Florida students may be forced to prove they can menstruate before playing sports. Yes, really

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North Dakota weighs ban on ‘sexually explicit’ library books


These clueless morons don’t seem to understand heterosexuality is a sexual orientation.   You cannot have gay without having straight also.   “… prohibit books depicting sexual or gender identity …” also means any books that have parents, boys or girls, no Mr. or Mrs., no dating stories even of straight kids because all of these things are sexual or gender identities.  What these people really want is nothing about anyone not straight and cis.   They want their Leave It To Beaver 1950s style society.   Only a society that never really existed is what they wish for.  These laws apply to public libraries, not just school ones.   They want to erase the entire LGBTQ+ from society in the same way the Russians have done.  Simply make them all illegal, make it illegal to talk about them in a positive way, illegal to write about them in a positive way, illegal to show them in any media such as movies, TV, or even theater in a positive way.   They are doing this in schools in red republican run states like Florida already.   Not even rainbow stickers can be displayed or even rainbow colors on clothing in schools yet I see they have not outlawed the confederate battle flag.   Removing these things from schools and society wont stop kids from being born gay or stop kids from having a different gender identity from assigned at birth, but it does make those kids more isolated and at risk of being targeted or bullied.  This stuff is a radical attempt to undo 70 years of social advancement for minorities.  Hugs

The bill, which would prohibit books depicting sexual or gender identity, proposes up to 30 days in prison for librarians who refuse to remove banned titles.
The wave of attempted book banning and restrictions continues to intensify, the American Library Association reported Friday. Numbers for 2022 already approach last year's totals, which were the highest in decades.
Amanda Darrow, the director of youth, family and education programs, with books at the Utah Pride Center in Salt Lake City on Dec. 16, 2021.Rick Bowmer / AP

Books containing “sexually explicit” content — including depictions of sexual or gender identity — would be banned from North Dakota public libraries under legislation that state lawmakers began considering Tuesday.

The GOP-dominated state House Judiciary Committee heard arguments but did not take a vote on the measure, which applies to visual depictions of “sexually explicit” content and proposes up to 30 days imprisonment for librarians who refuse to remove the offending books.


The proposal comes amid a national wave of Republican-backed laws to ban books that feature LGBTQ subject matter — though usually those bills have been limited to school libraries, not public ones.

Supporters of the bill said it would preserve children’s innocence and reduce their exposure to pornography.

But critics said the measure is “steeped in discrimination” and would allow government censorship of material that is not actually obscene.

House Majority Leader Mike Lefor, of Dickinson, introduced the bill and said public libraries currently contain books that have “disturbing and disgusting” content, including ones that describe virginity as a silly label and assert that gender is fluid.

Lefor argued that a child’s exposure to such content has been associated with addiction, poor self esteem, devalued intimacy, increasing divorce rates, unprotected sex among young people and poor well-being — though did he did not offer any evidence to support such claims.

Stark County resident Autumn Richard also spoke in favor of the bill, giving examples of explicit content in the graphic novel “Let’s Talk About It: The Teen’s Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Being a Human” and the kids’ comic book “Sex Is a Funny Word” — both available in public libraries.

Richard argued the books might have beneficial knowledge about contraceptives, body image and abusive relationships, but many sections provide information that she said was harmful for minors.

Though supporters of North Dakota’s bill repeatedly called the sexual content “obscene,” opponents said the material in question is not actually considered legally obscene.

“Nearly 50 years ago, the (U.S.) Supreme Court set the high constitutional bar that defines obscenity,” said Cody Schuler, an advocacy manager at the American Civil Liberties Union of North Dakota, who testified against the bill.

Obscenity is a narrow, well-defined category of unprotected speech that excludes any work with serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value, Schuler said. Few, if any, books have been deemed obscene, and the standard for restraining a library’s ability to distribute a book are even more stringent, Schuler added.

The definition of pornography is also subjective, opponents of the bill said.

Library Director Christine Kujawa at Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library said the library has a book with two little hamsters on the cover. At the end of the book, the hamsters get married, and they are both male.

“It’s a cute book,” Kujawa said — but it would be considered pornography under the bill because the book includes gender identity.

Facing criminal charges for keeping books on shelves is “something I never thought I would have to consider during my career as a librarian,” Kujawa added.

In addition to banning depictions of “sexual identity” and “gender identity,” the measure specifies 10 other things that library books cannot visually depict, including “sexual intercourse,” “sexual preference” and “sexual perversion,” — though it does not define any of those terms. The proposal does not apply to books that have “serious artistic significance” or “materials used in science courses,” among other exceptions.

The bill would allow prosecutors to charge any person who displays these materials at places that children visit with a class B misdemeanor. The maximum penalty is 30 days of imprisonment and a $1,500 fine.

The wave of attempted book banning and restrictions continues to intensify across the country, the American Library Association reported in September. Numbers for 2022 approached the previous year’s totals, which were the highest in decades. Bills to restrict mature content in school libraries became laws last year in Tennessee, Utah, Missouri, Florida and Oklahoma.

The most targeted books have included Maia Kobabe’s graphic memoir about sexual identity, “Gender Queer,” and Jonathan Evison’s “Lawn Boy,” a coming-of-age novel narrated by a young gay man, according to an April report.

The U.S. Department of Education investigated the removal of LGBTQ-themed books from the library of a Texas school district in December. The investigation followed a complaint by the ACLU and appeared to be the first based on a nationwide movement to ban school library books dealing with sexuality and gender.

Brutal Persecution of Lesbians under Nazi Regime – Rape, Beatings & Murders – Nazi Germany – WW2

Brutal Persecution of Lesbians under Nazi Regime Rape, Beatings & Murders Nazi Germany. During the Weimar Republic, German society experienced complex social, political, and cultural transformations. Meeting places advertised in a new lesbian press that emerged in the mid-1920s and lesbian journals also contributed to the growth of lesbian networks. Public discussions of sexuality had occurred in Germany since the late 19th century. Physician and sex researcher Magnus Hirschfeld as well as others organized gay and lesbian “friendship leagues”, which also included heterosexual members.

Large numbers of Germans were opposed to these public discussions of sex and sexuality. They viewed such debates as decadent, overly permissive, and immoral. Even before coming to power, many Nazis resented the visibility of gay and lesbian communities.

Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany on the 30th of January 1933.

Beginning in 1933, the Nazi regime began to harass gay and lesbian communities and individuals by shutting down and raiding their meeting places and organizations. By eliminating gay and lesbian gathering places and presses, the regime made it far more difficult for lesbians and gay men to connect with each other and the Nazis effectively dissolved the communities that had developed during the Weimar Republic.

Over the course of the 1930s, Nazi actions targeting male homosexuality became even more systematically oppressive. In 1935, the Nazi regime reformed Paragraph 175. The statute now criminalized any and all sexual intimacy between men.

Eventually, SS leader Heinrich Himmler took the lead in persecuting male homosexuality, which he called a “public scourge.” In 1936, Himmler created the Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion.

However, the Nazi regime never criminalized sexual relations between women as it saw lesbians, first and foremost, as women. The Nazis believed that German women had a special task to perform: motherhood. They had a responsibility to give birth to racially pure Germans, called “Aryans.” The Nazis did not create any separate policies that singled out lesbians as a problem for Aryan procreation. Their reasoning drew on widespread attitudes about the differences between male and female sexuality. The Nazis concluded that Aryan lesbians could easily be persuaded or forced to bear children. During the Nazi regime, lesbians could not continue to live and socialize as they had during the Weimar Republic.

There were lesbians who joined underground anti-Nazi resistance groups or helped hide Jews.

Such was a case of Frieda Belinfante, a half-Jewish lesbian, who was a member of Dutch gay resistance group called the CKC.

The reason why some lesbians were arrested and sent to concentration camps was, that they were arrested as members of other groups such as Jews, Roma, asocials, political prisoners and professional criminals.

In lesbian prisoners’ paperwork, concentration camp authorities usually listed a racial, political, social, or criminal reason as the primary cause for their arrest. In a few cases, the authorities also noted their sexuality.

Such was a case of Henny Schermann, a Jewish lesbian from Germany. Sometimes their arrest had little or nothing to do with the fact that they were lesbians. At other times, their sexuality may have played a role. This was especially the case regarding arrests prompted by denunciations. Yet, denunciations could cause unwanted scrutiny for lesbians. To such women belonged Elli Smula and Margarete Rosenberg.

Between 5,000 and 15,000 men were imprisoned in concentration camps as “homosexual” offenders. This group of prisoners was typically required to wear a pink triangle badge sewn onto their camp uniforms. According to many survivor accounts, pink triangle male prisoners were among the most abused groups in the camps.

However, women who self-identified or were identified as lesbians did not wear the pink triangle. Same-sex relations in the camps could be shocking to other prisoners, who came from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Homosexual prisoners rarely benefited from solidarity from the other prisoners, which for many camp inmates provided tools of survival, such as access to food and clothing.

To this day, it remains a research challenge to find historical sources related to lesbian experiences under the Nazi regime.

Disclaimer: All opinions and comments below are from members of the public and do not reflect the views of World History channel. We do not accept promoting violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on attributes such as: race, nationality, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation. World History has right to review the comments and delete them if they are deemed inappropriate.

Boomer (NOT a Nazi) Gets Mad About Trans People (Debate)

Well what a mind altering interview.   I know the video is described as a debate but it really was a conversation.  At first I was bored and almost shut it off even though I mostly enjoy the channel.   Then I noticed something.  The call in guest got angrier and ever more abusive getting very insulting yet Vaush never reacted to that and instead tried to keep the conversation going centered on the topic.   I loved it.  I have tried to talk to right wing bigots and I have not had the same composure that Vaush did.   It is a great watch if you want to see how a person on the right starts out trying to show how trans people are bad and confused then moves to the point where the one saying this stuff gets very abusive and then just gets really out classed with information to the point where he has to just admit he doesn’t like those trans and hates those people that accept them.  Like I said the first part is boring and forgettable, but fast forward through that if you must and watch the rest.  For me it was worth it.   Hugs

Website – https://www.vaush.gg/ Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/vaush Donate – https://www.paypal.me/vaush Twitter – https://twitter.com/VaushV Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/vaushv/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/vaushvidya TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@vaushvidya Podcast – https://anchor.fm/vaush Intro animation credit goes to https://twitter.com/ItIsMeKyleG & https://twitter.com/honeybunnbadger for the visuals, and https://twitter.com/sound_sierra for the audio! Thank you! 0:00 Intro 1:10 Not a Nazi 6:10 Are Trans Women Real Women? 10:43 What Would You Do If I Said I Wanted a Woman’s Grant? 16:48 Identifying as a Different Weight 23:48 Trans Racial Identities 29:03 Joe Biden is a Dictator 33:00 Trans Women In Sports 40:20 Puberty Blockers 53:00 Final Meme #chickennuggies #transrights

I’m a trans man in a country where self-ID is a reality. The sky hasn’t fallen in

As is the normal fact all the sky is falling from all the claims of what horrible things will happen from accepting gay people or trans people never happen, yet these same people making these claims never apologies and admit they were wrong when the horrible shit they predicted never happened.     I say this because in the US these anti-gay people claimed all the horrible effects from recognizing the fact that gay people exist will destroy the country.  But that did not happen.  So the anti LGBTQ+ people then said letting gays marry legally would destroy the country / society, but again that did not happen.   In fact different countries have had legal gay marriage for over 20 years and the Christian god has not destroyed the world.   Plus in the US same sex marriage has been legal country wide since 2015!   Yet no country destroying events not already underway due to climate change and republican obstruction to make a decent country has happened.   Yet again no republican or religious leaders have every admitted they were wrong.  They keep repeating all their dire warnings with no proof and withholding the information that they things they are claiming are the key to their go destroying the nation has already been here a long time.   I am 60 years old.  Ron and I promised ourselves to each other 33 years ago and there were many others before us who did so longer than we have.   Yet these god thumpers that want to force the country to follow their view fail to point out that their god never acted to stop that.   Why would a supreme power deity need to depend on a religious leader demanding money to accomplish its goal?   I am not going to colorize this one, sorry.   I recently got up and Ron just came over and told me I am looking very bad and need to go to bed.   We argued about it, but I am now so tired I may do so after refusing just on principle.   I hate being told what I should do.  I was in too much pain to eat tonight and now Ron is hovering over me to force me to bed.     Hugs


On the left is a picture of Ruadhán Ó Críodáin, a trans man, wearing a cap and a white t-shirt outdoors in a sunny location. On the right, Ruadhán is pictured outside a Dublin restaurant holding his Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) application.

One day in December, Ruadhán Ó Críodáin applied for a gender recognition certificate (GRC) over noodles in a Dublin restaurant. Eight days later, it arrived.


That’s because in Ireland trans people can self-declare their own gender under the Gender Recognition Act 2015. There’s no need for a medical diagnosis or doctor’s reports, nor is there a panel of experts who get to decide if you are who you say you are.

Instead, trans people simply fill out a form, have it witnessed by a solicitor or another official, send it to the government, and wait to receive their GRC in the post.

“It was pretty simple for me,” Ruadhán tells PinkNews. “I was very fortunate in that I have a friend who works as a solicitor who was willing to come and witness it for me, for free. She witnessed and signed the document, but also – helpfully – walked me through it so I knew exactly what to fill out and where, and so that I understood everything on the form.” 

Self-ID, as it’s often known, has been a quiet, everyday reality for trans people in Ireland for more than seven years. And as Ruadhán points out, “the sky hasn’t fallen in”.

None of the baseless fearmongering pushed by those who describe themselves as “gender critical” has come to pass. Instead, all self-ID has done is make the legal system a little bit more compassionate.
Ruadhán Ó Críodáin, executive director of ShoutOut, an Irish LGBTQ+ charity. He is pictured wearing a green shirt and a black t-shirt with a gold chain around his neck. he is standing against a dark red background.
Ruadhán Ó Críodáin, executive director of ShoutOut, an Irish LGBTQ+ charity. (Supplied)

Living in a country with a simplified gender recognition process means “nothing and everything all at once” to Ruadhán. The whole thing was “a bit of an afterthought” to him when compared to the more complicated aspects of transitioning, such as coming out and navigating Ireland’s “mess” of a healthcare system.

But it’s also true that having self-ID was exactly the reason getting a GRC wasn’t much of a concern – he knew it would be straightforward.

“It was pretty emotional when the certificate came in the post. It felt like a huge relief,” he says.

“I’m really grateful to live in a country where it is so easy, and I know it’s all thanks to the long, lonely battle of Dr Lydia Foy [a trans woman who fought for 20 years for the legislation] and her fellow activists.

“We’d be tempted to pat ourselves on the back for that here in Ireland but Dr Foy fought 23 years for this legislation. Every trans person here who gets a GRC only has one thanks to her.”

UK gender recognition process is ‘paternalistic and unfair’

Still, Ruadhán knows how lucky he is when he looks at the UK, where anti-trans figures often baselessly claim introducing self-identification would put women and girls in danger.

The culture war reached a fever pitch in December when the Scottish government passed its own reforms to the Gender Recognition Act to ensure trans Scots could self-declare their own gender.

The UK government swiftly invoked Section 35 of the Scotland Act to stop the bill going for royal assent. Nicola Sturgeon has vowed to challenge the decision in court, and the row seems certain to fuel the devolution movement.

Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon wears a blue jacket as she stands at a podium during a press conference
First minister Nicola Sturgeon vowed to fight back after the UK government decided to block Scotland’s gender reform bill from becoming law. (Getty)

Watching on from Ireland, Ruadhán can’t help but feel angry. 

“I’m devastated to see the UK government has decided to block it. It’s infuriating on a political level to see the UK government interfere with Scottish political autonomy for a bill which would affect such a tiny community, and to further fan the flames on this ridiculous debate,” he says.

Ruadhán adds: “The current process for getting a GRC in the UK is brutally paternalistic and unfair.

“Why should a panel of strangers decide if you deserve a GRC or not? Why make someone go through two years of social transition before being eligible? Why is a diagnosis of gender dysphoria or proof of surgery needed? 

“Trans people are the authorities in our own gender. We know who we are. Transition is already difficult enough without adding further barriers. And crucially, being trans isn’t an illness.”

Ruadhán Ó Críodáin with a giant "R" balloon in a bar.
Ruadhán Ó Críodáin with a giant “R” balloon. (Supplied)

Self-ID should be seen as a basic human right – Ruadhán just wishes all trans people were trusted to know who they are.

“I’m grateful for my GRC, and how easy it was to obtain, but I’m also entitled to it.

“No politician, no legislator, no change in public opinion, can take it away from me. This is who I am, and I shouldn’t be expected to live any other way.”

Hormone therapy improves mental health for trans youth


This is well known and the medical has repeatedly said that affirming the gender identity of the person while assisting with necessary age appropriate treatments including puberty blockers or hormone therapy when needed is the best medical practice.  That is something the anti-trans people cannot refute, the majority of medical associations including the AMA and the largest pediatric medical associations believe in supporting trans people transitioning.    But at the same time the red state republican leaders who mostly have no medical training are trying hard to ban or make the need medical assistance illegal.   Why are they doing this?  For political gain mostly, and religious indoctrination for others.   This is very much like these same legislators denying abortion / reproductive rights to pregnant people or requiring women to cover their arms and where long skirts in state legislative bodies.   It is people acting on an ideology to roll back advances in medical understanding and society to return to a time they feel more comfortable with.  It is about their comfort not your needs  and their ability to force their ignorance on others against the doctors best medical advice.   ** BTW this happened to me in Florida.  I was on a great medication for muscle spasms called Soma.  The state legislators in an attempt to look tough on opioid addictions made it nearly impossible for pain doctors, and only pain doctors, to prescribe Soma.   I spent months trying to get a replacement that worked and none were as good. **  Hugs

gender affirming healthcare Texas transgender health care Greg Abbott Ken Paxton ACLU lawsuit Lambda Legal
Photo: Shutterstock

Hormone therapy improves the mental health of transgender youth. That’s the takeaway from a new study from The New England Journal of Medicine, released last week.

The study is reportedly the largest in the U.S. to date. Over the course of two years, researchers tracked 315 trans and non-binary young people between the ages of 12 and 20 receiving hormone therapy. According to a summary of the research, “During the study period, appearance congruence (alignment between gender identity and physical appearance), positive affect, and life satisfaction increased, and depression and anxiety symptoms decreased.”

Researchers reported that young people who were assigned female at birth saw greater benefits when taking testosterone than those assigned male at birth who took estrogen. Several factors could be at play here, they speculated, including the speed with which the outward effects of testosterone manifest and greater social stigma faced by transfeminine people compared to transmasculine people.

The authors note that “marked increases in referrals but limited evidence as to long-term outcomes have led to controversies and debate” over providing adolescents with gender-affirming hormones (GAH). Across the U.S., state legislators have introduced bills restricting or outright banning gender-affirming care for transgender youth.

“Research like this is significant because it provides more longitudinal data,” Dr. Kareen Matouk, a clinical psychologist in the gender identity program at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, told Self magazine. “This helps individuals and their families navigate the health care system with more ease and confidence, and protects access to gender-affirming care that lawmakers are attempting to deny.”

Opponents of gender-affirming care for trans young people frequently argue that puberty blockers and GAH may have harmful or irreversible effects. But Matouk said, “We have some data suggesting that gender-affirming hormone therapy is generally safe and effective under the supervision of an endocrinologist or medical provider who specializes in transgender health care and has experience initiating hormone therapy.”

Gender-affirming care for both adolescents and adults has been endorsed by the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychiatric Association, and many other professional groups as necessary and frequently lifesaving for transgender individuals.

While the authors of the new study stress that more research into other factors – including access to mental healthcare and the quality of peer relations and family support – is needed, their findings show that “that mental health improves with GAH, whereas withholding treatment may lead to increased gender dysphoria and adversely affect psychological functioning.”

Why did a high school let controversial influencer Woah Vicky preach to kids?


At a time when red state republicans are trying to stop any progress in society since the 1950s with anti- woke laws, stopping the fighting of injustice, and try to remove gay / trans people from the public square, they still keep indoctrination kids by forcing Jesus speakers / promoters on them who lie about gay / trans people to mislead children with their incorrect views.   I hate it, everything the right accuses the left of doing is a confession of what the right itself is doing and has done.   Hugs

Video shows media personality Woah Vicky lying to kids about LGBTQ people, while urging them to accept Jesus
Why did a high school let controversial influencer Woah Vicky preach to kids? | Woah Vicky, a white girl who uses the N-word, tells fans about Jesus
Woah Vicky, a white girl who uses the N-word, tells fans about Jesus (screenshot via Facebook)
Reading Time: 2 MINUTES

Earlier this month, Victoria Rose Waldrip (a.k.a. Woah Vicky, “Atlanta’s new age trap queen”) visited Jonesboro High School in Georgia and preached to the girl’s basketball team. She told them to accept Jesus, promoted her church, told the girls to remain celibate until marriage, and lied about LGBTQ people.

When one girl asked her if being gay was bad, Waldrip said she couldn’t answer the question because she’s not God. She then added there was no such thing as a gay preacher (which is a lie), and said people become gay as a result of getting “touched on” (which is also a lie), and said being gay is like murdering people because they’re both sins (which even most Christians would say is a lie because they don’t think being gay is a sin). And then she praised Jeffrey Dahmer for supposedly discovering God in prison.

You better believe there’s video of it. (The anti-gay stuff begins around the 13:20 mark.)


It raises all kinds of questions for the school: What the hell was she doing there? Who invited her? Why would anyone think this was a good idea?! That’s what @capn_cut_throat and @deconversiontherapy wanted to know when their videos about the matter began picking up steam on TikTok.

Keep in mind that this wasn’t a voluntary event where students were told what they’d hear in advance. In fact, some of the girls later “expressed their outrage” online.

It turns out we do know who’s responsible for this: Frances Miller, a “digital creator” who works as a “character coach” for the team and promotes them on social media. She’s seen in the background of the video. (One source told me that Miller has no official connection with the district.)

Miller bragged about the proselytizing as soon as it happened:

**at the link above to the orginal post there is a facebook thing here.  I do not have facebook and due to my security settings they wont show.  Hugs **

If, in fact, Miller’s role is unofficial, then her access to students—and how she used that opening to get her friend to push Jesus on them—is especially troubling.

Now attorney Christopher Line with the Freedom From Religion Foundation is alerting the school about it and calling on administrators to investigate the matter and make sure it doesn’t happen again:

We ask that the District immediately investigate this incident and provide an assurance that outside adults will not be allowed to preach hate and bigotry to students during school-sponsored activities again in the future. If any school employees or administrators were involved, they should be reprimanded and reminded of their obligations as public school employees.

… If the district has no policies that prevent outside adults from delivering hateful religious messages to students as part of school-sponsored activities, one should be adopted. The district should take all actions within its power to ensure that something like this cannot happen again in the future.

It’s possible the school was already taking action here but the nudge can’t hurt.

Can you imagine the outrage if a coach invited a Muslim, or atheist, or Satanist to speak to students about any damn thing? You can’t imagine it, because it would never happen. But when Christianity’s on the menu, everything is just treated as fine and normal even though it shouldn’t. If the administrators aren’t watching out for the children, and the coach of this team isn’t, then who the hell is interested in their well-being? Because it’s definitely not Woah Vicky, whose only goal is gaining clout on social media.


I regret I am so far behind.   It is too hard to sit at my desk, every 15 minutes or so I have to get up and walk around, but then after a few minutes have to sit.   If I have a task I need to do standing for more than 15 minutes I have to take more medication to stop my back from giving out.  I managed to get my MRI I needed this morning, came home ate and went right to bed.   I got up at 2:30 as my back was not getting better.  I see my pain doctor on the 6th of Feb.    Hopefully I can quickly schedule some shots to my spine.  I was getting them regularly to keep the pain down but I got hit with a couple very expensive bills from the spine shots and decided to see if I could handle the pain with muscle shots and pills.  Turns out that won’t work.   I have already had to take more medication than I like to take.   If this doesn’t work I will go to the next level of pain medications.   In the state of Florida it is hard now to get the drugs that caused such problems which can be managed but they want to force everyone to fentanyl even as the republicans scream about how deadly it is.     The clips below are pure republican hate, making it so poor people on snap cannot buy any affordable foods not even can soup.  No meats no matter the kind, no canned vegetables and so much more.  And the continued attacks by republicans and DeathSantis on the idea of inclusion and anything LGBTQ+.    I again today wont be able to catch up but there is always tomorrow I guess.    Hugs

Michigan Education Chair THROWS SHADE at Ron DeSantis in MUST-SEE powerful speech

This father traveled hundreds of miles to see his son’s first drag performance

A positive story and one we need to see more of.   Hugs

This father traveled hundreds of miles to see his son’s first drag performance
Photo: Shutterstock

In a heartwarming tale of family acceptance, a dad surprised his son by traveling almost 300 miles to be there for his first-ever drag performance.

The father of 20-year-old Alex Truesdale – whose drag name is Rosebud – traveled from Northern Ireland to West Lancashire, England to see the performance.

“He arrived at my door at 10 am, I couldn’t believe it. I was like ‘Why are you here?’” Truesdale told The Echo. 

“It was such a wholesome moment my dad being there cheering me on like he always has since day one. My dad is my hero. He’s annoying and frustrates me sometimes but we always build a bridge, dry the tears and move on. I can tell him anything, especially since I flew the nest.”

Truesdale, a makeup artist, has loved drag since the age of four, but it took much longer for him to fully embrace it.

“I was in an extremely lonely place at the age of 11 and in that place of feeling isolated, I felt like I couldn’t turn to anyone. I began watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and I started using makeup as a way to project my emotions. When I turned 16, I finally came out and it gave me that boost of confidence I needed to try drag for the first time after religiously being captivated by RuPaul.”

Truesdale does not have a good relationship with his mother and said he dealt with nightmares and eating disorders after their relationship imploded. He grew up in Northern Ireland and endured endless bullying but refused to let it stop her from embracing her true self. Her dad, she said, has been her rock through it all, always supporting her and loving her for exactly who she is.

That doesn’t mean life wasn’t challenging, though.

“I used to get bullied daily in school up until the moment I came out,” he said. “I finally came to the realization that what everyone was saying was facts. I am gay and I am proud.”

“But being openly gay and happy was something a lot of people didn’t agree with that,” he went on. “There were plenty of moments when I wanted to just give up. But I didn’t because I reminded myself of four-year-old me who fell in love with [drag].”

Drag, he added, is “an escape from reality.”

“Drag helps me express how I feel in so many amazing ways. I would be lost without it. It’s my hobby, my passion and something that separates my boy job as a makeup artist from the crazy drag life as Rosebud. People think it’s the same person, but to me, it’s my safety blanket. Once I cake my face in makeup, chuck those heels on and throw a wig on I feel invincible, more so than I would as Alex.”

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