SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL: Hurricane-force winds felt near Fort Myers as Ian approaches Gulf Coast near Category 5 strength

I am sitting in a rest area on alligator alley after driving across the state of Florida then down the east coast and back across on alligator alley. We are an hour and half from home below the storm. If the storm had stayed on schedule we would be home now
Hurricane-force winds felt near Fort Myers as Ian approaches Gulf Coast near Category 5 strength
Hurricane Ian’s eyewall, the region surrounded by the strongest winds, started to move ashore late Wednesday morning, as the near-Category 5 storm began its assault on the Gulf coast. The high winds are expected to produce a storm surge of up to 18 feet on Florida’s southwest Gulf coast.

Read in South Florida Sun Sentinel:

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Top Democratic Strategist SHREDS Republican and LEAVES HIM SPEECHLESS on Live TV

Democratic strategist Maria Cardona just put on a masterclass on how to respond to Republican lies while debating Republican commentator Scott Jennings on the subject of immigration and Republicans cruelly sending asylum seekers to other states against their will. MeidasTouch co-founder Jordy Meiselas breaks it down.


The DOJ just submitted an updated evidence log with Special Master Federal Judge Raymond Dearie pursuant to his prior court order. Judge Dearie has ordered Donald Trump to submit a sworn affidavit in response to this evidence log by no later than September 30.

BREAKING: DOJ Files DEVASTATING Motion Against Former Top Trump Aide For PRIVATE SERVER emails

The DOJ filed a motion for summary judgment in its lawsuit for replevin (return of property) against former Top Trump aide Peter Navarro who use a private server to send government emails and refuses to return the emails to the government.

Girl kicked out of Christian school after refusing to take picture in bathtub

OK I want to note that at the time the right wing religious people are demanding it is grooming to say gay or talk about gender and that teachers who do so are pedophiles, this Christian school had an assignment of 8 year old taking  nude pictures of themselves or having someone else take a nude picture of them in a bathtub with a book.   This article is about a girl whose mother refused but there are boys in this class also.   How many pervy kids pictures got floated around that school and on the internet?   But mentioning LGBTQ+ or letting kids pick their own pronouns is the real threat to kids in schools?   Hugs

“This just does not sound OK,” said the girl’s mother
The assignment from Victory Christian Academy (screenshot via Action News Jax)
Reading Time: 3 MINUTES

Asecond grader was kicked out of Victory Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida after her parents refused to participate in an assignment that involved taking a picture of their child “doing reading homework in bathtub.”


When mother Misty Dunham saw the assignment from teacher Irene Castaneda, she wrote a note back to the teacher saying her 8-year-old daughter would do no such thing:

“I emailed the teacher ‘Hey, you may want to explain that. Send something out to the parents. Let them know what the intentions are.’ This just does not sound OK,” Misty Dunham said. “She did send out a message saying, ‘you should be in pajamas, be in your uniform, have fun with it.’ But, it didn’t sit right.”

Actually, what Castaneda wrote (according to a police report) was “We have been sending this homework assignment home for years, and you’re the only one complaining about it. Just cover your child in pillows or pajamas then.”

As if a picture of a clothed or covered-up child was the exception to the rule.

What the hell were people sending her in the past? (Actually, that’s a valid question for another reason. The school’s Facebook page says Castaneda was hired in August. So how does she know no one else has complained about it?)

If the goal was to have a little fun with the reading homework by having Victory Christian Academy parents take a picture of their kids reading in the bathtub with clothes on and no running water, that should’ve been specified. It wasn’t. When Dunham spoke with other parents about the situation, they were equally flippant, saying things like “Just cover your child up with something.”

Everyone was treating Dunham like she was ruining the fun rather than admitting she had a point.

That’s when Dunham and her husband reached out to the school’s administration as well as the local sheriff’s office. They just wanted to document their concerns more than anything else. (It’s not like anyone was going to be charged with wrongdoing over this.) A police officer advised them not to complete that portion of the assignment.

The story should have just ended there. It was a poorly-explained assignment that rightly upset these parents, the teacher should’ve apologized and clarified, and everyone could have moved on.

But days later, the family received a call from an administrator urging them to withdraw their child from the school. When they refused to do that, he said the school would kick her out anyway:

“(He said) ‘I think you guys should do a parental withdrawal for the child.’ I said, ‘I can’t. I can’t do that. We refuse to withdraw her,’” Misty Dunham said. “He said, ‘OK thank you for saying that,’ and continued on saying that, ‘Well, we’re going to proceed with an administration withdraw.’”

Pastor Jesse Latta later explained to Action News Jax’s Meghan Moriarty that the assignment was “innocent,” but “out of an abundance of caution and for there to be no misunderstandings, our administration has removed this particular assignment for any future use.”

That’s the right move. It actually shows the Dunhams had a legitimate complaint. So why the hell was their child kicked out of school?

No answer.

The whole incident is a microcosm of Christianity’s treatment of sexual abuse: A girl bravely said she was uncomfortable with what an adult was doing, and the church’s response was to punish the girl, not the adult.

It would have been so easy to take care of this problem, but the school’s reaction was to double down on the assignment until the media attention made that impossible, then they took their wrath out on the family, leaving them scrambling to find a new school and forcing the child to make new friends after the school year has already begun.

The family is worse off because they enrolled their kid in a Christian school. Thank goodness they’re sharing their story publicly so everyone else can understand how messed up these kinds of schools can be.


Texas Paul REACTS to Republicans Now Saying Nixon Did Nothing Wrong

In a recent clip from Laura Trump’s podcast, her guest Ben Stein, a former speech writer for President Nixon, claims “that it is most apparent that both Trump and Nixon were kicked out of office for doing nothing wrong.” Meidas Contributor Texas Paul reacts.

GOP Leader Nods As MAGA Mom Says ‘Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion’ Is Marxism

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy nods to parents calling “diversity, equity, and inclusion” Marxist programs The Majority Report crew discusses how there is no pushback to conservatives openly advocating to end anti-bullying programs after the critical race theory panic and passing of legislation such as the don’t say gay bill. The crew also talks about how parents are being activated to go to the polls by hateful right-wing rhetoric.
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