The Stomach-Churning Things Nazis Did To Gay Men

And yet history is repeating itself again.  The very acceptance of homosexuality and personal sexual freedom experienced by German People was attacked by a movement that wanted to villainize it and made a virtue of not just all things heterosexual but of attacking the homosexuals along with those things that symbolized them or support for them.   The things happening in Florida, on the Daily Wire, and in the fundamentalist Republican Party are the same steps taken by Nazi’s in 1930 Germany and in Russia more recently.   As yourself, if the Nazi’s stopped with just the homosexuals or trans?   Are you comfortable with the direction of the Russian / openly Nazi supporting Republican Party today?   Hugs

The conversation had been growing and growing by the week. What started as murmurs of far-right thugs had developed into a fear of a coming political party. Across the bars and meeting places all over the country, the LGBT community of Germany could feel a storm coming. Homosexuality was illegal at the start of 20th century Germany but was counterweighted by a healthy thriving gay culture. Yet what was once angry grandstanding from a fringe socialist worker’s party soon became national policy. In 1933, Adolf Hitler would become Chancellor of Germany and enforced a thoroughly phobic policy agenda by the day. Barely a year later, following a Night of long knives, the Nazi police state made Germany’s homosexual population a primary target. Persecution, arrests, physical abuse, castration, and even the fate of the concentration camps lay ahead. Welcome to History on Fleek, today we examine the unspeakable fates of gay men in Nazi Germany.

Threats against the LGBTQIA+ community intensifying: Department of Homeland Security

I wonder why with all the slurs and garbage spewed by the right wing religious haters and republicans in office.  Talk about stoking anger and making a minority group targets for the right wing gang thugs.   Hugs 

Anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation has been introduced in recent months.

ByJosh Margolin and Teddy Grant

May 15, 2023, 8:32 PM



National headlines from ABC News

National headlines from ABC News

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.

Threats of violence against the LGBTQIA+ community are on the rise and intensifying, according to a new briefing by the Department of Homeland Security.

The DHS document, distributed to government and law enforcement agencies on May 11, said that domestic violence extremists and people who commit hate crimes have increased threats of violence against the LGBTQIA+ community within the last year.

“These issues include actions linked to drag-themed events, gender-affirming care, and LGBTQIA+ curricula in schools,” DHS said.MORE: LGBTQ group targeted in alleged ‘slaughter’ threat in response to Nashville shooting

DHS said that the issues inspiring threats and calls of violence against the LGBTQIA+ community could lead to a rise of potential attacks against larger targets, such as public spaces and healthcare sites that may be linked to the community.

DHS analysts also cite social media chatter celebrating the recent mass shooting at a Nashville church school.

“High-profile attacks against schools and faith-based institutions like the recent shooting in Nashville have historically served as inspiration for individuals to conduct copycat attacks,” DHS said.

PHOTO: People march through the Texas State Capitol on April 20, 2023 in Austin, Texas.
People march through the Texas State Capitol on April 20, 2023 in Austin, Texas.Brandon Bell/Getty Images

In recent months, politicians in Tennessee, Florida and other Republican-run states have introduced legislation that critics say targets the LGBTQIA+ community.

PHOTO: People demonstrate at the Texas State Capitol on April 20, 2023 in Austin, Texas.
People demonstrate at the Texas State Capitol on April 20, 2023 in Austin, Texas.Brandon Bell/Getty Images

In March 2022, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by detractors.

The bill banned classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through third grade. Last month, the Florida Board of Education expanded those restrictions to include all grades. In March, Tennessee became the first state to restrict public drag performances.MORE: Public drag performances restricted in Tennessee

HB 9 and SB 3, signed by Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, make “a person who engages in an adult cabaret performance on public property” — or where it can be viewed by minors — a criminal offense.

Last month, a federal judge temporarily blocked the law, saying it was vaguely written and overly broad, according to AP.

At least 14 states have passed laws or policies that restrict gender-affirming care for people under the age of legal majority, which is the threshold for legal adulthood.

According to DHS, about 20% of all hate crimes reported throughout the country in 2021 were motivated by bias linked to sexual orientation and gender, citing the FBI’s hate crime statistics.

ABC News’ Kiara Alfonseca contributed to this report.

Randy sent me this video. He did not include any commentary. This is caused by the same people that want to deny any public mention of LGBTQ+ people. Hugs

Are schools to now be prisons instead of learning facilities? Is that what we want as a country for our children while other advanced countries give advanced education, healthcare, and decent living for their children / public. Hugs

Bakery that hosted drag event closes after hate groups made her work a “nightmare”

This is being allowed in the land of the free and where the laws apply to everyone!   Yes the maga thugs who are the enforcement arm of the republicans preach about freedom but what they mean is freedom for them to oppress anyone who doesn’t do as the right dictates.   This is a deliberate scare tactic telling other businesses that if you dare support something the right doesn’t like we will destroy your business and keep you from being able to make a living.    Is this the USA we want to live in.  When they get their way with the drag queens and drive the trans people from society who will they target next.  Those gays who think they have a legal right to exist and marry, beat the shit out of everyone of them who dares to show themselves in public.   Who next, any non-Christian?   The Jewish people are already under attack by these same thugs who publicly support Nazism while working as the Hitler brownshirts for the republican party.   There is a reason why these Nazi gang thugs support DeathSantis and other white supremacist republicans.    Hugs

Closed business
Photo: Shutterstock

A bakery will permanently close its doors after experiencing months of vicious harassment for hosting a drag show.

Uprising bakery & café is located in a Chicago suburb called Lake in the Hills and owned by Corinna Sac, who opened the bakery in 2021 as an inclusive space for all. A press release announcing the closing details Sac’s desire for the bakery to be a space where LGBTQ+ couples could come for wedding cakes.

“Her dream of an inclusive bakery has since become a nightmare no businessperson could have anticipated,” the release states.

“Closing our doors is the direct result of the horrific attacks, endless harassment, and unrelenting negative misinformation about our establishment in the last eight months,” Sac, who is bisexual, said in a statement. “From an award-winning bakery that donates to local organizations and supports diversity and inclusion, we have been rebranded by misinformation as ‘gay only’ and ‘pedophiles.’”

She added that the relentless protestors have caused local customers to be afraid to visit the bakery out of fear of harassment.

The press release describes the event in question as a “family friendly show featuring drag performers” that was hosted by the café in 2022 and required registration and a ticket.

“The event drew outrage from many resulting in a targeted attack of vandalism at the property the night before. The doors and windows were destroyed, the glass was shattered, and messages of hate were painted on the building.”

Sac said the man who did this, Joseph Collins, was a member of the white nationalist hate group Proud Boys and was charged with a hate crime.

After more attacks took place, the Village of Lake in the Hills then told Sac she could no longer hold events in the space due to zoning, even though she’d already been hosting events there for a year with no issues.

“A campaign was initiated to discredit, damage and defame Ms Sac, her staff, her food, and her patrons,” the press release went on. “Protestors spent more than 120 consecutive days on the property, creating disturbances, inciting violence, photographing license plates of patrons, and harassing them on social media and online.

Because patrons have been too intimated to visit the bakery, Sac’s sales have plummeted and thus, she cannot afford to stay open. She said she’d need $30,000 to keep her doors open.

Sac is currently working to raise money for employees so she can give them some financial padding. There are also events and fundraisers scheduled throughout the rest of the month to try to save the bakery. If they do not succeed, it will close on March 31st.

“Everything I have is in this business,” Sac said. “Our home, our cars, retirement, savings. We put everything we had on the line and personally secured this location, our equipment, and our dreams.”

No matter what happens, Sac vowed never to stop fighting for justice. She recently testified at the state legislature about her experiences.

“If we have to go out, we will go out with a BANG,” she declared in the release, “and make it long-lasting and positive. I will do everything I can to make sure what happened to my American Dream doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Fueled by anti-LGBTQ+ misinformation on social media, over the past year, drag queen story hours and other family friendly LGBTQ+ events featuring drag performers have become a target for far-right groups like the Proud Boys as well Republican politicians. Earlier this month, Tennessee became the first state to pass a law intended to ban drag performances in public spaces. Similar legislation has been introduced in state houses across the country.

This is the world Der Santis and the Nazi republicans want to build in the US as a national force.


This is the America Republicans are making 👇

This is Orlando, just a few days ago.

Orlando folks should tweet this at their local news. Where's the coverage? People have the right to know Orlando has nazis harassing its Jewish community with terrible hate speech & harassment ON THE SABBATH

Originally tweeted by Rachel Bitecofer 📈🔭🇺🇲🇺🇦 (@RachelBitecofer) on February 22, 2023.

Brutal Torture of Gay Men under Nazi Regime – Nazi Germany

Please notice the similarities of what the Nazis did with what DeathSantis and the republican leaders in red states are doing now with the don’t say gay laws.  The Nazis started with getting rid of the literature and any gay positive news or newspapers.  They made laws restricting and outlawing gay meeting places just like the red states are doing with drag queen shows.  Also they made gay associations and gay supporting groups to disband and forbid them from existing just like in Florida where no gay straight alliance clubs can now be formed in schools supporting the gay / LGBTQ+ kids.  There is so much more in the video that shows how DeathSantis and his advisors are following the Nazi play book to eliminate the LGBTQ+ community, to rid the state of the gay and trans people.   Such as using thugs called Brown Shirts to attack and scare gay establishments which reminds me of the Proud Boys gangs.  Arresting and stopping events claiming they were preventing crime and if they got a gay person in the arrests or anyone with any public indecency in their record they made a big deal of making an example of them, claiming the need to protect the public and the children.   One of the reasons that the Nazis hated the gays was they did not produce Aryan children which was the goal of the movement.  Similar to the current white nationalist / Christian nationalist that claim that same sex marriage is not a true marriage and that same sex families are not real because same sex couples can not produce offspring.   In their minds there is not enough white kids being born.   Please note the same things said about homosexuality then are the same things said about gays today by republicans, including what the religious evangelicals today say about same sex marriage not producting children.   Hugs

How Trump’s allies stoked Brazil Congress attack

The fascist that ran the Jan 6th insurrection / coup did not go away.   The plan to install a strongman dictatorship one party rule in the US that disregards the constitution is still on going.   Plus what most people don’t understand is these same people are pushing this form of fascism authoritarian government worldwide in every country they can.  The funding for this all comes from a few very wealthy people who push this form of government for their own benefit and from wealthy religious fanatics who plan to install a government to enforce the religious rules and morality of their versions of Christianity.   These people see what Putin and Xi Jinping as role models and want to do here what they did in their countries.  It is the loss of personal freedoms and the rule of strict government these people are demanding for the US, and they have started on the way to getting it.   Hugs   OT: I have a doctor’s appointment today and three days this week.   They are testing me for heavy metal poisoning.   Hugs

How Trump’s allies stoked Brazil Congress attack

Protesters smash windows as they invade the presidential palace in scenes reminiscent of the US Capitol riot in January 2021IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
Image caption,
Protesters smash windows as they invade the presidential palace in scenes reminiscent of the US Capitol riot in January 2021

The scenes in Brasilia looked eerily similar to events at the US Capitol on 6 January two years ago – and there are deeper connections as well.

“The whole thing smells,” said a guest on Steve Bannon’s podcast, one day after the first round of voting in the Brazilian election in October last year.

The race was heading towards a run-off and the final result was not even close to being known. Yet Mr Bannon, as he had been doing for weeks, spread baseless rumours about election fraud.

Across several episodes of his podcast and in social media posts, he and his guests stoked up allegations of a “stolen election” and shadowy forces. He promoted the hashtag #BrazilianSpring, and continued to encourage opposition even after Mr Bolsonaro himself appeared to accept the results.

Mr Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, was just one of several key allies of Donald Trump who followed the same strategy used to cast doubt on the results of the 2020 US presidential election.

And like what happened in Washington on 6 January 2021, those false reports and unproven rumours helped fuel a mob that smashed windows and stormed government buildings in an attempt to further their cause.


‘Do whatever is necessary!’

The day before the Capitol riot, Mr Bannon told his podcast listeners: “All hell is going to break loose tomorrow.” He has been sentenced to four months in prison for refusing to comply with an order to testify in front of a Congressional committee that investigated the attack but is free pending an appeal.

Along with other prominent Trump advisers who spread fraud rumours, Mr Bannon was unrepentant on Sunday, even as footage emerged of widespread destruction in Brazil.

“Lula stole the Election… Brazilians know this,” he wrote repeatedly on the social media site Gettr. He called the people who stormed the buildings “Freedom Fighters”.

Ali Alexander, a fringe activist who emerged after the 2020 election as one of the leaders of the pro-Trump “Stop the Steal” movement, encouraged the crowds, writing “Do whatever is necessary!” and claiming to have contacts inside the country.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.View original tweet on Twitter

Bolsonaro supporters railed online about an existential crisis and a supposed “communist takeover” – exactly the same type of rhetoric that drove the rioters in Washington two years ago.

Supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro clash with security forces as they raid the National Congress in BrasiliaIMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
Image caption,
Supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro clash with security forces as they raid the National Congress in Brasilia

Casting doubt on voting systems

The links between Mr Bolsonaro and the Trump movement were highlighted by a meeting in November between the former president and Mr Bolsonaro’s son at Mr Trump’s Florida resort.


During that trip, Eduardo Bolsonaro also spoke to Mr Bannon and Trump adviser Jason Miller, according to reports in the Washington Post and other news outlets.

As in the US in 2020, partisan election-deniers focused their attention on the mechanisms of voting. In Brazil, they cast suspicion on electronic vote tabulation machines.

A banner displayed by the rioters on Sunday declared “We want the source code” in both English and Portuguese – a reference to rumours that electronic voting machines were somehow programmed or hacked in order to foil Mr Bolsonaro.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.View original tweet on Twitter

A number of prominent Brazilian Twitter accounts which spread election denial rumours were reinstated after the election and acquisition of the company by Elon Musk, according to a BBC analysis. The accounts had previously been banned.

Mr Musk himself has suggested some of Twitter’s own employees in Brazil were “strongly politically biased” without giving details or evidence.

Mr Bolsonaro's supporters smashed windows and trashed government officesIMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
Image caption,
Mr Bolsonaro’s supporters smashed windows and trashed government offices

Some of Mr Trump’s opponents in the US were quick to put the blame on the former president and his advisers for encouraging the unrest in Brazil.


Jamie Raskin, a Democratic Party member of the US House of Representatives and a member of the committee that investigated the Capitol riot, called the Brazilian protesters “fascists modeling themselves after Trump’s Jan. 6 rioters” in a tweet.

The BBC attempted to contact Mr Bannon and Mr Alexander for comment.

With reporting from the BBC’s disinformation team


Proposed GOP select panel would be empowered to review ‘ongoing criminal investigations’

tRump was desperate to first get his hands on and then get back or keep the highly classified documents he stole.   Now Jim Jordan one of his biggest as kissers is going to be able to access and get briefed on some of the nations biggest highly classified secrets.   Why?  What does he need that information for, and who will he share it with?   He normally wouldn’t have the clearance for it.  McCarthy gave away the country to get the Speakers gavel.  Hugs

The proposed “select subcommittee” would operate under the Judiciary Committee expected to be chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), pictured, nominates Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to be Speaker of the House.

A proposed subcommittee to investigate “weaponization” of the federal government — a key demand of House conservatives who delivered Speaker Kevin McCarthy the gavel — would be given sweeping investigatory powers that include explicit authority to review “ongoing criminal investigations.”

The language of the proposed “select subcommittee,” which would operate under the Judiciary Committee expected to be chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), also gives the panel power to access any information shared with the House Intelligence Committee. That panel typically receives the highest-level classified intelligence and briefings of any committee in Congress.

Both provisions appear to have been added during final negotiations between McCarthy and a band of hardline detractors that briefly denied him the speakership. An earlier version of the proposal made no mention of ongoing criminal investigations or the Intelligence Committee and limited the probe to the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice.


The panel’s expected formation comes as the Justice Department continues to arrest and prosecute hundreds of rioters charged with breaching the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and amid two ongoing criminal investigations connected to former President Donald Trump. Those include the probe of his effort to overturn the 2020 election and his decision to warehouse highly sensitive national security documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate after leaving office.

Both Trump-related probes are now overseen by special counsel Jack Smith, who was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland in November to manage the sensitive grand jury investigations.

The subcommittee proposal would permit McCarthy to name 13 members to the panel, including five after consultation with Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries — a structure similar to the Jan. 6 select committee. Pelosi opted to reject two of McCarthy’s picks to that panel, prompting him to withdraw from any participation.

Unlike the Jan. 6 committee, however, the GOP-led probe would be housed under Jordan’s committee. Subpoenas issued by the panel would be authorized by Jordan.

The panel would also be empowered to investigate how executive branch agencies “obtain information from, and provide information to the private sector, non-profit entities, or other government agencies to facilitate action against American citizens,” a likely harbinger of a review of FBI interactions with social media companies in advance of the 2020 election and more broadly.

The proposal also includes blanket clauses permitting the panel to pursue “any other issues related to the violation of the civil liberties of citizens of the United States” and “any other matter relating to information collected pursuant to the investigation conducted under this paragraph at any time during the One Hundred Eighteenth Congress.”


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