Until things change

I am sitting here with everybody already gone to bed. Our generator is running but I took my first shower in 8 days today. My blog is down for awhile until things settle out. We have to salvage my desk and then find a place to put it or setup even One of my my computers. It is a disaster. I thank everyone and some day I will be able to reply to every wonderful comment. But right now I can’t even access them. Hugs

Have water but not drink able

We just got water back and I can use the side that comes from our filter to wash and rinse dishes but it needs to boiled before and real use. But we can flush the toilets. That is grand we were using pool water after the toilets got so high / stinky that we couldn’t stand it because the sewage lift stations were off line and once the pipes filled up it would start backing up into the lowest homes on the line. We still have no electricity but we have the generator. My back has had enough and took a vacation far away. I can’t stand upright and I am slowly washing dishes sitting on a stool. The blog and my replies to comments are done for now. It is a struggle just to get through the day. I did have a nice young man and his girlfriend come over and not only take the aluminum on the ground but go up on the roof to cut away all the pealed roof and do other things to help me. Yes they got the aluminum to recycle and make money off but he didn’t have to do all the other work that made them no money. I took them cold water and they said that if possible they would come back to check on me. I told them that I had Ron and James but they were at urgent care because James sliced his hand on the metal. They gave me their numbers and said if I needed anything to contact them.

Going to try

I have been benched since nearly passing out from pain yesterday. My assignment is to stay inside and make sure the ice machine powered by the generator keeps running. Ron and James are doing what the can for repair and temporary fixes. Every one is tired, sore, sunburned, frustrated, and worried. Every repair or fix find more issues and concerns. The south wall took hard impacts that snapped the studs and the entire wall is rippled with the siding smashed or split. We had a contractor friend of James come by and give us an estimate and as of right now he says that the repairs as best he could see right now were about 25 to 30 grand. I will explain more later but tonight I am so bummed and upset because while some people around us have power we had to put gas in our generator because we couldn’t get propane. Anyway going to sign off and try to find some news before going to bed. Hugs

BBC NEWS: Hurricane Ian: They stayed for the storm – what happens now?

Punta Gorda Is the next town up from us so we got what the got. We are in North Fort Myers between Fort Myers and Punta Gorda. I understand everything in this article. Ron is tired. He has fought all his life to make things better and gotten knocked back and down repeatedly. He was tired rebuilding this place before but it was feeling like it was becoming what we wanted. Now Ron has lost hope and feels overwhelmed. My going down yesterday didn’t help his feelings as he feel’s this is hurting me bad. But it is hurting all of us I tell him I just had five days of over doing. Like 30 hours behind the wheel of a vehicle and spending a night trying to sleep in the van in a parking lot. So much more. But we had no information. No one in management came to the park to tell us anything. No workers to help. Neighbors helped each other. We made communal food places in each area and we all brought what supplies we had. We dipped buckets in the pool to get water to pour into toilets when the desperately needed flushing. With no sewer system working we had to be careful not to fill the lines or it would backup into the homes. Not on persons in authority came by to check on us or tell us anything. We feel forgotten and expendable. We may lose the house we may not be able to afford t fix it. Then we’re do we go. How at this point d we l Hugs

Hurricane Ian: They stayed for the storm – what happens now?
Florida residents face tough choices about whether to stay or leave in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Read in BBC News: https://apple.news/APGKqFLhAR_ilOP87QOJpvw

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BBC NEWS: Ukraine war: Tortured for refusing to teach in Russian

Sounds about what Florida is trying to do. Hugs

Ukraine war: Tortured for refusing to teach in Russian
Teachers in parts of recently-occupied Ukraine say they were beaten and forced to destroy textbooks.

Read in BBC News: https://apple.news/Aq_ToQDb9TjCLJkrde6n0CA

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Alive and holding on small update

The first electrical power truck just arrived and a guy in a pickup truck said they were going to start working at getting the power back on. The cell service is a bit better. Ron got our generator running Friday which saved most of the stuff in our fridge, Ron can use his CPAP for sleeping, Ron runs the bedroom window air conditioner at night because he can’t sleep if he is too hot. We use the generator to run the battery charger and a standing fan in the kitchen/living area and at night a light. Because we are caring people we hooked up the neighbors fridge, his oxygen machine, and his fan also a light. The first night used a lot of propane because the refrigerators needed to be brought back down to cold temperatures. Last night it only used about half the 40 pound tank. We have ten gallons of gasoline as backup. The generator can run on either propane or gasoline. Ron and James are trying to find a few needed groceries and supplies but they are in short supply. I have a lot to tell you all but my office is no more. James saved my computer systems but I have not place to set them up and no internet. It is too hard to type much on the phone. Short notes. We left at 1:30 in the morning on Wednesday and drove through the outer hurricane bands to the other coast. Not a room on the other coast from Stuart to Fort Lauderdale. We drove down the coast and back west on alligator alley / I 75. Stayed the day in a rest area. Came home during the back of the hurricane to get James out and we spent the night in the van in the Hertz area parking lot. I had my first hot meal last night. Tacos cooked on the grill. Before that was 30 hours no food and then one baloney sandwich a day. There is a lot lot more to tell. But hard to type it out on a phone. Anyway this is a small update.