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Christian Influencer Condemns “Satanic” Yoga Barbie

No respect for other faiths or beliefs.   On her Christian religion should be tolerated in her idea of a Christian nation.   That others have their own religion, or no religion doesn’t matter to her at all.   I cannot tell if these people are clueless or just don’t care about what other people feel.   Hugs

Christian “influencer” Yasmeen Suri writes on Facebook:

“Yoga Barbie” is at Target on the shelf. Satan always comes as appearing innocent. He will never come with horns and a pitchfork. This Barbie has 5 guided meditations.

Remember, Yoga IS Hinduism. You cannot separate the poses from the religion. Each pose is designed to invoke a hindu deity in the spirit realm.

I have seen children get possessed by demons. This Barbie also teaches you deep breathing(pranayama). Her pet is also involved. Satan is after the children.

He wants to use them and indoctrinate them for his glory. Then, when he is done, he will destroy them. As your kids grow, they will get rebellious, depressed and many will be suicidal.

You won’t understand what’s happening as a parent. God forbids all practices of eastern religion as a Christian. You must remove all toys and clean your children’s room of all demonic attachments. Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

The comments at Facebook are an utter riot. Suri’s post includes a link to buy her books and DVDs from her outfit, Praise From The Nations Int’l Ministries.

UiscePreston • 3 hours ago

This bitch has more plastic in her than ALL of Mattel®. Shut the fuck up.

Sarcastic Misanthropic Dov UiscePreston • 2 hours ago

Honey she is silicone from the knees up.

Ginger Snap Sarcastic Misanthropic Dov • an hour ago

I love how mainstream society has totally taken over drag queen makeup. I’m not one to knock people for wearing lots of makeup just my insight from the perspective of a former drag queen.

What, me worry? • 3 hours ago

I’m an atheist and have tried yoga, which is basically a series of stretching exercises. There’s nothing religious about it unless you make it so. I also meditate and have been for years. Again, nothing religious about it unless you make it religious. And so what if it was religious? I’m offended EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY as an atheist and a gay person by CHRISTIANS shoving their religion where it does not belong.

MartyP • 3 hours ago



Chris Baker weshlovrcm • an hour ago

Her look reads less “Christian” and more “Kardashian.” I could take the message a little more seriously if she looked like a frumpy Midwest housewife. (Not that I heard her message, I had to stop after the 6th time she said “I’m shook” in the first minute of the video).

Progressive German Newspaper Asks for State-Funded ‘Educational’ Porn

This is a great idea!   Recently I posted how a 17 year old was so ashamed of his nude body and that he was recorded masturbating that he first paid off the scammers then killed himself when they wanted more with threats to show the pictures / videos to his parents.  I said then we need to teach kids what their bodies are, what they are feeling is natural, what to do in some situations (I read in one of the Scandinavian countries they teach teen boys how to discretely hide their erections until they subside) and to not be ashamed to talk about things that they need to ask or tell an adult what is happening to them.    It is a fact that young people / kids see porn and nude bodies.  They shouldn’t be terrified of seeing a nude person or their developing feelings.   It is a fact kids will explore each other.  It is a fact that kids have sexual feelings and desires.  It is a fact that how an adult reacts or talks about bodies, nudity, and sexual acts can leave a kid scared they are broken and that they are abnormal.   Often how an adult reacts to catching a teen in a sexual situation is more traumatic than the actions they were involved in.   Remember kids will talk to each other about sex / feelings and if they cannot talk to an adult then the information they get from the other kids their age maybe be badly wrong.   

Porn is another area where comprehensive sexual education is needed.   Kids of all ages see porn.  Younger kids won’t care, but as kids get older toward puberty (around 10 / 11 years old most kids get really interested) and what they see / what their older siblings watch for porn will give them wrong ideas.   Adults know or should know that porn is a game, a story acted out for the pleasure of the watcher.   It is not real, it is not how real sex happens, and it is often geared to a segment of the audience.   I have read studies of what kids think their sex acts should be based on the porn they watched, and it is scary how misinformed they are.   Some boys thought girls liked to be abused and called names during sex.  There were other misconceptions based on duration of the acts and other things, but the thing that stood out to me was that because boys were seeing men aggressively take women and dominate them, they thought that was the way they had to act.    When the girls objected, the boys were confused.   So I think that these types of educational opportunities should be explored.   

In doing some research into the idea of how to publicly teach kids about their bodies, nudity, and sexual feelings I found this 8 part series. /  .   This should be redone in English and shown in our schools.     Hugs

Progressive German Newspaper Asks for State-Funded 'Educational' Porn

BERLIN — Progressive German publication Taz published an opinion piece last week suggesting that state public media fund “educational” porn as part of their mandate to “protect children,” rather than attempt to censor the commercial variety.

The article argues that “so far, an inefficient fight against free porn platforms is being waged.”

“There is no need for bans, just good alternatives,” Taz’s Arabella Wintermayr noted.

The “bans” the article refers to are efforts related an ongoing censorship campaign being waged by obscure local politician Tobias Schmid, director of the State Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia, and Germany’s self-appointed one-man War on Porn. Schmid has been fighting in the courts to push for “age verification compliance.” 

Last month Schmid bragged about an AI tool called KIVI, which automatically scans all online content to determine which images are not compliant with the AV law.

He explained that he coined the name KIVI after “KI” — the German initials for AI — and “VI” from the Latin word “vigilare,” meaning “to survey.”

While some might view such surveillance as an authoritarian fantasy, Schmid called it a “fantastic combination,” German tech news site reported.

Schmid was also the architect of the judicial “network block” against xHamster, one of the country’s most popular tube sites.

The Case for Government-Funded Porn

Taz quoted pornographer and activist Paulita Pappel, who leads the European chapter of the Free Speech Coalition, and who criticized Schmid’s approach.

“They try de facto to silence the discourse about pornography in public and hide behind the protection of minors,” Pappel told Taz. “The idea that these network blocks would make sense is completely absurd. A 12-year-old can bypass them in no time with a VPN.”

The magazine also noted that Pappel’s Lustery studio recently released a scene in partnership with mainstream public broadcasting talk show “ZDF Magazin Royale,” which the company promoted as “the first-ever government-funded porn film.”

According to Lustery, the talk show’s producers reached out to them to “produce an ethical porn film as an alternative to the many tube sites.”

“Since the show is part of a public service broadcaster,” a Lustery rep explained, “they were able to use German TV tax [monies] paid by private individuals, companies and institutions in Germany” to produce the almost 30-minute scene titled “FFMM straight/queer doggy BJ ORAL orgasm squirting ROYALE (gebührenfinanziert).”

“Many people are loudly supporting it because they feel like the tax — annually, €220.32 — that everyone needs to pay is finally being used for something important and useful,” the rep noted. “Others are outraged because they either don’t understand why they’d need to pay for porn or they demonize porn and don’t want their money being used for such things.”

“But the fact is every German paid for it, no matter their attitude towards the genre,” the rep added.

A Proposal With Intriguing Potential

Taz concluded that this approach “would have potential.”

“In addition to normalizing feminist perspectives on sexuality and competing with the market power of free platforms,” they wrote, “the relationship to pornography would also change if it suddenly no longer took place on questionable websites but in the mainstream.”

“Consuming pornography would no longer be associated with something dirty,” Pappel theorized. “As a result, people would be freer from feelings of guilt, and communication about sexuality might be more open. Which may even prevent aggression.”

“There is a public broadcasting mandate to provide a basic supply of information, education, entertainment and advice,” added a legal expert consulted by Taz. “It should expressly reflect diversity that cannot be represented in the mainstream of the private sector.”

The educational mandate, the expert continued, “could be fulfilled, for example, by the films shown illustrating how consensus, communication and genuine desire work. This would set an appropriate framework that implements this basic service.”

Taz concluded by questioning the censorship-first approach, and suggested that the state media authorities should welcome “the approach of [public media] competing with the big free porn platforms … if they are actually concerned with the protection of minors. After all, [public media networks] are already taking age control very seriously.”


Israel will not hold criminal inquiry into killing of journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh

Military police say they are satisfied with assurances of Israeli troops over death of US-Palestinian despite international demands

Foreign activists and Palestinians take part in a protest in Berlin on 18 May, after the death of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh.
Foreign activists and Palestinians take part in a protest in Berlin on 18 May, after the death of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh. Photograph: APAImages/Rex/Shutterstock

Israel will not launch a criminal investigation into the killing of the US-Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh, which Palestinian officials and witnesses have blamed on Israeli soldiers.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Israel Defense Forces claimed that because Abu Aqleh was killed in an “active combat situation”, an immediate criminal investigation would not be launched, although an “operational inquiry” would continue.


According to a report in the Haaretz newspaper, the Israeli military police branch has accepted the assurances of Israeli troops that they were not aware she was in a village adjacent to the Jenin refugee camp when she was killed on 11 May.

The Biden administration and the UN security council have called for a transparent investigation.

Abu Aqleh was a household name across the Arab world, known for documenting the hardship of Palestinian life under Israeli rule for Al Jazeera. Her killing received widespread international coverage and prompted criticism from the White House.

The US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, promised her family that Washington would demand that her death be properly investigated.

Abu Aqleh was killed during an arrest raid by an Israeli commando unit on Palestinian militants.

According to Haaretz, the head of the Commando Brigade, Col Meni Liberty, identified six occasions during the raid when Israeli soldiers opened fire, allegedly at armed Palestinians who were near Abu Aqleh and other journalists.

The Israeli military had previously released an account that said it could not unequivocally determine the source of the bullet that killed Abu Aqleh. That account speculated that the bullet could have been fired by either a Palestinian militant or an Israeli soldier using a “telescopic scope” at 200 metres.

Palestinian officials have refused to give the recovered bullet to Israeli authorities to analyse but said it welcomed international investigations.

The decision by the Israeli military advocate general, Maj Gen Yifat Tomer-Yerushalmi, not to order an investigation by the military police criminal investigation division marks a departure from the majority of recent incidents involving IDF shootings of civilians in the occupied West Bank, which have been followed by investigations.


At her funeral on Friday police beat mourners carrying her casket, prompting more criticism of Israeli authorities.

Last week the UN high commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, complained about a lack of Israeli accountability for deaths in the occupied territories.

Commenting on Abu Aqleh’s killing and the subsequent violence at her funeral, Bachelet said: “As I have called for many times before, there must be appropriate investigations into the actions of Israeli security forces.

“Anyone found responsible should be held to account with penal and disciplinary sanctions commensurate to the gravity of the violation. This culture of impunity must end now.”

Israel knows it will get away with the attack on Shireen Abu Aqleh’s funeral
Elizabeth Tsurkov
Read more

The Israeli NGO Yesh Din criticised the decision not to investigate, saying that “the army law enforcement mechanisms no longer even bother to give the appearance of investigating”.

More than 100 artists, including Hollywood stars, acclaimed authors and prominent musicians, have meanwhile signed a joint letter condemning Abu Aqleh’s killing.

Steve Coogan, Kathryn Hahn, Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon and Tilda Swinton were among the signatories to a letter published by Artists for Palestine UK that called for “full accountability for the perpetrators of this crime and everyone involved in authorising it”.

The Israel Defence Forces released a statement on Thursday claiming that “dozens of Palestinian gunmen fired recklessly and indiscriminately while IDF soldiers were conducting counter-terrorism activities in the Jenin camp” on the day that Abu Aqleh died.

“An exchange of fire occurred between Palestinian gunmen and the soldiers. Toward the end of the activity, the journalist Shireen Abu [Aqleh], who was present at the battle zone during the exchange of fire, was hit.

“Due to the nature of the active combat situation, an immediate [military criminal] investigation was not launched. A decision regarding the necessity of an … investigation will be determined by the military advocacy, in accordance with the findings of the still-ongoing operational inquiry, as is standard in such cases.”

The police branch decision came a day after Israeli authorities said they have given the go-ahead for flag-waving Jewish nationalists to march through the heart of the main Palestinian thoroughfare in Jerusalem’s Old City later this month, in a decision that threatens to re-ignite violence in the holy city.

The office of the public security minister, Omer Barlev, said the march would take place on 29 May along its “customary route” through Damascus Gate, which is an Arab neighbourhood.

The Old City, located in East Jerusalem, has experienced weeks of violent confrontations between Israeli police and Palestinian demonstrators, and the march threatens to trigger new unrest.

Republican Senators Pressure TV Ratings Board Over ‘Disturbing’ LGBTQ+ Content

Republican Senators Pressure TV Ratings Board Over 'Disturbing' LGBTQ+ Content

WASHINGTON — Five Republican senators are demanding an overhaul of the current TV ratings system to include warnings about LGBTQ+ content, which they claim “not only harms children, but also destabilizes and damages parental rights.”

The effort to expand labeling is spearheaded by Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), who is joined by Mike Braun (R-Ind.), Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), Steve Daines (R-Mont.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah).

The five senators penned a highly homophobic and transphobic letter sent on Wednesday to Charles Rivkin, chairman of the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board, which regulates the parental guidance ratings broadcast before television programs. The letter includes shocking, stigmatizing language about trans people and their experiences.

In the letter, Sen. Marshall and his fellow Republican legislators claim that “concerning topics of a sexual nature have become aggressively politicized and promoted in children’s programming, including irreversible and harmful experimental treatments for mental disorders like gender dysphoria.”

“To this end,” the anti-trans senators continue, “we strongly urge you to update the TV Parental Guidelines and ensure they are up-to-date on best practices that help inform parents on this disturbing content.”

Besides asking for an expansion of government-backed intervention on the definition and labeling of sexual content, the senators tendentiously quote background material surrounding the Telecommunications Act of 1996 — which was struck down by the courts as unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds — alleging that Congress found that “studies indicate that children are affected by the pervasiveness and casual treatment of sexual material on television, eroding the ability of parents to develop responsible attitudes and behavior in their children.”

The Republican senators then go on to conflate “sexual situations,” which the ratings system is meant to flag, with the very existence of LGBTQ+ characters.

Targeting a Disney policy of inclusivity, the senators claim that, “to the detriment of children, gender dysphoria has become sensationalized in the popular media and television with radical activists and entertainment companies” and assert that this “not only harms children, but also destabilizes and damages parental rights.”

Reductive, Pseudo-Medical Musings About ‘Puberty’

Senator Marshall and the others also condemn Disney in the letter for denouncing Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. “Sexual orientation and gender identity instruction,” the senators declared, without providing any meaningful evidence, “often entails a discussion concerning an individual’s pattern of emotional, romantic and sexual attraction.”

The letter also includes shockingly reductive, pseudo-medical statements about human sexual development by the avowedly anti-sex, religiously-inspired politicians.

“Considering that the cognitive markers of sexual desire emerge during puberty when adolescents undergo natural hormonal and physiological changes,” they write, “it is wholly inappropriate to display this content in a TV-Y7 category and for other young audiences. This dialogue often involves the promotion of irreversible experimental treatments that involve surgical and otherwise invasive cosmetic procedures that are detrimental and life-altering, and do not evidence medical necessity.”

The letter also implies deliberate “grooming” on the part of Disney executives and TV producers, a smearing accusation which appears intended to chill free speech.

“The motivations of hyper-sexualized entertainment producers striving to push this content on young audiences are suspect at best and predatory at worst,” the senators write.

The senators then double down on the threat by summoning the members of the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board to attend Congress for “an in-person briefing.”

Sen. Marshall Demands Answers About ‘Problematic’ She-Ra, Princesses of Power

According to a Rolling Stone report today, although the senators “do not cite any problematic shows in their letter,” Marshall’s office “provided the Kansas City Star with a list of four: Nickelodeon’s ‘Danger Force’ and ‘The Loud House,’ and Netflix’s ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ and ‘Dead End: Paranormal Park.’”

Disney, Rolling Stone points out, “has been under assault from conservatives for speaking out against Florida’s new law that prohibits teachers in kindergarten through third grade from discussing sexual orientation or gender identity. The law also allows parents to sue over alleged violations.”

Senator Marshall accompanied Wednesday’s letter with a tweet lambasting “Disney’s latest campaign to embed left-wing sexual politics in its children’s programming.”

Police officers involved in death of beloved LGBT+ activist Zak Kostopoulos walk free: ‘Disgrace!’

The discrimination and deadly attacks the LGBTQ+ must be fought worldwide.    This situation could have been in any country that allows bigots to target minorities.    Hugs

The LGBT+ community demands justice for Zak Kostopoulos at a protest in Athens

The LGBT+ community demands justice for Zak Kostopoulos at a protest in Athens on 3 May, 2022. (NurPhoto via Getty/ Nikolas Kokovlis)

Four police officers involved in the death of Greek LGBT+ activist Zak Kostopoulos have walked free – to the horror of rights groups.

Kostopoulos, 33, also know by his drag name Zackie Oh, was beaten to death in broad daylight in a central Athens jewellery shop on 21 September 2018.


Authorities and the media initially painted him as a thief, but when video footage began to circulate on social media, the true brutality of the attack of revealed.

As he desperately tried to crawl towards the door, Kostopoulos was relentlessly beaten by shop owner Spyros Dimopoulos and estate agent Thanassis Hortarias.

But his ordeal was far from over and, when police arrived on the scene, they violently arrested the LGBT+ activist, who put up no resistance and was clearly in need of medical attention. Shortly afterwards, he was pronounced dead at the scene.


Biden Says The U.S. Will Defend Taiwan If China Invades

President Joe Biden said Monday that the United States would be willing to intervene militarily if China were to invade the self-governing island of Taiwan. Shortly after the president’s comments, a White House official appeared to walk back the declaration that the U.S could intervene militarily. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

This Texas school blocked suicide prevention websites. Students are fighting back.

web censorship, Texas schools, Trevor Project, Katy Independent School District
Photo: Shutterstock

A non-binary Texas high schooler is rallying fellow students and community members to oppose their school district’s ban on LGBTQ websites, which includes suicide prevention websites.

Cameron Samuels, a senior in the Katy Independent School District (KISD) of southeast Texas, says the district does little to address anti-LGBTQ bullying and slurs. The district also has an internet filter that blocks content related to “Human Sexuality” from school computers.

Related: Majority of Americans support talking about LGBTQ people in schools


KISD said the filter was implemented to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, a federal law meant to protect children from online predators. But the filter specifically blocks access to LGBTQ resources, including The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to preventing suicide among LGBTQ youth.

District officials told Samuels that KISD blocked the Trevor Project because of the “chat capabilities” on the organization’s website. However, the district’s web filter still allows students to access social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Both websites have chat capabilities that have been used by online sex traffickers to exploit children.

“The assumption that people communicating on the Trevor Project are predatory is bigoted and homophobic,” Samuels wrote for The Los Angeles Blade.

School officials also told him that students can still access non-LGBTQ suicide prevention resources. However, Samuels doesn’t understand why the district wouldn’t want its students to have complete access to any resources that might help save lives.


The web filter allows access to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, to websites covering heterosexual marriage, as well as to Alex Jones’s rabidly anti-LGBTQ disinformation website InfoWars.

However, the filter blocks access to LGBTQ news websites, the Human Rights Campaign and LGBTQ community resource centers.

Students struggling with their LGBTQ identities may rely on private, free computer access provided by schools to safely search for queer-affirming resources away from their families, Samuels added. By denying students access, the district prevents students from supporting their emotional and mental well-being, they said.


“School officials have said sites with LGBTQ+ content are not part of the educational curriculum or common classroom activities,” Samuels continued. “Yet they won’t explain how People magazine, ESPN, Gun Show Trader, or Breitbart meet this same standard.”

For almost a year now, Samuels and their classmates have asked district and school board officials to un-block the resources. The officials have promised to do so, but have yet to follow through on their promises.

So the students have launched a petition calling for the unblocking of LGBTQ sites and the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identities in KISD’s publicly available non-discrimination statements. The school districts of Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio have all included them in their statements.

Ron and I are laid low by the booster. But feeling better as the morning goes on.

It is going to be a long day.  I may not be at the computer much.   Ron is moving better than I but not well.   We both have taken the two main shots of Moldova, and the first booster.   We had no negative reactions.   Never bothered either of us a bit.   

Yesterday we went at noon and got the second booster.   By evening Ron said that the spot he got the shot was swelling and it was hurting.   Mine was still OK.  No problem.   In the middle of the night I woke up in trouble.   I was running a fever, I had chills and was shivering, my arm with the shot was swollen and hurt bad (remember I take medication for pain), and I was having body aches so bad I had to take more medication to just to stand it.  Then by the time the sun came up the muscle spasms started.  

Ron woke up and told me he was having the same.    The good news he said he looked it up and that meant it was working for us.   Really little comfort I can tell you.    I am sipping my coffee and not moving much.  For me sitting letting the pain medication work is the best and helping a lot, for Ron it is moving around and puttering on things.   Both Ron and I are feeling better but I think it will be a long slow day for us with naps.  Drinking coffee helps get rid of the chills.   He says it should go away in a day or so.   I still recommend the boosters just lay in a supply of feel better stuff.     I will say that Odie came in during the night and moved up to my chest and pushed into me as a way to say he knew I did not feel well.   But after a short while it hurt too much to have him there and I moved him to the middle / lower end of the bed.   Hugs

Top Republican infuriates his OWN party with stunning admission on air

He lists the taxes he claims poor or retired people don’t pay but if they buy something they pay the tax.  They don’t get to skip it; he is lying to make it seem the good Republican base pays all the taxes and no one else does.  Second he says there is low worker participation, but it is the lowest unemployment is a very long time, so he is lying again.  But mostly listen to what he says about wanting to force people back to work.   The people he wants to force back to work are the disabled and the seniors in retirement.  To do that he wants to cut their income and tax the remaining bit they get.  Why?   Because employers in the US love and need a desperate work force struggling to survive that will take any low paying job under any harsh conditions so they can eat / live.   Remember who Rick Scott is, a multimillionaire who stole from Medicaid to become wealthy. When he was governor of Florida he ruined the unemployment system so it wouldn’t work, which caught the state in the ass when Covid shut everything down.   He tried to privatize everything he could and slashed taxes on the wealthy and corporations by moving the burden of funding the state to the lower incomes, adding to their already crushing burden.   Hugs  

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