Why it Matters

This is a guest post from Randy.   As most people here already know Randy is someone I admire greatly.  Randy is my online brother and a member of our family.   Randy is smart, funny, caring, kind, willing to reach out a hand to those in need while also willing to stand up to protect others.   Randy is the kind of guy who if he knew a co-worker had no other way to get to a much needed job during a snow storm he would get up out of his warm bed and go take them to work.   And not ask any for doing it.   I have asked Randy if he would be a guest author as he has time.  He has delighted me with the first two posts of what I hope will be many more.    Thank you my brother, Hugs.

Why it Matters

In this era of Blue Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, even All Lives Matter, the defining characteristic is that the authors, the progenitors of the movement, are trying to indicate to the public that there are folks who do not see the lives of some persons either being in jeopardy, being disenfranchised, being set upon as a second class, being abused.  The irreparable loses for some came too early, like the Native Americans, and for others they somehow bought in to the larger idea, others still labor under a “lesser than” status that evidences in odd circumstances when people need someone to blame.


It is easy to use extremes to make points in writing, so I’ll use one now.  In the late 1930’s an individual rose to power who realized that it was far far easier to capture the public’s anger and fear through hate and destructive rhetoric.  Hate is bred from fear, and Germany recovering from WW1 was reeling through poverty, inflation, low productivity, and a miasma from losing a war.  This individual captured that fear with not only an ideal he espoused upon the country but a scapegoat: otherwise said is “this is the ideal, but these are the people for whom to blame for our lot.”  It should be noted that an erstwhile general failure in his other pursuits, this individual honed a craft of speaking what people begged to hear in a manner that was convincing enough to overpower the very voice of decency within them.

Picture 2 What did that individual do?  He convinced people that it was ok to place a mark of second class on another human being.  He convinced people that they should be “segregated” for the good of the countrymen.  In time, it went from a fringe movement to the government’s position, and men, women, children were rounded up and “quarantined” for the safety of the citizenry.  Some bought into this with a passion, others were put into a position of placing their own lives in peril to not go through with this new government program as their neighbors were taken, were abused, disenfranchised and even killed. Only a sociopath would look upon the truth of this matter with anything but horror, but it’s amazing what people can justify to themselves when their own comfort is on the line, when their own well-being is on the line.  That individual, after committing war Picture 3 upon his own land, went on to view people in other countries as “lesser than”, as not worthy of existence as neighbors, and went to war with them.  The irony learned by the very public this individual used and then abandoned in his bid for power is that they were now only worse off after his blame-game and were forced to face what had been done in their name.

So, why is that relevant today?  Anytime, Anytime, Every time we accept a person to be cast as a second-class citizen for no other reason than their very being, we lose.  We lost when we decided that Native American Cultures were lesser than.  We lost when we decided that African lives, African American lives were lesser than.  We lost when we decided that whoever was in power at the moment, however that power was expressed- be it by government, wealth, violence- was the correct arbitrator of a person’s worth as a citizen.

This blog clearly speaks up for those who have felt the abuse of those in power due to their being gay, being trans, being somehow different.  Some have looked upon this championing as an acceptable forum for conversation and determination Picture 4of another’s rights and status when said persons  have harmed no one and sought only to be genuine to themselves.  The false definition of reality seems a favorite of those who seek to justify abuse, and let it be understood that abuse of power is what it is!  I see no debate as warranted or even allowed when we seek to determine how another person defines himself.  That is their business, and though we may find it uncomfortable for ourselves we have no right to dictate to another who he or she or they express themselves.

I would like to harken back to the very extreme example used earlier in this writing:  Declaring a person to be lower class and unworthy of their own personhood, their liberty, is not American, but damn if it isn’t what Americans seem to demand.  Excusing and justifying abuses and horrors in the name of being free is antithetical to the very existence of the Constitution, and yet we do it.  Over and over again, we accept abuses on others.  You want examples? Picture 5 Ok, we accept a death knell of school children for the right to sell guns to near anyone.  We accept the demand that drag shows be stopped because it violates our own religious beliefs.  We are demanding that people exhibit who they are defined to be at birth despite who they genuinely feel themselves to be.  We demand that children starve in our public schools so that the wealthiest don’t have to pay a fair tax rate.  We demand that children go to school, then declare their well-educated instructors abusing them for allowing them to have an education.  We demand that the sick seek to gamble their very lives as they balance eating and health care.  And, we demand that the mother give birth to her child no matter how old she is, Picture 6 how she became pregnant, the viability of the fetus, the physical and psychological toll it will put on the mother, the financial devastation it will inflict upon her life, even the ability to feed, clothe, educate, and love the child do we still demand she bring it into the world, then we turn our back upon her.

We as a country seem to demand the right to make these decisions for others, to define them, to restrict them, to force them to conform to what we see as comfortable and proper for them, and yet in the near past, especially, have I seen excuse upon excuse for criminal and the worst examples of abuses inflicted upon others.  Picture 7These so-called Christians – and I place that lowercase as they seem to refuse to follow the example of the one written as Jesus Christ – refuse to use a common reality, hold themselves accountable, hold others in their politics driven values accountable, and as I mentioned, refuse to do as Christ demands, yet stomp their feet if someone were to live in defiance of those somehow “deeply held religious beliefs”.  And, again, harkening back to the earlier extreme example:  1930’s Germany was a very religious country and look at what they allowed for their politics-driven morals and values.

Jon Stewart takes on Republican lawmaker who wants to ban drag shows in viral interview



Jon Stewart takes on Republican lawmaker who wants to ban drag shows in viral interview
Jon StewartPhoto: Screenshot/AppleTV+

On the most recent episode of The Problem with Jon Stewart, the show’s namesake and host grilled an Ohio Republican, using his support of drag show bans to expose the hypocrisy behind his opposition to gun control legislation. A clip from the interview, which premiered on Friday, has since gone viral.

Oklahoma state Sen. Nathan Dahm (R) opposes restrictions on firearms, like laws requiring background checks and red-flag laws, because he says they infringe on a person’s Second Amendment rights. He also supports banning drag shows anywhere they might be viewed by minors.

During his interview with Dahm, Stewart clashed with the lawmaker over the idea that increased access to guns makes Americans safer, arguing that Dahm’s efforts to loosen gun restrictions have made it harder for authorities to identify individuals who may pose threats.

“The person is the threat, not the firearm,” Dahm explained.

“But you don’t want anything that could help law enforcement or society determine whether or not a person is a good guy with a gun or a bad guy with a gun,” Stewart countered. “I don’t understand why you won’t just admit that you are making it harder for police to manage the streets by allowing all of these guns to go out without permits, without checks, without background stuff.”

Dahm argued that the restrictions he opposes infringe upon “the individual’s right to keep and bear arms” under the Second Amendment.  

Stewart then pivoted to other examples of ways in which constitutional rights are limited under the law, including requiring voter registration. He then questioned Dahm about his support for an Oklahoma bill that would make it illegal to host drag performances on public property or where they could be viewed by minors. Similar bills are being considered in states across the country. Last week, Tennessee became the first state in which such legislation was signed into law.

Stewart asked Dahm whether Oklahoma’s anti-drag law would infringe on the First Amendment rights of performers. Dahm argued that under the proposed law, drag performers could continue to exercise their right to free speech, “just not in front of a child.”

“The government does have a responsibility in certain instances to protect children,” Dahm admitted.

“What’s the leading cause of death amongst children in this country?” Stewart asked. “And I’m going to give you a hint, it’s not drag show readings to children.”

“It’s firearms,” Stewart continued. “More than cancer, more than car accidents. And what you’re telling me is you don’t mind infringing free speech to protect children from this amorphous thing that you think of. But when it comes to children that have died you don’t give a flying f**k to stop that because that shall not be infringed. That is hypocrisy at its highest order.”


The clip has since received over 36,000 views on Twitter and more than 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Over the last few days there were many news stories I wanted to share. Here are a few I saved open to share.

LGBTQ+ children in the community have been attacked and are now afraid to go to school or be around other kids. Attacks against adults have risen. But the preacher pushing the hate says it is not a bad thing, he is just telling the truth that "accused the LGBTQ community of "grooming children" and acting in "perverted" sexual behavior."  The article linked paints the community now split as some follow local pastor Ronald Gay in oppressing the targets of his hate and the rest trying to be allies to a frightened group under attack. What a godly leader of the people he is. Hugs
PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Jeff Landry blocks flood damage funding for New Orleans over the city’s position on abortion rights. Landry advises parents on how to evade COVID protocols instituted by public schools. Landry wins court battle to block workplace protections for LGBTQ state employees. The Louisiana Supreme Court upholds Landry’s win against LGBTQ state employees. Hate group leader Tony Perkins praises “courageous” Landry for his attacks on LGBTQ protections. State Rep. Jeff Landry tries to end LGBTQ studies minor at his alma mater, the University of Lafayette.

And in the above we see the move by the rabid right, by the maga, by the majority of republican office holders to move the country from democracy and freedom from religion enforced in laws to instead install a theocracy where their brand of Christianity is forced on the people regardless of their religious views.   This is no longer a minority in the minority party, these people have worked hard and spent an untold amount of money to get their religious believers in to places of power to enforce their religious doctrines as the US Taliban.    Hugs

From the linked article: “I see this at the very least as a threat to my academic freedom. PBA is a Christian university. It has a deserved reputation as a politically conservative university. I could somewhat understand if the university had requested a meeting to review my material. I say ‘somewhat’ because, as a full professor with over 20 years of experience at the university, one would think they would trust me,” he wrote. “Indeed, the university has shown me little respect throughout this ordeal. But instead, without giving me due process, they brought their concern over my racial-justice unit with a threat of termination. I also believe that things like this do not happen in a vacuum. There is a reason why PBA is threatening me now rather than five years ago or 10 years ago. PBA is conforming to a toxic political culture, and they are playing a role that is a part of that culture’s script: a role that says, ‘We do not like to have uncomfortable conversations about race.’ There is no place for a role like that at an institution that calls itself a university, let alone a Christian university.”
Notice what the Christian teacher is saying. In 20 years of teaching of the racism and need for racial justice in the US he is facing loss of his job because of the stance of the governor DeathSantis who claims that teaching the truth of US racist history and the ongoing injustice minorities face is illegal ideology. It doesn’t fit his white nationalist views and his attempt to install a regressive 1950s white automatic rule / superiority back into society via the schools. It is true that people that get an advanced education often get their eyes open to the bigotry and narrow mindedness of the limited education they received which causes them to move to a more tolerant and open view of reality / society. Hugs

Gustav2  Joe in NM3 hours ago edited
It is an attempt to control all education in the US. From cradle to college.
There has been complaining in all the churches about how the kids don’t come back to church after college. It didn’t matter before because few conservative RCC and Protestant White Fundies went to college, now both have made it to the suburbs, college is expected.
With few marriages preformed in church (only 20%), the churches have lost another connection with the next generation and they are less likely to return with their own children.
The push for only religious marriages are real marriages and the restructuring of education have one thing in common. The steady decline in church membership. Even the largest denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, is not replacing the Olds that are dying off with Youngs.
Too bad it is against a teachers morals to be nice and use a name or pronoun that a person asks them. I don’t see how it is a moral dilemma or even a religious one. If Robert wishes to be called Bobbie the religious teacher is happy with it, but what if Robert wishes to be called Bohdana or Bonita or Bona which are all girls names in different languages. I just learned that in German the name Boby is a girl’s name. In the US the name Bobby is both male and female as all names should be. If the teacher doesn’t know a names gender association and they use it without malice are they committing a sin? I don’t get this fake outrage at something that is just being nice and respectful. Hugs

Texas School Official Leaves Gun In Student Bathroom

Everyone said this and worst would happen.   But gun ammosexuals are one orientation pushed hard in red state schools.  The superintendent said there was never any danger other than a kid finding it and shooting someone, which minimizes kids have access to guns and the death of someone by gun violence.   The mistaken idea is teachers or school personnel having guns will make schools safer.   Here we clearly see they do not.    A third grader is an 8 year old and recently we had a 6 year old threaten to kill people with a gun and shoot his teacher.   Really the goal should be to remove guns from schools and keep them out.   A good start to that is to reduce them from society.    Hugs

pins of deathlooking into the abyssgun laws save lives

Abilene’s NBC affiliate reports:

A 3rd grader in Rising Star found a gun the superintendent left in a school bathroom. Superintendent Robby Stuteville confirms the 3rd grader found the gun back in January and notified a teacher immediately without moving or touching the weapon.

Stuteville walked KTAB and KRBC through the incident, explaining that both he and the school principal open carry on campus. When he was using the restroom, Stuteville says he took the gun off and placed it in a stall, where it was then left unattended for around 15 minutes until it was found by the student.

“There was never a danger other than the obvious,” Stuteville claimed. He then went on to say he was “proud” of the student and commended his behavior after finding the firearm.

“There was never a danger other than the obvious,”


Wow. So, no danger other than absolute disaster. Don’t worry. Just a child with a gun.

So not only did he forget his gun, but he didn’t notice it for a whole 15 minutes. How much training did he get?

As much as the open carry law required…

The Superintendent did NOT notice that he did not have his gun in the holster for those 15 minutes – he only realized it was gone when an 8 year old boy discovered it and brought it to the adults attention. The Superintendent could have not realized his gun was missing for 8 hours !

“There was never a danger other than the obvious,” Stuteville claimed.

The obvious danger: Stuteville.

I’d never even heard of Rising Star, Texas. I had to look it up. It is about halfway between Killeen and Abilene. The entire school district only has 186 students.
Several things I don’t understand here.
Why the fuck was he using a student bathroom at an elementary school? I never use a student bathroom at an elementary or middle school. (female student bathrooms are filthy) I can’t imagine the guys.
The town only has a population of approximately 840 people. What did he need to protect himself from?
Why would he need to remove his gun? The urinal wouldn’t require him to do that.
The toilets in most elementary schools are much smaller than normal for small kids.
His ass would not have fit.
This is stupid. Typical, small Texas town attitude.

Why the fuck was he using a student bathroom at an elementary school?


Perhaps the Superintendant also has a part-time job as a “youth pastor”?

This is the first thing that jumped out for me too. An adult should never be using the kids restroom in school. That feels very off.

Regarding the condition of student bathrooms — my first job out of high school was working as a substitute janitorIn the school district I graduated from. By far the most disgusting place to clean were the middle school girls bathrooms. The boys smelled, but the girls were filthy.

Nearly every day there were used tampons thrown on the walls and floors. They would also kiss the mirrors and leave greasy lipstick marks that were miserable to clean up. One of the women janitors fixed that problem at one of the schools by going into the main girls bathrooms during a class change, dipping the squeegee into a toilet, then cleaning the mirror with it. Girls were howling in horror and it stopped the mirror kissing a for a few years at that school.

I agree, except for one point. Janitorial staff where I worked when I retired, all said that the women’s bath rooms were the worst!

The town only has a population of approximately 840 people. What did he need to protect himself from?

Them Big City Liebruls coming to take him away in Jade Helm and put him in one of those FEMA camps.

It’s not about protecting himself; its a macho pride thing! I think a grown man carrying a gun in a children’s school is probably considered a more acceptable way of letting the kids know that you are a grown MAN, than walking around the school with your cock hanging out of your pants. But then again it is Texas, so…

That’s not macho pride; that’s insecurity in their manhood. See: truck nuts, gun racks, gun safes, gated communities, “business appropriate” dress codes, “Eff Your Feelings” t-shirts and MAGA ballcaps.

““This is one of those examples of guns in schools.” Stuteville said. “Regardless of who takes responsibility, they are a considerable danger and one should school their child to be on the lookout for any unusual placement of a weapon or anything out of place.””

Yes, teach your children to watch out for guns everywhere. What a sad fucking life this has turned out to be because of losers like Robby Stuteville.

Or maybe you should just leave your gun at home, in a locked cabinet, and not in the boy’s rest room at your school, idiot?

I think it is an example of what can happen when teachers and school administrators carry weapons in a school. While I agree that with all of the shootings that are happening in schools, there is a strong argument favoring armed personnel in the schools, it should be restricted to competent, law enforcement personnel that are well trained in gun safety. I would also argue that law enforcement personnel carrying guns in schools should be better trained and more qualified than the average law enforcement officer in the United States. The United States spends less money training law enforcement personnel that almost every country in the world, and I do not think that is good enough when children’s lives are at stake.

Except the Uvalde Texas school cops & regular cops proved to the world that current-day cops are too scared to take on a school shooter, therefore, what is the point of having any cop at a school ? And this civilian, older man who is the Superintendent is an example that non-professionals are not up for the job of carrying a gun either. It’s almost like guns are the problem and perhaps we need to do what other countries have done and make the restrictions around guns very intense to avoid a further loss of life.

“There was never a danger other than the obvious….”

Translation: we got lucky that the 3rd grader who found the gun didn’t accidentally shoot himself or someone else so we don’t see a problem.

Texans have no concerns about obvious dangers. It’s the sneaky dangers like drag queen hours that worry them.



Missouri House votes against limits on kids carrying guns


They claim trans kids needing to use the toilet are a threat needing to be addressed at the highest levels of government but kids who cannot even get a license to drive, cannot sign for their own medical care, cannot buy alcohol, have known lack emotional and judgment control at this stage of development / age in their lives can walk around with weapons with mass killing capacity in public with no restrictions.   Tell me what really the indoctrination is, what really is the harm to society.   This is the republican ideology that makes no public safety sense at the same time republicans claim that drag queen reading hours where men dress up in costume to read to children with adults present are a danger to children and society.     WTF!   These republicans want to destroy civil society, and install some kind of dystopian mythical wide west macho idea that never existed.   In the real history, western towns and cities had strict no carry gun laws.  Guns for most people were tools rarely carried.   They were expensive and ammo also expensive and hard to get / store.  Think about it, there was no Amazon or large guns / ammo store nearby to just walk over to and get a few hundred rounds.   I wish these people would learn history and reality and get their heads out of right wing mythology.   Hugs

Missouri’s Republican-led House on Wednesday voted against banning minors from openly carrying firearms on public land without adult supervision.

The proposal to ban children from carrying guns without adult supervision in public failed by a 104-39 vote. Only one Republican voted in support of it.

Democratic Rep. Donna Baringer said police in her district asked for the change to stop “14-year-olds walking down the middle of the street in the city of St. Louis carrying AR-15s.”

“Now they have been emboldened, and they are walking around with them,” Baringer said. “Until they actually brandish them, and brandish them with intent, our police officers’ hands are handcuffed.”

Missouri lawmakers in 2017 repealed concealed carry requirements in most situations.

The measure was part of an hours-long House debate on the best way to fight crime, particularly in the St. Louis area.

Republican Rep. Lane Roberts —- a former Joplin, Missouri police chief and state public safety director — initially included the restrictions on children possessing guns in a broader crime bill, which the House voted to give initial approval to later Wednesday. But lawmakers on a House committee that Roberts leads stripped the provision on guns last week.

“Every time we talked about the provision related to guns, we knew that that was going to be difficult on our side of the aisle,” Roberts said Wednesday.


Republicans decried the effort as an unneeded infringement on gun rights.

“While it may be intuitive that a 14-year-old has no legitimate purpose, it doesn’t actually mean that they’re going to harm someone. We don’t know that yet,” said Rep. Tony Lovasco, a Republican from the St. Louis suburb of O’Fallon. “Generally speaking, we don’t charge people with crimes because we think they’re going to hurt someone.”

Other provisions in the measure would allow the governor to appoint a special prosecutor in counties with high crime rates, a provision targeted at St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.

Republican lawmakers for years have criticized Gardner, a 47-year-old Democrat first elected in 2016 as St. Louis’ first Black female prosecutor.

She is one of several progressive prosecutors elected in recent years with a focus on creating more fairness in the criminal justice system. But Republican lawmakers say she’s not doing enough to fight crime.


Gay soldier flees Russian missile strike during speech honoring Ukrainian LGBTQ+ servicemembers


I am soon going back to bed.   It seems every bone in my body is screaming in pain.   I can hardly bend my fingers, my right shoulder aches every time I move the mouse, my back is beyond pain, and my legs keep cramping up.   I am about done and it is so hard to think.    Hugs

Gay soldier flees Russian missile strike during speech honoring Ukrainian LGBTQ+ servicemembers
Photo: Shutterstock

During an exhibit honoring LGBTQ+ servicemembers in Ukraine, one servicemember speaking on video reportedly had to abruptly sign off to seek shelter when a Russian missile attack occurred.

According to the Los Angeles Blade, the moment occurred during a photography exhibit in the United States to honor LGBTQ+ and intersex servicemembers in Ukraine, where the Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S., Oksana Markarova, emphasized the importance of advancing LGBTQ+ equality.

The exhibit was organized by a group of Ukrainian LGBTQ+ organizations: the Ukrainian Union of the LBGT Military, KyivPride, and LGBTQ Ukrainians in America (QUA).

Russia’s war with Ukraine rages on, and in a speech at the photo exhibit, Markarova thanked LGBTQ+ servicemembers and declared, “It’s unbelievable and [the] ultimate sacrifice to be there in harm’s way,” The Blade reported.

“[The] LGBTQ+ community is an inseparable community of us, whether it’s here or in Ukraine,” Markarova also said. “The faster we can stop any discrimination, the faster we will win, not only on the battlefield in Ukraine, but we also will win globally.”

Gay Ukrainian servicemember and LGBTQ+ activist Viktor Pylipenko, who also founded the Ukrainian Union of the LGBT Military, is the servicemember who spoke on video before having to cut it short.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, LGBTQ+ people have been terrified of what a Russian victory could mean for their rights.

While Ukraine does not fully recognize LGBTQ+ rights – marriage equality is not legal, for example – the country has come much farther than Russia, where LGBTQ+ people continue to be actively persecuted.

Since the invasion, LGBTQ+ Ukrainians have stepped up to fight.

“Many LGBT+ activists, who have an experience of participation in the Euromaidan events, are joining the Territorial Defense forces or holding training in paramedical help,” said activist Veronika Limina early last year. “LGBT+ people who served in the army and military volunteers are ready to come back to their service. We are doing the same as the rest of the nation.”

In June, an LGBTQ Nation correspondent in Ukraine reported on the Russian army’s “vile anti-gay agenda, which has included desires and plans to, and how do I put this nicely, to castrate and kill gay men,” as explained by a U.S. investigator.

Throughout all of this, Ukraine has been working to advance LGBTQ+ equality.

This past December, Ukrainian passed a bill that would ban hate speech and incitement based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The media regulation bill was unanimously approved on December 15.

And in August, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky indicated his support for same-sex civil partnerships and potentially same-sex marriage. Ukraine has banned employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity since 2015, and Zelensky promised that he would continue to fight anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination after he met with President Joe Biden at the White House last year.

The moves toward LGBTQ+ equality in Ukraine stand in contrast to Russia’s recent crackdown on LGBTQ+ rights. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed a law expanding the country’s prohibition on LGBTQ+ “propaganda.” The law effectively outlaws any public expression of LGBTQ+ identity in Russia by banning “any action or the spreading of any information that is considered an attempt to promote homosexuality in public, online, or in films, books or advertising.”

Sheriff: Kansas hunter dies after dog steps on rifle in backseat of pickup truck


It is a fact that owning a gun makes it more likely you or a member of your family will die from a gun accident or mistake made in the heat of the moment.    All gun owners are legal gun owners until the break the law so it is not a punishment of legal owners to have gun safety regulations.   In this case the man left a loaded gun with apparently no safety or the safety off unsecured where it could be discharged accidently.   Maybe the dog did not like hunting?  Hugs


The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office says a man died over the weekend after his dog stepped on a rifle, causing the firearm to discharge. 


The incident happened at around 9:40 a.m. Saturday in the 1600 block of 80th Street, north-northeast of Geuda Springs. The sheriff’s office said the man was sitting in the front passenger seat of his pickup and he had hunting gear and a rifle in the backseat. 


“A canine belonging to the owner of the pickup stepped on the rifle causing the weapon to discharge,” the sheriff’s office said. “The fired round struck the passenger who died of his injuries on scene.”


The man’s name has not been released. 

Randy sent me some thought provoking tweets.

You should go to the actual tweet and read the comments.   Hugs

Why do kids need guns made for them?   They seem to do well with adult guns at shooting people.  But seriously everyone understands that kids emotional control and reasoning ability are limited.   Some adults never grow out of those limitations.  Again the comments are all over the map.  Hugs

I just started to follow this guy above on YouTube.   He has a veery reasonable take on things and is easy to understand.   Hugs


The story below is amazing because it took kids to figure out something the adults should have seem a long time ago.   Grand kids.   Hugs

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