Furious Texas Paul EXPOSES Texas Governor’s SECRET Border CORRUPTION and FAILURES

After President Biden visited the southern border as well as U.S. Border Control agents, Right Wing Media and Elected Leaders wasted no time smearing Biden. Meidas Contributor Texas Paul exposes these attempts to smear the Biden administration and explains why it is all projection.

Texas Paul Exposes MASSIVE Republican CORRUPTION in Very First Bill

Republicans continue to spread lies regarding the funding of the IRS, and have now announced that their very first bill in the newly Republican-controlled House will make it more difficult for working class families to get tax refunds while providing cover for their billionaire friends to cheat on their taxes. Texas Paul explains.

Trans Woman Arrested In Texas For…Being…Trans?!

I like this YouTuber and while he is straight he is a great LGBTQ+ supporter.   I normally skip the fan art section and I recommend you do also unless you like badly drawn stuff from fans that look like 2nd graders did it.   But the video is important to show the extent of bigotry in Texas toward trans people by the police to the point where they violate the laws and civil rights.    Hugs

Brutal Torture of Gay Men under Nazi Regime – Nazi Germany

Please notice the similarities of what the Nazis did with what DeathSantis and the republican leaders in red states are doing now with the don’t say gay laws.  The Nazis started with getting rid of the literature and any gay positive news or newspapers.  They made laws restricting and outlawing gay meeting places just like the red states are doing with drag queen shows.  Also they made gay associations and gay supporting groups to disband and forbid them from existing just like in Florida where no gay straight alliance clubs can now be formed in schools supporting the gay / LGBTQ+ kids.  There is so much more in the video that shows how DeathSantis and his advisors are following the Nazi play book to eliminate the LGBTQ+ community, to rid the state of the gay and trans people.   Such as using thugs called Brown Shirts to attack and scare gay establishments which reminds me of the Proud Boys gangs.  Arresting and stopping events claiming they were preventing crime and if they got a gay person in the arrests or anyone with any public indecency in their record they made a big deal of making an example of them, claiming the need to protect the public and the children.   One of the reasons that the Nazis hated the gays was they did not produce Aryan children which was the goal of the movement.  Similar to the current white nationalist / Christian nationalist that claim that same sex marriage is not a true marriage and that same sex families are not real because same sex couples can not produce offspring.   In their minds there is not enough white kids being born.   Please note the same things said about homosexuality then are the same things said about gays today by republicans, including what the religious evangelicals today say about same sex marriage not producting children.   Hugs

Drunk TRESPASSER Enjoys Full Benefit Of His White Privilege (Video)

This police interaction is so different from what we’re used to seeing in these sorts of videos. Leave a comment with your thoughts below!

Indiana Toddler Filmed Wielding Loaded Gun [VIDEO]

Every gun owner is a legal gun owner until they are not.    The argument that gun safety laws only punishes the good gun owner trying to protect their home and family.   But the truth is every gun that was in some illegal used started out as a legally bought gun by someone.   Hugs

Yahoo News reports:

January is not even over, but this weekend’s On Patrol: Live aired what may end up being the most shocking TV moment of the year.

At the beginning of Saturday’s episode of Reelz’s law enforcement docuseries, police in Beech Grove, Ind. responded to reports of a diaper-clad child roaming the halls with a firearm at a local apartment complex.

When the officers arrived, they spoke to neighbors who had reported seeing the toddler with the gun, which he pointed at them, prompting them to retreat inside and call police immediately. The police then questioned the boy’s father, who denied having a gun in the home.

Read the full article.


Cackalaquiano4 hours ago

But let’s talk about how dangerous drag queens are for kids

Lestat3 hours ago

I’ve heard of the infantry but this is ridiculous.

Elagabalus4 hours ago

There’s your “Pro-life” at work.

thatotherjean4 hours ago

Of course Dad said he didn’t have a gun in the house. His toddler son was walking around outside with it in his hand. /s

Ragnar Lothbrok4 hours ago

Maybe he’s a good toddler with a gun?
Yes, that must be it

Fearsome Beard Ragnar Lothbrok4 hours ago

He was practicing to stop the mass shooter at the pre-school.

JackFknTwist4 hours ago

It’s all about the availability of guns.
There’s no other issue.
And for that availability I blame Scalia as much as the NRA.

marshlc4 hours ago

Shitty parenting all around. That kid is too little to be wandering around outside his apartment without an adult, but is also too big to be wearing diapers. Too lazy to toilet train their kid.

Bruno4 hours ago

How can anyone with half a brain call this a great country?

BartmanLA5 hours ago edited

I saw this on On Patrol Live on Saturday it was horrific to see this kid walking around pulling the trigger on the gun pointing it at random people, the father was totally responsible and LIED about his access to the weapon, he was arrested for child endangerment and also felon in possession of a gun. Thank god the gun while the clip was loaded there wasn’t a bullet in the chamber so the gun could not fire, if the kid had been able to figure out how to “rack” the gun to load a bullet it would have been much much worse.

BartmanLA TrollopeReader5 hours ago

He knew he shouldn’t have had the gun, initially when the police asked to search the apartment, he granted them access, but they found the gun inside a closed rolltop desk, which was obviously his attempt to hide it, he didn’t answer the door immediately so the police assumed he was secreting the weapon. He also claimed it belonged to his brother and he sometimes left it there when he didn’t think he should be carrying it around. The police knew it was suspect and kept searching and once they found it, that started the process of identifying him, contacting Child Services and eventually his arrest, the child was turned over to his grandmother who also happened to live in the same apartment complex, but was warned that DCS would be contacting her about the eventual disposition of the child’s welfare.

Dan BartmanLA4 hours ago

We were watching it live too and I was pissed off for the neighbors who told the cops what happened only for them to say, “Call us if it happens again since we don’t have proof” and they only stopped halfway out the door because another neighbor came out with their Ring doorbell footage.

Harveyrabbit 🐱6 hours ago

Not the only one.


IL Baptist Pastor Arrested On Child Grooming Charges

I am posting this for the tic Tok video where the person lays it out how it is in the churches where the real grooming takes place, not schools or library book, nor drag queens reading stories.  Hugs


The Baptist Press reports:

A pastor from McLeansboro, Ill., was arrested Jan. 5 on two counts of grooming minors for sexual purposes. Garrett Biggerstaff was charged after a four-month investigation that included the seizure of his electronic devices and collection of evidence at his home.

Biggerstaff was taken into custody and booked at the Jefferson County Jail. His bond was set for $150,000.

Biggerstaff, 28, was employed by the Spring Garden School District in Ina, Ill., at the time, but he resigned when the investigation became public in November. He was also the pastor of Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Fairfield. The church suspended Biggerstaff immediately.

Read the full article. The TikTok user below has something to say about this one.


Randy5033 minutes ago

She really nails it! Bravo!

rednekokie23 minutes ago

Okay — how many of these since the first of the year??????

Rebecca Gardner3 hours ago

Still no Drag Queens or LGBT folks grooming children. It’s always the fucking ChristoNazis.

Halou3 hours ago

The moral panic against drag and trans people is being used as an excuse to look the other way when members of the clergy get caught.

Longpole Galvestonian2 hours ago

It will take lawsuits and TV commercials about rape by clergyman. Lawyers talking about the cover up of abuse and how to fight back in order reach most people and create awareness.
The news media has failed to get the message out on this danger in the churches.

Darreth Longpole2 hours ago

All of that would have to happen for years to even make a dent. It’s very public how many diocese’ have gone bankrupt due to sexual abuse issues and still parents send their children off to the rectory unsupervised.

Max-1 🔫+cult(R)=☠️ Galvestonian3 hours ago

Because the faith addict never likes to admit their addiction…
And to do so publicly is tantamount to suicide for their faith.

cheakamus Galvestonian3 hours ago

Absolutely. If people in small communities who rarely read the news began putting two and two together are realized that the problem starts in their own churches, we might begin to have some action on this front. It wasn’t until the accusations against the Catholic Church went mainstream that priests and other church employees began to be held accountable. Now do the Evangelicals!

Raging Bee JoeMyGod4 hours ago

If God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and really wants to talk to us, then how would it even be possible to “remove God from a society?”

Nic Peterson4 hours ago

Dear TikTok lady, I love you but you need to understand that they don’t care about children being abused in churches. Why not, because to point that out would hurt the feefees of churchy people and just like some white folk don’t want to be made uncomfortable because of our shared history, many christians would like the same treatment when it comes to the wholesale sexual abuse of children and others at the hands of religious leaders.

Please keep it up though. Many hands make big work small.

bambinoitaliano Nic Peterson3 hours ago

I think her question at the end of the video was meant to be rhetorical.

What, me worry?4 hours ago

I have yet to see a mug shot of a drag queen who was arrested for molesting or “grooming” children. And you know that we would definitely see it if it ever happened.

How Trump’s allies stoked Brazil Congress attack


The fascist that ran the Jan 6th insurrection / coup did not go away.   The plan to install a strongman dictatorship one party rule in the US that disregards the constitution is still on going.   Plus what most people don’t understand is these same people are pushing this form of fascism authoritarian government worldwide in every country they can.  The funding for this all comes from a few very wealthy people who push this form of government for their own benefit and from wealthy religious fanatics who plan to install a government to enforce the religious rules and morality of their versions of Christianity.   These people see what Putin and Xi Jinping as role models and want to do here what they did in their countries.  It is the loss of personal freedoms and the rule of strict government these people are demanding for the US, and they have started on the way to getting it.   Hugs   OT: I have a doctor’s appointment today and three days this week.   They are testing me for heavy metal poisoning.   Hugs

How Trump’s allies stoked Brazil Congress attack

Protesters smash windows as they invade the presidential palace in scenes reminiscent of the US Capitol riot in January 2021IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
Image caption,
Protesters smash windows as they invade the presidential palace in scenes reminiscent of the US Capitol riot in January 2021

The scenes in Brasilia looked eerily similar to events at the US Capitol on 6 January two years ago – and there are deeper connections as well.

“The whole thing smells,” said a guest on Steve Bannon’s podcast, one day after the first round of voting in the Brazilian election in October last year.

The race was heading towards a run-off and the final result was not even close to being known. Yet Mr Bannon, as he had been doing for weeks, spread baseless rumours about election fraud.

Across several episodes of his podcast and in social media posts, he and his guests stoked up allegations of a “stolen election” and shadowy forces. He promoted the hashtag #BrazilianSpring, and continued to encourage opposition even after Mr Bolsonaro himself appeared to accept the results.

Mr Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, was just one of several key allies of Donald Trump who followed the same strategy used to cast doubt on the results of the 2020 US presidential election.

And like what happened in Washington on 6 January 2021, those false reports and unproven rumours helped fuel a mob that smashed windows and stormed government buildings in an attempt to further their cause.


‘Do whatever is necessary!’

The day before the Capitol riot, Mr Bannon told his podcast listeners: “All hell is going to break loose tomorrow.” He has been sentenced to four months in prison for refusing to comply with an order to testify in front of a Congressional committee that investigated the attack but is free pending an appeal.

Along with other prominent Trump advisers who spread fraud rumours, Mr Bannon was unrepentant on Sunday, even as footage emerged of widespread destruction in Brazil.

“Lula stole the Election… Brazilians know this,” he wrote repeatedly on the social media site Gettr. He called the people who stormed the buildings “Freedom Fighters”.

Ali Alexander, a fringe activist who emerged after the 2020 election as one of the leaders of the pro-Trump “Stop the Steal” movement, encouraged the crowds, writing “Do whatever is necessary!” and claiming to have contacts inside the country.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.View original tweet on Twitter

Bolsonaro supporters railed online about an existential crisis and a supposed “communist takeover” – exactly the same type of rhetoric that drove the rioters in Washington two years ago.

Supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro clash with security forces as they raid the National Congress in BrasiliaIMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
Image caption,
Supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro clash with security forces as they raid the National Congress in Brasilia

Casting doubt on voting systems

The links between Mr Bolsonaro and the Trump movement were highlighted by a meeting in November between the former president and Mr Bolsonaro’s son at Mr Trump’s Florida resort.


During that trip, Eduardo Bolsonaro also spoke to Mr Bannon and Trump adviser Jason Miller, according to reports in the Washington Post and other news outlets.

As in the US in 2020, partisan election-deniers focused their attention on the mechanisms of voting. In Brazil, they cast suspicion on electronic vote tabulation machines.

A banner displayed by the rioters on Sunday declared “We want the source code” in both English and Portuguese – a reference to rumours that electronic voting machines were somehow programmed or hacked in order to foil Mr Bolsonaro.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.View original tweet on Twitter

A number of prominent Brazilian Twitter accounts which spread election denial rumours were reinstated after the election and acquisition of the company by Elon Musk, according to a BBC analysis. The accounts had previously been banned.

Mr Musk himself has suggested some of Twitter’s own employees in Brazil were “strongly politically biased” without giving details or evidence.

Mr Bolsonaro's supporters smashed windows and trashed government officesIMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
Image caption,
Mr Bolsonaro’s supporters smashed windows and trashed government offices

Some of Mr Trump’s opponents in the US were quick to put the blame on the former president and his advisers for encouraging the unrest in Brazil.


Jamie Raskin, a Democratic Party member of the US House of Representatives and a member of the committee that investigated the Capitol riot, called the Brazilian protesters “fascists modeling themselves after Trump’s Jan. 6 rioters” in a tweet.

The BBC attempted to contact Mr Bannon and Mr Alexander for comment.

With reporting from the BBC’s disinformation team


Bad Women’s Anatomy Is Getting WORSE

I don’t care if you watch it, but I want to make a point about the resurgence of bathroom bills.  You know those bills that say trans people must use the bathroom of their assigned sex at birth.   Mostly because cis women have been told that trans women or women who do not look feminine enough will violate and hurt them.   Yes we must judge everyone by their looks so we can tell who fits the girl enough or the boy enough categories.   We already know that the idea that a person will go to the effort to claim to be trans to assault women in a bathroom is debunked and stupid.  If a guy wants to assault women they are not going to change their entire life to do it in a woman’s bathroom, they will just charge into one and do it, or do it when the woman comes out or a dozen other ways.  It simply is not reasonable.   But let’s go back to comfort.  A cis female person I respect said she would be uncomfortable in a bathroom with a “manly looking woman”.   OK please look at this person in the video that says they are trans.   That means if these “go to the toilet of your assigned birth” laws are enforced this person would be forced by law to use a female’s bathroom no matter how uncomfortable for them or the women.   This is the stupidity of these laws and the people pushing the bigotry.   Look at this guy, what bathroom does he belong in?   These bathroom laws are based in bigotry and made up fears.   What are you people doing in the bathroom, holding a social gathering?  We have to understand what is driving these bathroom bill laws is an attempt to stop societal change and progression by the groups that are scared of the new ways.  The die hard religious groups, the traditionalist who say it was not done this way when I was growing up, and the people that just simply feel the need to control society to make sure it stays the same so they feel comfortable.    Hugs