morning. A second fundraiser on the Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo was seeking to raise $100,000. As of Monday, the effort had brought in $41,000.

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As you can see below, among those riling up the rubes in this case is anti-vax extremist and QAnon leader Stew Peters. That’s Peters in the first clip below.


Republicans declare war over race in public schools — and Black kids get left out of the discussion

Republicans declare war over race in public schools — and Black kids get left out of the discussion

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Over the past year, Republicans have declared a war on how race and racism are addressed in public schools. This enmity was forefront in the gubernatorial election in Virginia, as well as battles over school boards across the country. In the past few months, at least seven states have banned so-called “critical race theory” from curricula. Over a dozen more are moving similar bans through state legislatures.


It would be naïve to expect more from the Republican Party. It requires an ongoing and bloody culture war to win. But there is another party with a role to play, who might be receptive to correction: the media.

Overall, the media’s coverage of the battle over education has been, let us say, “deeply problematic.” Reporting on the issue has overwhelmingly featured white parents describing the discomfort their children felt in discussions about racism.

Apparently, no one has thought it relevant to consider the experiences of Black children. This is regrettable as it’s impossible to cover a story about race in education while amplifying exclusively white voices.

How would the coverage change if the media approached the topic with an eye to informing citizens? To answer that question, consider just a few relevant data points.

First, Black kids experience racism before they enter school.

Research has shown that Black children are aware of racism usually before age five. Black kindergarteners are far more cognizant of their own race than their white counterparts. They are also keenly aware of racism, though they can’t always name the experience.


Black children’s awareness of racism is not illusory. It is based on empirically demonstrated lived experiences that are shaped by interactions with peers and teachers. White teachers are more likely to direct Black kids to special education and less likely to recommend them to gifted classes, even when their performance is at the same level as their white peers. Punishments for similar behaviors are more severe, resulting in Black children being systematically humiliated, in addition to being more frequently detained and suspended.

As they age through the school system, Black children report feeling more and more isolated. It’s not in their imagination. Even Black 5-year-olds are more likely to be described by their white teachers as angry or threatening than their white classmates. White teachers are more likely to perceive Black children as older than they are, which contributes to teachers responding to them in age-inappropriate ways. White children get comfort. Black children get punishment.

And I’ve only talked about preschool and kindergarten

Black children are often unfairly disadvantaged by their dialect and linguistic discrimination. When children enter primary school, they begin the process of learning to read. This requires mapping alphabetic visual symbols onto the sounds we use when we speak.

Many Black children are speakers of African American Vernacular English (AAVE), a dialect of our language that is just as rich and systematic as any other. However, because this dialect differs from the standard dialect, Black children who speak AAVE are told that they have a “home language” and a “school language.”

The former has no place in the classroom and the distinction between “home” and “school” inevitably plays into linguistic stereotypes of AAVE as somehow inferior or sloppy. White children are rarely told the dialect they speak is not befitting of a school environment, even when their dialects also differ from the standard.

Further, Black students who speak AAVE are given little help in making the bridge from their dialect to the “standard” demanded of them. The systematic differences in their dialect are not noted; these differences are more commonly just characterized as “wrong.” Consider how terribly confusing that must be for a 6-year-old child.

At this point, we’ve just talked about play and reading.


Despite the repeated falsehoods on the right, it is extremely rare for a curriculum to devote considerable attention to racism as a systemic and ever-present problem. Rather, the opposite is usually taught: that racism and racists are far, far away and that children are color-blind.

Combine such lessons — no racists here! — with Black children’s empirically demonstrated experiences of racism and it’s hard to imagine a more comprehensive and vicious form of gaslighting.

It is unsurprising many Black children develop chronic stress as a result of overt and covert racism. This chronic stress, in turn, has not just been linked to social, emotional and academic outcomes, but also to physical health. Black children experience elevated levels of cortisol throughout the school day, a physiological state that not only leaves children exhausted, but also impedes their ability to work.

Discrimination results in the prevalence of “stereotype threat” among Black children, adolescents and college students, such that if attention is brought to their race by a white educator, their performance on a task will decrease. Racism — from childhood to adulthood — is and will be a constant assault on both the body and mind.

The fact that Black people are so invisible from our public framing of the education debate shows just how intellectually impoverished the conversation is. They exist primarily as objects of discussion in the imagination of white Americans. A subject to debate, not people to listen to. This rendering of Black Americans as invisible is, perhaps, an argument for teaching more about racism in society, not less.

The GOP is waging a race war. We shouldn’t expect them to care about Black kids. We should, however, demand that the rest of us place Black children within the scope of our conversation about education.

Racist Racists



Once again, the people who scream loudest about “cancel culture,” political correctness, and cry that people are trying to take away their freedom of speech, are whining about President Joe Biden’s speech on the Voting Rights Act. This is another opportunity for white Christians to play like the most persecuted people in the history of persecutions.

President Biden went to Atlanta and if it wasn’t Hotlanta before, it is now. In his speech, President Biden compared those opposing the Voting Rights Act to racists of yore.

President Biden challenged Republicans in the Senate, and probably elsewhere, with the comparisons. He asked, “Do you want to be on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you want to be on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor? Do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis? This is the moment to decide, to…

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Roughs, Episode 121


Here’s the batch of roughs from the week before last. It’s another small one, which I love.


Antonio Brown was a player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At one point during a game a couple weeks ago, he was apparently fired from the time. Did I mention it was during the game? There have been conflicting reports over why, but according to some reports, the Bucs wanted him to get back into the game while he was injured and they fired him over his refusal. His reaction to this was to rip his jersey off and walk off the field. I tried to tie that into the Chicago school situation but it didn’t work…so I bailed on it.


This was the cartoon for the CNN newsletter. I really liked this one and I would have drawn it for my newspapers if they hadn’t picked it. It did really well on…

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Boris and Andrew



While the rest of the world makes fun of us for stupid shit like politicizing a virus and handing the White House over to a racist grifting “pussy-grabbing” clown game show host, we can take some comfort in that we’re not alone. Other first-world nations also have to deal with their occasional lunatics too.

Racism sells, not just in the United States but also in the UK. What do you think Brexit was? Here, our most recent winner was Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin whose entire campaign was a bunch of racist dog whistles.

And it’s like the UK didn’t learn from our mistake of putting a guy with ridiculous bleached hair into leadership. Anyone who chooses to look like that should be disqualified on that alone, even before you get to the racism. Boris Johnson also won his position with racist lies. Now, Boris is in danger of being tossed…

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Daily cartoon / meme roundup: people on disability are not causing your problems, the wealthy pushing their tax burdens on to you are your problem


Scottie’s world today

half witted stuff before the internetposting that stupid shit



Culture wars are the oxygen of capitalists.


The root of our problems is corporate greed.

Bottom people make the profit


The most common comorbidity is poverty.


We need the language to deconstruct late stage capitalism. You can’t change what you can’t describe or understand.


Farcus Comic Strip for January 17, 2022

Scott Stantis Comic Strip for January 17, 2022



1000%. Republican rhetoric is useless. They will say/do anything to give themselves power.


Spare us the “bipartisan” hand-wringing.

Use the code words donnie



Republicans are the party of theft. They all know voter suppression and gerrymandering are about stealing elections. They know the audits were about stealing elections. They know slowing the Post Office was about stealing elections.

The complicity and gaslighting, vis a vis, ‘stop the steal’, represent manifest diseased GOP morals/ethics.


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knock some heads together

John Deering Comic Strip for January 17, 2022


Law and order is a white supremacist construct.

Prickly City Comic Strip for January 17, 2022

Kevin Necessary Editorial Cartoons Comic Strip for January 14, 2022



Notice it includes the wrong Douglass and the correct one is spelled with only on S.   Scottie


‘Knowing you are the problem, then blaming others’ is the conservative mission statement.

The malfeasance is manifest.

Robert Ariail Comic Strip for January 16, 2022

I heard it is jock itch

Coming soon.   But what people forget is that those cases some are going to get really sick from Covid, they are going to incur large medical bills, and a lot of them will die.   Is that the future the anti-vax groups want?  Just a roll of the dice if you go bankrupt or die?   How many deaths will be enough when nearly 900,000 are not?   Scottie

hit by covid liberty

Non Sequitur Comic Strip for January 17, 2022


*in order to protect our strong men- we must drink pee and show our indoctrination*



We should not be shrugging off long-term risks.

freedom to not wash hands


It’s a cult.


This tracks.

Aggressively wrong


The double standards are everywhere.


ViewsEurope Comic Strip for January 16, 2022


Misleading right wing media cartoons / memes

Gary Varvel for Jan 17, 2022

History has shown that left to their desires the states will infringe on rights granted by the federal constitution. Yes the constitution is the founding document that provides the structure the US is built on. When rights that should be enjoyed by all are with held or restricted to some, the federal government must act to restore them. Plus some elections are federal elections and so should be standard across all states as with other interstate laws. Again that is provided for in the constitution. If you take out the right wing media attempts to stir up their base’s emotions you can see that this is something that has happened before and should happen again. The federal government is doing its job to address a problem across state lines and to ensure equal protection under the 14th amendment. Scottie

Bob Gorrell for Jan 17, 2022

Have these people seen Biden’s 36 years in government service?   He is a center right leaning politician who has more than once advocated cutting social security payment, assistance to the poor, being tough on crime, in favor of keeping cannabis illegal, and refusing to eliminate student debt even though some of these things helps the economy immensely.   Biden is no lefty, no progressive, but he is a corporate democrat.   Biden is beholden to the wealthy corporations and is willing to do mostly as they wish as they wish.   The reason Biden has been pushing for policies that the right wing media call progressive is they help both the country and the wealthy / big businesses.  But the right has to be against anything that Biden is for so they create a false scare tactic against even stuff they supported just a few years ago, such as voting rights reform.    History and truth are pesky things the right wing media is trying to avoid.  Scottie

A.F. Branco for Jan 16, 2022

According to 2019 FBI data, seven out of ten states with the highest per-capita rates of violent crime voted Republican in the 2020 election. In contrast, seven out of ten states with the lowest rates voted Democrat. However, the District of Columbia had the highest rate despite voting blue.  Mississippi has the highest murder rate, I hear it is a deep red state.   Facts matter.   The cartoon is just an attempt to play on fear and keep outrage going in the right wing base.   Scottie

CRT is simply a dog whistle for the right so I will ignore its use here.  MLK’s words are as appropriate for today as they were back when he issued them. What is discouraging is the US has regressed on the gains in civil rights that King fought for. The US has not only stopped moving forward to eliminate pervasive racism but again has one political wing actively trying to promote it. He was right about the lack of support and work needed by moderate white people to change the discriminatory nature of the country. Scottie

Al Goodwyn Editorial Cartoons Comic Strip for January 17, 2022

Youngkin is dividing Virginia by pushing the false idea that CRT is being taught in its schools.   Goodwyn prefers the old Texas schoolbooks which told that the slaves were happy being told what to do.   White people afraid of facing the truth will be the downfall of this country.   Not a joke. A Virginia Republican legislator introduced a bill requiring public schools to teach students about the Lincoln – Douglass debates. Frederick Douglass.  

Youngkin banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory (although it is not being taught).   Youngkin did not ban the teaching of Replacement Theory.  Make of it what you will.

Teachers now have to fear if they say anything critical about; slavery, Jim Crow, lynching they will be fired. If Little Johnny goes home and says Mr Jones said in history class that slaves were considered subhuman and often flogged and his Great, Great,Great, Great Grandfather got rich off their labor-Mr Jones is teaching CRT and should be fired.  Protecting our children from an imaginary CRT agenda, killing our children by lifting mask mandates during a lethal pandemic. Not the least bit divisive. Next we’ll have bodycams on teachers to prevent the spread of seditious knowledge.   Scottie


And now some for fun

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