Gay soldier flees Russian missile strike during speech honoring Ukrainian LGBTQ+ servicemembers

I am soon going back to bed.   It seems every bone in my body is screaming in pain.   I can hardly bend my fingers, my right shoulder aches every time I move the mouse, my back is beyond pain, and my legs keep cramping up.   I am about done and it is so hard to think.    Hugs

Gay soldier flees Russian missile strike during speech honoring Ukrainian LGBTQ+ servicemembers
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During an exhibit honoring LGBTQ+ servicemembers in Ukraine, one servicemember speaking on video reportedly had to abruptly sign off to seek shelter when a Russian missile attack occurred.

According to the Los Angeles Blade, the moment occurred during a photography exhibit in the United States to honor LGBTQ+ and intersex servicemembers in Ukraine, where the Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S., Oksana Markarova, emphasized the importance of advancing LGBTQ+ equality.

The exhibit was organized by a group of Ukrainian LGBTQ+ organizations: the Ukrainian Union of the LBGT Military, KyivPride, and LGBTQ Ukrainians in America (QUA).

Russia’s war with Ukraine rages on, and in a speech at the photo exhibit, Markarova thanked LGBTQ+ servicemembers and declared, “It’s unbelievable and [the] ultimate sacrifice to be there in harm’s way,” The Blade reported.

“[The] LGBTQ+ community is an inseparable community of us, whether it’s here or in Ukraine,” Markarova also said. “The faster we can stop any discrimination, the faster we will win, not only on the battlefield in Ukraine, but we also will win globally.”

Gay Ukrainian servicemember and LGBTQ+ activist Viktor Pylipenko, who also founded the Ukrainian Union of the LGBT Military, is the servicemember who spoke on video before having to cut it short.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, LGBTQ+ people have been terrified of what a Russian victory could mean for their rights.

While Ukraine does not fully recognize LGBTQ+ rights – marriage equality is not legal, for example – the country has come much farther than Russia, where LGBTQ+ people continue to be actively persecuted.

Since the invasion, LGBTQ+ Ukrainians have stepped up to fight.

“Many LGBT+ activists, who have an experience of participation in the Euromaidan events, are joining the Territorial Defense forces or holding training in paramedical help,” said activist Veronika Limina early last year. “LGBT+ people who served in the army and military volunteers are ready to come back to their service. We are doing the same as the rest of the nation.”

In June, an LGBTQ Nation correspondent in Ukraine reported on the Russian army’s “vile anti-gay agenda, which has included desires and plans to, and how do I put this nicely, to castrate and kill gay men,” as explained by a U.S. investigator.

Throughout all of this, Ukraine has been working to advance LGBTQ+ equality.

This past December, Ukrainian passed a bill that would ban hate speech and incitement based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The media regulation bill was unanimously approved on December 15.

And in August, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky indicated his support for same-sex civil partnerships and potentially same-sex marriage. Ukraine has banned employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity since 2015, and Zelensky promised that he would continue to fight anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination after he met with President Joe Biden at the White House last year.

The moves toward LGBTQ+ equality in Ukraine stand in contrast to Russia’s recent crackdown on LGBTQ+ rights. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed a law expanding the country’s prohibition on LGBTQ+ “propaganda.” The law effectively outlaws any public expression of LGBTQ+ identity in Russia by banning “any action or the spreading of any information that is considered an attempt to promote homosexuality in public, online, or in films, books or advertising.”

DeSantis Appointee Wants Newspaper Banned From College Board Meetings Over Comments By Readers

The far-right fascists are setting up an “educational” system that will groom and recruit children into fascism. This will help them continue turning Florida into the first far-right theo-fascist prototype state.

“I move that we remove USA Today and its affiliates from the list of approved media outlets until an apology is received with a commitment from USA Today to adhere to its own policies,”


By “it’s own policies”, he of course means anything but. Because unlike Fox, ‘USA Today’ has no policy on uncritical pandering to Republicans and their talking points.

From the party that whines about cancel culture……..

This is fascism.

Which most Republicans are just fine with.

Which is terrifying.

And what if they say the wrong magic spell at the beginning of hearings?

I posted this just a day ago and yet here we are again. I’m afraid we’ll be needing this a lot in the foreseeable future.


“I only want professors and staff that will support my radical right-wing ideology and ban any media that does not provide 100% fawning coverage – but I stand for freedom!”

… and start each class with a prayer…..


but what about my sincerely held religious beliefs???

“Among them is a proposal to identify “wokeness” as a “set of beliefs” akin to religion. He then wants to identify aspects of wokeness that are “shared values” worth preserving, that are “dogmatic” and should be excluded from curriculum and that are “pledges of fealty” that should be actively fought against.”

He doesn’t quite understand logical follow-though ….

That’s because they actually believe that the First Amendment only means conservative Christianity.

Hi! In today’s discussion of the First Amendment, we’ll see how we can ban reporters because their papers publish nasty letters!!

I guess he doesn’t realize that he’s now part of the Florida state government and it is illegal and unconstitutional for him to attempt to punish or suppress speech.


Every public school in the state is now required to suppress speech.

This is only a preview of what’s to come if he gets in the white house.

I’m guessing the ultimate goal is to completely close the “New College” and convert it into a government-run seminary. Apparently the separation of church and state is not a thing anymore.

Or Hillsdale College South. It’s what DeSantis has said he wants.

Of course, Hillsdale is a private college. But I’m not convinced our conservative courts will care about the distinction anymore.



New College board member floats leadership shakeup, ‘terminating’ all employee contracts

The Christian Nazis have taken over a liberal arts college that the Deathsantis wannabe king hated as it taught respect and compassion for others along with all the other life skills of education.   I am so worried that we did not realize how behind the curtain these groups were building up power.   Remember the first time he got elected governor Deathsantis barely won, he was almost defeated.   But by giving into the hate and discrimination demanded by the minority haters who cannot accept that time has moved on from cavemen days and stoking that hate into action DeathSantis created a large following.   He won this last election with a wide margin partly due to the corporate democrats insisting on putting a former republican up against him.   Think about it, Democrats don’t want a former republicans who vetoed everything they wanted and the republicans don’t want a republican lite.   Those of us in the state knew this would be the result but the national democratic committees claimed they knew better, as they always do and they are always wrong.   Notice the first thing this new right wing Christian Nationalist insisted on was opening with a prayer to his god, not anyone else’s god but his Christian god.    We are lucky that DeathSantis cannot run again for governor but the state is seriously fucked now as much as other southern states.    Yet it was a blue state not this way when I moved here in 1994.   Sorry I hurt too much to colorize it.    Hugs

Zac Anderson
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Recently appointed trustee of New College of Florida, Jason "Eddie" Speir, speaks to faculty and staff of New College during a meeting Wednesday morning in Sarasota.

A new president, new board chair and new legal counsel all will be up for discussion Tuesday when the New College of Florida board meets, along with the possibility of ending faculty tenure, terminating all employee contracts and rehiring anyone who fits into the school’s “new financial and business model.”

These are all ideas floated by new board member Eddie Speir in a recent Substack post. They could result in a big shakeup less than a month after Gov. Ron DeSantis reshaped New College’s board in a bid to reinvent the 63-year-old Sarasota school.

Speir, a Christian school founder appointed by DeSantis to the board, wrote a Substack post over the weekend saying he wants to “Discuss need for new president and possible motion to give Pat Okker title of Interim President.”

More:New board member says his assignment is ‘to lead New College of Florida out of wokeness’

More:New era at New College kicks off with contentious meetings, report of death threat

New College President Patricia Okker has been on the job for less than two years, but DeSantis’ push to transform the school has led to speculation about her future at the college and that only increased when Tuesday’s board agenda was released with “President Okker’s Employment Agreement” as one of the discussion items.

The agenda also includes “Election of the Board Chair and Vice Chair” and “General Counsel to Board of Trustees.” Speir appears to be a driving force behind some of these discussions.

New College of Florida President Patricia Okker

Tuesday’s board meeting, which starts at 3 p.m. at the Sudakoff Conference Center, has been a subject of intense interest. It is the first meeting for seven new conservative board members, including six chosen by DeSantis.

Speir and other new board members have criticized the college’s leadership.

Speir clashed with legal counsel David Smolker over his request to open the board meeting with prayer. He said Smolker initially denied the request, but in his latest Substack said that decision was reversed and an opening prayer will be allowed.

Speir writes in his Substack that he wants to “dismiss General Counsel from the Board, NOT the school.” He also makes it clear that he wants to remove board Chair Mary Ruiz.

“My concern is that Chair Ruiz will not resign and/or delay resignation,” he writes. “Thereby halting and/or delaying the necessary clarity that NCF needs as soon as possible.”

Mary Ruiz

New College Professor Amy Reid, director of the school’s gender studies program, urged board members to be more deliberative and not move “rashly” to replace leadership.

“We’ve heard a lot of saber rattling from individuals, but we still haven’t heard from the majority of the board” Reid said. “I encourage the board to find out more about the institution, to really look before they leap when it comes to leadership changes.”

It’s not clear if a majority of board members would back a leadership shakeup at the college.

Mark Bauerlein, one of the board members appointed by DeSantis, told the Herald-Tribune recently that he has “no idea” if he would support Okker’s removal.

“I haven’t seen any records about her, but our phone call the other day was pleasant and informative,” Bauerlein said.

New College of Florida Board of Trustees member Mark Bauerlein

Speir has a long list of motions he plans to make at Tuesday’s board meeting.

Among them is a proposal to identify “wokeness” as a “set of beliefs” akin to religion. He then wants to identify aspects of wokeness that are “shared values” worth preserving, that are “dogmatic” and should be excluded from curriculum and that are “pledges of fealty” that should be actively fought against.

“One such example of a pledge of fealty is the demand that woke pronouns are used,” Speir writes.

Speir also wants to explore ending faculty tenure and “terminating all contracts for faculty, staff and administration and immediately rehiring those faculty, staff and administration who fit in the new financial and business model.” He wants to board to send a letter to “the new counsel” seeking a legal opinion on the feasibility of such a plan.

Another motion Speir plans to introduce would remove some media members from the meeting.

“I move that we remove USA Today and its affiliates from the list of approved media outlets until an apology is received with a commitment from USA Today to adhere to its own policies,” Speir writes, referencing Herald-Tribune parent company Gannett’s flagship newspaper, USA Today.

The Herald-Tribune is part of USA TODAY Network – Florida. Speir is upset about comments made by Herald-Tribune readers.

The Herald-Tribune reached out to Speir for comment Monday morning and has yet to receive a response. When contacted for comment last week, Speir said “I’m still waiting for a formal apology” from the Herald-Tribune and the removal of reader comments.

New College Board of Trustees meeting

The New College of Florida Board of Trustees is meeting from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at Sudakoff Conference Center, 5845 General Dougher Pl Sarasota, FL 34243.

Visit the Herald-Tribune’s website – – for live coverage of the board meeting. A full report on the meeting will be in Thursday’s print newspaper.

Hare-brained scheme in Michigan seeks to erase LGBTQ+ identity in schools

I was just reading in the republican interpretation of the don’t say gay laws just the existence of LGBTQ+ characters in books or shows and the acknowledgement that gay people exist is considered “instruction in sexual orientation”.  Bill is gay, he dates boys is called instruction in sexual orientation according to the law.   Just the mention of a famous person in history being gay is a violation of the don’t say gay laws because the republicans say telling kids that a famous person was gay is instructing them in sexual orientation.   How is that reasonable, the teachers are not saying here is how to be gay, here is how to do gay sex, here are the gay bylaws and agenda.   It is like saying that the earth is round is instruction in anti-Christian rhetoric.    Hugs

Missouri, LGBTQ, safe space stickers, teachers, schools
Photo: Shutterstock

A newly formed far-right wing group in Michigan is taking a page out of the election-denial playbook with a plan to flood Michigan school boards with false documents akin to the fake electors scheme in 2020, which sought to award made-up electoral votes to Donald Trump and hand him the presidency.

In this case, the goal is to erase all references to LGBTQ+ identity from Michigan public schools.

The scheme, concocted by a new group posing as a state-sponsored education initiative, was first reported by Judd Legum with Popular Information and revolves around a fake “opt-out” form the group plans to distribute to Michigan parents in February.

That paperwork, which organizers have crafted to appear “official”, purports to give parents the option to opt their children out of any instruction, policy, program, event or discussion that references LGBTQ+ identity, from traditional sex education classes and gender-neutral bathrooms to non-heterosexual storylines in novels and proximity to gay Pride flags or rainbow-themed stickers.

The Great Schools Initiative (GSI), founded by three Michiganders in September 2022, seeks to exploit Michigan schools’ sex education class opt-out that gives parents the choice of pulling their kids from traditional sex-ed instruction “without penalty or loss of academic credit.” By law, if parents think their children have not been sufficiently shielded from that instruction, they can embark on an appeals process all the way up to the Michigan Supreme Court.

GSI’s founders hope to fool parents, administrators, school district lawyers, and judges into thinking parents’ complaints based on GSI’s form are the same as those based on the letter and spirit of the actual opt-out policy.

The group’s founders include Nathan Pawl, the CEO of a network security company; attorney Matthew Nelson; and Monica Yatooma, a director at a medical waste company.

GSI is funded by far-right wing advocacy group The Thomas More Society, which itself is financed by a group of mostly secret donors, among them the Leo J Dreiling & Albina Dreiling Charitable Trust, a family foundation that donated $250,000 to The Thomas More Society in 2021.

In a January 19 Zoom meeting and presentation, GSI co-founder Pawl outlined the strategy. The group’s goal was to have “20, 30, 50, or 100 parents per school” start “dropping off the opt-out forms” next month. The uprising will “be too much for them to handle,” and in order to comply with GSI’s opt-out form, which Pawl mistakenly believes school districts in the state would be obligated to do, the only option would be “to transform our schools.”

At a meeting on October 26, held at Mother of God Chaldean Catholic Church in Southfield, MI, The Thomas More Society’s Erick Kaardal said GSI would pursue “asymmetrical lawfare” to overwhelm the public schools.

It’s the same tactic Kaardel and The Thomas More Society tried in 2020 with their support of efforts to overturn the presidential election. Kaardel sued former Vice President Mike Pence, the United States Senate, and dozens of other entities on behalf of a large collection of fringe groups demanding the certified results of the election be thrown out.

State legislatures were encumbered from executing the will of the people by unauthorized state officials, the lawsuit stated, including submitting so-called “alternate slates” of state electors who voted in favor of Donald Trump.

“This wholesale delegation of legislative authority operates contrary to the Constitution by inviting ‘cabal, intrigue and corruption’ rather than operating to prevent the same,” the filing stated without a hint of irony.

The lawsuit was dismissed with a stinging rebuke.  

HUFFPOST: My Son Asked For Minnie Mouse Underwear And I Realized We Have A Big Problem

My Son Asked For Minnie Mouse Underwear And I Realized We Have A Big Problem
“When I asked other parents how they handle clothing, most said they steer their boys toward the boys section — even if they want pink or unicorns — to save them humiliation.”

Read in HuffPost:

Shared from Apple News

Best Wishes and Hugs,Scottie

Florida students may be forced to prove they can menstruate before playing sports. Yes, really

Athletes running a race

North Dakota weighs ban on ‘sexually explicit’ library books

These clueless morons don’t seem to understand heterosexuality is a sexual orientation.   You cannot have gay without having straight also.   “… prohibit books depicting sexual or gender identity …” also means any books that have parents, boys or girls, no Mr. or Mrs., no dating stories even of straight kids because all of these things are sexual or gender identities.  What these people really want is nothing about anyone not straight and cis.   They want their Leave It To Beaver 1950s style society.   Only a society that never really existed is what they wish for.  These laws apply to public libraries, not just school ones.   They want to erase the entire LGBTQ+ from society in the same way the Russians have done.  Simply make them all illegal, make it illegal to talk about them in a positive way, illegal to write about them in a positive way, illegal to show them in any media such as movies, TV, or even theater in a positive way.   They are doing this in schools in red republican run states like Florida already.   Not even rainbow stickers can be displayed or even rainbow colors on clothing in schools yet I see they have not outlawed the confederate battle flag.   Removing these things from schools and society wont stop kids from being born gay or stop kids from having a different gender identity from assigned at birth, but it does make those kids more isolated and at risk of being targeted or bullied.  This stuff is a radical attempt to undo 70 years of social advancement for minorities.  Hugs

The bill, which would prohibit books depicting sexual or gender identity, proposes up to 30 days in prison for librarians who refuse to remove banned titles.
The wave of attempted book banning and restrictions continues to intensify, the American Library Association reported Friday. Numbers for 2022 already approach last year's totals, which were the highest in decades.
Amanda Darrow, the director of youth, family and education programs, with books at the Utah Pride Center in Salt Lake City on Dec. 16, 2021.Rick Bowmer / AP

Books containing “sexually explicit” content — including depictions of sexual or gender identity — would be banned from North Dakota public libraries under legislation that state lawmakers began considering Tuesday.

The GOP-dominated state House Judiciary Committee heard arguments but did not take a vote on the measure, which applies to visual depictions of “sexually explicit” content and proposes up to 30 days imprisonment for librarians who refuse to remove the offending books.


The proposal comes amid a national wave of Republican-backed laws to ban books that feature LGBTQ subject matter — though usually those bills have been limited to school libraries, not public ones.

Supporters of the bill said it would preserve children’s innocence and reduce their exposure to pornography.

But critics said the measure is “steeped in discrimination” and would allow government censorship of material that is not actually obscene.

House Majority Leader Mike Lefor, of Dickinson, introduced the bill and said public libraries currently contain books that have “disturbing and disgusting” content, including ones that describe virginity as a silly label and assert that gender is fluid.

Lefor argued that a child’s exposure to such content has been associated with addiction, poor self esteem, devalued intimacy, increasing divorce rates, unprotected sex among young people and poor well-being — though did he did not offer any evidence to support such claims.

Stark County resident Autumn Richard also spoke in favor of the bill, giving examples of explicit content in the graphic novel “Let’s Talk About It: The Teen’s Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Being a Human” and the kids’ comic book “Sex Is a Funny Word” — both available in public libraries.

Richard argued the books might have beneficial knowledge about contraceptives, body image and abusive relationships, but many sections provide information that she said was harmful for minors.

Though supporters of North Dakota’s bill repeatedly called the sexual content “obscene,” opponents said the material in question is not actually considered legally obscene.

“Nearly 50 years ago, the (U.S.) Supreme Court set the high constitutional bar that defines obscenity,” said Cody Schuler, an advocacy manager at the American Civil Liberties Union of North Dakota, who testified against the bill.

Obscenity is a narrow, well-defined category of unprotected speech that excludes any work with serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value, Schuler said. Few, if any, books have been deemed obscene, and the standard for restraining a library’s ability to distribute a book are even more stringent, Schuler added.

The definition of pornography is also subjective, opponents of the bill said.

Library Director Christine Kujawa at Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library said the library has a book with two little hamsters on the cover. At the end of the book, the hamsters get married, and they are both male.

“It’s a cute book,” Kujawa said — but it would be considered pornography under the bill because the book includes gender identity.

Facing criminal charges for keeping books on shelves is “something I never thought I would have to consider during my career as a librarian,” Kujawa added.

In addition to banning depictions of “sexual identity” and “gender identity,” the measure specifies 10 other things that library books cannot visually depict, including “sexual intercourse,” “sexual preference” and “sexual perversion,” — though it does not define any of those terms. The proposal does not apply to books that have “serious artistic significance” or “materials used in science courses,” among other exceptions.

The bill would allow prosecutors to charge any person who displays these materials at places that children visit with a class B misdemeanor. The maximum penalty is 30 days of imprisonment and a $1,500 fine.

The wave of attempted book banning and restrictions continues to intensify across the country, the American Library Association reported in September. Numbers for 2022 approached the previous year’s totals, which were the highest in decades. Bills to restrict mature content in school libraries became laws last year in Tennessee, Utah, Missouri, Florida and Oklahoma.

The most targeted books have included Maia Kobabe’s graphic memoir about sexual identity, “Gender Queer,” and Jonathan Evison’s “Lawn Boy,” a coming-of-age novel narrated by a young gay man, according to an April report.

The U.S. Department of Education investigated the removal of LGBTQ-themed books from the library of a Texas school district in December. The investigation followed a complaint by the ACLU and appeared to be the first based on a nationwide movement to ban school library books dealing with sexuality and gender.

Brutal Persecution of Lesbians under Nazi Regime – Rape, Beatings & Murders – Nazi Germany – WW2

Brutal Persecution of Lesbians under Nazi Regime Rape, Beatings & Murders Nazi Germany. During the Weimar Republic, German society experienced complex social, political, and cultural transformations. Meeting places advertised in a new lesbian press that emerged in the mid-1920s and lesbian journals also contributed to the growth of lesbian networks. Public discussions of sexuality had occurred in Germany since the late 19th century. Physician and sex researcher Magnus Hirschfeld as well as others organized gay and lesbian “friendship leagues”, which also included heterosexual members.

Large numbers of Germans were opposed to these public discussions of sex and sexuality. They viewed such debates as decadent, overly permissive, and immoral. Even before coming to power, many Nazis resented the visibility of gay and lesbian communities.

Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany on the 30th of January 1933.

Beginning in 1933, the Nazi regime began to harass gay and lesbian communities and individuals by shutting down and raiding their meeting places and organizations. By eliminating gay and lesbian gathering places and presses, the regime made it far more difficult for lesbians and gay men to connect with each other and the Nazis effectively dissolved the communities that had developed during the Weimar Republic.

Over the course of the 1930s, Nazi actions targeting male homosexuality became even more systematically oppressive. In 1935, the Nazi regime reformed Paragraph 175. The statute now criminalized any and all sexual intimacy between men.

Eventually, SS leader Heinrich Himmler took the lead in persecuting male homosexuality, which he called a “public scourge.” In 1936, Himmler created the Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion.

However, the Nazi regime never criminalized sexual relations between women as it saw lesbians, first and foremost, as women. The Nazis believed that German women had a special task to perform: motherhood. They had a responsibility to give birth to racially pure Germans, called “Aryans.” The Nazis did not create any separate policies that singled out lesbians as a problem for Aryan procreation. Their reasoning drew on widespread attitudes about the differences between male and female sexuality. The Nazis concluded that Aryan lesbians could easily be persuaded or forced to bear children. During the Nazi regime, lesbians could not continue to live and socialize as they had during the Weimar Republic.

There were lesbians who joined underground anti-Nazi resistance groups or helped hide Jews.

Such was a case of Frieda Belinfante, a half-Jewish lesbian, who was a member of Dutch gay resistance group called the CKC.

The reason why some lesbians were arrested and sent to concentration camps was, that they were arrested as members of other groups such as Jews, Roma, asocials, political prisoners and professional criminals.

In lesbian prisoners’ paperwork, concentration camp authorities usually listed a racial, political, social, or criminal reason as the primary cause for their arrest. In a few cases, the authorities also noted their sexuality.

Such was a case of Henny Schermann, a Jewish lesbian from Germany. Sometimes their arrest had little or nothing to do with the fact that they were lesbians. At other times, their sexuality may have played a role. This was especially the case regarding arrests prompted by denunciations. Yet, denunciations could cause unwanted scrutiny for lesbians. To such women belonged Elli Smula and Margarete Rosenberg.

Between 5,000 and 15,000 men were imprisoned in concentration camps as “homosexual” offenders. This group of prisoners was typically required to wear a pink triangle badge sewn onto their camp uniforms. According to many survivor accounts, pink triangle male prisoners were among the most abused groups in the camps.

However, women who self-identified or were identified as lesbians did not wear the pink triangle. Same-sex relations in the camps could be shocking to other prisoners, who came from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Homosexual prisoners rarely benefited from solidarity from the other prisoners, which for many camp inmates provided tools of survival, such as access to food and clothing.

To this day, it remains a research challenge to find historical sources related to lesbian experiences under the Nazi regime.

Disclaimer: All opinions and comments below are from members of the public and do not reflect the views of World History channel. We do not accept promoting violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on attributes such as: race, nationality, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation. World History has right to review the comments and delete them if they are deemed inappropriate.

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