swamp king – Florida flop Ron DeSantis manages to show off anti-Blackness and queerphobia in one sentence


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

From curricula to library books to teachers themselves, queer expression and education in U.S. public schools are being slowly but surely outlawed. One of the most severe cases of this degeneration of rights is in Florida under the rule of perennial mess Ron DeSantis.

The governor signed what’s likely the country’s most notorious anti-LGBTQ curriculum bill into law last year, commonly referred to as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

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This week, he doubled down on his disdain for LGBTQ+ education of any sort, referring to its inclusion as “indoctrination” and “a political agenda”.

This latest denouncement came after being asked why his administration had rejected the curriculum for an advanced placement African American Studies course.

The offending material? A section on “queer theory”:

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“This course on Black History, what’s one of the lessons about? Queer theory!” he exclaims. “Queer theory” is the widely accepted academic name for the field of LGBTQ+ studies, so the way he managed to make it still sound like a slur is kind of amazing.

His next question to the room proved his lack of understanding of both Black and LGBTQ+ people, ignoring the existence of a whole category of humans in one sentence:

“Now who would say that an important part of Black History is ‘queer theory’?” he asks incredulously.

Let’s think for a moment! Would Martin Luther King Jr.’s close advisor Bayard Rustin say so? How about women like Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith who helped create the genre of blues music? Do James Baldwin and Audre Lorde not exist in Black History to Florida?

This examination of the intersection of identities and how they interplay in culture and history is exactly the kind of knowledge DeSantis and co. want to keep from the nation’s youth.

“That is somebody pushing an agenda on our kids,” he rails. “When you look to see they have stuff about intersectionality, abolishing prisons — that’s a political agenda. That’s the wrong side of the line for Florida standards.”

Discussing Black history without discussing the way Black people continue to be disproportionately incarcerated seems to also be a big no-no to the governor. Makes sense coming from the governor of the state with the third highest number of inmates in the country.

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“When you try to use Black history to shoehorn in queer theory,” he continues, “you are clearly trying to use that for political purposes.”

Throughout all this attempting to cover up historical figures and contributions, he firmly asserts that he’s still here for “cut-and-dry history”.

“You learn all the basics, you learn about the great figures,” he contradicts. “I view it as American history. I don’t view it as separate history. We have history of a lot of different shapes and sizes.”

He closes by very vaguely advocating for the teaching of  “people that have participated to make the country great and people that have stood up when it wasn’t easy.” The unabridged facts of who stood up and against what aren’t as important to him as making sure the LGBTQ+ community isn’t among them.

Over half of LGBTQ parents surveyed in Florida considered leaving state over ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law


This is what DeathSantis and the republicans in the state want.   They want to remove gays from the state.   They want a white straight ethnostate.  They want a maga paradise.   The don’t say gay bills are not about instructing sexuality or gender identity it is about denying such things exist.    Nan has asked if Ron and I would move out of Florida and the answer is yes we have talked about it for the last few years.   As Florida has become more and more maga and intolerant we have talked about or options.   Hugs

New research on LGBTQ parents in Florida found that a majority of those surveyed considered leaving the state over its controversial law restricting classroom instruction on LGBTQ issues before the fourth grade.

Nearly six out of 10 parents surveyed by the Williams Institute said that the enacting of the legislation commonly known as “Don’t Say Gay” led them to consider moving to a different state — while 17% have already taken steps to do so.

The research — released Tuesday by The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, a think tank that focuses on LGBTQ law and policy — also found that 11% of surveyed parents considered moving their child to a different school.

Analyzing data from 113 LGBTQ parents in the state, researchers found that nearly nine out of ten of them said that they were concerned about the effects of the legislation on their families and children.

They expressed concerns that the law would restrict them from speaking freely about their families, and as a result, it would affect their children’s sense of self and sense of safety and also create a hostile school climate.

“Legislation can have a negative impact on LGBTQ+ parent families by cultivating a climate of fear and insecurity,” said study author Abbie E. Goldberg, a professor of psychology at Clark University.

“For LGBTQ+ parents without the means to move or send their children to private schools, the stress that this legislation creates will be significant,” Goldberg added.

Surveyed parents reported that their children had already experienced a variety of consequences from the bill — including bullying and harassment because of their parents’ LGBTQ identities, fears about continuing to live in the state, and no longer having the ability to talk about their parents’ or their own LGBTQ identity at school.

Members and supporters of the LGBTQ community attend the "Say Gay Anyway" rally in Miami Beach, Florida on March 13, 2022.

“The Don’t Say Gay bill claims to be for parent rights, but my rights have been taken away since its passage,” one parent said. “My right to send my daughter to school freely, my right to live without fear of who I am, my right to not be discriminated against based on my sexual orientation, and my daughter to not be discriminated against based on her parents’ sexual orientation.”

Slammed by critics as “hateful,” “homophobic” and “transphobic,” HB 1557 was signed into law nearly a year ago by the state’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The much-publicized enacting of the legislation — a victory for conservatives in the state — sparked a dramatic increase in anti-LGBTQ vitriol on social media, as well as in-person protests against LGBTQ youth events in the state.



Ron DeSantis says Florida rejected African American Studies course because of “queer indoctrination”


How silly and thin this excuse is.   Somehow it will harm kids in a advanced placement college level course to know that some black people that deserved a place in history were gay or trans.   Seriously the idea that these high school teenagers knowing that gay people did some great things is harmful to the students according to the right / republicans.  Michelangelo was gay.  The fact is gay kids need and deserve the positive affirmations of knowing they also can achieve great things.  It is about seeing representation of ones self, but the right is terrified of nearly adult teens knowing that gay people have done some incredible things.   That knowledge contradicts all the right wing ideology of how bad gay / trans people are, how they are low-life scum out that never achieve anything and always look for way to assault and rape the good straight people.   This is again out of the Russian playbook that outlawed anything positive about gay people while the state constantly pushes the most negative harmful narratives.   There are gay people in all walks of life and their sexual orientation is part of who they are.   What the right wants to do is let kids assume that all people are straight, that all people in history that did something notable were straight is total right / republican indoctrination / ideology.   As for the justice system being about more than prison and punishment again other developed countries have shown that if your prisons are not punitive hellhole but having reform with rehabilitation have shown that it cuts recidivism rates.  Crime goes down, and you have less prison populations.   But that would interfere with the for profit prsions incomes.     Hugs

Ron DeSantis, Republican, GOP, criticism, hate him
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R)Photo: Shutterstock

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said that his state recently rejected an advanced placement (AP) African American Studies course because of the course’s  “indoctrination” of the “queer” agenda.

“We have guidelines and standards in Florida: We want education, not indoctrination,” DeSantis said during a news conference. DeSantis was asked why his state Department of Education had refused the course, which is currently being offered by the College Board in a pilot program at 60 schools nationwide.

DeSantis said that when he heard that the class didn’t meet the state’s educational standards, he figured the course involved critical race theory (CRT), a college-level curriculum about the effects of institutional racism throughout history.

“It’s way more than that,” DeSantis continued. “This course on Black history, what’s one of the lessons about? Queer theory. Now, who would say that an important part of Black history is ‘queer theory?’ That is someone pushing an agenda on our kids.”

Queer theory examines societal responses to non-heterosexual and non-cisgender identities. It’s an essential part of Black history both because of notable Black LGBTQ+ figures and the criminalization of Black sexual identities throughout history.

Nevertheless, DeSantis also criticized the course for having a “political agenda” because its current form includes content about intersectionality and abolishing prisons. Intersectionality examines how overlapping personal identities result in social privileges or disadvantages. Prison abolitionists want restorative justice and rehabilitation programs instead of just prisons.

“We believe in teaching kids facts and how to think, but we don’t believe they should have an agenda imposed on them,” DeSantis added. “When you try to use Black history to shoehorn in queer theory, you are clearly trying to use that for political purposes.”

Last Friday, Florida’s Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. wrote that the state had “rejected an AP course filled with Critical Race Theory and other obvious violations of Florida law.”

Specifically, the department said it objected to “the inclusion of readings from many major African American scholars, activists and writers, who explored subjects like Black queer studies, Black feminist literary thought, the reparations movement and intersectionality,” The New York Times reported.

Florida’s education department said it objected to readings from professor Angela Davis for being a “self-avowed Communist and Marxist”; professor Kimberlé Crenshaw “the founder of intersectionality”; and bell hooks for using language like “white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy.”

Though the College Board didn’t comment on Florida’s rejection, it noted that the course is still being revised based on feedback from African American scholars, the Times reported. The final framework of the course will be publicly posted before becoming widely available in U.S. high schools.

Critics have also pointed out that Florida high schools offer AP European History courses, which reinforce a narrative of predominantly white cultures colonizing and enslaving non-white countries in order to benefit capitalist and industrialist regimes.

It’s hardly surprising that DeSantis’s administration rejected the Black history course. Last year, he signed the Individual Freedoms Act (known as the Stop WOKE Act) which limits how racial issues are taught in public schools, public universities, colleges, and workplace trainings.

Last year, he also signed the Parental Rights in Education bill (known as the Don’t Say Gay law) which restricts teachers from acknowledging the existence of LGBTQ+ people in public schools. He worked with far-right media outlets and book-banning groups to help promote the law.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre criticized Florida’s rejection of the course.

“These types of actions aren’t new… especially from Florida,” Jean-Pierre said. “Sadly, Florida currently bans teachers from talking about who they are and who they love.”

“They didn’t block AP European history. They didn’t block our music history. They didn’t block our art history. But the state chooses to block a course that is meant for high achieving high school students to learn about their history of arts and culture,” she continued. “It is incomprehensible.”

According to the College Board, the pilot version of the AP African American Studies course will expand to hundreds of additional high schools in 2024. The final course will be offered in schools that same year, with the course’s first exams being offered in Spring 2025.

Florida teachers told to remove books from classroom libraries or risk felony prosecution


Teachers in Manatee County, Florida, are being told to make their classroom libraries — and any other “unvetted” book — inaccessible to students, or risk felony prosecution. The new policy is part of an effort to comply with new laws and regulations championed by Governor Ron DeSantis (R). It is based on the premise, promoted by right-wing advocacy groups, that teachers and librarians are using books to “groom” students or indoctrinate them with leftist ideologies. 

Kevin Chapman, the Chief of Staff for the Manatee County School District, told Popular Information that the policy was communicated to principals in a meeting last Wednesday. Individual schools are now in the process of informing teachers and other staff.

Teachers in Manatee County lamented the news on social media. “My heart is broken for Florida students today as I am forced to pack up my classroom library,” one Manatee teacher wrote on Facebook. 

Another Manatee teacher called the directive “a travesty to education” that interfered with efforts to “connect with books and develop [a] love of lifelong learning.” 

In an interview with Popular Information, Chapman said that the policy was put into place last week in response to HB 1467, which was signed into law by DeSantis last March. That law established that teachers could not be trusted to select books appropriate for their students. Instead, the law requires:

Each book made available to students through a school district library media center or included in a recommended or assigned school or grade-level reading list must be selected by a school district employee who holds a valid educational media specialist certificate, regardless of whether the book is purchased, donated, or otherwise made available to students.

In Florida, school librarians are called “media specialists” and hold media specialist certificates. A rule passed by the Florida Department of Education last week states that a “library media center” includes any books made available to students, including in classrooms. This means that classroom libraries that are curated by teachers, not librarians, are now illegal. 

The law requires that all library books selected be:

1. Free of pornography and material prohibited under s. 847.012.

2. Suited to student needs and their ability to comprehend the material presented.

3. Appropriate for the grade level and age group for which the materials are used or made available

Chapman says that school principals in Manatee County were told Wednesday that any staff member violating these rules by providing materials “harmful to minors” could be prosecuted for “a felony of the third degree.” Therefore, teachers must make their classroom libraries inaccessible to students until they can establish that each book has been approved by a librarian. 

In response to the policy, some teachers packed up their classroom libraries. Others covered up the books students are no longer allowed to read with construction paper. 

Restoring student access to classroom libraries is a complex process. First, someone must cross-check each book in their classroom library with the district library catalog. If the book is available in the district libraries, that means it was approved by a media specialist and can be made available to students again. But any book not currently held in the district libraries must be individually evaluated and approved by a librarian. 

And that’s just the beginning. Materials prepared for an upcoming Manatee County School Board meeting include a 21-point list of procedures to ensure that classroom libraries comply with the new rules. 

As a result, one Manatee teacher reported being forced to take Sneezy the Snowman and Dragons Love Tacos off the shelves pending review. Other teachers, fearing criminal liability, are telling students not to bring in “unvetted” books from home:


Chapman said he was not aware of teachers being told specifically to prohibit students from bringing books from home but, as a policy, “all materials we use in a classroom are all state approved.”

One high school teacher in Manatee County told Popular Information that they would not comply with the new policy. The teacher has spent the year carefully curating books donated by parents or sourced from their personal collection. “I’m not taking any books out of my room,” the teacher said. “I absolutely refuse.” The teacher spoke on the condition of anonymity, fearing that speaking out about the policy could put their job at risk. 

Librarians in Manatee County are now expected to review thousands of books in classroom libraries to ensure compliance with the new law. Manatee County has 64 public schools and 3,000 teachers, many of whom maintain classroom libraries. Chapman said that every school in Manatee County has a media specialist but that the process could take a while because it is “one person” and “they are human.” Any book approved for K-5 students must also be included on a publicly available list. 

Similar policies will be implemented in schools across Florida. Some Florida schools do not have a media specialist, making the process even more cumbersome. 

That review must also be consistent with a complex training, which was heavily influenced by right-wing groups like Moms For Liberty and approved by the Florida Department of Education just last week. Any mistake by a librarian or others could result in criminal prosecution. This process must be repeated for any book brought into the school on an ongoing basis. But librarians and teachers are not being provided with any additional compensation for the extra work. 

Stephana Ferrell, a co-founder of the Florida Freedom to Read Project, said the new policy followed “a pattern of fear-based decisions that prioritize staying in good favor with the Governor over doing the right thing for our students.” Ferrell said she blamed “the Florida Board of Education that passed this rule change last Wednesday without an ounce of consideration for its impact.” Now, “thousands of students are without classroom access to fun and engaging literature.”

Ironically, Manatee County is making thousands of books inaccessible to students just in time to celebrate “Literacy Week” in Florida, which runs from January 23 to 27. Only about 50% of students in Manatee County are reading at grade level. 

“Err on the side of caution”


Popular Information asked Chapman if Manatee County librarians and teachers were expected to remove books that violated the Parental Rights In Education Act, known by critics as “Don’t Say Gay” or the Stop WOKE Act, which limits classroom discussion of racial issues. Chapman did not answer the question directly, saying only that librarians are expected to apply the “specialized training for media center specialists” approved last week by the Florida Department of Education. That training, Chapman says, includes “new definitions of inappropriate material.”

The Parental Rights In Education Act prohibits all instruction on “sexual orientation or gender identity” in K-3 classrooms and instruction in other grades that is “not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate.” But the law applies only to “[c]lassroom instruction by school personnel or third parties” — not library books. Similarly, the Stop WOKE Act is limited to classroom instruction. 

The teacher training approved by the Florida Department of Education, however, does not inform librarians that the Parental Rights in Education Act and Stop WOKE ACT do not apply to library books. Rather, librarians are told: “There is some overlap between the selection criteria for instructional and library materials.” One slide says that library books and instructional materials cannot include “unsolicited theories that may lead to student indoctrination.” 


A subsequent slide provides a list of “unsolicited theories that may lead to student indoctrination,” which includes information about “sexual orientation or gender identity.” It also includes a variety of topics related to race, including “Critical Race Theory” and material that might make someone feel “guilt, anguish, or other forms of psychological distress” as a result of their race. The training instructs librarians to “err on the side of caution.” 

As Popular Information reported earlier this month, Manatee County schools have already removed several books from school libraries because they contain LGBTQ characters or themes. 

This interpretation of the law runs directly counter to the arguments the DeSantis administration is making in court. In federal court filings, lawyers representing DeSantis insist that the Parental Rights in Education Act does not apply to library books. Nevertheless, the DeSantis administration, through its media specialist training, is encouraging a much more expansive interpretation of the law. 

Kirk: Black-Centered Education Has No Place In Schools

Kirk is a well know republican racist bigot.   So he thinks a white centered white straight history is the only history to be taught.    Hugs

“I am enthusiastically behind Ron DeSantis saying that Black-centered education has no place in Florida schools, obviously. It’s bigoted from its premise.

“First of all, Western culture is better and it’s a thoughtcrime to say it out loud. Number two, Blacks were sold into slavery by other Blacks. Can’t say that out loud, Thomas Sowell wrote that in great detail.

“Number three, when Blacks were given opportunities to return home, they did not want to return home. Blacks didn’t want to leave.

“I mean obviously, slavery is reprehensible and terrible and awful, but there’s a lot more to that story than people would ever want to acknowledge and admit, which is more Blacks have come to America voluntarily than ever came in the slave trade.

“More Blacks have come to America voluntarily since the 1980s, whether it be from West Africa, from the Caribbean, than ever came in the slave trade.” – Charlie Kirk, on yesterday’s show.



It doesn’t matter who sold them into slavery, and it doesn’t make it alright if black tribes sold members of other black tribes into slavery. SLAVERY IS WRONG. Also, the history courses are pretty much WHITE-CENTRIC. Why is THAT OK? Why shouldn’t black AND white children learn about black history? It’s as much a part of our nation’s history as white history. Go pop your zits in private, Charlie, and leave the rest of us alone.

“Number three, when Blacks were given opportunities to return home, they did not want to return home. Blacks didn’t want to leave.

WTF? Charlie, were first generation slaves offered the chance to return to their homelands? I think not. If this even happened it would have been generations later. That would be like someone offering anyone of us whose families have been here for generations the opportunity to return to the motherland. Ones family and life are now here. The lunacy of these bigots drives me crazy.

It’s how Liberia was setup, but they had to be able to pay to return there. It wasn’t a ‘free’ trip. So that’s why most Black people wouldn’t have ‘wanted’ to leave. Not to mention that people don’t like forced migrations… Once moved, why move again?


They were Americans – why would they want to be deported, rather than being treated as fellow Americans?

If someone wanted to “return” me to Scotland, I might take them up on it. I’d love to live where it rains most of the time, everything is deep fried, and men wear skirts to special events.

But if they just wanted to “return” me to a random chunk of Europe carved out as a dumping ground for anyone of European descent, where a non-English language was spoken by the locals and all the customs were foreign, that would be a completely different matter.

And that’s the kind of “return” that was offered to African Americans after the War of Secession.

Real History! It explains a lot.

And where in hell was “Home?” It’s not like they kept records of where each slave was originally from, with an address to send them “back” to.

Kirk’s argument is essentially racist– that all Blacks are the same “people” and that the whole of Africa is their only “home”.


And this is why Black History needs to be taught in the schools.


If Charlie Kirk had any awareness he’d realize that this is a total self own

Somebody kidnap his cracker ass and sell him off into slavery.

First of all, Western culture is better


I guess black Americans like MLK, Fredrick Douglas, and Harriet Tubman weren’t “western.”

Now Sarah, you know he means “white” when he says “western culture”.

Right?! Redlining, segregation, and a racially bounded GI bill weren’t “western.”

I’ve made it a rule to not listen to dropouts tell me what to be ought included or excluded from school curriculum. I only listen to dropouts talking about school when they’re talking about ways to keep people in school.

Charlie Kirk is the result of someone feeding Ben Shapiro after midnight.



FL Defends Ban On African-American History Course

CNN reports:

Florida rejected a proposed Advanced Placement course focused on African American Studies because it included study of topics like the Movement for Black Lives, Black feminism and reparations, according to a list of concerns provided to CNN on Friday by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office.

The state also said the course framework for the study of reparations – the argument to compensate Black Americans for slavery and other historical atrocities and oppressive acts – includes “no critical perspective or balancing opinion in this lesson.”

The state Department of Education on January 12 informed the College Board, the organization that oversees the Advanced Placement program, that the course violated state law and rejected its inclusion in Florida schools.

Read the full article.


Interpreted: you can’t teach about racism unless you teach that racism could be fine.

I wrote up an acceptable black history curriculum for Florida:

– Once upon a time, there was a kind of embarrassing practice where some people were forced to do jobs — even though it wasn’t as bad as some people like to say. And the same thing existed in Africa too, so it wasn’t the Americans’ fault.

– All of the divinely-inspired Founding Fathers wanted to end it.

– Eventually, the North invaded the South, and the South fought back valiantly. But the North overwhelmed it by throwing overwhelming, sacrificed bodies of soldiers at the brave defenders — who only wanted to be able to have their own laws and culture without woke, federal interference.

– Then the North told all those workers they didn’t have jobs anymore.

-The North tried to make those people serve in government for about 10 years, but everyone agreed that it was a disaster, and things went back to normal.

– Those people liked to call themselves “colored.” Some of them had some good qualities like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass, who were both Republicans and loved guns. They opposed the Ku Klux Klan, which was created by the Democrat Party.

– Eventually, there was a guy named George Washington Carver. He invented peanut butter. He was also a Republican.

– Not much happened for a long time. Eventually there was the great Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a Republican too. He taught everyone that it is wrong to talk, or even think, about skin color.

– Then Obama became president and brought Democrat racism back.

“FL Defends Ban On African-American History Course”

It’s fucking indefensible… period.



When your political base is old, low info white people…

Poorly educated.


Even his hand gestures are Trumpian…


They don’t look all that old in the pictures. Don’t blame old people, blame racists.

If you’re talking about the pic at the top of the thread, a bunch of those are minors who have been GROOMED.

It isn’t African American Studies if it includes balancing perspectives from the Klan.

It isn’t LGBT studies if it includes balancing perspectives from the Westboro Baptist Church

It isn’t Native American studies if it includes balancing perspectives from George Armstrong Custer

It isn’t Women’s Studies if it includes balancing perspectives from known grabber-in-chief Donald Trump.

The truth is the truth no matter how many people deny it. A lie is still a lie no matter how many people believe it. I’m paraphrasing someone there.

DeSantis with a sign that says Freedom from Indoctrination? That’s some Orwellian shit right there.

‘The course neglects to mention that in the Civil War there were very fine people on both sides.’

So tell me, what’s the ‘balancing opinion’ on slavery?
Maybe, “it wasn’t all bad”?

Or ‘there were some good Nazis’.
The drift towards revisionist history must be crushed.

Neo-Confederates in the US have been pushing their bizarre ,revisionist history of the Civil War and slavery for as long as I can remember.. This is the first tine a state government has turned those lies into an official state sanctioned history..

The thing is, every revisionist lie about slavery, and the cause of the Civil War they tell is contradicted by contemporary documents from the Civil War: the articles of session by the various states, the constitution of the Confederacy, the Congressional record of the Confederacy, public speeches by confederates, such as the infamous Cornerstone Speech.

(2) I wonder how long it will be before they decide to give Holocaust-deniers “equal time.”

If the media examined what happened in the Nazi murder camps using the “both sides” approach they’ve adopted today, they wouldn’t denounce the Holocaust as evil. They’d tell us what happened and then insist on getting the Nazis’ “point of view.”

This story just hit it home to me how really frightening floriduh & the US is becoming.

A previous draft version of the concerns sent to CNN by DeSantis’ office included an objection to the study of “The Black Power Movement and The Black Panther Party.” The draft version asserted that “The Black Panther Party (BPP) was based on the ideology of Marxism- Leninism. Goal of the BPP was to fundamentally change or overthrow the American government.” However, in an updated version of the state’s concerns, the references to the Black Panther Party were removed and replaced with an objection to the study of “Black Queer Studies.”

There is NOTHING in education, especially higher education, that students should not be exposed to so they have a good knowledge of WHAT IT IS. That is what education is about, for Christ’s sake, not keeping people in ignorance! Any student of history, certainly of U.S. history, should know what the Black Panther Party was. Any high school student should be familiar with what it was, should know what Marxist-Leninism is! And why should they not be made familiar with contributions made to society by gay people in the Black community?!

All the other AP classes that addressed different ethnic and cultural aspects were allowed to continue however.

If we can’t learn it…
Then did it ever exist?


Florida is southern/rebel state. The south hasn’t changed at the government level.


Doesn’t seem to have changed much st the ordinary people/voters level.

This is worth your time to read.


Two hundred fifty years of slavery. Ninety years of Jim Crow. Sixty years of separate but equal. Thirty-five years of racist housing policy. Until we reckon with our compounding moral debts, America will never be whole.
By Ta-Nehisi Coates


Once again, a fuck you to anyone in FL who screams about how horrible socialism is while you cheer shit like this.

I am just embarrassed this is happening in 2023. Beyond. Sickened, too.

Flagrant racism. That’s our GOP. Just disgusting bigots at their core.


I went to university at one of NYC’s city colleges and it was possible to major in religion. In fact it is possible to major in religion at many public universities. I probably disagree with much of what is taught in thise departments, but I would never approve of the state banning the classes. Which is just another example of how the right wing engages in cancel culture and stifling free speech. Yet the media would have us believe the left engages in it.

People who go to religious seminaries often emerge questioning their former religious beliefs and even becoming atheists. Not necessarily a bad thing.


New Arkansas Bill Could Ban White Chicks, Mrs. Doubtfire & Mulan?

Florida Universities Are Renaming Their Courses

Yet the right says the democrats are the ones indoctrinating students.   These are upper levels of schooling, college and universities, that they are removing any talk of equality, racism, and so much more.   Professors having to scrub their courses and presentations of anything that might upset the ruler / dictator DeathSantis.   Imagine this country wide.   Talk about the Taliban or moral / vice police.  This is stunning and worse it is not getting any national attention or scrutiny.   It is scary how fascist the state of Florida has become in several short years.  With DeathSantis making Florida a maga white Christian paradise the state is being flooded with intolerant people who won’t accept any social advance since the 1850s.  Plus notice the drive is to make a public school be just like a conservative Christian college.   Hugs


The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Yovanna Pineda, hired more than a decade ago to teach Latin American history at the University of Central Florida, rebranded one of her signature courses last fall. Striking references to “dictatorships” and “human rights” from the title, she decided to simply call her class “History of South America.”

Pineda said many of her colleagues are making similar changes, either because they fear blowback from state leaders who say they are trying to eliminate “indoctrination” from university campuses or because they don’t want the hassle of additional scrutiny.

DeSantis continued his campaign last week, appointing far-right activist Christopher Rufo to the Board of Trustees at New College of Florida. Rufo is best known for launching a national campaign against critical race theory. Rufo told The New York Times he and his new colleagues seek to transform New College into a public version of Michigan’s Hillsdale College, a conservative Christian school.

Read the full article. That’s Rufo standing appropriately on the far-right in the screenshot above.

zheraan hour ago

“Freedom from indoctrination”

Double-speak, much?

Ninja0980a few seconds from now

If you want to see true hypocrisy, look no further then Cuban Republicans in FL who scream about how evil socialism and Castro are while applauding everything DeSantis does.
They hate socialism but love fascism.

zhera Ragnar Lothbrokan hour ago

It’s terrifying! I fear for you Americans.

JoeMyGodModan hour ago

Like openly gay Florida state Rep. Carlos Smith (seen above), I am a graduate of UCF, which is now the nation’s largest public university by enrollment.

jeffg166 clayan hour ago

Accreditation may just become a problem for Florida schools as they try to muzzle thinking.

TrollopeReader jeffg16629 minutes ago

aren’t accreditations done by regional groups? So as FL / GA / the Deep South grow less “tolerant” the agency will just go along?

Jay Silversmithan hour ago

The Grievance OParade party.

heleninedinburgh2 hours ago edited

So the ‘academic freedom’ they’re so loudly in favour of just means the ability of professors to use slurs and misgender their students without being talked to by HR.
I mean we knew that, but nice to see it actually being confirmed in real time.

weshlovrcman hour ago

In the Fascist State of Florida, the remaking of education continues on course. Henceforth, all institutions of learning will be used to groom children into fascism and eliminate anything that does not support/agree with fascist theory.

J.Martindale2 hours ago

“Freedom from indoctrination” by stifling free speech. The irony of it all!

J.Martindalean hour ago

What I don’t understand is why the ACLU or some other organization hasn’t brought suit against the governor for violation of the First Amendment. This is exactly what the amendment was designed to prohibit: governmental interference with free speech.

bambinoitaliano2 hours ago

Why even send your children to Florida universities at this point. Soon none of the institution live up to the normal standard of operation. Moron Death Sentence is hell bend on turning Florida into a shit hole state.

TexasBoy2 hours ago edited

What good is college if they can’t present alternative views and stimulate the students analytical thinking to make up their own minds.

This is what stimulates creativity, abstract views, and new inventions to improve everyones lives.

Republicans….taking us back to the Middle Ages without the need for a flux capacitor.

Melissia TexasBoyan hour ago


If they cannot stimulate the students’ minds, then they shall be indoctrination centers for capitalism.

There is no such thing as an apolitical education, it either serves to liberate men or make them slaves.

J.Martindale2 hours ago

And the administrations of these schools are unable to protect academic freedom for their professors because of fear of retribution and firing. DeSantis is Big Brother.

JT2 hours ago

“A History of Our Lord and Savior DeSantis”

John Tan hour ago

Imagine living in a state where you can get in trouble for criticizing dictators in a classroom lecture.

Leftyan hour ago edited

He is scary evil. Dog help us if when he runs for president.

What, me worry?an hour ago

Welcome to 1984 and Newspeak. Double-plus good!

Frankly, I can hardly wait to flush this timeline down the Memory Hole.

TexasBoy2 hours ago edited

All public educators, at all grade levels, should simply walk out. There is no way Florida would be able to replace every single teacher and college professor in the state. The federal government would be forced to step in.

NHL backs down from diversity job fair posting in face of pressure from DeSantis administration

There will be no diversity or inclusion in Florida.   Only straight white Christian people will be seen in society or promoted in employment.  Those icky others shouldn’t be here or get jobs.   Notice that DeathSantis spokes person claimed that discrimination wouldn’t be tolerated in Florida and they would stomp out the woke agenda.    I asked myself what discrimination they were talking about, but reading the article it became clear that having a job fair directed to anyone but white straight people was the offence the DeathSantis administration couldn’t tolerate.   What is woke that the right hates and works so hard to wipe out?  It is respect for other people and other ideas.   It is the new politically correct that the right fought against so hard because again it was about respecting other people and other ideas.  The right / republicans can not tolerate anything / anyone that is not a clone of themselves.   This is a complete regression to before the civil rights laws were passed.   This is an open attempt to return or to enforce a white straight in charge society.   This is repackaged white supremacy racism.   This is the US attempt to create a version of South African Apartheid.   Hugs

Hockey league scuttles criteria after administration criticism.

The Ron DeSantis administration is able to declare victory over a major sports league, which changed plans for a diversity job fair in South Florida.

Fox News Digital first reported that the National Hockey League has abandoned plans to hold a job fair that would have opened up opportunities to various groups historically marginalized in the United States.

The so-called “Pathway to Hockey Summit,” to be held Feb. 2 in Fort Lauderdale during the NHL’s All-Star Weekend, was originally tailored to “diverse job seekers who are pursuing careers in hockey,” according to a now-deleted LinkedIn post that raised the ire of the DeSantis administration.

“Participants must be 18 years of age or older, based in the U.S., and identify as female, Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, and/or a person with a disability. Veterans are also welcome and encouraged to attend,” asserted the previous event description, which drew the ire of a DeSantis spokesperson.

“Discrimination of any sort is not welcome in the state of Florida, and we do not abide by the woke notion that discrimination should be overlooked if applied in a politically popular manner or against a politically unpopular demographic. We are fighting all discrimination in our schools and our workplaces, and we will fight it in publicly accessible places of meeting or activity,” Bryan Griffin told Fox News Friday.


The revised posting eliminates any reference to ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, and military veteran status.

“The Pathway to Hockey Summit is a career event, especially to encourage those that historically have not been exposed to hockey and all who are interested in learning more about career opportunities in the sport.”

The NHL distanced itself from the previous language as “not accurate,” suggesting that the intent was really to reach out to people unfamiliar with hockey.

“The Pathway to Hockey Summit is an informational and networking event designed to encourage all individuals to consider a career in our game – and, in particular, alert those who might not be familiar with hockey to the opportunities it offers,” the NHL spokesperson said.

The NHL seems to have extended its deadline for registration in light of the revised criteria.


Florida’s Voice reported that the original deadline for registration was Friday the 13th, with accepted applicants to be told on Tuesday Jan. 17. The updated posting says that they will now be told a week later, on Jan. 24.

Though the wording has been changed, reminders of the previous job search remain on career boards, such as ones from the University of Southern California and the University of Pennsylvania. These postings still maintain that participants “must … identify as female, Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, and/or a person with a disability,” or be military veterans.

DeSantis Bullies NHL Into Canceling Diversity Job Fair


Florida Politics reports:

The Ron DeSantis administration is able to declare victory over a major sports league, which changed plans for a diversity job fair in South Florida. The NHL has abandoned plans to hold a job fair that would have opened up opportunities to various groups historically marginalized in the United States.

The so-called “Pathway to Hockey Summit,” to be held Feb. 2 in Fort Lauderdale during the NHL’s All-Star Weekend, was originally tailored to “diverse job seekers who are pursuing careers in hockey,” according to a now-deleted LinkedIn post that raised the ire of the DeSantis administration.

The revised posting eliminates any reference to ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, and military veteran status. “We do not abide by the woke notion that discrimination should be overlooked,” said DeSantis spokeman Bryan Griffin to Fox News Digital.

Read the full article. Attention to the job fair was first raised by the far-right Florida’s Voice, which was founded by a January 6 attendee.

Fridayan hour ago

It’s “progressive discrimination” to encourage *more* people to apply than the group already mostly doing the applying? Yeah, sure, you poor straight white dudes who can’t compete.

Westcoast8819 minutes ago

They keep using attacks on “wokeness” in their attempts to create a White Christian nation.

GlennF7 minutes ago

I think Rick Wilson and the author of this NYTs opinion piece are underestimating deathsantis’s ability to overtake trump for the 24 rethug nomination, but they do a good job in pointing out Florida’s shitty economic and political situation: https://twitter.com/TheRick…

Most criticism of Mr. DeSantis’s national electability has been centered around his lack of charisma, which Mr. Trump crystallized by giving him the cumbersome nickname Ron DeSanctimonious. But focusing on personality and style obscures the governor’s real failings: Florida is not a model for the nation, unless the nation wants to become unaffordable for everyone except rich snowbirds.

I have to wonder how many companies & organizations are quietly moving their special meetings events to other locations? Many of them liked having such winter events scheduled in warm weather climes, but with Gov Performative Politics at the helm, how many have decided or will decide to go elsewhere? It would be interesting to see how these stunts have hurt Florida’s entertainment industry.

We’re all literally watching DeSantis take down the republic within the State of FL. At some point it will be obvious what’s going on there to the rest of the nation.

In typical Republican doublespeak, being inclusive is the real discrimination.

“The South Will Rise Again” as granny would say in the Beverly Hillbillies. I always thought that was funny growing up….not so much anymore! White supremacy coupled with christofascism, is alive and growing in America.


Extremists get power as individuals and organizations cave into their bulling. The bully gets stronger and stronger as each individual and organizations cave into their demands and the nation winds up with Trump and then DeSantis as POTUS.

I hear the term woke way more from conservatives than progressives.

Have never understood “woke” as the term these Nazis use to demonize progressives.

To be “awakened” — as in “I woke up” — is a bad thing to them?

To be “aware” is a bad thing?

It is a meaningless term conservatives use to attack and avoid having to make excuses for their insipid racism.

re the “woke goes to die” tweet .. My response:

“Nah, Floriduh is were uneducated neanderthals go for vacation, Christian Nation Indoctrination a la Kim il Jung, and MAGAts wait to die, before eternity takes them to the deepest regions of Satan’s Hell.”

Maybe the NHL needs to pull the hockey summit and All Stars Weekend out of Fort Lauderdale and move it to another location. I know it’s probably too soon at this point with all the planning involved, but I would imagine there are an awful lot of less awful places that would love to host such an event. Can they at least decide they won’t have anything to do with Florida outside of Tampa Bay Lightning or Florida Panthers games? And then make sure everyone knows DeSantis is the reason why?
Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

Republicans know Indoctrination beter then anyone. Freedom not so much.


So they’re basically saying this:

Diversity job fairs are harmful to Incels because they might make them feel bad about being white.

We’re fully opposed cancel culture but have no problem cancelling things we don’t agree with.

Hockey lover here. The NHL has been pretty good (for a sports league) on DEI. I was extremely disappointed that they chose Florida for the All-Star game, for reasons just like this. Everything is a political opportunity for DeSantis, and they walked (skated) right into his trap.

They should have canceled the whole thing and moved to another state.

DeSantis and company are already doing victory laps over this.

It’s becoming very clear that, for the right, “woke” means anything they don’t like, which usually means anything liberals like. I recently saw a video in which a stick-in-the-mud old Brit called Harry and Meghan woke. What does that mean, besides the fact that he just doesn’t like them?

Like when that idiot demanded all Florida universities report “woke actions.” What the fuck is a “woke action”? A protest for women’s rights on campus? A meet-and-greet for LGBTQIA+ students? A right-wing creep’s roommate who dares muse aloud that we maybe shouldn’t be murdering the environment?

“Woke” is the new “politically correct.”

DeSantis forces the NHL to cancel a diversity job fair? But I thought Republicans hate cancel culture. I’m so confused …



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